For the Love of Hand Stitching with Jan Constantine Free Project

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Stash Books joins us today with a free project from England’s popular embroidery designer, Jan Constantine! For the Love of Hand Stitching with Jan Constantine marks the first time Jan’s designs are available as patterns for projects.

The 21 embroidery and appliqué projects in the book include everything from aprons to wall hangings (and Jan’s ever-popular pillows too!). Jan’s “exuberant pop-art style” is very popular in home décor products throughout the U.K.; you can even find her designs offered by Liberty of London!

Download your free PDF copy of the Daisy Makeup Bag Project from the book, and you can get right to work this weekend on a fun, new project! From the book:

With a 1960s vibe, this funky makeup bag featuring bold daisy and heart motifs is easy to embroider and can be adapted to carry pencils and pens, or made smaller as a coin purse. It is a lovely project to make as a gift, and the colors can be changed as you wish, so it is the ideal way to use up scraps of wool felt left over from other projects.

You can also comment today for your chance to win a copy of For the Love of Hand Stitching with Jan Constantine (North American residents only for this giveaway, please). Tell us something related to the book… Do you know about Jan Constantine’s work? Do you love “exuberant pop-art style?!” Do you embroider all summer long, through swim lessons and picnics at the park? Do you want to learn more about embroidery?

We’re keeping all of this week’s book giveaways open through the weekend. Comment on each post to win! We’ll be back on Monday with more BOOK celebrations in honor of the Grand Opening of the Sew,Mama,Sew! Book Shop.

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238 Responses to For the Love of Hand Stitching with Jan Constantine Free Project

  1. Sara Maree says:

    Oooh la la….

  2. Website says:


    For the Love of Hand Stitching with Jan Constantine Free Project + Giveaway « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog…

  3. I adore hand embroidery. It is almost zen to me. Watching a design go from simple sketch to full color thread art is just so fun.

  4. Melanie says:

    So nice to know that there are so many of us who love to stitch by hand in our fast-paced, “instant” world. I carry a project with me everywhere I go – doctor appointments, hair cuts, soccer practice. Jan’s style is gorgeous. I can hardly wait to try the makeup bag.

  5. mamasewing says:

    I just love to take my embroidery with me on any car trips we take.

  6. Irina says:

    I love her style…it is the epitome of contemporary British needlework, with an utterly traditional feel…simply gorgeous

  7. Nancy B says:

    I would love to win this book – just seeing the “lips” pillow on the front tells me it would have a lot of projects inside that I would love.

  8. Patti says:

    My daughter has just started showing an interest in stitching. Finally! This would be a fantastic way to dive in.

  9. Katie A says:

    I would LOVE to learn more about hand stitching.. my sewing projects are missing a little something. Also, my husband and I just moved to England and I would love to learn more about Jan!

  10. Sandra Gibbs says:

    The designs are so classy – would absolutely love to have this book!

  11. Lotti says:

    Ooh I love Jans work, this book looks great

  12. Abby says:

    I love embroidery, but I haven’t done any applique, and I would love to learn!

  13. Rhonda says:

    I do embroider all summer because it seems I am in the car a lot. I keep my hands busy while hubby is driving. I am not experienced by any stretch because I am just started this summer so I would love a book that can teach me more. Especially a book that doesn’t just have stitches in it but instead has projects as well. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Serena says:

    Aw, cute makeup bag!

  15. sooze says:

    The first thing that caught my attention was the title. I don’t see much about hand embroidery, and here is a whole book!I’m getting ready to download the pattern for that little pouch as soon as I submit this. Love her style!

  16. Ivy PM says:

    wonderful book with beautiful projects. hope to win it…

  17. Tonia says:

    Nothing more relaxing than making art while lounging on the couch 🙂

  18. Edra says:

    I have just getting started. I have done a couple things on shirts and love it so far. I would love this book

  19. Debra says:

    I would love to win a copy! I have just started using a little embroidery on my quilts.

  20. Allison C says:

    I want to learn more about embroidery since I have been intimidated to start. I have always used my machine to do everything for me…shame on me!

  21. Diane says:

    I would love to learn how to embroider. Thanks!

  22. Marlys Leder says:

    It’s just so (sew?) much fun!!! Such cute ideas!!! <

  23. Michelle Loyola says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this book. It looks very awesome. Hope my lucky stars are aligned so I win it. 😉

  24. Manette Gutterman says:

    I used to embroidery alot when I was a little girl and had my mom here to help when I got stuck. I would love to learn more now that I’m older. And pop art would suit my house perfectly!

  25. Shannon says:

    I’m really excited about the re-emergence of handstitching as an art form. Chicken scratch was my first craft, and I loved doing it as a child. I’m excited to celebrate all of the different artists who practice it, and appreciate the individual aesthetics.

  26. Lola says:

    New one here, that makeup bag is great, i love small easy projects, and the embroidery work, its a must have!! The pillows are of course my fav, I’m a lover of red!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. mathea says:

    If those lovely pillows on the cover are anything to go by, I would love this book. I have always enjoyed embroidery, and I have just bought some felt…

  28. Jessica says:

    What a great book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Maman A Droit says:

    I love embroidery, & would really enjoy making some more modern projects! I don’t have a working sewing machine at the moment so hand-sewing is the only sewing I’m doing! I’ve never heard of this author before though. The examples you showed in the pictures are definitely cute 🙂

  30. kelli says:

    I want to learn more about embroidery.

  31. jessicac says:

    This book looks fabulous and I really need to practice my embroidery!

  32. debbie says:

    I’ve been teaching myself embroidery via the internet and would love to try some of the projects in this book!

  33. Morgan says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn more about hand embroidery. I have tried a few times and am not so great at it.

  34. Liz says:

    I love embroidery and it’s been on my “to do” list for some time. Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Mandy says:

    My new favorite place to stitch is on the train to work.

  36. Allie says:

    Cuuuute! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  37. BA says:

    Great giveaway, i love hand sewing!

  38. Jess says:

    I’d love to win this book! The free project is adorable, I’d love to check out the rest.

  39. Bev C says:

    I love working with my hands. Lovely book.
    Happy days.

  40. Shira says:

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  41. marcia says:

    I love hand stitching, I find it so relaxing! I spend a fair amount of time in hospital and I can take a project along and due it most any time. This book with it’s bright, upbeat designs would be a great addition to my library! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for the free bag project! The pdf looks like it comes straight from the book and I like the format. Very clear and easy to follow. Can’t wait to try it and would just LOVE to be selected as the book winner!

  43. Deborah Auen says:

    Wow, love those pillows,this book is a must have….

  44. Nancy says:

    I have starting dabbling in hand embroidery and would love this book – thanks for the chance!

  45. Lee says:

    Thanks for the great embroidery book giveaway.

  46. Chris says:

    Thanks for the book giveaway! I am learning to embroider and would love this!

  47. Beth says:

    Loved embroidery as a young mother. Could sit in the evenings, keep everyone company and enjoy some creative time. Would love to win this book!

  48. jackiet says:

    I enjoy both embroidery and applique and would love to win a copy of this book!

  49. Christine says:

    I’m a beginner at embroidery and would love to learn more. Winning the book would be wonderful.

  50. Jenn Lee says:

    I’ve been doing lots of hand stitching lately. Even if I don’t win, I’ll still pick up a copy of this book, thanks for the free pattern!

  51. Laura Baker says:

    I love the little makeup bag. All my girls friends would love to have one of those. A fairly quick little project that could be made up ahead of time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. Andrea L says:

    Sounds fun. Such an easy way to make things “yours.”

  53. Kat says:

    I love pop-art style!

  54. Jodi - usairdoll says:

    I love embroidery and applique and I’m in a BOM for each. I love making things with my hands and the creative process. Growing up my Mom taught us all aspects of handwork. I remember one summer we knitted house shoes. No sitting in front of the tv during our summer break. Haha I have not heard of Jan before but I’m looking forward to learning more. Her book looks wonderful ! Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.

  55. brenda says:

    I would love to win this book.

  56. amorette says:

    this book looks amazing! just from the cover- quite the grabber!

  57. ChrisTea says:

    I’m getting an “itch” to do pillows … I would LOVE to win this book! Thank you for the chance to win!

  58. Doreen B says:

    I love embroidery and would be happy to win this book.

  59. Donna B. says:

    I used to do a lot of embroidery as a child but I haven’t done any in years. I’d love to pick it back up again and this book would be a great tool for me 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. Maeve says:

    The tutorial is so sweet! Love this project! I have shared it with my granddaughter as a possible project. She is very creative at almost age 11.

  61. Pat K says:

    I have been embroidering quilt blocks this summer as a portable, take along project. I would love to win this book and learn more techniques and projects.


  62. Sheetal says:

    I rediscovered embroidery a few months ago and I’m addicted! I love the peeks of hand embroidery all around in my life. Jan’s book looks so interesting…

  63. Jams says:

    I’ve taught myself a bit of embroidery but want to mprove my technique!

  64. Meagan says:

    I would love to be able to learn how to do applique. It adds such a personal touch.

  65. Suze says:

    That looks like a a great book to own! Embroidery and applique – my idea of fun!

  66. Maya says:

    I would like to know more about embroidery. I have done a little here and there but not a lot. This is a cute tutorial and I imagine the book is just as great.

  67. Jen says:

    I have not heard of her, but am inspired to stitch more by hand

  68. Bridgett says:

    This looks like a wonderful book.

  69. BONNIE TICE says:


  70. tonya lemos says:

    I am not familiar with her work, but love hand stitching so I will for sure be checking her out. This book would really help me get to the next level of having fun with embroidery

  71. Jan says:

    Handstitching is so relaxing in this hurry-up world. Great assortment of projects in this lovely book!

  72. Roseanna Oliver says:

    I love that creative people bring older ideras back ,in a new light. It helps others get their creative juices flowing. Wonderful idea!

  73. elsa says:

    I’ve seen Jan’s book before, but not in person and haven’t seen the inside. It looks like a lovely book and one I’d love to own. I really enjoy embroidery and applique, so this would be a book for me.
    Thanks for the chance!

  74. Beth T says:

    I am not familiar with Jan’s work, but I love the examples you showed. I’ve been thinking of doing applique with text, and would love to spend some time with her book and learn from her. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  75. Tina L. says:

    I love to stitch things by hand. This book would be a good resource for new projects.

  76. Deb Cameron says:

    I am still addicted to handstitching! I started with cross stitch when I was about 8 and at the moment I’m into redwork and applique. Would love to win

  77. Erin says:

    I have been wanting to learn more about embroidery for ages. This would be a great way to start!

  78. naty says:

    Lovely! I want to win! 😉

  79. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I have just rekindled my love of handwork — what a fabulous book! Thank you for your generous giveaways, and best wishes for your new book department!

  80. Diana Albright says:

    the projects look cute and so very do-able! looks like a wonderful book!

  81. Page says:

    I would LOVE to win this! I learned how to embroider 2 years ago and I absolutely love it!

  82. julie says:

    I haven’t tried embroidery since my grandma taught me as a little girl – I’d love to try to recall those lessons with a modern twist

  83. SewCalGal says:

    Very cute project and book sounds great too.


  84. I’ve been embroidering a lot for the past six months and it is such a relaxing past time.

  85. SewLindaAnn says:

    I have not heard of her before. I love working with threads, yarns, etc. I’m still a novice but love the vibe of her book. Pop Art translates in really fun ways for embroidery.

  86. Sherry J says:

    I spent my afternoon with friends, embroidering our own different quilt projects. I love to embroider and i would l love this book.

  87. Marcia W. says:

    I do want to learn more about embroidery after getting my feet wet with LMS Birdie Stitches BOM. I like the more modern, a mistake is OK, style of embroidery. It is unlikely that I will ever be as good as someone taught at the Royal Academy of Needlework. Would enjoy winning and using this book.

  88. Carmen says:

    I really want to learn more about embroidery

  89. Emily Margaret says:

    Looks like a great book! I love embroidery and I’m not familiar with Jan Constantine’s work.

  90. prsd4tim2 says:

    The book looks super fun. Can’t wait to check it out.

  91. Karen A says:

    I always have a hand embroidery project to take with me on car trips!

  92. RCarter says:

    I’d love a chance to learn more about embroidery and experiment with it!

  93. Kerry says:

    I do embriodery on my deployments to pass the time, a great project to travel with.

  94. Becca says:

    I’ve been learning to embroider lately. I love hand sewing and embroidering. I find it so relaxing and a return to the roots of sewing.


  95. Steph M says:

    Looks like a great book. I would love to win this give away and I just might have to try the makeup bag

  96. Lizzie says:

    I’d love to learn embroidery – I’ve always been too nervous to take the plunge! These projects look so fun, I’d have to learn for sure!

  97. Gop says:

    Started doing embroidery from the age of 7 and still loves it.

  98. Holly U says:

    I love to embroider, and am sooo grateful that I get to do so in the weekly staff meetings at work! Plus it’s nearly impossible for me to sit and watch TV without a project in hand.

  99. Katrina H says:

    Wow this project looks great!

  100. Marilyn says:

    Would love to learn from this book.


  101. Tori says:

    I’m putting this book on my list. Now that I’ve got sewing down, embroidery is the next thing I want to tackle!

  102. Kelli says:

    Looks cool. I am so inspired to get back into embroidery…might have to take my threads and needles to the beach this week and see what kind of trouble I can get into there…

  103. Mac says:

    Cute projects. Love embroidery and have been trying out hessian as a base.

  104. Kris says:

    I’m just starting to embroider. This book looks like great way to do something a little different and up to date.

  105. lily carter says:

    Hello! What a lovely book! I love embroidery, it is so nice to do tne same craft that women have been doing for centuries, and nowadays there are so many ways to make it super special!

  106. julia says:

    I only recently discovered embroidery and i have dove in feet first! I love seeing new patterns that i can display in my home, that are fresh and modern. I am also very interested in learninb new stitches, i only know how to do a few so far but i very much want to expand my skillset.

    This looks like a great book and one i wouldvlike to add to my collection!

  107. Jennifer Bruner says:

    I love embroidery, but haven’t had a lot of practice. I love to have something to do when I get a chance to relax. The projects in the book look fun, and I would love to learn more.

  108. Ramona says:

    I really enjoy hand stitching from cross stitch to embroidery to applique. This sure looks like a fun book.

  109. April says:

    I love hand embroidery, and incorporate it in some small way in almost all of my projects. Finding modern patterns has been difficult for me, so I usually end up either making something up or translating a stained glass pattern 🙂 This book looks like it would be quite modern & so much fun!

  110. SusanV says:

    I love embroidery. I find it very relaxing.

  111. Jane says:

    I am an embroidery fan and always on the lookout for up to date projects. This book will fit the bill. Thank you for featuring Jan Constantine.

  112. Mare says:

    I would love to brush up my skills. They’re kinda rusty. I haven’t done this since I was child!

  113. Julie says:

    Fabulous looking book! Thanks so much for sharing these amazing reviews!

  114. Dell says:

    I have been gathering supplies to begin hand embroidering.

  115. Jennifer L says:

    What a great book! I love the resurgence of all things old.

  116. laura reich says:

    that’s so cute. thanks for the chance to win!

  117. Ella says:

    I’d love to learn more!

  118. Norma M. says:

    How cute! This book looks fun. 🙂

  119. Charity says:

    Pretty cute daisy.

  120. Kristin H says:

    What a fun looking book! I’ve tried several different types of embroidery through the years and they’ve all been fun.

  121. Anne Marie says:

    This book is something I would love – embroidery is my favorite.

  122. Wendy says:

    I’ve never heard of Jan Constantine’s work, but I love the cover of the book. Embroidery is one of my favorite crafts!

  123. Bianca says:

    I recently discovered the joys of hand embroidery. And I am in LOVE with it! I would love this book. I’m always looking for a good embroidery project (that involves more than just embroidering) and I would love to try my hand at applique.

  124. Ellyn says:

    I have loved handwork, embroidery, etc since I was a little girl! This book looks amazing!

  125. Beth says:

    I love embroidery but haven’t done it as much as I’d like. My grandmother, Franny, did beautiful work and I’d like to be as accomplished as she was. I bet this book would help.

  126. Becky says:

    I embroider during gymnastic classes…I get a few strange looks sometimes, but by now they’re used to me:)

  127. Jenae says:

    I Love Hand Embroidery! I can always use another project!

  128. Jenny says:

    I’m fairly new to embroidery but I’m in the middle of a 9-panel embroidered quilt for my son’s teacher, which I hope will become a wall hanging for the classroom. I am LOVING hand stitching, and I’d love to win this book!

  129. I love embroidering, and would like to try out more applique, I’ve only done it once or twice with sad results.

  130. Emilie says:

    I’m a beginner embroiderer. I just received my very first project to embroider in the mail this week: Alicia Paulson’s alphabet sampler. I am so excited about starting it! I would love to learn more about this lovely needle art!

  131. Mruna says:

    Love hand stitching…!

  132. Robbin says:

    I am not familiar with Jan’s work however I love the little makeup bag and intend to try it today! I do love stitching, mostly redwork.

  133. Krista E. says:

    I am a quilter and applique just scares me. I think it is because I like quick projects and it seems to take so much time. This book would probably teach me a new mind set. 🙂
    Love your blog!

  134. Aliyah says:

    I loooooove the look of neatly hand embroidered items, but I’ve never learned how. I want to learn how within the next year, and this book seems like a great tool!

  135. Susan K. says:

    Hand-stitching is always my favorite part of any sewing project, and I’ve only recently begun to learn appliqué. I learned to embroider about a year ago, and I love it so much! I’m not yet familiar with Ms. Constantine’s work, but would love to become so.

  136. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I love hand stitching and embroidery. It calms my nerves. Sounds like a great book and the projects are different and lovely.

  137. Karrieann says:

    beautiful and inspirational!

  138. Amy says:

    Embroidery is first on my list as a challenge to conquer! This book is amazing!

  139. Addy says:

    I’d love more inspiration for hand stitching!

  140. Becky Peterson says:

    I have rediscovered my love for embroidery lately and am feeling so inspired by the daisy makeup bag. Would love to try other projects from what looks like an amazing book!!

  141. Diana says:

    I have just begun applique and sewing by hand. I’m enjoying it so much. Want to get more involved with applique.

  142. MaryAnn says:

    as my kids get an little older I am loving more portable ideas – things to keep my hands busy during soccer games and ice skating lessons. It allows me to feed my soul with creativity and still have my kids feed their own more active souls. 🙂

  143. Courtney says:

    ooh, this looks fun! New to me!

  144. Holly says:

    I love hand-stitching, especially in the winter. I’d adore a book of new project ideas!

  145. Crystal says:

    I’ve never heard of Jan but I will be looking for that book! I love the bright colors and vibrant designs that I see. Thanks for sharing again!

  146. jen says:

    I have been working on my embroidery all spring! I would LOVE to have such an inspiring book as this in my craft room!

  147. Jen says:

    I really love to embroider. I’m pretty new at it but it’s something I enjoy and I have wanted a copy of this book since I first heard about it.

  148. Valerie says:

    I have her 1st book and LOVE it! Would love to have the 2nd.

  149. carole whitridge says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! If I don’t win any of these books I’m going to have to put them on my christmas list.

  150. Meredith says:

    Oh, I’ve been thinking that I want to do some hand sewing lately. I love my machine but when it comes to the fine details — it’s got to be by hand.

  151. sarah says:

    oh, I hadn’t seen this book yet. I’ve really been enjoying hand stitching projects lately and would love to try this one!

  152. Karen Farley says:

    I LOVE to embroider!!! I am NOT a sewer on the machine but I love to do hand embroidery. The book looks fabulous. Thanks.

  153. Aspen says:

    I really like embroidery and and hand stitching projects. This looks like so much fun, full of great ideas.

  154. Christine says:

    I haven’t embroidered in many years, but am excited to start again.

  155. Kathleen Adrian says:

    I love embroidery and am always looking for inspiration and projects to help me grow from an eager novice to a more skilled hand-sewer!

  156. Anita says:

    I love handsewing and would love to have more projects at hand to do while I wait or watch TV or just hang out! Thanks for the fun free project. The book looks awesome! 🙂

  157. Ruth says:

    Just done my first embroidery since grade school, it’s quite relaxing isn’t it? But, thank goodness for YouTube tutorials! This book looks enticing, and I love pop art and grafitti styling, already daydreaming of the possibilities.

  158. Bean Paulson says:

    Oh wow, this book looks super-awesome!! Thank you for the opportunity to win *crossing fingers* 🙂

  159. Muireann says:

    I’m trying to learn more about embroidery and about hand stitching in general so I’d love to win this boook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  160. Staci says:

    In a world of machine embroidery and people who glue fabric together and call it stitching or applique, I love seeing anything focusing on hand-work. I definitely have to check this book out!

  161. Laura says:

    As I was sweing together a crochet project, I thought I might enjoy some handstitching with fabric. This book would be a perfect start!

  162. Teresa says:

    What a wonderful looking book! I’m just now getting back into some fine needlework (sashiko, which I picked up from another blogger you profiled – sake puppets!) and now want to try more projects. This book would be just the thing!

  163. Taysha Riggs says:

    I haven’t hand stitched in awhile.

  164. I love to hand-embroider, I almost always have a side project that involves some form. This woulod be a great addition to my library!

  165. Rochelle says:

    The cover of this book really caught my eye! Can’t wait to look inside!

  166. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve actually never heard of this artist–but I am glad to know of her now! Thanks for the introduction and for adding some pep to my embroidery!

  167. ambjer says:

    I would love to learn more about embroidery and turning it into cute usuable projects!

  168. hand embroidery is what first got me into sewing as fabrics are so close to the DMC floss section. i love to embroider little silly phrases on the corners of hankies for my hubby.

  169. Joanne says:

    I love Jan’s pop art style and I love this book. I don’t embroider but Jan has inspired me to start.

  170. Sharon Griffith says:

    Oh this is wonderful…..I love to hand stitch and silk ribbon embroider and would welcome her lovely book. Good luck on your book opening…

  171. Rachel says:

    I’ve never seen this book before, but that Lip pillow on the cover is enough to make me want it. My daughter would LOVE that pillow!

  172. Sandy says:

    I love hand embroidery and this book looks so inspiring!

  173. Julie says:

    Wow, never tried to do much by hand, but maybe I could with this book!

  174. Mom C says:

    I used to do loads of hand embroidery. I have followed track and cross country teams all over the US for 25 years ( husband is coach)and I always had my handy stuff bag with a craft project. Now I mostly crochet hats which I donate. I feel useful, I can create interesting caps and I keep my hands busy and my mind engaged. There are many hand sewing projects I would like to start up again. Thanks,

  175. Heather Nash says:

    I am not familiar with Jan Constantine’s work…but I think these are awesome! I would love to win this book and try these patterns. Thank you for the chance to win.

  176. Patti says:

    I haven’t done stitching for many years and completely forget how! I have seen so much of it lately on different blogs that I am itching to get stitching!So this book would be a great start for me. Thanks.

  177. Jodi says:

    I have just rediscovered embroidery. Count me in!

  178. Looks like a great book. If everything is as good as the makeup bag it should be fresh and new. Wonderful.

  179. Samina says:

    I haven’t done any hand embroider in ages, but that book’s got my interest up again.

  180. Ess Bee says:

    The books you feature are so wonderful for us beginning hand-stitchers! Not only do the teach new techniquesand tips, but offer a ton of creative inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  181. Jody says:

    I took a hand appliquet class and later an embroidry class with felted wool. I have been hooked on it ever since, although I don’t make enough time to do it. I am currently working on 24 SunBonnett Sue blocks for my twin God Daughters. Thanks for the chance to win this fun book.

  182. twelve30 says:

    Happy to see a renewed interest in embroidery – it is so enjoyable to do. Thanks for a chance to win.

  183. Jenny says:

    Oh, I had never heard of this author or her work, looks great! I am starting to get into embroidery this summer. I used to do a lot of cross-stitch as a kid and am rediscovering the joy of using a needle and thread to create a picture. Can’t wait to check this book out.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. Darlene Staley says:

    I have this book on my wish list. Would love to win it! Thanks for a chance!!

  185. Sue says:

    Learn to embroider when I was a young girl. Just started up with it again and would love this book to show me new ideas.

  186. This looks really fun. Always looking for more embroidery inspiration.

  187. Anna says:

    So cute! I love it!

  188. cat says:

    I’m discovering embroidery; it looks like a great book full of lovely ideas !

  189. Donna B says:

    that is a cute bag! thanks for the giveaway – can’t wait to incorporate hand stitching in my projects!

  190. Southern Gal says:

    I love embroidery but haven’t done it for years. This looks like so much fun!

  191. JJ says:

    Enter me, please.

  192. Melissa Ann says:

    I love a good handstitching project… to the point where I think I might hand piece a hexagon quilt just so my hands can always have something to do…

  193. Dinah says:

    I LOVE embroidering, and I KNOW i would love the projects in this book, but my 20 year old college student daughter would love them even more for her room. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  194. mhochdrei says:

    I would love to win this book! It sounds really nice

  195. pam says:

    Absolutely the projects look great. Love the freebie and thanks for sharing it. It is so delightfully retro!

  196. I like to hand stitch

  197. I love sewing by hand!! I have been working (during the summer only) on the same hexie quilt for the past 4 summers, by the lake or b the pool!
    Plus i have a collection of my mom’s hand embroidered linens.

  198. Sara says:

    Definitely would love to learn more stitches as I have a ton of vintage transfers I have to get through!

  199. Trudy L says:

    I love doing handwork, but I would love to have some more contemporary ideas!! Love this!

  200. Elaine D says:

    I love embroidery! I learned how from my mom. I love those passed-on traditions. I’d love to win her book!

  201. Nik Kamisah says:

    Hello ladies,if you love handmade embroidery ur welcome to visit my blog too!

  202. angelina says:

    love it!

  203. Kristine says:

    I would love to win this book! It looks beautiful and inspiring 🙂

  204. Debbie says:

    beautiful project!! hope to make one

  205. Jennifer says:

    embroidery and other hand stitching is definitely the craft of choice during the summer. it’s really much too hot for anything else.

  206. Rebecca says:

    I love embroidery and would love to get some more ideas! Jan’s book looks great!

  207. kaholly says:

    I’m pretty excited about this book! I live for handwork. I keep my ‘handwork basket’ full at all times. I have 2 or three handwork projects packed up and ready to go out the door. ~karen

  208. Pammalammadingdong says:

    Love Love LOVE her “Deck of Cards” collection. And also LOVE those blue chairs! Wish I did more hand embroidery, but hand quilting is my current love. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  209. Ashley says:

    What a wonderful book! I really like her christmas stockings and pillows. I can’t say that I am the best at embroidery but I really want to brush up my skills. This book looks like it would help in that area. Thanks for a chance to win!! Fingerscrossed!!

  210. amisha says:

    i’ve never seen this designer’s work before- it’s great! i love the bold, modern style.

  211. Amy G. says:

    Looks great!

  212. Tara says:

    Embroidery would definitely give my hands something to do during my daughters 45 min of dance class. We have to sit outside so not to disturbe them and I find myself getting figidy. thanks for the great PDF tutorial – I just may have to try this!

  213. Carrie L says:

    I have hand-sewed since I was little. I’d love to have a copy of this book!

  214. Debbie says:

    I have a renewed interest in all types of embroidery and this book looks like it has a lot of fun projects.

  215. Sonja says:

    Love the cute pouch and Oh My Gracious!!! Those pillows on the front cover are gorgeous! Just sayin’

  216. I have always wanted to try this kind of thing…

  217. Lindsay says:

    Oooh, those applique pillows are really fun!

  218. Sherri says:

    So much Fun! I love ways to use embroidery that isn’t just a sampler on the wall or a Christmas ornament.


  219. What a cute little bag! I would love to learn more about embroidery and hand-work in general. I love to have projects to take with me when I travel and don’t have my sewing machines!

  220. Annie says:

    I love hand stitching, and have the callouses to prove it!

  221. KarenH says:

    I love hand embroidery and I know someone who would really like that sweet little makeup bag, thanks for the free project.

  222. Libby Jones says:

    I don’t know about her work. If the free little bag is anything like the rest of the projects in the book, then WOOT!
    My very favorite style is vintage, but I do love the mod look also. This little bag reminds me of Laugh-In days.

  223. Love hand-embroidery…its my happy place when I want to just soar into craftland! Book looks awesome!

  224. Anya says:

    I love embroidery – I’m just not that good at it!! I’ve got so many embroidered pillowcases that my great grandmother made and they are beautiful!! But I would love to get inspired with a little more modern style.

  225. Megan says:

    I know a little about embroidery but would love to learn more! And I love the little makeup bag. Great design.

  226. Lins says:

    I love embroidery, I can take it almost anywhere with me and work on it 🙂 Now I just need to convince the TSA agents at the airport to let me on the plane with needles and scissors! LOL

  227. Beth says:

    I love to embroider, but need to hone my skills a bit. Practice makes perfect, and that looks like a good starter project! Thanks for the giveaway!

  228. Christina G. says:

    Hand embroidery is in my genes! Looks like a great book.

  229. Denise says:

    I love embroidery, but have had a hard time finding more modern projects! What a fun solution.

  230. susan h says:

    gorgeous – what fun projects!

  231. Donel says:

    The books sounds like it has a lot of cute projects!

  232. Jan May says:

    Love stitcheries and embroidery – anything with a modern twist is a winner with me. If the cover is anything to go by, I can’t wait to dive in.

  233. Missie says:

    I love hand embroidery on felt. I am new to applique, but this book looks perfect to teach me!

  234. Brie says:

    What a great addition to my “library” this would be. I love hand stitching things because I can do it while playing with the kids!

  235. Ivy says:

    I would love to learn more about hand embroidery!

  236. Emily says:

    I would love to learn more stitches, and more about applique!

  237. So fun to see a resurgence of interest in embroidery! I love small, portable projects, and these look terrific.

  238. Anne says:

    I enjoy embroidery, and would love to win this book! The designs in this book look great.

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