Rebecca from Our Busy Little Bunch shows you how to make a Back to School Messenger Bag in the next post! First check out her blog, where she has tons of giveaways and also shows you the sewing she does for her four lucky kids, from dresses (and more dresses!) and quilts

From Rebecca: I’m a wife to my high-school sweetheart and stay at home mom to three beautiful little girls and one handsome little guy. I always seem to have a sewing or quilting project on the go, and can never seem to keep up with the list of what my daughters want me to make next– which is fine by me, I know that might change one day! I love challenging myself to new projects, and can get lost in a fabric store for hours. I have a crafting and giveaway blog called Our Busy Little Bunch and enjoy the outlet to connect with others who share my passion for crafting.