Quilts Made Modern Free Project

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

Welcome to our stop on the Quilts Made Modern blog tour! Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, from FunQuilts and Craft Nectar, team up once again in Quilts Made Modern. The book includes 10 new projects focused on a modern approach to quiltmaking, with lots of great information about color theory, fabric selection, and elements of design. Bill designs patterns, while Weeks walks readers through the design process with her clear instructions and advice. As a team they’ve produced a beautiful variety of patterns, ranging in complexity to guide and challenge both beginning and experienced quilters.

Weeks is offering up a FREE pattern for the Hopscotch Pillow on the chair in the quilted Birds on a Wire project photo below, just for Sew,Mama,Sew! readers. (Aren’t those birds amazing?!) The pillow accommodates a standard insert; Weeks writes that although she made the pillow for the shoot, she fell in love and it now rests happily on her sofa!

Hopscotch Pillow as styled with Birds on a Wire quilt in
Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr

Download your free Hopscotch Pillow Pattern, and comment on today’s post for your chance to win a copy of Quilts Made Modern (US readers only for a physical book– International winners can receive an eBook.). Tell us about quilting… Do you quilt? Do you want to learn? Are you already a huge fan of Bill and Weeks and their work?! Are you joining in our Modern Block of the Month? Do you love a “modern” quilt aesthetic? The topic is quilting!

Visit Craft Nectar for the book tour schedule, and be sure to stop by on the final day when Weeks and Bill give away additional prizes, including a quilt kit and two 1/2 hour Skype sessions to answer any questions quilters have about projects or techniques.

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423 Responses to Quilts Made Modern Free Project

  1. Grace says:

    I am just starting to quilt, and I love the pattern on the front of this book. It looks like something I could do, even though measuring and cutting accurately still scares me. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  2. Taleah says:

    That’s a beautiful quilt!

  3. Gwen says:

    I do some quilting, but it seems to come in fits and starts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Paula says:

    I’ve been quilting for a while, but I’m really getting into the modern aesthetic. I can never leave a pattern alone, so I really like the improv aspect. Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Emily says:

    I loved Modern Quilt Workshop! I am a starting quilter with 2 quilts under my belt…and all the fabric for their Plain Spoken quilt waiting to be cut. Beautiful designs – thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Angela says:

    I LOVE the pattern on the cover. Just getting back into sewing/quilting and would love this book to help me generate some projects πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway opp!

  7. Laurie says:

    Thanks for this free pattern, it’s beautiful. I’d love to look through this book and pick out a cool project!

  8. Laurie says:

    Thanks for this free quilt pattern, it’s beautiful. I’d love to look through this book and pick out a cool project!

  9. Julie says:

    I have made a few quilt tops before and want to do a whole quilt soon. This looks like an amazing book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Ashley says:

    I’ve only made a few quilts, very novice and basic, but I am always admiring the more complex, modern designs. I would be more willing to spend the time and considerable effort involved if I could make something so beautiful!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Love this!!!! Thanks so much for the free pattern! I’m a newbie is almost every way when it comes to sewing/quilting but I LOVE learning new things:)

  12. Annie R. says:

    Thanks for the great pattern and the chance to win a book that could lead to weeks of procrastination!

  13. E McKay says:

    Hey, I’m new to quilting! I’m very excited about my first project which will be signature quilt for my wedding guests to sign. I got enaged recently and getting a copy of the book would be another fab bit of news! πŸ™‚

  14. Marsha says:

    My quilt tops have all been traditional. Would love to learn new techniques and make some “modern” quilts.

  15. vanessa says:

    oh this looks lovely! I am new to quilting, I have only made one so far! But I love it and am always on the lookout for patterns and ideas. Love how clean and fresh that cover quilt is!

  16. Jeanne G says:

    I love quilt books so much. My poor, but giving freely, husband just shakes his head at my book addiction.

  17. so we added chickens says:

    Thank you for this pattern! yes, I quilt (and sew other things too). I would say my style it a hybrid between traditional and modern in that I love the modern fabrics and I often find the symmetry of many traditional blocks & quilts appealing. That said, I love unique quilts with artistry.

  18. Kat says:

    I’ve been quilting for years. I still find the design process so much fun … and the physical sewing kinda tedious. But I can’t have one without the other!

  19. sandy in california says:

    Thanks so much for the free pattern! I’m a big fan of Weeks and Bill, love all their books and would love to own “Quilts Made Modern.”

  20. Sharon says:

    I am a quilter who currently spends more time planning and dreaming of sewing than actually sewing… except for playing and sorting my fabric… A bit too much procrastinating… time for a new book.. hopefully!

  21. L says:

    I’m joining the Modern Block of the Month–can’t wait to get started, but I have to clean the house for the inlaws’ visit first! πŸ™

  22. Rebecca says:

    Lovely patterns, and they look doable and enduring as well. With two teen boys, two cats and a dog, I need that toughness in my projects!

  23. Andrea says:

    I love quilting and saw this book at a quilt shop this last weekend. I am just waiting for next months budget so I can buy it, it looked like an excellent book!

  24. Maile says:

    I am a beginning sewer and would love to learn how to quilt. I am going to enlist my friends mom to give me some lessons. I love the creativity of it.

  25. Diana says:

    I’m onto my third quilt top in the last year, about to finally finish the second one (shop quilted it for me, tonight I’m going to attach the binding). I do it when I can, when the hubby allows me a night off with the girls. πŸ™‚ Lovin’ it!

  26. Vidya says:

    Thanks for the pillow pattern. I am a novice to sewing and learning to sew by following several awesome craft & sewing blogs. And now I’m getting addicted to quilting blogs, I so badly want to sew a quilt for my baby girl and this book has awesome projects.. crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  27. Terri says:

    I have always been in love with traditional quilts but I find I am drawn to the simplicity of the new modern quilts. The simple design and the use of color fascinate me. I hope I win so I can try out this new direction!

  28. Shorella says:

    I love quilting, especially modern quilting with fresh modern fabric and I love the quilts of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr!

  29. Diane says:

    Birds on a wire are great. New to quilting but exciting to start new quilting projects and learning new techniques.

  30. Jen S says:

    Looks like a fabulous book! I am new to quilting and have only made some doll quilts and place mats. I like the idea of this pillow and it would be perfect addition to my new apartment.

  31. sharon says:

    I like the birds. I really like modern quilts. I have quilted in the past and am now doing it again as I slowly make my way toward an early retirement.

    Presently I have just started another quilt from weeks and ringles previous book modern quilt workshop. It is the library book quilt for my dad who is a retired librarian

  32. Lisabee says:

    Those birds *are* awesome. I would totally love them in various shades of blue on a pillow.

  33. Robyn G says:

    I dabble in quilting. I like it, but it can be intimidating. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Mary Haub... says:

    I am a quilter and proud of it! I’m part of Nashville’s newly-minted Music City Modern Quilter’s Guild, and I love it! The first things I ever sewed were from quilter’s cottons, and through the years I haven’t quite gotten over how fabulous they are. But modern is definitely my m.o. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Erika says:

    Love the book idea and would love tackling a modern quilt!

  36. Angel says:

    I have been a fan of Weeks and Bill for many years. I have learned so much from their books. I love that they encourage quilters to quilt their own quilts. It is so rewarding.

  37. Rebecca says:

    Thank you so much for the pillow pattern! I love it. I would love to win this book. =]


  38. Krista says:

    Wow! I love those sweet birds. Thanks for the sneak peak and the chance to win!

  39. Sam says:

    I have done some very simple, modified quilts with my step-mom as presents – they were sort of our calling card for several Christmases! But I’d love to learn more complicated techniques than just alternating blocks of fabric. I’m in Kappa Delta and what I’d really love to be able to do is make a quilt for the house that’ll be passed on long after I’ve left the chapter!

  40. I would love to make the quilt featured on the cover. I want to see more!

  41. Jen O says:

    I love to see new spins on quilting!!!! I would love this!!!

  42. Jayne says:

    I’m always looking for new inspiration! Would love the book for that!

  43. Sequana says:

    Yes, I’m a big fan of theirs, and I’d love to add this new book to my collection. Thx for the chance.

    I’m really drawn to these contemporary quilt designs and have a big stash of solids by now.

  44. Rae says:

    Count me in. I love giveaways, but who doesn’t, right?

  45. Kerrie says:

    While sewing is not new to me, quilting is. I have been taking my time, making small blocks and small projects (sewing machine cover).. I’m *almost* ready to tackle a full sized quilt! πŸ™‚

  46. Donna says:

    My grandmother is an award winning quilter, and she taught me how to sew. It would be a great tip of the hat to her if I could figure out how to quilt myself!

  47. Kate says:

    I have recently started quilting, with a very basic squares pattern, I am hand piecing and also planning on hand quilting it. This pattern looks quite simple, however has a huge amount of wow factor, and would be easy to make bigger or smaller. I love it, thank you!

  48. Amanda says:

    I’m really beginning to get into modern quilts, so I would love this book. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Carol Fraley says:

    I’m retired now and quilting up a storm. This would make a nice addition to my pattern collection.

  50. Thank you for the free download! Once my sewing machine makes it’s way back to me from our storage in Oklahoma (in Arizona now) I’m sooo making it! Or three… This will be my first real attempt at quilting. I’ve been bitten by the crafting bug, and quilting is my new niche to tackle, thanks to my lovely grandma (RIP Grandma Lockhart!).

  51. Kasia says:

    LOVE modern quilts…I think this is why I’ve become so interested in quilts lately, seeing all these beautiful modern projects…this book looks amazing and I’d love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  52. Sheetal says:

    I’m addicted to quilting…and I’m currently obsessed with solids…I love the idea of using solids to make traditional quilt patterns…I’ve just finished collecting 30 different fabrics for a monochromatic log cabin quilt in yellows of different values!!!

  53. Beth Anderson says:

    Thanks for the great offer. I hope to own a copy of the book soon. Some how!!!

  54. mims says:

    i just started quitling recently and i love it! this looks like a wonderful book.

  55. Deb says:

    I love to quilt, but I’ve never heard of these authors. I’d be very interested in reading their book!

  56. Ang says:

    I love the quilt on the cover of this book, would love to make it!

  57. Pam T. says:

    Thank you so much for the pillow pattern. I enjoyed learning about this new book and it’s going straight to the top of my “Want It, Need It” list!

  58. Rebecca says:

    This looks like a wonderful book.. I took up quilting because I was inspired by my mom and great aunt. It is so wonderful!

  59. actually oday has been my first patchwork class with my girls, i work with teen moms in brazil and a voluntary teacher is teaching them so they can make stuff at home while baby sleeps, got to learn some new things myself too!!!

  60. Katrina says:

    I’m just learning!I made blocks for a paintbox quilt and my mom and I just worked together to come up with a layout. I think I’ve caught the bug!

  61. Donna says:

    Thanks for the pillow pattern. Can’t wait to make it. I’ve been quilting seriously for the past three years, although I’ve been sewing for years. I love seeing the modern twist on the traditional practice of quilt making.

  62. Beth T says:

    I learn so much from Weeks and Bill. Thanks for the pattern, and for featuring two of my favorite quilt artists.

  63. Erin says:

    I’ve only made one quilt before, but I really want to make time to do more. There are loads of ideas in my head but no time to get a project started (much less finished!).

  64. mjb says:

    I bought their last book before I had really started quilting – it taught me so much about design.

  65. Robin says:

    I just started quilting this year and am loving it. I NEED to make that Transparency Quilt… such a gorgeous pattern!!

  66. kaholly says:

    Looks like a fun book. I’m a more traditional quilter, but am always open to trying something new.

  67. Ann says:

    Looks like a wonderful book would love to add it to my very small modern quilting library.

  68. Kim R. says:

    I’m just a beginner but I love the modern designs!!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  69. Cynthia I says:

    I’ve been quilting for 10 years. I’m not sure how that happened! Anyway, I started by using patterns and then bought the EQ5 program to do the math and color variations for me. Since then I have designed many quilts and have moved from the traditional to more modern lines. Though much of my stash is still very traditional so it is a challenge. The book looks great and the pillow pattern is wonderfully straightforward. Thanks!

  70. Jan says:

    I’ve been sewing for almost 60 years, but quilting for only 2. I love the creativity of quilting. I didn’t know about quilt patterns or look at any for the first year. It was such a growing experience.

  71. Beth S. says:

    Yes – I quilt! Yes, I am doing the Modern Block of the Month and Yes – I would love to win this book!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Missy K. says:

    I saw this book in person and loved it. I hope I win.

  73. Angi says:

    I am a new quilter, but I am hooked!!! I love modern patterns becuase of the clean lines and the unexpected play with color. I am still learning and would love to have this book to teach me more! Just found your blog, and I love it!!

  74. Marieke says:

    I’m relatively new to quilting, and I do enjoy the modern aesthetic a lot. It’s what drew me in to actually try it myself, after having watched various older family members do it over the years.

    I like how the modern patterns give things a very fresh look, and often really showcase the modern fabrics that have been coming out.

  75. Tamie says:

    I am a quilter and long time fan of Weeks and Bill.

  76. aprilshowers says:

    I just started to sew and, with a baby niece or nephew on the way, would like to make my first quilt. Of course, then I’ll have to make some quilts for my own kids too!

  77. Cherise says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this great book! πŸ™‚

  78. Bianca says:

    I’m new to quilting and I love the modern aesthetic. It’s so crisp, clean, and cheerful. I’ve only done 2 very scrappy quilts from old baby clothes and grandpa clothes for one of my family’s friends. So as I’ve been sucked into the addicting world of quilting, I have fallen in love with modern quilts. I can’t wait until I can start my very own quilt.

  79. Jen B says:

    Dreaming of all the different color configurations that I could use to make this pillow! Thanks for the pattern and inspiration!

  80. Lisa says:

    I’d love to win some skype time with Weeks and Bill! I already have their book, so if I won a copy, it would make a great gift for a special quilting buddy. Bill and Weeks have really influenced how I think about quilting.

  81. Jen V says:

    I love to quilt! I like the modern aesthetic but also appreciate the traditional. The only thing I need is MORE time!

  82. Rachel says:

    I love the projects in this book. I have been quilting for a few years and love the modern quilts that play with basic shapes and colors.

  83. Marie says:

    I quilted quite a bit for several years but then lost my quilting mojo. The Quilts Made Modern book looks like it contains projects which will inspire me to quilt again!

  84. Diana says:

    I’ve only made two quilts, both out of old shirts! One all flannel, and one t-shirt quilt. I’d love to quilt more, and have a sewing room set up already.

  85. SandyPie says:

    Love the look of this book! I love quilting but I love seeing a more modern, less “country” looking. Quilts that could be draped over the couch (or hung over it) and not look out of place.

  86. claire says:

    Im a newbie in quilting and handmade clothing. it has been really fun and I would like more books and tips for learning:D

  87. Emily says:

    This book looks so interesting! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  88. SewLindaAnn says:

    I haven’t been quilting/sewing for too long, just a few years trying all different things. I’m having fun and always learning. I already bought their book, it’s really great. I love their aesthetic.

  89. Erin Waters says:

    Love the quilt on the cover. I’ve never tried to quilt…am a bit scared that I’ll finish all the blocks & nothing will line up!

  90. Chelsea says:

    I dabble in quilting, mainly because I have trouble finishing an actual bed-size piece! But I’ve made some fun and cherished baby quilts, and am really loving the modern and light patterns I’m seeing lately. The book looks fabulous!

  91. Barbara says:

    I’m enamoured with quilting lately – I’d love to start with such a neat book. I think quilting can conjure up such old images as grannies and floral prints that it it refreshing to see this tide of MODERN aesthetics.

  92. Jamie says:

    These two artists are so inspiring. I always learn from them.

  93. Susie M says:

    Jumping in with MBOM. Not a quilter. Yet.

  94. Marcia W. says:

    Great book – and as I do not own one for modern quiltsing would enjoy winning this one. Thanks for that chance.

  95. kathleen says:

    I love modern quilting! Birds on a wire, so great!

  96. marg says:

    Love quilting and the modern aesthetic makes it even lovelier for me πŸ™‚

  97. Sherri I says:

    This book would be awesome to have!

  98. Carole Ann says:

    I started quilting at the beginning of this year, and have made 13 quilts already. I love the modern quilt aesthetic and have found the most wonderful modern quilting shop in Londonderry, VT to stock up on all my supplies. This book looks wonderful!

  99. Patti says:

    I’ve been quilting for 2 years but still consider myself to be a beginner. I love modern quilts and need to expand my skills with colour. Thanks for the giveaway and pattern.

  100. Erica says:

    I’m a starting quilter, love a modern look, love sollids… would really love to win this book: it will be an inspiration!

  101. Pat V. says:

    I am an intermediate quilter and I love to try new techniques (well, new to ME, anyway.) I’m a sucker for online quilt alongs, and am currently in my fifth one! I’ve been itching to try some of the patterns in this book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  102. Kim says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Funny, I just got this book out of the library and have been perusing it today. It has some very lovely quilts. I quilt and sew, the more I do I realize that I really do love quilting and patchwork more than anything else. I make toys and clothes for gifts and for my son but when I do something just for me I always go back to patchwork and quilting.

  103. Ann says:

    This book looks to be full of wonderful inspiration. I have just started quilting and would love to win the book.

  104. read says:

    I quilt since 2000, taylor/sew since early seventies. Do not use patterns for quilts, but I do use spreadsheets to figure out designs and measurements. Love the FunQuilts Studio for the design concepts. Used their “big idea” method more than once. They make a great team!

  105. Nichole says:

    I love these authors – I have their first book and Plain Spoken is one of my favorite quilt patterns. Thanks for the chance to win their latest offering. I love the clean lines and graphic nature of “modern” quilts.

  106. kathyh says:

    These Modern Quilt ideas have been wandering in my head ever since you first posted them.
    Thank you.

  107. Kelly says:

    OMgoodness, love love love! I’m a newbie just starting my quilting-goodness-library so I’ve got my fingers & toes crossed to win a copy. πŸ™‚

  108. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I have been a quilter forever but that is why this book is so appealing! I do not want to make quilts that look as though they were designed for the bicentennial (1976) but would rather make timeless quilts, and that is what this book seems to be doing!

  109. Megan says:

    I’m in the middle of my second quilt, and have been stuck there for years! I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, so that helps (the old one wasn’t working), now I just need to make the time to finish it.

  110. Jenny G. says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 10 years now. I tend to like modern style quilts, and often make modern quilts or quilts with traditional blocks with fabrics with more of a ‘modern’ feel. Thanks for the pattern!

  111. Beth says:

    The birds are awesome!!

  112. Valerie says:

    Thanks for the pattern! I’m a big fan of Bill and Week’s work. Definitely a quilter – love thinking about it, planning it, buying fabric for it, doing it…all of it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  113. KRISTY says:

    YES I am an experienced quilter…loving the modern vibes!! Haven’t heard about these authors…thanks to you and your awesome BLOG/SHOP I have now! What I really like looking at this book preview is the possible motivation to get me INSPIRED and ready to start a new project!! Thanks again for your great STUFF!!

  114. Carmen says:

    I have been stashing fabric for quite a while in the hopes that one day I’ll be brave enough to try making my own quilt.

  115. Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    I’m a recycled quilter. I love both the old style and the new modern style. I think both have their place, and I love to mix it up! Thanks for the opportunity!

  116. DebbieKL says:

    I love modern quilts! I’ve only made 1 quilt so far, and plan to do two more for my girls.

  117. Laine says:

    I absolutely Love your site. The book would be awesome for me as I am a new quilter and am enjoying the “Not your Grandmother’s Quilts” movement!!

  118. marilyn podoll says:

    trying to learn to quilt. starting small. I’ll try the pillow. Need this book.

  119. i have made 2 quilts so far and love it, 1 for keeps and 1 as a gift. it is an amazing powerful beautiful thing to make your 1st quilt and wrap yourself in it right when it comes out of the dryer. somehow any minor imperfections in that first quilt just melt and away!

    also, i am very interested in the modern BOM but i do wish we could get 2 blocks per month rather than just 1 πŸ˜‰

  120. Katherine says:

    I am a huge fan of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. My copy of Modern Quilt Workshop is well loved and I’m excited to see their latest book. I find their work so inspiring and their patterns very easy to follow.

  121. Li Ying KHOO says:

    I’ve just taken the leap and invested in a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and cutting mat. Now all I need is the inspiration and know-how so I can put these tools to good use! Quilts Made Modern looks like just the thing to get me cracking! Modern quilting, here I come!!! Please keep me in mind for the e-book…. Thanks!

  122. Syd says:

    What a great looking book. I have to admit I love quilting books, what a great way to get motivated!! Thanks for the fun pillow pattern.

  123. Marcia W. says:

    I’ve made quilts yet am only starting to “get the hang” of it. Like the modern quilt patterns (did the blocks for the P2 modern QAL) and would love to win this book!

  124. amorette says:

    i love to quilt, and though i have made an equal mix of traditional and modern quilts at this point, i love modern the best! those birds are quite amazing! the book looks great.

  125. Bia says:

    My kind of quilting! I love it.

  126. Sherri says:

    Thanks for the free pattern. The book looks great with patterns that will inspire.

  127. Ramona says:

    I am new to quilting but I love it. I like a variety of types of quilts from modern to traditional. I tend to love bright colors rather than the more sedate ones.

  128. Coleen Hauth says:

    I love quilting books, and even better, I love FREE quilting books!

  129. Susie M says:

    Jumping in with MBOM. Not a quilter. Yet.

  130. Betsy says:

    I’m starting my second quilt today and was excited to see this post – I LOVE modern quilt design and am hungry for helpful resources!

  131. Penny says:

    I’ve done two workshops with Bill and Weeks–they’re the best!

  132. Christine says:

    Thanks for the free pattern. I love the bird pictures on the wall, too.

  133. Gwen says:

    Thank you for the pattern. I love the modern look of this simply pillow pattern as with all the quilts in the book. I especially love the look of the one on the cover!!! Looks like new pillows for the couch soon :). Would love to own an ebook copy – then I could make a matching quilt!!

  134. Bethany says:

    I have only quilted on a small scale with pillows and doll blankets. I would love to go bigger and will once I have more space and moola!

  135. Steph G. says:

    I love to see quilts with a modern sensibility. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Janelle says:

    This modern quilt book looks great! I would love to have it.

  137. Michelle B says:

    I am a quilter…but I am also a knitter and lately I’ve been venturing into sewing garments.

  138. Rebecca says:

    Reviving my love of textiles through fabric and quilting. Have been looking for a modern quilt book to generate new ideas…maybe this is thebook for me!

  139. roc_phd says:

    I would love to do more quilting, but honestly would give this book to my sister, who is a diligent and creative quilter.

  140. Christen says:

    I do enjoy the look of the modern quilt, I must admit I am more a wannabe quilter- the projects look amazing!

  141. Andrea says:

    My project this summer was to make my first quilt. I have it finished, except for the binding. I absolutely love it!! I think now I might have a quilting bug. =)

  142. Jacque says:

    I’m a quilter, and boy, do I need help with color theory!! Would love to win this book – I’m a fan!

  143. Sydney says:

    What a great giveaway! I have just made my first quilt and have started on my second. I am always looking for more ways to sew and especially quilt!

  144. Deidra says:

    I’ve been quilting for years. I love the way the modern quilting movement has opened new doors for creativity. The world of quilting just gets better and better, whether you are traditional, modern, or both.

  145. Kristy K says:

    I don’t quilt yet, but definitely want to learn!

  146. meghann says:

    I’ve made one quilt in my life – for a friend’s baby who is now in elementary school! – but I keep meaning to get more into it. Part of my problem is finding patterns I like… xo

  147. Karen U says:

    I’d love to have that book sitting on my shelf next to my other quilt books. I quilt but don’t consider myself anything but a wannabe proficient quilter. Thanks!

  148. Shira says:

    looks like a great book πŸ™‚

  149. I am a beginner and inspired to quilt πŸ˜€

  150. Michelle says:

    I’m just getting started with quilting – but I am loving it so far! I’ve seen this book around and it’s gorgeous, so I’d love to win a copy!

  151. Nancy C says:

    It’s 6 am and making this pillow WILL fit into my day. The book looks wonderful!Thanks

  152. Gwen says:

    I’ve made a couple baby quilts for gifts, and am now hooked! I want to learn more free motion techniques and eventually learn how to design my own. I could really use some guidance and fresh inspiration, so this book would be perfect!

  153. Susie M says:

    Jumping in with Modern Block of Month. Not a quilter. Yet.

  154. Clare says:

    Love those cushion covers. I’m an ex-quilter who has rediscovered quilting after seeing so many of these gorgeous modern quilts. The book looks fantastic!

  155. Vanesa says:

    I love to see new books on modern quilting. Thanks also for starting the modern BOM, I am sewing along!

  156. Rachel says:

    Those are beautiful. I especially love the birds!
    I made up two of the first BOM squares, which I’ve incorporated into the back cushion of a chair that I’m hoping to redo the cover for. Really enjoying all the lovely things you post, and would love to own a copy of this book.

  157. Elizabeth P says:

    I keep wanting to try out quilting, but haven’t started yet. I would love to win this book to help motivate me a little:).

  158. Debra says:

    I love those birds on a wire!

  159. bruinbr says:

    Love the birdies on the wire! Thanks for the free pillow tute!

  160. SarahV says:

    I am into my 5th month of quilt craziness. I am new to quilting, and am eating up all the books I can. Thanks for the chance to win, this book looks right up my alley!

  161. Katie says:

    I’ve been patch-working lately, but haven’t made an actual quilt since I was 8 years old! Hahah – the book looks great, I would love to have some inspiration!

  162. Tina says:

    Do you quilt? Yes, Amateur.

    Do you want to learn? Yes, I’m always searching for new things to increase my confidence and my skill.

    Are you already a huge fan of Bill and Weeks and their work?! I’ve been to their sites and they do beautiful work. I also follow their blog.

    Are you joining in our Modern Block of the Month? I don’t know? I will check that out!

    Do you love a Ò€œmodernÒ€ quilt aesthetic? Yes, I do very much so. I think that is my favorite aesthetic.

  163. Kristin M says:

    I love to quilt and may give the Quilt a long a try. I have always been more of a traditional quilter but I’m branching out and would love a chance at this book. Thanks!

  164. Shannon O. says:

    I’ve only quilted a little bit but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do more. I really love modern quilts and seeing beautiful ones like these inspire me to get quilting.

  165. delia says:

    The book sounds fab!

  166. Jane S. says:

    I love everything about quilting! I like finding the right pattern, the perfect fabric, the piecing/applique, the quilting, and the binding. Best of all though is using them whether they’re wall sized or bed sized.

    The book looks like it’s full of neat patterns and photos, and I’d sure like a chance to win a copy. Thanks!

  167. MelodyJ says:

    This looks like a great book. I would love to have it.


  168. Sharon says:

    I am sort of new to quilting, three years or so, but have been sewing since I was about 10. I seem to lean towards the more modern quilts, especially those with larger blocks to piece. Can’t quite get the hang of some of those 2 inch blocks. I am a fan of Bill & Weeks and love their work. Just finished my first ‘wonky nine patch’ quilt and did all the steps myself — piecing, straight line quilting — binding!

  169. PT in SC says:

    Thanks so much for the hopscotch pattern. I love it. I love your work and thanks for the chance to win the book.

  170. duff says:

    color is the one area that gives me trouble so I really turn to professionals for help. Ringle and Kerr make it look so easy!

  171. Carolyn E says:

    perfect pattern I need to make several pillows as decor for a wedding!
    oh this book would be great too I would love to share it with my 20 something daughters πŸ™‚

  172. Holley says:

    Oops. I meant Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.

    Overly excited fingers do not type well!

  173. Holley says:

    I love Weeks and Ringle. Their book, the Modern Quilt Workshop was a tremendous inspiration to me–I still need to finish my Love Beads Quilts. I would recommend any of their books to beginners because they do such a great job of walking through the steps.

    Thanks for the pattern–I love it!

  174. Nancy says:

    I’m just learning how to quilt but I’m loving it and have some big plans! πŸ™‚

  175. Melanie C says:

    I would love to win this book! I love modern quilts! I’m doing the BOM with a twist.

  176. VALERIE KVAMME says:

    I just got some Cherrywood hand-dyed fabrics and my husband asked if I would be making a MODERN QUILT!

  177. Sherry J says:

    of course i quilt. its my obsession. usually traditional patterns but i’m ready to try some more modern quilts for my kids.

  178. Summer says:

    I’m newish to it, but I love making quilts! My favorite part may be choosing the “next” quilt, though. This book is actually at the top of my wish list these days! I’m really fascinated by modern quilts and just discovered Sew Mama Sew’s modern block of the month a few days ago and I’m thinking of joining! I can’t wait to check out the pattern for the pillow!

  179. Lissa says:

    love to quilt, found modern quilting ab out a year ago and that is all I want to do. Love birds on a wire!

  180. Cheryl Korman says:

    Thanks for a terrific opportunity to win this book. Looks amazing!

  181. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the awesome pattern! I would love to win the book!

  182. Jenn says:

    I’ve just taken up quilting and have started with a set of placemats, my first free motion quilting experiment! I love the clean lines of the modern quilt blocks and am looking forward to the rest of the Modern Block of the Month posts! Thanks for the pattern and the chance at a spiffy book!

  183. Crystal says:

    That book looks wonderful! Thank you for the free pattern. It’s on the to-do list!

  184. Michelle says:

    This is really neat and has inspired me to take a shot at fabric wall art!

  185. Ella says:

    I really just started doing it seriously this summer. I love modern design. I’ve got the modern block of the month on my to do list (as soon as fabric gets here).

  186. Meagan says:

    I have never made a quilt, but I am willing to learn. Modern quilts sound amazing! πŸ™‚

  187. Christine says:

    I’m a sloooowwww quilter. I’ve made one baby quilt and one big quilt. I finished the baby quilt because it was a gift, but the other is for me…. so the bigger one is ready for quilting and binding, and has been forever. Someday soon – at least I hope so.

  188. Beth says:

    The cover of that book looks incredible! So tempting. Love to quilt and teach it to my 4-H kids. Would love to win the book!

  189. Ange Moore says:

    Great freebie and the book looks awesome too!!

  190. Jessica says:

    I haven’t tried quilting yet…. but may start with a mug rug! I really love geometric modern quilts, and crazy topstitching. I am afraid to start quilting, because I think i might love it!

  191. Maria says:

    I’m in the middle of my first quilting project, a potholder!

  192. angelina says:

    thanks guys, ive got quilting on the brain!

  193. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Great pattern – thank you! I love to quilt, make pillows and sew garments.

  194. Beth says:

    Thanks for the pattern. I do quilt and love modern quilting. This book would be a real treat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. SaraBeth says:

    This looks like a fantastic way…winning it would be great, but I will need to check this out either way. Thank you for the pattern!

  196. alisha says:

    I started quilting about a year ago. My family was staying with my in-laws for a couple of months while we were in the process of a big move and with three other quilters in the house, I just got hooked.

  197. Angie says:

    I am just embarking into the wonderful world of quilting. I have all the pieces cut out for my first quilt and now need to bite the bullet and start sewing. I would love to win for more inspiration.

  198. Katie says:

    I have another book by Bill and Weeks, and it’s very inspiring. I love their use of solids.

  199. Krista Ebertowski says:

    Thanks for the great pattern. I already have both of your books, but could use another for back up when I wear mine out. πŸ™‚

  200. Zoe says:

    I am a new quilter and I am constantly amazed at the wealth of information and knowledge to be found online. Modern quilting is sometimes quite mindblowing!

  201. Addy says:

    I just love those birds on a wire! Looks like an excellent book!

  202. Andrea says:

    I LOVE quilting! I joined your block of the month and just bought some fabulous fabric for it! I’m excited to hopefully win a Quilts Made Modern! Thanks for the giveaway.

  203. Vanessa says:

    I have not quilted before, but have just had my sewing machine serviced so I can give it a try! I’ve been inspired by so many blogs with gorgeous modern colours and textures, yet in designs that seem quite simple for beginners… I can’t wait to start picking out fabric!

  204. Andrea says:

    Surely I could finish a pillow…really! Thanks for the freebie. Hope I win the book…

  205. Sheri Whiteley says:

    OMG Thank you for the cute pattern, I love the quilt on the cover. I’ve been thinking of making one like the one on the cover. I do enjoy quilting, after awhile a change from half-square triangle would be a blessing. I love to have the chance to win the book. I do enjoy their work! Thank you so much for a chance.

  206. Andrea C says:

    love it!

  207. Anne Marie says:

    I am a newbie quilter but anxious to learn all there is to learn. This book would be a big help!

  208. hueisei says:

    Thanks for the pattern….
    I am beginner in quilting…Love it!!

  209. Allison C says:

    I’m a quilting newbie and I LOVE it so far. It is a great creative outlet and being able to use something you make is such an amazing feeling. I really LOVE modern quilts and have had this book on my wishlist. I can’t wait to see it in person!

  210. michelle says:

    I used to be into quilting big-time but got a little tired of the traditional patterns. I’m ready to jump back in with modern quilts now!

  211. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    Thanks for the free pattern. I am looking forward to starting quilting with my two girls.

  212. Bev C says:

    A fantastic book. Thanks for the chance to enter.
    Happy days.

  213. Candy says:

    I have been quilting for about 28 years. I am looking to update the patterns and fabrics I use to a more contemporary look. I love this book!

  214. Sandi Hagen says:

    I love the modern quilt looks. Just sent my first one off to be quilted-want to do a modern one for my living room in seascape colors! I’m a novice for sure, but learning tons as I sew and rip out seams-about equal parts at this time!!!

  215. Kylie says:

    I am new to quilting and am collecting fabrics to make a quilt for our son. This book looks awesome!!! I’d love to have guidance!!

  216. Andi says:

    I love to quilt, although I really am still learning. I have made a fair share of traditional quilt patterns and am ready to tackle something more modern. I’m loving all of this inspiration!

  217. debbie lindsay says:

    I am a beginner quilter — and the pillow is so cute! Thanks for the pattern and chances of giveaways πŸ™‚

  218. Michelle says:

    I love to quilt! I enjoy the entire process – from picking the fabric/pattern, to pressing and making the binding – ALL OF IT! lol! Thanks for the chance!

  219. Love the birds on a wire quilt! I would love to chance the birds to parrots and make one to sit next to my parrot’s cage. Thanks for the free pattern.

  220. Sarah says:

    I have been quilting since 2005, when I took a class at the Smithsonian to relax from government law practice. I am a huge fan of Bill and Weeks and their work. They treat quilters with the respect we deserve.

  221. Kira says:

    Thanks for the free pattern. Would love this book because I’ve been looking for some modern ideas for quilting!

  222. SewCalGal says:

    I do so love good quilty books and this sounds like a wonderful new book. Thanks for sharing insights and the chance to win a copy.


  223. Sherri S. says:

    I haven’t tried quilting yet–but I do want to. This book looks lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  224. Suzanne says:

    I am a quilter and I have heard great things about Ringle and Kerr’s books. Though I don’t yet own one, I’d love to!

  225. Jen Galan says:

    I love the modern designs! I would love to play around with this book.

  226. Jane says:

    I have had that book on my wish list since it came out – I love their fresh take on quilts.

  227. Katy says:

    I’m just learning to quilt, and I’m going to try the Modern BOM sew along πŸ™‚

  228. Fiona says:

    I am a learner quilter and love trying new techniques and styles… I make a smaller object in a technique and then a larger one …

  229. Sarita says:

    I quilt. I love the way it relaxes me. Time flies when my fingers are busy putting one good stitch after the last.

  230. Fabienne says:

    This seems like a beautiful book. Makes me want to quilt modernly…

  231. Westin's Mom says:

    This book is right up my alley!

  232. Tarmy says:

    I fell in love with stippled quilts a few years ago while perusing your site and since then have finished one quilt top. I have dreams of making lots of quilts when time and $ allow. This book looks beautiful!

  233. Karin B. says:

    I made a few quilts several years ago, but then stopped quilting because the traditional was just not what I wanted. I have rediscovered quilting again and am LOVING the modern quilt! I am doing the Modern Block of the Month and am in a “bee” that starts in August. Such fun πŸ™‚

  234. Dana says:

    Thanks for the pattern. Are the lovely birdy hangings on the wall quilted as well? Or are they felted? I don’t know if you know, but thought I would ask. I can’t tell from the photo, but they are lovely as well!

  235. Carol Wallace says:

    I learned to quilt more than 30 years ago, but was away from it for (too) many years. I always knew I would get back to quilting and as I have been quilting over the past couple of years, I find myself more and more drawn to modern quilt designs, especially the designs in Quilts Made Modern and other designs I have seen by this creative team.

  236. twelve30 says:

    Thank you for the free pattern and a chance to win this great book.

  237. Marilyn says:

    WE need a book like this. I am going to be inspired

  238. Jess says:

    Thanks for the free pattern! I would like to begin quilting (have been sewing for years). This book would be great to work with. Thanks for the chance!

  239. Deborah Altsman says:

    Thanks for the cute pattern! Will add it to my “someday” files! D.

  240. Kris says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Yes, I’m a quilter, would love to have that book and I am doing the Modern BOM.

  241. jane says:

    Love ‘The Modern Quilt Workshop’…Weeks and Bill have such a great design + color sense. When I get stuck when chosing a color palette for a quilt, I often refer to the book for a bit of help. Their designs are so clean and fresh…in my opinion, they have the ‘modern’ design aesthetic down pat!

  242. Joyce B says:

    I’m a beginning quilter and feel more comfortable working on “modern” quilts. I do plan to participate in the BOM Club and think a copy of Bill and Weeks’ book would be a good addition to my growing library of all things sewing! Thanks!

  243. Jams says:

    I come from a long line of quilters and am working on my 3rd quilt now! I would love to win this book!

  244. Sherri D says:

    I love these blog hop give-a-way contests! Not only do I get to dream about getting a free book, I get to visit new-to-me blogs and even a few favorite blogs that I’ve seen before! Thanks for hosting this give-a-way today!

  245. YC says:

    This is the kind of modern that’s inspiring to me! Am working on quilt #4.

  246. floribunda says:

    I’d love to wibn a copy of the new book!

  247. Ruth says:

    I finished my first ever quilt a couple of months go – and now I think I’m addicted! I have to say, I’m not entirely sure what a modern quilt is,but would love to find out…

  248. I’ve been quilting for years, and I love the modern quilts. I got fabric to make the first design in the BOM. I can’t wait to see the next design!

  249. katuasha says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful free pattern. I really like the modern Quilter,. They have more creative freedom.

  250. Linda F says:

    I enjoy quilting. I am a fan of Bill and Weeks. I’ve attended one workshop, I have a lot of their patterns/any magazine articles on them. I just love their quilts!!!

  251. Courtney says:

    Thanks so much for the free pattern – I’m right in the middle of sewing my first quilt. Would love to win this book!

  252. Christine says:

    Thank you very much! I am pretty much a quilting novice, but I am learning. I am am currently working on a paper-pieced Harry Potter quilt. The book looks lovely though!

  253. Wendy says:

    I made one “non-modern” quilt block about four years ago and it’s still sitting my drawer with the rest of the fabric for the quilt. The modern aesthetic appeals to me much more, and I am currently making plans my first modern quilt.

  254. Sarah says:

    I totally LOVE this book. Although I don’t own one yet I have had my paws on it a few times.

  255. Jackie says:

    The first time I saw a modern quilt was an article on FunQuilts in an architecture magazine, and I was hooked! I love their patterns and how they explain color choices. Can’t wait to make the pillow!

  256. Cindy says:

    Looks like an inspirational book!

  257. Kristy says:

    I love to quilt! I am currently working on a throw quilt make with beautiful Hawaiian fabric and a wall hanging.

  258. Lindsay F says:

    I am still learning to quilt. I have finished five quilts and I am working on my sixth. I really enjoy the design process and watching my thoughts become reality.

  259. Mallory says:

    That pillow is so cute! It’s definately going on my project list. That book looks great too. I’ve been thinking about getting back into quilting and have been on the hunt for more modern non-traditional quilt patterns.

  260. susan h says:

    thanks for the pattern and giveaway!

  261. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the pillow pattern! & for the chance to win a copy of your book. I’m just getting started quilting and this would be a great addition to my library.

  262. lee says:

    Thank you for the review and free project/pattern! thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  263. krystina says:

    I do quilt but not as often as I’d like. The last time I bought supplies for a quilt (from SMS, actually) was ages ago and I’m embarassed to say I haven’t finished cutting it yet.

  264. Lisa Marie says:

    I love quilting and lately have been getting more interested in the modern quilting style. Such clean lines, and such beautiful colors and fabrics! I would love to have this book for guidance and inspiration.

  265. Faith says:

    I am a beginner quilter and have made a quilt for a wedding gift and a baby quilt for my grandchild…I am hoping they will both be heirlooms. I am a very visual person though and love looking for new quilting ideas through this media. I hope my gifts are enjoyed as much as I enjoy making them…

  266. Kari says:

    I love their style. I have another book by them and the instructions are great too.

  267. Esther says:

    Thank you for the great pattern!!

  268. Franziska says:

    Now I can say I quilt. I just begun two some months ago but I do quilt (also free motion quilting). I am interested in the monthly blocks because I want to learn so much. I think I’m not the very traditional type of quilter but maybe also not the very modern. But I like to see what you have planned. Maybe I’ll try some of the blocks out for my sampler quilt I’m planning.
    Thanks for the free pattern.

  269. cynthia says:

    I love to quilt and I have been eyeing that book for a while now. I would love to win a copy and thanks for the free downloads. Cynthia

  270. Jan says:

    I’ve been quilting for two years, there’s still so much to learn.

  271. Beth says:

    I love to see color combinations and unusual ways of combining fabrics, Fantastic!

  272. Emily says:

    Weeks and Bill are so inspiring in their methodology and designs! I’ve not been quilting much lately, but after reading the Workshop book, I’m ready to jump back in! I can’t wait to see this new one!

  273. Jan L says:

    I’m loving the modern quilts and “Quilts Made Modern” looks terrific. I’m going to give the BOM a try; this is the first time I’ve been tempted. Fingers crossed.

  274. Ashley says:

    Thanks for a chance to win an awesome giveaway! And the pattern! I am just getting my feet wet in the world of quilting. This book would def. enhance my quilting skills! I have been following along with the Modern Block of the Month. I am loving all the inspiration! I just finished a Dr. Seuss Chevron quilt top for my youngest sons soon to be big boy room. Now to baste, quilt, and bind!I started with a disappearing nine patch for my oldest son and have been hooked ever since. Fingerscrossed!!!

  275. Cary says:

    What a nice pattern. It looks like a fun and easy one to do. Thanks@

  276. Carol Frey says:

    I am a daughter and grand daughter of quilters, with one (traditional) quilt that’s been on my stand, half quilted, for a few years now, and I am really looking forward to getting into more modern designs. I love, love love modern quilts these days and have never tried my hand at piecing, only the quilting itself. I’ve got two toddlers who’ve each gotten simple tied quilts, but my head swims with half-baked designs for “real” quilts – the next level, so to speak.

  277. MiChal says:

    I’ve been a fan of Bill and Weeks since I saw their beautiful Spice Market quilt on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Love, love, love their designs. And after following them on their blog, I love their hearts too.

  278. LoLoJo says:

    I love the simplicity of modern quilts! Thank you for the pattern.

  279. Marianne says:

    Oh, and I’m already a quilter. I really lean towards patchworky, yet modern designs with really clean lines.

  280. Brigette says:

    I am just starting my first quilts. I’m making baby quilts for my 2 daughters. They will be simple patchwork quilts.

  281. Marianne says:

    What an interesting, clean design!

  282. Valerie says:

    Love your blog! I’m going to download the pattern right now … I’ve been sewing a table runner today as a gift for a friend so I’m in the mood to try something new! Maybe the book will give me some inspiration! Thanks!

  283. Joy says:

    I loved their previous book, The Modern Quilt Workshop, and read it cover to cover in one sitting. So, yes, you could say I was a huge fan! I definitely gravitate to quilts with more geometric shapes and solid/bright colors, so their quilting esthetic is perfect for me. Thanks for the chance to win their book!

  284. Camille says:

    I’m relatively new at the quilting thing, but I’m addicted!

    Oddly enough, I like bird graphics but despise actual living birds. They scare the tamales out of me.

  285. Jess says:

    Ooh, I love modern quilts!!! The traditional quilting styles aren’t my thing, but the newer, modern styles are RIGHT up my alley.

    Today I am actually cutting up the fabrics to make my first ever quilt, eep! I have made a T-shirt quilt but nothing like this before. I’m sort of making up my own design based on the fabric I have on hand so I’m hoping it works out okay!!!

    In any case it’s for my son’s 2nd birthday so I’m sure he will love it!

  286. Andee Neff says:

    I love the pillow. Awesome bonus for following along on this tour!

  287. dorothy says:

    I have made a number of quilts, most of them for new babies. As my tastes have shifted more towards a modern aesthetic, I’ve slowed down on the quilting b/c I didn’t like the traditional “quilt” look as much, but these designs are getting me going again for sure. I especially love the birds on a wire…

  288. caron says:

    Looks like a great book, and pattern! Thanks so much!

  289. Tsigeyusv says:

    I’ve been quilting off an on over the last 20 years. Mostly I make baby quilts for my friends and colleagues. I want to expand my repertoire to include full sized bed quilts, especially one for my sister featuring applique images of her dog.

  290. Dana says:

    Those birds are amazing, I love that wall hanging. Thanks for the free pattern and the chance to win this wonderful book.

  291. Joslyn says:

    Oh what fun, thank you! I consider myself a beginner quilter but have already made four for my children and a half way through one for myself. And I crave more!! Thank you for the lovely project pattern. πŸ™‚

  292. Carla G says:

    I am new to quilting… I started my first quilt, got the blocks cut out, but that’s as far as it’s gotten… things are too busy right now. I’m hoping I can get back to it in the fall. This book looks awesome! I love the quilt on the cover! Thanks for a chance to win!

  293. Jennifer says:

    Looks awesome! Loving modern quilts.

  294. Betsy M says:

    Beautiful! I would love that book.

  295. Joanne says:

    I love those birds! This book might just give me the push into quilting that I need.

  296. Hilary says:

    I’m new to quilting and love the modern style!

  297. Marcua says:

    I’m a fan of Weeks and Bill’s last book, and would love to win the new one!

  298. Laura Beech says:

    That pillow will look perfect with the quilt I am making for my bed-yay!!

  299. Heather says:

    Thank you for the pattern.. I’d love to learn how to quilt. Time to find a class. πŸ™‚

  300. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m a new quilter, and it is quickly becoming one of the great passions of my life. I love the balance of creativity and order quilts have. Plus, it is so nice to cuddle with a beautiful quilt πŸ™‚

  301. Dree says:

    Looks like a great book! I am a quilter, with a few quilts under my belt–all crib size, all given away! And yes, I am currently working on another baby gift.

  302. Mary says:

    I’ve never come across Bill and Weeks before and love something new to discover. I’ve just this afternoon received a Go!Baby so am looking forward to getting more quilting done, quicker! thanks for the giveaway

  303. Margaret says:

    I love to quilt and love the modern quilting movement πŸ™‚

  304. kelly says:

    I’ve been quilting for 10 years. Quilts Made Modern has ispired me to go outside the box and I’ve made some pretty cool quilts in the last year. Thanks, Bill and Weeks!

  305. Ginger says:

    I just finished my FIRST queen sized quilt. I’ve been working on it for two years. Now I’m looking for inspiration for the next one. “Quilts made Modern”looks inspirational to me.

  306. Thanks for the pattern. The book looks great!

  307. Sandy says:

    I have been quilting since the 70’s but I hate fussy quilts so I am thrilled with the turn to modern patterns lately.

  308. Tess says:

    I absolutely love quilting (or at least my attempts). Not only is it a great creative outlet, you make great useful objects that can be treasured forever!

  309. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the pattern! I’d love to win the book!

  310. Kristin says:

    I fell in love with quilting about 5 years ago, and have tried several “modern” quilts. I love the concept, and would love to read a book to further my knowledge about the subject!

  311. KrafyKy says:

    I have been a quilter since my teens,so 30+ years. I usually make traditional or replica type quilts but recently been doing more modern designs. I have seen the “Quilts Made Modern” book at my local library and would love to have my own copy! Thank you for the free pattern!

  312. Marie says:

    I am a quilter and make mostly traditional quilts, although I’m more drawn to modern ones. I’d love to get the book to try some!

  313. kate says:

    I love to quilt, but still quite new at it – I love learning about new quilting ideas and projects! This book looks amazing!

  314. Agnes says:

    I love Modern Quilt workshop and thanks for the chance to win Weeks and Bill’s new book! I’m an intermediate quilter – so much to learn and play with, so little time!

  315. Audrey says:

    I love quilting!

  316. Valerie says:

    I do quilt a lot, but it is mostly traditional. I would like to try my hand at something a little more modern! Thanks!

  317. Erin says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this book! Always looking for new modern inspiration!

  318. Valerie Boudier says:

    I have been a quilter for over 30 years and I love the ideas and colour combinations in modern quilts

  319. Brooke says:

    Looks like a neat book

  320. Kelli C says:

    I’d love to have a copy of that book! Thanks for the free pillow pattern as well.

  321. Serena Dennis says:

    Already a huge fan, Bill and Weeks influenced me a lot when I began quilting. I’d love to add this book to my collection!

  322. Liz says:

    I’m a very new quilter but I love it!

  323. Randi says:

    That’s a really cute pillow! Thanks for the pattern πŸ˜€

  324. Jocelyn says:

    Yes I am a quilter! And I recently checked this very book out of the library. I loved it! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  325. Jan says:

    Great pillow. I love the colors! Thanks for providing the pattern.

  326. Molly says:

    I love modern quilting. That Bird on a Wire quilt is lovely!

  327. Stephanie S says:

    We’re in the process of building a house where I will actually have a sewing space that is not the dining room table. I am so excited! Learning to quilt is one of the 1st things I want to do when I finally have the space set up.

  328. Cynthia says:

    I have always loved their work and would love to win this new book.

  329. Christina Miller says:

    I love this style! I’d never heard of Bill before, but I’m a fan now!

  330. Laurel says:

    Oooh, I love the quilt on the cover! The colors, the quilting and the design! Sure would love to win it. Thanks for the chance

  331. Melissa says:

    Thanks, cute free pillow pattern! Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  332. Julie says:

    I would love to learn how to quilt!

  333. Alli says:

    I’ve been quilting for about a year, and I love modern quilting!

  334. kate C. says:

    I have been quilting since I was ~12-13 years old. I am really into modern quilts these days and have to see this book! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what other blocks there will be for the block of the month, but I don’t want a ‘sampler’ so I guess I’ll wait to see them all before I decide what quilt I want to make.

  335. Elizabeth Wihour says:

    I have been quilting for awhile and although I like traditional patterns I like to have modern interpretations or new patterns to make esp for the high school kids that I give quilts to as a graduation presents.

  336. Crystal Joy says:

    Thank you so very much for the pattern! it looks really cute and simple to make!
    I’m in the process of making my first quilt and I’m looking for other idea’s and this book looks right up my alley!

  337. Tanya Littley says:

    I would love to win one of these books. I adore Weeks & Ringle and would love to add this book to their other in my quilting library.

  338. Janna says:

    The Modern Quilt Workshop was a revelation. (Wow, quilts I’d actually want to make and display.) I’m really looking forward to this new collaboration.

  339. Amy Harrison says:

    Thank you for the pattern! I love getting new ideas and tutorials!

  340. kimberlee says:

    I was inspired to start quilting because of the modern quilts I saw in my local quilt shop.

  341. Kristin H says:

    I love to quilt, although most of the quilts I’ve made have been more traditional. It’d be fun to try out some more modern designs!

  342. […] to answer any questions quilters have … … Read more from the original source: Quilts Made Modern Free Project + Giveaway « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog ← Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom: Summer Beginner Quilting Series […]

  343. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the continued inspiration and patterns!

  344. Alicia says:

    What a fun pattern! Thanks for sharing!

  345. Brandy says:

    I do quilt, but I haven’t been doing it for very long. I love it though and want to continue quilting, a way for me to be creative!

  346. KellyS says:

    Just getting into quilting and love the modern look. Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  347. craftytammie says:

    gorgeous! can’t wait to make this!

  348. robin says:

    Love that quilt, and would love to win the book. πŸ™‚

  349. Mrs. Not the Jet Set says:

    I checked this book out at the store and it looked great! Saving up my pennies…

  350. wendy says:

    Thanks for the pattern! I’m always amazed at the way complicated-looking items are actually quite simple to make!!

  351. Jackie says:

    I would love to win this book! The quilt on the cover is amazing!

  352. Rachel says:

    Those birds ARE amazing!! Wow, they make me want to run out and buy the pattern. I love, love, love them!

  353. Lisa says:

    I took a class a few years ago, but the traditional patterns aren’t my style, so I haven’t made a quilt. I’m so glad to see modern designs for quilts out there–now I don’t have any excuse! I get the RSS feed so I can follow, and maybe even make, the blocks in the QAL. The book sounds like the perfect way to start!

  354. Tricia says:

    I’ve made one quilt, and let’s just say it was a decent beginner’s effort. I definitely need to improve my skills!

  355. Jenae says:

    I love quilting! I am always looking for new quilting books!

  356. elsa says:

    oh, I’d love to have this book ~ thanks for the chance!

  357. Rhonda Murray says:

    This is perfect!!! I have been looking at a way to expand my sewing to include quilting vintage fabrics with new techniques. Both of my grandmothers were quilters and I want to pass this tradition on to them. Can’t wait to make the pillow

  358. Rohaise says:

    Thanks for the great pattern. I’m just starting out quilting (my first is awaiting binding).

  359. Cindi C says:

    These quilts look amazing! Thanks again for the giveaway!

  360. Sandy Forbes says:

    Thanks for the free patterns .I love the black bird on wire wall hanging. I said to hubby reminds me of the Black birds sitting staring at me and my garden lol

  361. Rhonda says:

    I am def a quilter and surely hope to join in the on the Modern BOM but I have to clear some projects first. I have a ton of projects on the go right now. I love quilting!!!

  362. Bonnie B says:

    Been sewing for 40 years but quilting for 3 months! Coming from Pennsylvania, I thought all quilts had to look “old fashioned”. Now I know better! I can stop experimenting and sewing!! I get books from the library but they are not all modern. This book would be great!!!

  363. Maya says:

    I am just starting out learning to quilt. I am about to finish my first one. It was a learning experience! I really like the look of modern quilt blocks. I joined BOM so I hope to keep up with continuing to learn about quilting! So, I would love this book but the pillow pattern is great too! Thanks.

  364. Amy says:

    I’m taking my first quilt class now. I love the Modern/Contemporary aesthetic. Thanks for the chance.

  365. Kami says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’m always looking for new inspiration.

  366. Victoria Willer says:

    Always gain new inspiration from new books!!

  367. Staci says:

    Oh that looks fabulous! I’ll have to pick that up.

  368. emily says:

    My mother was an avid quilter. I’m just now starting to dabble in quilting and can already start to understand why she was so addicted. Would love this book!

  369. Laura Isabel says:

    I’m a novice/int. sewer and have been circling around quilting for a while. I love the new modern patterns–not the style my mom used to make. I would love to have this book!

  370. Darlene says:

    Lovely book! Thanks so much for the pattern!

  371. Caitlin L. says:

    Love this giveaway! I’m not a quilter yet, but this book would be the perfect excuse to start.

  372. Jessica H says:

    I love to quilt and have been wanting to dive in to the modern world!

  373. I have an entire PInterest board dedicated to quilts I want to make one day. I haven’t had the time or guts to start one yet, but I hope to by Christmas…at least a little one.

  374. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the freebie, and the chance to win! Love the new look to the quilts!

  375. Gretchen says:

    Thank you for the pattern. Great modern pillow design. I love quilting and have been quilting for 10 years.

  376. Melanie T says:

    Wonderful! I am in need of some new quilt ideas. Thanks for the chance.

  377. Christina G. says:

    Those birds are fabulous! Would love to win this book.

  378. Jenny C says:

    I really want to make the quilt on the cover of the book. just lovely.

  379. Rae says:

    IÒ€ℒm still a relative newbie, but IÒ€ℒm really getting into quilting, thanks to the new MQG in my town. Now if only a “modern” fabric store would openÒ€¦

  380. Anna says:

    Beautiful pillow! And those birds! Thanks for sharing. I have made a few quilts through brute force, with no training and before internet tutorials existed, but I am interested in learning some helpful tricks.

  381. I’m a dedicated quilter and long time fan of Weeks and Bill. I love modern quilts and may join the modern block of the month but I already have so many projects!

  382. wendy says:

    Great to have more modern quilting books!

  383. carole whitridge says:

    Ijust love this bright, modern look.

  384. Lisa says:

    I love Bill & Week’s modern style of quilting. I have been quilting for many many years and gone through many styles and am enjoying the new modern look! Thank you so much for the pattern. The birds are beautiful!

  385. Leanna says:

    I love quilts and when i don’t have to constantly watch over my 1yo, I can’t wait to try making one!

  386. Samina says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern – that’s a lovely block. Sigh, one more thing that I HAVE to make!

  387. Laura says:

    It cannot be said that I quilt, or that I physically quilt, but in my mind… Oh, in my mind I quilt the most beautiful quilts you can imagine. I’m a quilt procrastinator, I should say. Maybe that book would definitively launch me into “real” quilting.

  388. Kara Kelso says:

    Very interesting pillow pattern. I’ve just gotten back into sewing and looking for “trendy” patterns and projects. Thanks for the free pattern!

  389. ~Michelle~ says:

    I’m a fan of Fun Quilts studio – I think they’ve been a great push for the modern quilt “movement.”

  390. Emilie says:

    I’m a really new quilter. I just completed the piecing of my very first quilt. I now have to actually quilt it! This is the scarier part for me! I’d love to get my hands on this book!

  391. Rebecca says:

    Been quilting for years, and seem to have my own aesthetic, but I do enjoy the modern quilting I’m seeing around. My love of quilting was piqued by the juxtaposition of amish quilts in all their brilliance, and the fussy wonderful-ness of sampler and Victorian quilts.

  392. Katie in Texas says:

    Thanks for the pattern! I was looking for a small gift to make for a friend. This is perfect! The book looks wonderful! Thanks for the chance.

  393. Veronica says:

    That book has been on my wishlist since I completed my second quilt. I adore all of those patterns.

    /crosses fingers

  394. shelby says:

    i’ve always wanted to get into quilting

  395. Jen S says:

    This looks like a great book and thanks for the pattern! I’ve been quilting for about a year and would like to learn more about designing my own tops. Sounds like this would have good tips.

  396. Megan says:

    I’ve made two quilts for friends, both very simple patterns, and now I want to make a modern one for myself. This book would be great!

  397. ariane says:

    I love the modern approach to quilting and I’m partial to clean, sparse designs that use mainly solids. This book looks like a great source of inspiration!

  398. Amy Rochelle says:

    I’m a quilter and have been for over 10 years. I usually work with reproductions but I’m drawn to the color and design of modern as well. I’ve been very interested in this new book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr because I want to make quilts for my sons who are in their 20’s. I know the projects in their book would be fun for me to make and the boys would like them.

  399. tayamg says:

    I am a quilter and I’d love this book. Weeks and Ringle make really inspirational designs!

  400. Kajsa H says:

    I’m pretty new to quilting but I would like to call myself a confident student πŸ˜‰ Learning from mistakes are actually a great way to learn and master new techniques. I really like modern quilts. I’m planning a project using only solid fabrics, perhaps I’ll try som fabric combos on that pillow case pattern. Awesome blog, by the way!

  401. Lindsay says:

    I’m a quilter, and besides loving the process, I also love to be able to say, “I’m a quilter” because it rolls off the tongue a little easier than “I’m a sewer.” (sewist?) πŸ™‚

  402. Retha says:

    I have been seriously contemplating starting to quilt. I’ve been doing some research and am trying to decide on a good beginner pattern. It seems very intimidating to me – but I know once I get passed those first few steps of starting, I’ll probably love it.

  403. Ellen says:

    I’ve been wanting this book! It is on my Amazon wish list.

  404. Rebekah says:

    I have been wanting to learn to quilt for a while now. This book might just encourage me to bite the bullet.

  405. Joelle Lambert says:

    I’d love to look at the book. Thanks for the pattern!

  406. Sandryte says:

    I want to learn to quilt for a good purpose, for ex. giving the quilts to sick children or elders. I have never done it, so I have no idea where to start.

  407. Karen A says:

    I have been a quilter for 27+ years. I’m usually a traditional quilter, but I have been seeing so many modern quilts that I am working on expanding my comfort zone.

  408. Erin says:

    These projects look gorgeous. If I do not win, I think I will cave in and buy.

  409. Jennyroo says:

    I’m an intermediate quilter… I have completed several, but am now getting ready to attempt a more complicated pattern!

  410. Teresa says:

    I don’t quilt but have been thinking, dreaming and planning for it for over a year now. So many bloggers inspire me but I have yet to take the plunge – despite purchasing books, fabric and reading every tutorial I can find. This book looks so amazing – thank you so much for the free pattern and for the fun giveaway!!

  411. Jan says:

    I love the colorplay in all the quilts. Really, it’s how colors and values work together that make a spectacular quilt.

  412. Amy G. says:

    So far I’ve made 2 quilts, and it was super fun. I’m looking forward to more quilts in my future, and this book looks super neat!

  413. KarinM. says:

    Quite often I refer to “The Modern Quilt Workshop”, the new book seems even more interesting!!

  414. Laura P says:

    I do quilt, and I love those birds!

  415. Kit Lang says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of what looks like a wonderful book! πŸ™‚

  416. Sara says:

    i heart Ringle and Kerr. The Modern Quilt Workshop was the book that really made me want to learn to quilt and my very first quilt was Outside the Box from that book. it took me forever to finish that quilt but i learned so much from it.

  417. Sue says:

    I’m a new quilter trying to learn and would love to win a book. The quilt on the cover is awesome!

  418. Laura says:

    I am new to quilting but I love love love it! I actually started quilting because of modern quilting. The colors and the way pieces are put together – I just love how it’s made quilting new again!

  419. Carrie says:

    I do quilt, and I love the quilts that Bill and Weeks make! I would love to win this book!

  420. Kritta22 says:

    Yes I’m joining the modern bom. I love block of the month stuff but hate the extra charges so it’s perfect for me. Plus no shipping!!! I have loved their stuff for quite some time. Thanks for sharing and giveaway!

  421. I would love to win, I am always looking for new quilting ideas!

  422. Katharine says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I am not yet a quilter, but I am gathering all the info and reading all the books I can before I step into the pool!

  423. Alicia Humphries says:

    Thank you for this awesome free pattern. I am a novice quilter and love to sew. Love your site. Thanks again.

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