Tori joins us from her new blog, One Eleven! She showed us some really amazing versions of her Eye Candy Clutch– zippered pouches with some easy style. Tori’s trick with our favorites is to choose four solid colors in the same color family (shades of red + orange, for example). She also has a great multicolored version (you could try for a fun rainbow effect!). You can see some of these options at the bottom of the tutorial. Today’s tutorial is an easy-to-sew project and gives a great finished product. Visit One Eleven and don’t miss Tori’s introduction too.

You Will Need:

  • 7” Zipper
  • Zipper Foot
  • 2 – 8 ½ “ X 4 ½ “ Pieces of fabric for your lining
  • 2 – 8 ½” X 4 ½” Pieces of fusible lightweight Interfacing
  • 4 different colors of fabric– From those colors cut two of each 11” X 2 ¼” strips (giving you a total of 8 strips of fabric

Assemble The Panels
1. Arrange your color strips (four strips for each side) the way you would like to see them for your finished project.

2. Take the first two strips and place them right sides together and stitch along the bottom. Open it up and place the third strip on top of your second strip right sides together and stitch. Open it up and place your fourth strip on top of your third strip right sides together and stitch. Press. Repeat with the remaining four strips.

3. Take one of your panels and cut down the middle so you will have two smaller panels. Repeat with the other panel. You should now have four smaller panels. Set your sewing machine to your longest stitch and sew down each side of your panels leaving some extra thread for gathering. Repeat for the other panels.

4. Take either the top thread or the bobbin thread and start tugging on it gently to begin gathering up the fabric. Press to set creases. Repeat on the remaining pieces.

5. Gently stretch your pieces out to the size of your interfacing. Take two of your panels and, with right sides together, sew down one side of the panel. Repeat for other side. You should now have two panels again.

6. Place your panel over the interfacing, making sure the crease is aligned with the center of your interfacing. Fuse together. Trim all excess fabric and thread.

Assemble The Pouch
7. Place your lining right side up and pin the zipper to the edge of one of your lining pieces with the zipper right side up. Using your zipper foot, stitch all the way across relatively close to the teeth. Repeat with the second piece of lining and the other half of the zipper.

8. With one of the outer panels right side up, place one side of the zipper right side down lining up the edges. Pin and stitch across, trying to stitch on top of the same stitch used to sew the zipper to the lining. Repeat with other side.

9. Open the pieces. The lining pieces should be right sides together on one side of the zipper and the outer pieces should be right sides together on the other side. Pull the zipper open about half way. Now pin and stitch along all three sides leaving the bottom of the lining open. Trim the zipper and edges if needed.

10. Cut the corners and turn right side out through the opening of the lining carefully push the corners out. Topstich the lining to close press and Enjoy!

Looking for color combo ideas?

You’ll want to make lots of versions!

Here’s the rainbow look.

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