Summer Sewing ~ Summer Reading Library Book Bag by Mo Bedell

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Weekly trips to the library are a highlight of the summer in our house! Mo Bedell from lime gardenias joins us today with this cute Summer Reading Book Bag, which is already being put to great use by her daughter! The bag will get you ready for a summer full of reading adventures…

Mo has contributed some fantastic tutorials for us before; here’s her introduction. (In addition to being a talented sewist Mo also designs fabric!) You’re sure to love her Easy Patch Pockets and Hanging Vase tutorials.

Every summer we like to take advantage of the summer reading program at our local library. The only problem is that it is easy for all of the books and tally sheets to go missing. If there is one thing that makes me crazy it’s having to look for things!

This bag is my answer to keeping the library things organized (which should save us some money on fines this summer!) and managing the number of books that come home each week. She can still get a good amount of chapter books in here but it will help her avoid the library equivalent of her eyes being bigger than her stomach. The idea is on our weekly trips she can fill her bag with books, keep her tally sheet in the front pocket and her library card has a pocket too. She can hang the bag on a hook in her room and I think this should help her stay better organized as she can store the books there in between trips. I designed this bag around my 9 year old daughter who enjoys chapter books. I think if you added a couple of inches to the dimensions you could make this work for picture books as well.

You will need:

  • One half yard of canvas (You could use a home dec weight cotton as well.)
  • Approx. one half yard for pocket lining, strap lining, appliqué and library card pockets. You can use scraps for these.
  • Brown embroidery floss to stitch the apple stem
  • 7”x7” piece of medium weight double-sided interfacing
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine needle for heavier weight fabrics
  • Apple template

Cut these pieces:


      Cut 2: 14” by 14” pieces from the canvas for the front and back


      Cut 1: 10” by 14” from canvas for the front pocket


      Cut 1: 11” by 14” from quilting weight cotton for pocket lining


      Cut 1: 36 “ by 3.25“ canvas for the strap


      Cut 1: 37” by 3.25” in quilting weight cotton for the strap lining


      Cut 1: Apple (download pattern



Library card pocket:

      Pocket: 3.25” wide by 3.75” tall


    Piece above pocket (under which you will sew the rubber band): 3.25”wide by 3.5” tall

To make:
Assemble the front pocket:

1. Following package instructions, fuse interfacing to fabric scrap for the apple appliqué. Using the pattern, trace the apple and cut out. Fuse the apple to the front right side of the pocket about 1.5” from the right edge. Using a zig zag stitch, sew the apple to the pocket. Using a pencil, lightly draw on an apple stem and embroider with embroidery floss. I used dark brown and used all six strands so I would get a nice thick stem.

2. Fold over the top half inch of the pocket lining piece and press. Fold it over another half inch and press again. This pressed folded edge becomes the top edge of the front pocket. Lay the canvas pocket front on top of this piece and fold the pressed edge over as shown. Sew in place.

You will have a nicely bound edge that continues into the pocket as the lining. Your pocket piece is complete.

Sew the bag:
I am a stickler for nicely finished edges so this bag will have French seams. If you haven’t tried French seams, this is a great place to start. It is really not at all difficult and the end result is worth it.

3. With wrong sides together, layer the bag pieces and pocket piece all together, right sides out as it will look in the finished product. Be careful to really square up all your edges and trim any edges that don’t match up nicely. This will ensure successful French seaming. Pin the pieces in place.

Sew very close to the edge (quarter inch), making sure you are getting all your layers sewn together.
4. Turn your bag and press nice and flat. I love spray starch and suggest using it so you can get nice flat seams and get things to behave the way you want them to. Take your time to really get your bag turned out well and use a chopstick or large knitting needle to poke out your corners. When you have it turned and pressed nice and flat, sew around again with a 3/8”” seam allowance. Now all your raw edges are sewn inside!

5. Make the corners. Fold out the corners and line up the side seams feeling around until you feel them lying on top of one another.

Smooth it down until it looks even on both sides of the seam and the side seams are facing the same way, towards the back of the bag.

From the very tip of the corner, measure in 1.5” and draw a pencil line. This is where you will sew.

I put two lines of sewing to reinforce. Sew both corners. Turn bag right side out and press. Doing corners this way will give you a nice structure to your bag.

6. Cut (at an angle as shown) the very top half inch off the edge of the side seams; this will decrease the bulk so you can easily turn and stitch the top hem of your bag. Fold over the top half inch of the bag and press; using starch will help you with this bulky fabric. Be mindful to make sure your seams lay in the same direction (towards the back of the bag) on the top of your bag as they do on the bottom.

Turn over another half inch, press and sew to create the hem.

Assemble strap:
The strap is meant to be worn across the body and the placement of the library card pocket can go on either end of the strap. My daughter is right handed and her preference was to have the pocket on the left so she can wear it on the front of her body. If you have a lefty, or just want it on the other end of the strap, the directions are the same. Just be mindful to make sure you assemble it carefully so that the pocket is not upside down. If you do choose to do the pocket on the right side, you might want to adjust your apple appliqué to the left side of the bag.

7. Fold down the top ¼” of the pocket and press, turn the next ¼” and press again then stitch to create to top hem of the pocket. On the bottom edge of the pocket, fold and press down ¼”. Fold and press ¼” on the top and bottom edges of the piece that will hold the rubber band.

8. Place the pocket 2 ½” from the bottom edge of the left side of the strap. Pin in place and then sew the bottom edge of the pocket to the strap. Place the second piece 1” above the top edge of the pocket. Pin in place and sew just the top edge to the strap.

Create the button loop:

9. Using a hair elastic (they come in the best colors) tie a small length of thread at the top of the elastic band to keep the top edges together. Carefully secure the top ½” of the rubber band under the bottom edge of the fabric square above the pocket. Stitch the bottom edge to the strap, running an additional line of stitching for added strength.

IMPORTANT: When pressing, press around the elastic as an iron on cotton setting will likely damage or melt the elastic.

10. With right sides together, pin the canvas strap and cotton strap lining together. Stitch up both sides leaving both ends open using a 3/8” seam allowance. Turn the strap and press nice and flat. (Again– Watch that elastic!)

After pressing sew the length of each side again, as close to the edge as you can get. You have an extra ½” on each end.

Press this edge over the end of the strap.

This will cover the raw edges on the ends of the strap. Pin the strap to the inside of the bag, 1” down, centering the strap on the side seams. Sew the strap to the bag by sewing a rectangle of stitches so it is nice and secure.

Almost done! Add the button to your library card pocket. Gently pull the elastic down to the pocket, taut but not pulling so much that you will get a pucker in your strap. Make a dot with a pencil at the very bottom where the elastic is comfortably pulled.

Sew your button on this dot. I suggest using a shank button so it is easier for smaller fingers to wrap the elastic around.

Check out the front pocket!

You are finished! Happy reading! Here are a couple of additional resources for summer reading programs:

Library card? Check!

Ready for lots of summer reading…

This week you could win a complete fat quarter pack of Spring Street by Carolyn Gavin, Crafting a Meaningful Home by Meg Mateo Ilasco or a $25 Gift Certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew! Comment on any post this week for your chance to win!

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236 Responses to Summer Sewing ~ Summer Reading Library Book Bag by Mo Bedell

  1. Carrie says:

    What a great bag! Thank you for the tutorial! What great giveaway prizes as well.

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  3. Chantal says:

    I would love to have any of those prizes!!

    Thanks SMS

  4. Michelle says:

    Another bag for books, yay! Why do I want so many? LOL

  5. Renee says:

    Super cute!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Great for Summer!

  7. J. Harmon says:

    What a great tutorial for a cute bag. The library card pocket is brilliant!

  8. Kelly P says:

    What a lovely bag! I adore the idea of a pocket specifically for the library card.

  9. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    What a fun bag! Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Cindy Patterson says:

    This is such a cute bag. I found some fabric with fish on it in the remnant bin and knew I needed to make something for my nephew. This is perfect= just what I was looking for. I think his will have a fish applique on the front. He is obsessed with fishing and fishing lures. Thank you

  11. Jen says:

    Love it! What a great bag! Thanks for the tute!

  12. leah says:

    not only do i love the bag, i love the FABRIC. 😉

  13. Love this bag! Really well made!

  14. Lori Morton says:

    LOVE this Tote!! Thank you for the tutorial….I HAVE to make one!! Love your fabrics – think I will try using sewin’ themed fabrics – and will use mine for crafty totin’! 🙂

  15. Suzanne says:

    All the little details are what make this bag so great. I bookmarked it for the techniques used. Thank you!

  16. Virginia says:

    This is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. sangeetha says:

    I just need 10 of these. We currently have 50 books checked out between myself, my husband and my kids 🙂

  18. meghann says:

    So I whipped this up on Tuesday – very, very simple to make, even with my mathematical error in making the bag bigger. I think I’m going to make another for my nephew this week since I’ll be seeing him the week after (and his birthday was a few weeks ago – awesome birthday gift idea…).

    I blogged about making the bag & the changes I made to the size here:•%C2%A0library-bag/ Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial – it really is a fantastic bag & it came along just at the right time since I was wanting to make a library bag anyway! xo

  19. What a great idea! This is surely a way to get those kids excited about being organized. I loved the pocket for the card. GREAT job and thank you!

  20. Agnes says:

    I’m in love with this bag! And that fantastic apple fabric!!

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    Great pattern.

  26. Rebekah says:

    Very cute. 🙂 I love the library & have definitely been finding myself there more since it’s summer!

  27. Michelle says:

    Made this bag last night for my daughter–thanks for the tutorial! The directions are very well written and clear. I made a mistake (put the applique–in this case a skull–on the bag side instead of the pocket), but it looks great. I wouldn’t recommend flannel and duck canvas as the fabrics though; one is too stretchy and the other too thick and bulky. Maybe home dec or cotton with a heavy interfacing. Thanks again!

  28. Jo Frogger says:

    I’m putting a divider in mine — unread books on one side, read and ready-to-return on the other. May put a “due date” window pocket, for calendar inserts, on the divider. Making one each for the public library, the university library where I work, and the members-only library we also belong to should help with the problem of “who did I borrow this from?” Just keeping the books in separate piles isn’t enough: the piles are NOT cat-proof.

  29. Bonnie says:

    This is so cute! We just signed up for our library program the other day. Our library cards are the little keyring ones though…hmmm, some customizations might be in order!

  30. Ann says:

    Super! I love french seams too. The library card pocket is so clever.

  31. Michelle says:

    As a children’s librarian, I love to hear about avid library users. The bag is wonderful. I am going to make my own as I frequently forget to get things back on time and sometimes my “reading eye” is bigger than my time. Great way to keep books out of puppy.

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    Very clever. I love all the details of this bag and the fabric is to die for!

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    The pocket for the library card is a BRILLIANT idea! With 4 kids, library books seem to grow in every corner in our house. A few of these would help round them up!

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    I’m going to share this with the local library director who runs a sewing program for kids at the library.

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    love the french seam – bet it helps the bag hold it’s shape better, too.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Here in Singapore, there are libraries all over the island. My family likes to go the library almost every weekend. This tutorial is great for us. Thanks !

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    I really like the small details like using the end of the strap lining to cover the raw edges. These sort of small things make all the difference.

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    Such a cute library bag. I think I will expand it and make one for myself. I do love the spot to put your card and it is just so cute.

  178. Joanna says:

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  180. Erica says:

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    Great project! Just what my soon to be 7 year old needs! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love the library card pocket. Such a nice touch.

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    Adorable fabric choices! And I love the idea of the pocket in the strap for the library card, as that is usually the one thing I have the hardest time finding!

  188. brenda says:

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  189. kelly jo says:

    Love it! Wish I had some of that apple print too! Very cute!

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  191. meghann says:

    This is beautiful. I’ve been meaning to make a tote bag for our library books but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think I might play with the dimensions on this one & see if I can make it work. (I get a lot of crafting books that are more picture-book-sized.) I can’t wait to give it a try… xo

  192. elsa says:

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  198. Mary Haub... says:

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    Thank you!

  201. Steph says:

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  202. JJ says:

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  204. Lisa uotinen says:

    Mo, I love this! thank you. From Kristin’s sister Lisa 🙂

  205. Sharon says:

    thanks for this fun tutorial

  206. Crystal says:

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  213. Glenys says:

    Its so pretty! I like the fabric too.

  214. Kelly Irene says:

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    So cute! I love the library card pocket — such a great detail.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Sweet & practical, my kind of crafting!

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  228. Tas says:

    Such a sweet bag. Love the pocket for the card. Thanks for the tutorial.

  229. dear Mo,you have been so creative.Your apple design bag is so sweet.on seeing your work, make my temperature to sew boiling! Actually i like to sew beads and handmade embroidery..i think it is quite applicable to decorate your bag..welcome to visit my blog

  230. tartankiwi says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial, I’ll have to give this a go!

  231. Debbie S says:

    What a great tutorial! I just love this bag, my son is 5 and we really need to get on the stick with reading, this will be a great incentive. Thank you!

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