Free Fabric Friday

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We received two great new collections this week!

Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson

Across the Pond organic from Cloud9

Have you heard? We’re having a huge SALE!

We’ll give away one yard of fabric to 6 people on Moday. Tell us, what is the most recent sewing notion, tool our gadget that you purchased? Can’t remember? Then tell us about your favorite. Have a great weekend!

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591 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Mary Mcmahan says:

    I bought a Bias Tape Maker. It lets you make such smooth even bias tape for quilting and I love it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a yard of the fabric. I don’t have a great stash so every little bit sure helps.

  2. Veronica says:

    My husband recently purchased me a serger as our 17th wedding anniversary gift. After a few days of learning to use it, I’m finally enjoying it! And just last week, I bought myself a rotary cutting tool and 24″ x 36″ cutting mat. Loving it, too!

  3. Molly M says:

    I love my circle cutter! I never used circles in quilts before I saw how perfect they could be.

  4. Laura L. says:

    My last purchase was Best Press starch…love that ocean breeze fragrance! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Jane Holleran says:

    My favorite tool is a brass stiletto. It helps me keep the thicker seams flat when they go under the presser foot. It is the only way I was able to keep the bodice seams down on the Seersucker dresses I made this summer.

  6. lisa says:

    the last sewing related purchase I made was a tune up for my trusty little Elna..she’s whizzing like a top now, well worth it!!

  7. Donna says:

    My most recent purchase was a lighted magnifying seam ripper–I seem to be unsewing more than sewing lately!

  8. christina lacerda says:

    I just saw your blog and I loved it. I was looking for patchwork patterns… So, the collections are gorgeous… The gadget I always use is the simplest I guess… My cutting mat. I use it for everything except as a place mat, rsrsr…

  9. I bought a chalkwheel and it makes a fine neat line that wipes away when you’re done. Love it! And the fabric is soooo pretty!

  10. Karen says:

    seems silly, but a nice sharp seam ripper is such a luxury. I hate making mistakes but when I do, picking out the stitches easily makes it less frustrating!

  11. Sandy N says:

    I’m a quilter and I love my rotating cutting mat. Best thing ever to square up blocks! Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  12. amy woo says:

    I just but I piecing foot for making perfectly straight and even seams. Such an excellent $5 investment!

  13. Deb Cameron says:

    I purchased, only last week, a simplicity bias binder maker…it’s electronic and way cool! No more burnt fingers for me and I see many many beautiful yards of bias binding being made in my house πŸ™‚

  14. Chris says:

    I bought some new thread and a bias tape maker!

  15. lee says:

    sewing needles!

  16. bwilliams says:

    My most recent purchase included angled safety pins and thimbles to be used on the baby quilt I am making for my daughters sixth son. I also purchased a little magnetic needle keeper box because I am forever losing my needles.

    I lobe the as tract prints and the strong color combinations in the On the Pong collection.

  17. Susanne says:

    I bought a Dresden Wedge Ruler and a Flying Geese Ruler. They work great. I love rulers! πŸ™‚

  18. EmilyB says:

    My favorite new tool is my gathering foot. In the past I have avoided patterns that involve gathers, it was a technique I just couldn’t achieve a nice look with. But alas this new foot has changed that, it does it for me woohoo !

  19. Dana McKenzie says:

    I just purchased my first serger!!! So I will consider that an important recent tool purchase. And signed up for local dress making classes starting in October AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Just in time for summer sewing here in Australia.

  20. cupcake says:

    I bought a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. I the foot in a class and loved it, I had to get my own.

  21. Emilee says:

    i love my rotary cutter! It makes cutting precise and easy!

  22. Anna says:

    I bought a bias tape maker, so fun to use! Bias tape is so great.

  23. liz says:

    I recently bought a chenille cutter, and it’s wonderful! It makes the fake chenille quilts so much easier!

  24. I just finally got the courage to turn on the serger I’ve owned for 2 years. That thing terrified me but one afternoon of getting to know him and I think it is going to be absolutely invaluable!

  25. How could I live without my rotary cutter, Omnigrid Mat and ruler! Those are the most recent “tools” I purchased! They make me feel like a fancy dancy seamstress, too!

  26. martinmosaics says:

    The last notion I bought was thread and some straw needles for hand applique; Just the simple basics!

  27. Double needle. Changed my life. The end.

  28. Julie says:

    A 12.5 x 12.5 quilting guide

  29. helene Brousseau says:

    A tape maker… quite lovely gizmo

  30. Meg says:

    I recently bought one of those thingies that looks like a giant phone receiver with suction cups to hold my rulers while using the rotary cutter. How freeing to no longer worry about cutting off bits of finger!!

  31. Barb in MI says:

    Not quite sure if it is my favorite notion, but I seem to be using a gifted seam ripper quite often lately… It is one with a bigger handle and easier to hold, so the unfortunate act of ripping is done faster. Thanks so much!

  32. Christy says:

    My mom and dad bought me my first sewing machine on my last birthday. Now I’m getting married, and there is an extra bedroom which my fiance kindly agreed to (partially) becoming my sewing room. I can’t wait to set up our life together – and my sewing machine will definitely be a part of this. πŸ™‚

  33. Amber says:

    I purchased a teflon-coated presser foot for sewing a laminated cotton raincoat. I was struggling with the fabric sticking even after using painter’s tape to cover the foot and the machine bed. The teflon-coated foot worked like a charm!

  34. Ivy PM says:

    i think my favourite is the rotary cuter.

  35. Vikki says:

    Sadly I haven’t purchased anything new in a while. I do love my good scissors though. Thank you.

  36. Jill D says:

    I bought a new rotary cutter because my old one was major dull and the store I went to didn’t have replacement blades.

  37. Zena says:

    The most recent sewing tool I purchased was a rotary cutter, and I’m not sure how I ever managed without one!

  38. deborah says:

    I just purchased a dual rotary blade sharpener last week… and am wondering why I hadn’t gotten one before.

  39. Maeve says:

    I bought a new little plastic ruler that one can use to correctly measure and mark hemlines, etc. It is very handy!

  40. Michelle says:

    I love my rotary mats. Not just for quilting, but for so many other types of crafting. They are so handy!

  41. Jamie says:

    I just recently got a rotary cutter and mat. I love them, but the most recent thing that I lovelovelove is a newly organized workspace!

  42. Bionic Jaime says:

    Batting! I just finished my first start-to-finish quilt!!!!

  43. Sally J says:

    My latest purchase was a double needle for my sewing machine. Sadly, I havent used it yet, but with the list of items to make for Christmas growing I’m sure it will be.

  44. Ann S says:


  45. Rebecca S says:

    I just upgraded to a really big cutting mat. Its so luxurious to be able to spread my fabric out more πŸ™‚

  46. Liz says:

    My latest purchase was a rotary cutter and mat. What a HUGE difference! I love how simple and quick it is, and how much time I save by using it!

  47. Evelyn says:

    I just purchased some appliues on ebay and will be updating some T-shirts that I have. It should be fun and a new look as well.

  48. Sandy says:

    I finally bought a walking foot and I don’t see how I got by without it!

  49. carole whitridge says:

    I just bought a serger from a friend and it is great! Also, barely go a day without my little hammer which has four sizes of screwdriver in the handle – for changing needles and attaching my walking foot.

  50. Nina says:

    Another Clover bias tape maker – I already had a narrow one, so I got a wider one. They’re so simple but patterned binding really finishes things off nicely, and although you can buy it, it’s expensive and I’ve never seen an organic option. Now I can make my own from organic fabrics or old clothes!

  51. Phyllis says:

    My latest sewing tool purchased was a square clear plastic rotary cutting ruler…it was on clearance at Wal-Mart!!

  52. tierraazul says:

    Most used: Seam Ripper
    I also love the rotary cutter and my good scissors–never seen paper, those.

    Do books count as notions? Love “Sewing Clothes Kids Love” is great as is “Sewn with Love”– amazing and original dresses.

    As I have taught myself to sew through books and patterns, the Oliver and S and a few ETSY tutorials have helped me become a better sewist step by step–making me need that most used gadget a little less!

  53. damia says:

    I just bought a ruffler-foot for my sewing machine – super super fun!!!!

  54. Alina Rodgers says:

    Well, good question; I really don’t remember. My favorite is the yo yo maker; it is user friendly and quick, save a lot of time. Thanks for the chance.

  55. Valerie says:

    I’m thinking…a bias tape maker. I need to get it out and use it!

  56. Joy LaVon says:

    I use a cheap (disposable) dentist mirror on a plastic handle to help me when I change needles on my machine, the mirror helps me see the hole, and I can put the tip of the needle just at the edge of the plastic around the mirror to hold it up while I tighten the thumb screw.

  57. I finally purchased a bias tape maker/helper. Not the fancy Simplicity one, but the simple $9 gadget that helps me iron. So excited to use it. πŸ™‚

  58. CrystalK says:

    I think (since its been a while) that my most recent purchase was zippers. I was going to make pencil cases for my daughter for school but they haven’t materialized quite yet. (lol)

  59. Anika says:

    I don’t have too many cool or fancy notions and tools — I’m a bit of a newbie. But I’m really excited about the piping I just bought for the first time to make a cool bean-bag style kid cushion that I just got a pattern for. I also just bought a new needle for my sewing machine, which made an amazing difference because it had been acting really kooky.

  60. diana young says:

    my janome horizon is my greatest buy

  61. Barbara says:

    I love my high quality dressmaker’s shears. My grandmother gave them to me more than 20 years ago and I am reminded of her every time I use them.

  62. Ellie says:

    My most recent notions purchase was a ton of clearanced out buttons. I bought a bunch of gold metallic and jeweled to use as “treasure” on a treasure chest quiet book page I’m working on. My favorite notion would probably be my homemade pincushion. I used tiny scraps of Flea Market Fancy to make it. I don’t think I’d love it as much, if it wasn’t made from that fabric.

  63. charlotte says:

    the most recent tool I bought was an add a quarter ruler. It makes me wonder, “who comes up with these great ideas?”

  64. My invisible zipper foot! Finally I can manage to sew invisible zippers flawlessly…yuppie!

  65. Barb Colvin says:

    Gosh there are so many great gadgets and indispensable tools! I guess I’d have to say my bias tape makers are at the top of my list. I have several sizes so I can make binding or stems for applique. Having bias tape that has polka dots or stripes is so awesome!

  66. Joy says:

    Im not sure what you call it.. but I just bought a fons and porter.. fabric pusher… lol.. they thing that you push your fabric under the foot when you are quilting.. lol… sorry I am new to quilting.

  67. Kate H says:

    I just can’t live without my rotary cutter, oh how is has helped me with my sewing!!! And my self healing cutting mat that goes with it of course!

  68. Tina says:

    I finally purchased a tracing wheel this weekend. I tried it on a skirt and WOW, what a difference. I also found this beautiful purple (my favorite color) tote that I can use for sewing class.

  69. Beth T says:

    I bought a titanium rotary cutter, and it is dreamily smooth. Why did I wait so long?

    Thanks for the giveaway. The new fabrics are gorgeous.

  70. Kimberly F says:

    I’m a beginner, so I just bought my first seam ripper and it is now my best friend!

  71. Olga Becker says:

    I just bought a rotary cutter and a mat. I love it, makes cutting so much easier.

  72. Sandra says:

    I purchased the Gingher hummingbird scissors. They have made cutting applique materials & embroidery threads so much easier, and I am proud to say I have used them enough that they now sweetly “chirp” when I cut with them. I bought them on sale, but I must admit, they bring me such joy when I use them. I would have paid the full price!
    P.S. I named them Birdie. I love them that much!

  73. Hannah says:

    Just last week I bought 1/2 inch black elastic so that I could make snug little leather baby shoes!

  74. Michelle says:

    I recently borrowed a HUGE cutting mat with the clear ruler thing that goes on top of it. It’s SO much better than my tiny mat. I can’t wait to buy my own large mat and guide.

  75. Maggie Ng says:

    I just bought yet another seam ripper, it’s my most used gadget… but def not my favorite! I would say my favorite is my iPad! I can perch it right in front of me while I sew and follow along to my fav tutes. πŸ™‚

  76. Helen Petrik says:

    My recent tool was the Quick Easy Miter-Binding Tool. Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner. It’s not just for binding. It makes beautiful neat corners on flannel receiving blankets and on nursing covers – no bulk!

  77. Jill says:

    My favorite tool is my flexible ruler. Great for making curves. BUT, my MUST HAVE sewing notion is Wonder Tape – double sided tape that does NOT gum up your needles and washes away! I will never use pins again for zippers or anything where pins are problems.

  78. Megan says:

    I just splurged and bought a sampler case full of Gutterman thread. Soooo extravagant, but come on, look at those colors!

  79. Nandini says:

    I recently bought a metal L-shaped ruler.. from home depot, makes cutting squares a little easier.

  80. Anne says:

    Best “gadget” is the rotary cutter; I don’t have many gadgets, but this is essential for so many things.

  81. Sherry J says:

    I got a new sewing maching, a Bernina quilters dream. i love love love it. just haven’t gotten enough time with it lately.

  82. Andee Neff says:

    I would have to say my bias tape maker…don’t use it all that often, but when I am do I am so tickled how it all turns out!

  83. Janet says:

    Recently found Clearly Perfect Angles by New Leaf Stitches. My quilt piecing is so much more accurate.

  84. janet in jackson says:

    My quarter in ruler for paper piecing!

  85. I just bought some glue sticks, works wonders to temporarily stay my zippers when I am attaching them to new wristlets I am sewing.

  86. SewLindaAnn says:

    My most recent favorite notion is removable tape. It’s good to hold on paper templates while basting.

  87. Becky says:

    24″ metal ruler. I use it for EVERYTHING! Or my glass head pins – because I can iron over them.

  88. Bonnie says:

    my favorite sewing tool is a cutting system, MY Accuquilt GO Cutter, saves me so much time..

    And I just bought a Fons and Porter Seam ripper set, pretty good little tool..

  89. Andrea says:

    I just bought myself another magnet pin cushion last weekend. I seem to need one in just about every room of the house!

  90. Michelle says:

    I recently bought six 1 3/4″ metal washers for $.20 ea to use as pattern weights…they work so well I’m going to buy more!

  91. Serena says:

    My most recent gadget purchase was an applique foot that can do rolled hems. Love it.

  92. Lori says:

    I bought bias tape for the first time recently and it wasn’t as scary as I’d always thought it was.

  93. Lee says:

    My fav tool would be my twin needle for my machine…..I love the way it makes sewn items very retail and professional.

  94. Linda S says:

    One of those disappearing-ink pens. I can’t BELIEVE I din’t try one before!

  95. The most recent thing I bought was a pair of pinking shears, and I love them!

  96. stacey says:

    rotary cutter with a fresh blade!

  97. Brunette says:

    love my self-healing cutting mat!

  98. Esther says:

    Rotary cutter- hands down the best thing ever! Quick easy and neat. And using hair barrettes to clip binding to the edges of quilts- that piece of genius was on here a couple of years ago when I followed the dolls quilt quilt along- not exactly a gadget, or tool, but very very handy!

  99. Beth says:

    Hmmm, I think the last notion I purchased was binding clips…boring, I know. Thanks for a chance! Smiles~Beth

  100. amy says:

    my fav tool is my rotary cutter…makes prep time go faster!

  101. betsy says:

    I have my great-grandmother’s pinking shears. Which don’t work well, but I still have the box they came in AND the receipt. It’s a nice piece of family history.

  102. Amanda Dicks says:

    I recently bought a chalk pencil from Clover. It’s the best thing I’ve gotten so far since I’ve only been sewing a few months.

  103. persis says:


  104. jm says:

    An eyelet setter!

  105. Lindsay says:

    Seam Ripper!!!

  106. Sabina Moolla says:

    My favourite has to be the most simple – a needle threader! I just can’t for the life if me thread needles without it!

  107. Lucy Lu says:

    I just started sewing about a month and a half ago, and I find myself reaching for the seam ripper at least ten times per project. Ah, how many times have I had to start over a project because I had the wrong sides together or didn’t follow instructions well. Thank goodness for this little dimpy seam ripper I got for 20 cents at a garage sale.

  108. JaniceQuilts says:

    I just splurged on a new six inch sliding ruler. I use mine a lot; I have two because I’m always looking for one at the sewing machine, at the ironing board, or at my cutting table. They were looking pretty beat up & one doesn’t hold it’s ‘slider’ very well anymore. So I bought Clover’s 5 in 1 sliding gauge. I really like it. It was a lot more money then a regular one is, but I have already appreciated it’s ‘locking’ slide and the longer straight edge.

  109. Jen V says:

    I don’t even know the name of my little metal ruler with a plastic thingy that slides along it. Whatever it is called, it is often close at hand. The thing is, I like shortcuts and not pins so that little thing keeps me on track as I go.

  110. Polly says:

    As I am a novice sewer then it has to be my seam unpicker!!

  111. Dani says:

    Bias tape! It’s a love hate relationship πŸ™‚

  112. Nicole says:

    My latest and greatest sewing purchase was so long ago that I can’t remember…usually I am buying all of the fabric that I can get my hands on. One of my most useful tools is my little tiny pair of scissors…keeps all of my loose threads in check πŸ™‚

  113. I recently bought a diamond shaped quilting template. .. I can’t wait to get started on some tumbling blocks … thank you for the chance to win such lovely fabric!

  114. Kris says:

    My most recent gadget purchase was for some thread clippers from Walmart. I had been using my regular scissors but they are so big and clunky. The clippers are so much quicker.

    P.S. Love the key fabric from the Secret Garden collection. That’s really cute!

  115. Deanna says:

    my recent purchase was a new seam ripper. i was using my mom’s old one and it just wasn’t doing it anymore.

  116. Shannon says:

    Not purchased, but acquired most recently are the scissors and tape measure my husband’s grandmother used before she passed away. I’ll think of her every time I use them.

  117. most recent sewing notion i bought was a pack of 6 red buttons, the last item i needed so i can continue to work on finishing the shirt i am sewing!

  118. Andrea says:

    I recently purchased a serger and it changed my life! No more frayed seam allowances and everything looks so much more professional! Love it πŸ™‚ And love the new Sandi Henderson collection πŸ™‚

  119. Kim B says:

    I wouldn’t be without my rotary cutter and A1 size mat. No more wonky seams! So those are always one of my favourite tools to use.

    I think my most recent purchase was a pair of indestructible Fiskars pinking shears – pricey, but they are adjustable and will cut through anything.

  120. Chelsea says:

    I finally bought a pair of pinking shears last week, I don’t know what took me so long!

  121. Jeifner says:

    More needles for the sewing machine! Most odd one I purchased recently, that I’m not sure I like, is the twill tape that has pre-attached snaps. You can only find it in the utility fabric area, yet baby patterns call for it frequently. We’ll see how it works out.

  122. Sally says:

    A bias tape maker! I absolutely love it!

  123. Hennahands says:

    My favorite tool is the rotary cutter. I use it every.single.time I sew anything. Love the pinking blade too!

  124. Kate Wolfe says:

    I love using my 1/4 masking tape to hand quilt or machine quilt. I have used it for quilting straight lines and for echoing shapes/blocks. My quilting wouldn’t be nearly as nice without it!

  125. Annmarie says:

    Not too long ago I purchased “that Purple Thing” I do believe it’s really called that. It’s a 6 inch plastic, curved & tapered on one end & squared off on the other. I use it all the time!

  126. Brenda says:

    I recently purchased a bobbin saver ring. Why did I wait so long to get one?

  127. Nicole says:

    My most recent new ‘toy’ has been the ruffling foot for my Janome sewing machine. I looove it…I make lots and lots of ruffles for my daughter’s clothing and now what used to take 30 minutes takes about 30 seconds! I am in love!

  128. Stef says:

    I’m only just starting off, so my latest purchase was a cutting mat and cutter. So excited with my new found hobby…

  129. Lizzie says:

    My rotary cutter!! It wasn’t a recent purchase but it’s definitely my favourite, completely changed my life when I finally got it.

  130. Anja says:

    Hi, my last tool is a cutting ruler (I hope, this is the correct english word for it)with a rotary cutter. I love it! It’s so much easier to get stripes.

    best regards from germany!

  131. Karyn Kong says:

    I just bought a walking foot for my old Janome Sewing machine, look out quilting “here I come”

  132. Nina says:

    As a beginner that I am, my last sewing gadget I get is a big Sewing basket. I love to have all in order.

  133. Henria O. says:

    I purchased a Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite Punch Tool.

  134. amy dame says:

    ooooh, those key prints are fabulous, and everything cloud 9 does is so gorgeous! your sale is totally testing my “no buying fabric in september” commitment!

    does thread count as a gadget? i recently bought fusible thread to “baste” my quilt binding in place, and it’s MAGIC! i’ve used it on two quilts now, and i’m so in love with how perfect my binding is!

  135. amy r says:

    Recently found a donut-shaped bobbin saver. It’s rubber and looks like a hollow donut. Holds all of my bobbins securely and I can easily pull out the bobbin/color i need.

  136. Elizabeth says:

    I received a Janome sewing machine for my birthday in July. It has made all the difference when it comes to sewing knit fabrics, and I am super thrilled with it!

  137. Jennifer says:

    Aw, I’m reading The Secret Garden to my kids right now! I just bought hexagon paper pieces because I have finally joined the hexie craze!

  138. Laura Griffin says:

    I love the top feeder foot I got for my machine. It helps w/ bulky decorative sewing, which I mostly do. It stays on my machine for everything, and rarely do I ever have to remove it. Worth the $25 I spent!

  139. Heidi says:

    My favorite “unconventional” tool is my yarn ball winder, I use it to make center-pull balls of darning thread or crochet cotton to use in the upper looper of my serger for a decorative edge.
    I also use my “knit picker” sort of a mini latch hook, to tuck in the serger tails.

  140. Carol Y says:

    I just picked up a Frixion pen for embroidery, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I’m always looking for a better way to transfer patterns.

  141. Kirsten N says:

    I had to buy a new quick unpick as I keep losing the one I have so now I have a spare.

  142. Celeste says:

    Love my seam ripper! (Unfortunately, it gets all too much use!)

  143. My most recent purchase was probably the water soluble pencil for making sewing lines. πŸ™‚

    My favorite….um….my thread? Once I quit buying cheapo walmart thread I noticed my machine running better and me having less problems. πŸ™‚ Thanks for a chance to win some great fabric!

  144. Rebecca says:

    My most recent purchase? A new (to me) machine! I fried my “starter” machine after 6 years and splurged on a used BabyLock … I’ve never been so poductive — or in love! My current projects: my first ever quilt, a top for my 5 yr old and, of course, Halloween costumes for the littles!

  145. delia says:

    I heart my rotary cutter!

  146. Liz says:

    I just bought a 12.5″ square ruler, I have a feeling that it’s quickly going to become a necessity!

  147. Kirsten Olson says:

    Believe it or not my favorite new purchase was my sewing machine which was purchased for me on July 7th of this year for my birthday. My Grandmother and Mother were both amazing seamstresses and both have made clothing for me. After many years of hand sewing it’s time for me to take up the family hobby.

  148. Miss Sherry says:

    I love my 7/8″ ruler. When making those half square triangles….. it is perfect!!! Gotta love it

  149. Emmmylizzzy says:

    More rotary blades. Can never have enough!

  150. April says:

    My walking foot is my most recent and favorite! I use it for everything and I haven’t even try to make a quilt yet.

  151. Valerie says:

    My favorite addition to my sewing studio has been my magnetic pin cushion. I must have knocked over my box of pins a million times, but now if I accidentally push the holder off my ironing board, all the pins stay put. It’s really amazing. The other thing I really like about it is that I can go over to a pile of pins that I’ve taken out of my fabric and the magnet grabs all the pins and leaves the thread and little snips of fabric behind. Greatest invention ever! Thanks for the give away!!

  152. Ramona says:

    My most recent purchase was an open toe applique foot for my Pfaff machine. I just love it. It makes it so much easier to see.

  153. Cat says:

    I bought the friction erasable pens . . . they are amazing for sewing because the lines disappear completely when ironed! Makes it so easy!

  154. Joy says:

    I purchased one lot of vintage sewing notions on line and love them.

    I have a Dritz hem marker and a French curve, among other things.
    I used the French curve tonight to cut out a new ironing board cover. It made marking the corners a breeze!

  155. Kim d. says:

    Just bought a new thingy to pull elastic thru a casing, the name is escaping me at the moment. It’s a different style than the one I had and I really like it! I love sewing gadgets!
    Love beautiful fabric as well!

  156. Shirley Clark says:

    I guess my latest purchase is my bias tape maker. I love, love it! It is so easy to make bias tape out of cute fabrics to coordinate with on my projects.

  157. Beth Patrick says:

    my most favorite tool that I use is my little bitty scissors/nippers that I keep right beside my machine to clip threads. They squeeze together like tweezers and the blades are curved so I can use them as a stylus to help line up fabric, keep seams straight or feed fabric thru the machine.
    I love them so much, I have another pair that travels with me.

  158. Chris Howard says:

    I have recently returned to sewing after having left that world about 10 years ago. My daughters, out of the CLEAR blue bought me a sewing machine this summer and I have been having the time of my life sewing again. I have been getting all new gadgets since I haven’t a clue where mine are (I’ve moved since I quit sewing too).

    The most recent purchase was a pair of Gingher nippers. I am so excited about them! They are DA BOMB! I know this seems kind of basic, but scissors are such important instruments and can make your life so much easier if you have the right tools.

  159. Renee says:

    A walking foot and it is sooo wonderful. I’m not sure how I haven’t had one all along.

  160. Donna S. says:

    As a new quilter I am buying new stuff all the time. Last thing was the Chaco Liner. The mvarking tool by clover with loose chalk in it. Works well.

  161. MissMary says:

    My most recent notion purchased was a new box of quilting pins! My best notion, though, is a set of tiny clothespins for easy quilt binding!

  162. MarciaW says:

    The most recent sewing notion that I purchased were sewing machine needles for piecing, embroidery, and quilting.
    My favorite tool is my custom seam ripper – it has an extended wooden handle that fits my large hand.

  163. Donna Baker says:

    I love Secret Garden!! My most recent was a LARGE cutting mat, I had a smaller one but it just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended) thanks for the chance to win!

  164. Cecillia says:

    I recently purchased a darning foot for my singer and a Shape Cut Sprint!

  165. Linda says:

    Haven’t purchased a gadget since I can remember! Fabric is always what’s in my site. But the best notion I’ve purchased has to be a weighted-base thread holder. I always sew with jumbo cones, so this base moves with me from one sewing machine to another. I don’t know how I managed to sew before the thread holder… with a safety pin taped to the back of a machine, and the thread cone on the floor inside a wicker basket. My purchased thread holder is much better.

  166. Kate Sequeira says:

    My favorite new thing for sewing is my sewing room! It is still a work in progress, but just having one entire room dedicated to sewing is exciting. I find that I have more inspiration, inclination and enjoyment while sewing in my own space. The newest thing I’ve purchased for the room is an ironing board that hangs on the door and a new iron just for this room. No more ironing board taking up floor space or having to run upstairs to the bedroom to iron! Happy sewing!

  167. Karin says:

    The most recent notion I bought was sewing machine needles … but lately I am loving my nice, big cutting mat! I have been using it not only for cutting strips for quilts but also for cutting out several pairs of PJ pants for my boys at one time.

  168. duff says:

    My favorite tool is the 1/4″ foot for my machine–I don’t have to watch anything anymore, just keep the fabric in line and let the foot do the rest.

  169. Liz Mouse says:

    Most recent sewing notion purchased: boning to make the top part of a nursing cover stand out.

  170. Andrea says:

    Serger…Kinda love it. Mostly scared of it. Also, very proud of my conversion of my Glade oil burner into an awesome pin catcher (they are magnetized).

  171. Ktquilts says:

    I have been on the hunt for a good way to temporary mark quts. Just bought a Dritz pencil. Haven’t needed to use it much yet, the results are mixd so far though.

  172. Juliet says:

    Hmmm…well I ordered some ribbon today. I hope it works for what I’m doing. I’m always nervous about ordering some things online.

  173. Shelly says:

    Uh, I think the walking foot for my sewing machine was my most recent – and beloved – purchase. It makes sewing through some things SO much easier!

  174. Eleanor says:

    I bought the Fabulous Fabric Glide from The Gypsy Quilter to help with free motion quilting.

  175. Somer says:

    I bought some black elastic thread. Does that count as a notion? I guess so.

  176. nopinkhere says:

    I got a fancy tube turner which I haven’t tried out yet.

  177. sara says:

    Last notion I purchased was I think elastic. Fun fun.

  178. Angela says:

    Last year for my birthday my husband got me a ruffler foot for my machine. I had put it on my wish list for a couple of years and after trying it one afternoon I haven’t touched it since. I’m still trying to figure out what the appropriate application would be for it.

  179. Munaiba says:

    My favourite sewing tool is my rotary cutter

  180. laura reich says:

    I got a bigger quilters ruler. I love those things.

  181. Lauren keller says:

    I just bought all of my first sewing notions. I am just starting quilting and I’m working on a little $20 dressmaker toy sewing machine, I couldn’t afford something more expensive yet. I also got a rotary cutter and mat and am making my first set of place mats. Starting small and someday working up to a nice machine and full size quilt. Learning as I go

  182. Lynda says:

    Hmm, the most recent I bought was a new seam ripper. It’s smaller than my old one and it works great!

  183. Deb says:

    My favorite gadget is my rotary cutter and I’m actually interested in replacing it with an ergonomic one. Most recent purchase was a 1/4″ foot.

  184. Rachel Frazier says:

    I would say my favorite, most used tool is my rotary cutter. I am a novice sewer who likes to make simple bags, pillows and “hippie” skirts. Having a rotary cutter makes my life a much easier in that I can produce long straight lines. I also cut all of my scraps into 5″x5″ squares with my rotary cutter…. someday I want to make a quilt or something out of them.

  185. Tianna says:

    My favorite recent gadget is the clover bias tape maker. How did I not know this existed until now? Genius. I am in heaven being able to make bias tape in dots, stripes, plaid… the possibilities are endless.

  186. Liz says:

    I just bought a chinelle cutter. It’s ok, but I didn’t realize it takes special blades- kind of a pain.

  187. Ali says:

    I just bought 12 little rounded pearl buttons that I have grand plans for! (wedding dress)

  188. Beth says:

    My most recent was a double needled, although I haven’t tried it yet! My favorite has to be my extra large see through ruler.

  189. Jessica E says:

    I have only been sewing for a few months so have not collected too many gadgets yet…my favorite that I do have though is my rotary cutter and mat…I didn’t get one at first thinking “how hard can it be to cut fabric with good ole fashioned scissors?!” I found out rather quickly how WRONG I was, so I ran out and got one and LOVE it…not only can I actually cut straight now, but cutting out patterns is also a breeze with it. I am excited to read the rest of the responses to this so I can get inspired for other gadgets to put on my wish list!! πŸ™‚
    I LOVE those new lines and will definitely be checking out the sale! Thanks for the chance to win!

  190. Deepti says:

    I recently started sewing again and I say again as I have been sewing since I was a kid. My mother taught me and now I have taken it upon myself to reteach myself all the forgotten arts of sewing. In pursuit of this I bought myself my first cutting board, rotary cutter and pins:) And I have to say off all these things are my favorites. You ask why these simple tools? Let me tell you how much i used to struggle with the scissors and fabric slipping while cutting and sewing. So these simple tools make my sewing more fun and easy.

  191. Megan says:

    My most recent sewing tool purchase was an organizer for all the spools of thread I’m accumulating! Much needed πŸ™‚

  192. Farscapegirl says:

    hmm the most recent tool purchase was a grommet tool, to help me make some cool corsets and capes for Halloween. Haven’t used it yet, but hope it helps in the process. I adore Cloud9’s “Across the Pond” line sooo much! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  193. I had to buy a new seam ripper as I snapped my poor over-used one that came with my sewing machine. It’s not my favourite tool, but it sure gets a lot of use (one day, I hope to change this…).

  194. Kayla says:

    I just purchased a new sewing machine. It’s a baby lock ellue plus and I love it!!!

  195. Kate says:

    I’m not generally a gadget person, my supplies are very simple. The most recent purchase was my tracing wheel. I have been thinking about getting a rotary cutter though….does a wish list count!

  196. Anya says:

    My favorite quilting gadget is and always has been my credit card! Thanks for the chance!

  197. Emily says:

    My favorite tool is a beautiful chopstick that was a gift from Chinatown in San Francisco. It was originally part of a paired set, but one is lost. The remaining chopstick is the best turning tool ever.

  198. sharon hatton says:

    elasticated shirring thread!!!! in the process of making a summer romper(we’re down under) for my 4 year old missy and learning to shirrrrrrrrr xx

  199. Ellen Ban says:

    I recently got a Dritz Hem pressing tool and it is great for nice straight edges. It’s metal and you iron your fabric around it.

  200. Christine says:

    I didn’t actually buy it, but my niece bought me an assortment of sewing machine feet to fit my sewing machine. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but I’m still excited about it.

  201. Andrea says:

    Tracing material, to SAVE some of my favorite & well used tissue patterns.

  202. Annika says:

    I finally got some good quality scissors! Dressmaker’s shears, pinking shears, and pretty embroidery scissors. What a difference it makes!

  203. julie says:

    Thank you!! I love the secret garden collection. Those keys are pretty neat!

  204. Cary says:

    Fabric covered button maker!

  205. Karen Merritt says:

    I just started taking sewing classes and am very excited about all the things I get too buy!! My grandmother loaned me some things
    So I can save up for my own tools!! I plan on this week buying a mat and rotary cutter and also a pin cushion!!!

  206. Anne Marie says:

    I recently purchased a new scissors and believe me I need it!!

  207. dianne mitzel says:

    I just purchased a Go excited about the possibilities that the new fabrics that are showing up everywhere..more temptation, more inspiration….

  208. Lisa says:

    Nicey Jane jelly roll. I’m making a watch me grow chart for my son

  209. Cara says:

    I love my rotary cutter!

  210. Megan says:

    I guess the most recent tool I bought was a bias-tape maker… I will be buying an iron and ironing board soon, though, since I had to give up my old ones when I moved!

  211. Cindy says:

    After using a silver marking pencil at my mom’s, I had to get one for myself! I like that it shows up on light colored fabrics too and comes off easy.

  212. Sarah S. says:

    Without a doubt my rotary cutter! Could not live without it!

  213. Alfa says:

    I bougth a foot to sew curves, but still haven´t use it

  214. Jen says:

    I love my Gypsy Cutter for cutting. It helps me make so many less mistakes!

  215. Keitha says:

    My favorite notion… It’s gotta be my collection of plastic chopsticks!!! Yes chopsticks! My husband grinds the “eating end” of the chopsticks into a nice point for me, then I use them for poking out corners, sharp angles and hard-to-reach areas on my sewing projects. They also serve as good “finger pressers” when needed, or as a pusher-outter of seams whilst ironing… and when my hair starts falling into my face while bent over the sewing machine – they make great hair holder-uppers!

  216. Jean says:

    I am new to the sewing/quilting world. Ran to Joann’s to buy my first everything, seam ripper, thread, rulers, etc. for my quilting class two weeks ago. Felt like the first day at school all over again πŸ™‚

  217. Angela says:

    I think the most recent was a pin cushion. I was meaning to sew one but couldn’t manage to take time away from sewing clothes!

  218. Brie says:

    I have not purchased any new sewing toys lately. I think the last thing I bought were some new pins. My birthday is in October and I will be asking for a new sewing machine! I am going to start looking very soon and THAT will be my new toy πŸ™‚

  219. Ashley says:

    The last tool I bought was kinda of a funny story. I have had a rotary cutter since day one. Since day one it has always given me problems. I though I must be doing something wrong. It skips, doesn’t cut the fabric evenly, and then I thought oh my why are these so popular. So for 2 years it has hung alone on it’s hook and I have just used my scissors. Well the last time I was at the fabric store I asked the lady cutting my fabric if she like the rotary cutters. She, of course, loved hers. Infact, she had 3. So I asked what I was doing wrong…turns out this whole time it was a bad blade. I bought a cutter with a knicked blade. I felt so silly. 2 years of fighting with this thing and all it needed was a new blade. She said they were all pretty good but said she has owned her Olfa for 25 years. So I got an Olfa and a new blade for my old one and since have made peace with the rotary cutter. I love using it now! Thanks for a chance to win some awesome fabric!!! Hope you got a giggle out of my story!

  220. Savannah says:

    My favorite (and most recently bought) sewing tool is my seam ripper. I have a relatively old sewing machine, I think a Singer Merritt, and it often messes up my seams. Thank goodness for this, or I would have wasted a ton of money of fabric.

  221. lorraine says:

    well i can tell you one that i really want to get..a ruffler darn useful!

  222. Nina says:

    Today I bought my first sewing machine, a purchase which was made a lot easier thanks to your wonderful, amazingly thorough round-up (and thank you thank you to all of you who participated, as well!). I also purchased my first bobbins (yeah, I intend to do this business of quilting/sewing in earnest :D) and a quilting presser foot. But what I love the most is the machine, although I’m still missing a name for her. The other day, I also bought my first bunch of fabrics from this store for a few Charm Squares Baby Quilts using the lovely pattern by Elizabeth H. It is a happy day and I’ll stop the rambling now.

  223. Jennifer says:

    A clover refillable chalk tracing tool. Seriously can’t believe how I got along without it!

  224. Kylie C says:

    In honor of starting my Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt I finally purchased a 6.5″ square Omnigrid ruler and I love it. Squaring up has never been easier.

  225. Alethea says:

    I bought a rotary cutter, a clear ruler, and a self-healing mat a while back, and I do not know how I survived this long without them! I was actually cutting squares for a quilt with an old wooden ruler from third grade, a pencil, and scissors.

  226. IRIS says:

    a new erasable pen “frixion” – disappears when ironed! great for marking placements on fabric!
    thanks for the chance to win fabric!

  227. marci says:

    I recently bought a ruffle foot attachment. I used one in a sewing class last fall and fell in love with the foot. I have not been able to recreate the ruffles yet, but it’s only a matter of time before I perfect my ruffles.

  228. Addy says:

    I recently bought a bias tape maker, and I have enjoyed using it!

  229. Genevieve says:

    I just bought some gingher stork scissors! Squeak! I love them so much!

  230. Luci says:

    Love my rotary cutter!

  231. Liz T. says:

    It’s actually very simple–a magnetic pin holder! I really needed one.

  232. Jamie says:

    A one-inch bias tape maker. Thanks for the chance to win a yard of this GORGEOUS fabric.

  233. Steph N says:

    The most recent notions I purchased were buttons for a coat that had lost a few. Of course I couldn’t find any matches, so I had to get enough to replace all of them!

  234. Tina C. says:

    the most recent and best so far has been the doodad to pull through straps. instead of a safety pin, this gadget is awesome and really works. no more thumb cramp trying to turn the tube inside out!!!

  235. Amy Cathey says:

    The last sewing gadget that I bought myself before we moved recently, was a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. I prefer to make my own bias tapes! I would love some new fabric to decorate my new apartment with!

  236. Katharine says:

    I am very new to sewing, but so far my favorite tool is my rotary cutter!

  237. Sarah says:

    I recently took a patternmaking class and purchased a French curve ruler for drawing patterns. I’m looking forward to using it to make well-fitting skirts this fall, and I can also use it for adjusting existing patterns, since I hope to get back to sewing for myself sometime soon.

  238. Christy says:

    My most recent notion purchase was pretty basic–a tool for pulling elastic through its casing!

  239. Debbie says:

    I just bought a Fit to be Square ruler from Open Gate to help with square in a square blocks.

  240. Melissa says:

    My favorite has to be my rotary cutter and large mat that my grandma purchased for me when I was a newlywed. My friends borrow it sometimes because Grandma was wise enough to buy me the largest size.

  241. michelle says:

    The most recent tool I purchased was the Sidewinder bobbin winder. Because my machine keeps deciding that it doesn’t want to do that task anymore :(.

  242. radiya says:

    i love my fabric cutter .. cannot do without it

  243. Andrea says:

    I can’t remember the last one purchased but I love my rotary cutter. It has just made my sewing projects so much easier.

  244. Lisa Uotinen says:

    Interfacing! Never have enough.

  245. Kristin says:

    I love my free motion sewing machine foot. I love the creativity it allows me on my quilts.

  246. Jen S says:

    What lovely colors! I’ve always lusted over Cloud9 fabrics.
    My most recent notion purchase believe if or not is a washable pen. Used my previous one so much this summer I’m due for another. Also looking to get a Fiskar pinking sheer. Thanks for a sale and give a way.

  247. Natalija says:

    It would absolutely be a rotary cutter. After years of wishing for one, a friend from the US sent me one. I just love how quick and simple it is to cut fabric for all kinds of projects πŸ™‚

  248. The last thing I can remember buying is the GO cutter and some dies.
    I do love being able to cut out exact shapes and save on the hand stress, so it is a time and hand saver.


  249. Carmen says:

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a sewing item. I can’t live without a good seam ripper, tape measure, pins and excellent needles.

  250. teaginny says:

    6 1/2 x 24 ruler. How did I get along without this for so long?

  251. Jennifer says:

    My most recent purchase was a disappearing ink fabric marker, but my favorite tool has got to be either my stiletto or my rotary cutter and mat!

  252. Cubed says:

    My favorite sewing gadget right now is Simplicity’s Electric Bias Tape Maker. It’s so convenient and easy to use. Being able to quickly make patterned coordinating bias tape for so many of my sewing projects really gives them a professional finish and lots of extra pizzazz.

  253. shannon says:

    I can’t remember my most recent purchase, but I have to say, the seam ripper that came with my Janome is my best friend! ha ha ha! I am constantly ripping seams when I sew. πŸ˜› This seam ripper is a great size and rips so nicely. Oh…I also love my glass head silk pins. They don’t melt when you press and they slide like “butta” through fabric. I can’t use any other pins anymore.

  254. I just finally bought a walking foot. Excited for it to come so i can try it out! I am hoping it will make my quilting extra pretty!

  255. Jane S. says:

    Well I’m afraid my latest sewing purchase wasn’t very glamorous. I bought a packet of hand-sewing needles. What I really wanted to buy was one of those cool thimbles from The Thimble Lady, but the packet of needles was more in my budget!

  256. Amy says:

    My most recent “gadget” would have to be a huge, square bookcase from Ikea to hold all my stuff in. I also got a detachable desk surface to go with it.

  257. Martha says:

    My latest, and now favorite, sewing gadget is the simple Coats invisible zipper foot. I had no idea invisible zippers were that easy! Now I find them easier than the usual kind. Who knew?!

  258. Rochelle says:

    Just bought a tiny set of thread snipping scissors. I plan to keep this one in my vehicle so I can work on hexagons when I have a few minutes to wait for my kids’ activities to finish. It is amazing how many of them you end up with when only doing a couple at a time!

  259. Anna O says:

    I just purchases a walking foot for my sewing machine and I can’t believe how fantastic sewing knits are now! I’m planning on sewing a fall/winter wardrobe for my toddler son…he’s going to be getting LOTS of soft comfy outfits made outta knit fabric. πŸ™‚

  260. Lindsey Herring says:

    The last sewing gadget that I purchased was a rotary cutter! cutting fabric is the only thing that made sewing not enjoyable to me. Once I purchased the rotary cutter it became so much easier and enjoyable! :)I had a hard time cutting straight lines for my daughters dresses and other trinkets before!

  261. Lynnette says:

    I love my 2″ ruler with 1/8″ markings on it. It has this nice little round handle in the middle that makes it great to use when cutting fabric with my rotary cutter.

  262. Brindy Bartlett says:

    There is nothing better than a really great iron. Even though it drives me crazy to get up from my machine and press open my seams once I get to my iron it is wonderful. I have a Black and Decker Classic and it is lovely.

  263. Carmen says:

    I recently had to purchase a new rotary cutter. Somehow I broke mine! Or did it just wear out? Great giveaway!

  264. VickiT says:

    The most recent purchase I made was a week ago. My first beginning quilt piecing class teacher required only one thing and all other materials for the class were optional or up to us. But, she is extremely picky (her words) about the rulers we use and thankfully I already had one but the other I had to purchase. That was the 6 1/2″ x 24″ Creative Grids ruler. Wow, there are A LOT of things on that one ruler for the different markings my others don’t have so I’m still getting used to it. I’m sure I’ll love it once I get more aquainted with all those markings my other rulers don’t have but right now, whew, that first class was a struggle. By the second however, it was better so next week in our third class I expect it will be much easier. It’s a great ruler though.

  265. Lynn says:

    Just yesterday I bought some new blades for my rotary cutter! Wonderful to cut with a new blade after using a dull one for so long.

  266. Consuelo says:

    Can’t remember the last time I bought any new tool or notion but I can tell you what I can’t live without: my rotary cutter.

  267. Kathy says:

    The latest gadget I purchased was for covering buttons. Years ago, it was always a struggle to get the teeth on the underside of the button cap to catch and equally distribute the fabric. Sometimes it took a lot of trial and error. The new gadget has the flexible cup that you lay the fabric over, then insert the the button cap, then click in the button back. Slick! I lke these fail-proof methods.

  268. Betsy says:

    My gingher embroidery scissors are amazing. They are sharp all the way to the end of the blade, and great for snipping threads!

  269. Tera says:

    As I am getting older……threading needles is getting harder… recently I ordered a threader of my 8 year old son who has started sewing and we love it!!! : )

  270. Em says:

    I love to have a point turner. It makes those corners so nice and crisp. Unfortunately, my has currently disappeared (I suspect at the hands of a 3 year old) so I’ve been using a pencil with no lead. It’s sad really, and a new one will be acquired shortly!

  271. Heather says:

    oh man I bought the ruler that makes circles but can’t remember its name. My favorite tool is the sewing machine. I suck at hand sewing.

  272. AnnaPK says:

    The most recent notion I purchased was a new seam ripper. I didn’t even realize just how dull my old one was until I got the new one- and I use my seam ripper a lot!

  273. Jillian says:

    I don’t think thread may be considered a tool – but I just bought my first spool of jeans thread and am no longer ashamed of hemming my pants!

  274. Laura R says:

    It’s a little big for a gadget or notion, but I love my design board. It’s just some batting stapled to a board that my dad mounted on the wall. It’s inexpensive, humongous, and super useful!

  275. Kim C says:

    Rotary Cutter Blades! Always a must!

  276. Rebecca says:

    Funny you should ask this as I was just thinking yesterday about creating a blog post dedicated to my embroidery scissors. Isn’t that just ridiculous? I resisted buying a pair (in the shape of a bird) for so long…but I finally gave in over the Labor Day sale weekend and am SO GLAD. They are so sharp I’ve even used them for seam ripping and they are the perfect go to scissors for snipping my chain stitching when in the midst of sewing. Love – doesn’t it show???

    Across the Pond is to die for. Going to check out the sale…clever clever posting that right there…

  277. Michaela says:

    The last notions I purchased were needles (ball point and twin) and straight pins… boring, but very much needed!! =)

  278. Jessica H says:

    I recently purchased a pair of pinking shears.

  279. Jordyn says:

    My favorite sewing gadget would have to be my rotary cutter, more of a necessity than a gadget I think!

  280. Maddie says:

    I just purchased a new fantastic wooden yardstick. My favority would have to be rotary cutter because it just makes things so much easier.

  281. Catherine A. says:

    My first sewing machine! I know you’re probably thinking… “wha?” with mouth open… hee hee.
    I’ve decided I wanted to learn to sew, have been reading your blog for a while. My husband just purchased a sewing machine for me and I’m excited to learn! πŸ˜€

  282. Summer says:

    I just realized (and bought) denim needles for my machine…Who knew they had special needles for this thick fabric? (I had only gone through 4 regular needles prior to realizing this)

  283. BeccaMcK says:

    The last thing I bought were the yo-yo plastic patterns. Having so much fun embellishing clips and purses for my nieces.

  284. Georgia says:


    The last projects I’ve purchased patterns and fabric for are for our grandchildren! Notions included binding, elastic, and embroidery adhesive.



  285. Kerry says:

    Does a pattern count? I bought McCall’s 6437 this week. The option with the lace yoke looks old-fashioned yet wearable. It’s like playing dress up, but it’s not too outlandish. πŸ™‚

  286. Jennifer says:

    I just bought a tiny rotary cutter. It’s great for small projects!

  287. twelve30 says:

    I recently bought a fabric tube turner & it’s the best purchase I’ve made for sewing. Saves a ton of time. And it was only $5.00 at Joanns.
    Love it! Thanks for a chance to win.

  288. Ann says:

    I recently started sewing again after a hiatus of several years. Most of my sewing gadgets and implements are currently in storage so I’ve had to replace already owned items as well as experiment with new ones. I actually have two favorites. The first is a new thing for me, a rotary cutter that has zebra stripes on it! How cool is that? I have never quilted before and had in my mind that it was for quilting use and nothing more. I’ve learned that it is very useful in sewing apparel, too, as well as other other sewing projects. My other favorite is something I’ve had to replace. It’s a small six inch one with an orange marker that slides the length of the of the ruler which is what I really love about it. Can’t think of the name, if there is one other than just ruler, but I’ve already put it to good use while making a dress for my granddaughter.

  289. Margaret says:

    I haven’t bought them yet, but I’m planning to get some Quilt Patis for making hexagons.

  290. Gwen says:

    I think my most recent sewing gadget was a white gel-pen for marking dark fabrics. The marks disappear with water or if you iron them. I love it!

  291. ara jane says:

    i absolutely love my kwik makes basting so much easier and faster.

  292. Lisa says:

    Recently I purchased a rotating cutting mat. It makes cutting easier and more accurate- I love it.

  293. Emily Murphy says:

    I most recently bought a new pair of nice fabric cutting scissors, and they felt so perfect and crisp slicing through the canvas fabric I bought to make my honey a new “man bag” for his birthday; a bag big enough to carry his beloved LP’s (he’s a DJ), his new art book I put inside and of course a few diapers and wipes for the L.O.

  294. Beth Ellen says:

    I never used to use a rotary cutter, and now I could not live without it, along with my clear plastic rulers and cutting mat!

  295. Marianne says:

    It’s been awhile since I purchased anything sew-y, but my favorite (and most used!) gadget is a seam ripper.

  296. Allena says:

    I think my most recent sewing notion was a good pair of pinking shears.

  297. christine says:

    I just got a 10 inch straight hemostat! great for turning things.

  298. Gidget says:

    The most recent thing a bought was a second pair of sissors! I’m always missplacing mine.

  299. Erin E. says:

    I know it’s crazy, but I just bought my first pair of pinking shears! How I’ve been sewing for seven years without them is a mystery to me as well, but I’m sure happy I finally picked up a pair.

  300. BETH T says:

    I just got in to sewing (last week!) and I have to say that after my purchase of the machine, tools, fabric, and all the starter items my favorite thing that has not only made sewing fun but also kept me at it is SEWING BLOGS! I have a book about sewing with some pretty terrible photos but it didn’t help me troubleshoot at all. My bobbin got all clogged and the instruction booklet wasn’t helping. I’m not lucky enough to have a mother or grandmother or fun-sewing relative to call so I turned to the world wide web of neat sewing people! Video tutorials, inspiration, tips, free patterns, it is amazing how sharing and caring this online sewing community is. No tool at any store could make sewing as easy and fun as blogs can. And that’s why sewing blogs have become my tool of choice.

  301. sarah faith says:

    i would die without my seam gauge! it makes my life so much easier – i follow along the fold with the iron for a super flat seam. love love love.

  302. krystina says:

    I’ve been jonesing for that Secret Garden fabric! Recent sewing notion…. I bought a teeny rotary cutter. Never thought I would have needed one, but it makes cutting garments so much faster, and since it’s small it handles curves really well.

  303. amorette says:

    this is one area that i am woefully derelict in…i need all kinds of notions! the last one i got was a seam ripper, and that is more like a necessity! i want to get a square block ruler to square up my blocks, and a lazy angle ruler to make the jaybirds quilts patterns!

  304. EmmaNadine says:

    I bought a rotary cutter and mat. I will never go back to scissors again!

  305. Christina G. says:

    My most recent fabric store purchase was a spool of thread. Waited until the last minute to make my son a backpack. I had everything… except the thread I was SURE I had. Got the thread, made the backpack with just over 24 hours to spare.

  306. Kathryn says:

    I’m a bit of a newb when it comes to sewing gadgets but I recently got myself a button covering kit. It’s so cool! Now everything has buttons on it.

  307. Chris says:

    My favorite tool by far is my rotary cutter and rulers. I use them with almost every project. Second most favorite…my pinking shears. Thanks for all you do. Have a great weekend!

  308. Sharon says:

    Oh I love my rotary cutter, I don’t know why no one told me about it sooner. I just can’t see how I got anything done without it in the past.

  309. char says:

    I purchased Marti Michell’s Kaleidoscope Triangle Ruler. I can’t wait to use it.

  310. Kim N says:

    I recently purchased some trim and buttons for costumes and dresses for my daughter!

  311. Lori says:

    I know I’m behind but recently got a rotary cutter and a self healing mat – wow, amazing. I have to laugh at myself when I stop and wonder what I did without it! =)

  312. Elizabeth says:

    I’m equally dependent upon my seam ripper and my water soluble/disappearing ink pen. One limits the number of mistakes I make and the other fixes any that do!

  313. silvia says:

    we just moved back to the states from germany and i couldn’t bring my sewing machine. so the most recent item i purchased was actually a singer heavy duty sewing machine. and i’m loving it! i just came across your website and i’m loving it too!!

  314. Steph Mabry says:

    Sounds silly and really basic, but the latest little thing I bought was a $2 bobbin case! I had just purchased some more bobbins for my new machine, and now I have a little case to put them in. Because I don’t have that many, I also can put my extra machine feet in it, too – anything that gets my tools at my finger tips is a good thing, in my book! πŸ™‚

  315. Stephanie says:

    My favorite thing is my cutting board and rotary cutter…not sure what I’d do without them.

  316. Kelly says:

    It is very basic but my favorite is my rotary cutter. I just can’t imagine cutting anything with scissors!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  317. The latest tools I bought were a Disappearing Ink Fabric Marking pen and some hand sewing needles. But my favorite tool is definitely my rotary cutter!

  318. Annie says:

    My newest tool purchase was actually a new sewing machine; a Brother CS6000i, which I’m enjoying tremendously. Of course, after a big purchase like that, my crafty budget has less room for fabric….so winning a yard would be awesome!

  319. Kelly says:

    I love my 1/4″ piecing foot. Wouldn’t have accurate seams without it!

  320. Crystal says:

    The most recent gadget I bought was a free motion presser foot for our daughter, who”s just starting out on the quilting path. I love that Across the Pond line – so graphic and great colors!

  321. Alisa says:

    I recently purchased a 1″ x 12″ acrylic ruler. I lost mine when we moved but it’s my favourite ‘tool’ so I had to replace it right away. Of course I found my old one back shortly after that.

  322. Fenna says:

    oooo my newest sewing tool is a Janome 4120 qdc πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love it so far!!! (considering it’s replacing a Shark of all things heh heh quite the step up for me πŸ™‚ )

  323. Jill Spyker says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my gypsy gripper. Couldn’t cut straight without it!

  324. christina says:

    I just recently bought my first paid of Gingher scissors. They are so lovely! I can’t imagine what the heck I was doing before, but I have to be very careful since they are so sharp and I am not really used to that! It makes such a huge difference having them and they are worth every penny!

  325. Debbie P says:

    I just got a pair of the little spring loaded scissor snips for my birthday. Yes, I know it’s a cheap simple tool I should have bought a long time ago. Makes trimming up threads so easy!

  326. briawna says:

    my latest quilting notion purchase was the large olfa rotary cutter. It makes cutting through minky, fleece,flannel, etc. so much easier. These are beautiful fabrics. Thanks!

  327. Emilie says:

    Well here is the last tool that I acquired: a snap tool! I was lucky enough to find it in my grandmother’s craft drawer (she passed away a few years ago and I had the “job” of going through her stuff in order to get rid of it). I just got it 2 weeks ago and have not had a chance to use it yet (not even sure if I know how to), but I’m really excited about it since I was thinking of buying one!

  328. Stephanie says:

    I just bought a whole bunch of sewing tools – hem gauge, bamboo “iron” tool, flower head pins, and tracing wheel! My tool box is overflowing so nicely.

  329. Caitlin L. says:

    I actually just bought a new pair of pinking shears yesterday because I couldn’t find mine. Then I find my old ones. Guess I have a back-up now.

  330. kate C. says:

    sewing tool? I have no idea what I last purchased, but my favorite is my thimble for hand-quilting. I’ve had it since I was really little.

  331. Andy Thorpe says:

    I finally bought a bias tape maker and loved it so much that I went out and bought a another size.

  332. Tonya says:

    The most recent tool I have purchased is a seam ripper. I’m always looking for one and have decided that to have many is a good thing!!

  333. Suzanne says:

    I just started my sewing adventure so I purchased a sewing box complete with tape, pins, scissors, seam ripper, pin cushion and lots more!

  334. KeriCan says:

    Bought a quilting foot – haven’t tried it yet, though. πŸ™ Maybe this winter break . . .

  335. jessi says:

    My most recent sewing tool purchased was a new sewing machine πŸ™‚ it is so much nicer than my old one and I cannot believe what a difference it makes.

  336. Beth says:

    I’m a new quilter. I finished my first top and had started trying to quilt it on my machine, when a friend gave me a really great gadget–the business card of a long-arm quilter!

  337. Brandi says:

    Well my hands down favorite is the rotary cutter and mat. Hand cramps be gone! πŸ™‚ But that’s a little obvious. My runner-up is the little one-handed snips I just bought — what tiny little miracle workers, from getting in close to snip threads instead of fumbling with bulky big scissors, to helping when my seam puller isn’t quite cutting it (no pun intended), snipping button holes, and even getting into those tiny little angles when recently cutting out appliques. How did I live without it?

  338. Narelle says:

    I just bought Girl’s World, to help teach my girls to sew!

  339. Valerie says:

    Gorgeous fabric!! I’ll play…I have an Accuquilt Studio cutter. I’ve always wanted to have my work cut out for me and this is as close as I can get. I can cut an entire quilt accurately in a matter of minutes. It’s heavenly!

  340. Ellen says:

    My most recent gadget is a flexible LED light by Dritz. It comes with instructions for mounting but since I have two sewing machines I’ve opted to use it as a free standing light and fortunately the base is heavy enough so it can be free standing. Because of the flexible neck and small size light, I can get the light very close to where I’m sewing so I can see what I’m doing!

  341. Alana Andrews says:

    I bought black broadcloth and some tacky shiny gold polyester to make a superhero cape for my 4 year old son. He insisted on pink ribbons to tie it on!

  342. Julie Schubert says:

    My most recent purchase is a Rotary Cutter. I am new to quilting and have never used one. I love it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  343. Anna says:

    This is pretty basic, but I just love my Fiskars rotary cutter and self healing mat!

  344. Maggie barber says:

    I’m still stocking up on gadgets and building up my stash as I’m new to quilting. I’ve just started doing quilts by machine instead of by hand (all the sewing, not just the quilting), so I guess my favorite gadget is my sewing machine! I love the fabric and would love to play around with that!

  345. Donna says:

    The most recent tool I bought is a ruler for a box-in-a-box quilt square. It’s really cool and squares things up great!

  346. Holly Atherton says:

    I recently purchased a new desk for my sewing machine. I always loved my Mothers antique sewing desk that she had when I was growing up in Alaska. So I tried to talk her out of that desk of that desk for YEARs! But she strongly refused to let me have it. So I went looking on Craig’s List for one of my own, hoping to find something that would be a close second. On my first search, I found the exact some desk as my Mothers – for $35! I was delighted! Plus, mine is in much better shape than my Mothers! I have been reminding of my good luck frequently! πŸ™‚

  347. We’re big Mac users in our house and ConvertItMac is a program I got to make all of my embroidery files compatible with our Mac computer. It is SO easy and smooth and keeps us from having to buy a whole different computer just for embroidery sewing files. Definitely recommend it for any sewers trying to avoid the PC world. πŸ™‚

  348. Wendy says:

    I bought a ruffling foot! I was lucky to find a really good tutorial online because it didn’t come with any instructions. I can say that someone needs to redesign these things, because it’s just the turn of a screw that does most of the adjusting. There are NO markings to tell you how tight of a gather you’re going to get.

    I’ve been able to make some pleated trim, but I have yet to actually gather and attach at the same time. The calibration is a huge effort.

  349. Becky says:

    I just bought some primary fabrics to make a quilt for our cousin’s baby boy due later this month.

  350. Jana W says:

    I got a hera marker recently that I really love!

  351. Rise says:

    I recently misplaced my 6.5″ square template and decided to pick up a new one while at Joann at lunch one day. I got the Olfa QR-6S no slip and absolutely love it. Of couse I found the lost one the next day in a stack of scraps from my last project. But, the Olfa will now be the one I use all the time.

  352. Wilma says:

    What lovely fabrics, especially the “Across the Pond” fabric line!!
    Rotary cutter & cutting mat… they have been time savers. I couldn’t imagine how the pioneers cut out each piece of fabric by hand, hoping to have each piece sized correctly!

  353. Sara says:

    I know it sounds obvious, but a sewing guage is my best friend. I couldn’t hem or make my own continuous bias tape without it. Amazing how often the most inexpensive and simple tools are the most useful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  354. I don’t remember what I purchased last, but my favourite notion is my Hera marker! I use it all the time to mark lines, either for quilting or for making HSTs or adding connector corners. I’d be lost without it!

  355. Stacy says:

    I just purchased a large bobbin case. No more runaway bobbins πŸ™‚

  356. Shannon C. says:

    My favorite sewing gadget is my alex anderson four-in-one tool! I can’t get by without it.

  357. Mama Lusco says:

    I love my ruffling foot. It makes boutique sewing so much faster!

  358. Heather says:

    I’m not very big on notions, I tend to make do with what I have. I’m still a beginner and maybe that’s why…..I don’t know all of the conveniences that are out there for me! I do love my rotary cutter though, and my awesome pair of fabric scissors that my mom gave me.

  359. Rebecca says:

    Most recent and favorite are probably the same thing for me, because I recently had to replace an old favorite. High on the list of wonder tools for me is the curved blade seam ripper. My old one was sans handle for years, and I finally bought a new one with handle intact!

    I can rip out so much faster with this than with a tradition seam ripper. Great for getting serging out too, which is important to me because I do a lot of repurposing and clothing sewing, as well as quilting.

    BTW, love the Lock and Key print from the Secret Garden collection in all the color options!

  360. Tina says:

    LOL! I’m new to sewing as you know! I ADORE my seams rippers! πŸ™‚

  361. Gretchen says:

    My new favorite notion is the Pilot Frixion pens that disappear when ironed. I use the pens for tracing embroidery patterns and drawing lines on half-square triangles.

  362. Jordan says:

    My most favorite tool are my tiny gingher thread snips. Not only do they take care of all the loose threads that drive me crazy, but they are so cute!

  363. starjumper says:

    i purchased a GORGEOUS seam ripper from “during quiet time” with a heavy handmade acrylic handle… it’s got a perfect weight for handling!

  364. Sandi says:

    Actually I am shopping today for a 1/4 inch seam foot for my machine. I am a new quilter and realized I really need this.

  365. Elaine says:

    My latest purchase was a serger that I bought at a garage sale for $35 – and it works like a champ! Score!

  366. Kristin M says:

    How about a gadget I would like to own… I would like one of the table extensions for my sewing machine.

  367. Kristy says:

    My favourite is my rotary cutter!

  368. Regan says:

    I just bought the clover bobbin holder. i LOOOVE it keeps all the renegade threads in check!

  369. Rebecca says:

    I just bought some beeswax for some hand sewing. I’m so tired of my thread knotting!

  370. marilyn podoll says:

    My “most used” tool is my seam ripper! πŸ™‚ I love the Secret Garden collection.

  371. Brandy says:

    My most recent sewing tool purchase was my sewing machine. I am fairly new to sewing, but I’m loving it! I have SO many projects I want to do!

  372. Linda Cates says:

    My latest purchase was the Farmer’s Wife Quilt along book. So, more fabric to use for that would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  373. Caren says:

    Sounds dumb, but I just returned a double needle (because my throatplate doesnt have enough space and would break it) and got 3-inch doll needles instead. And pins. Just plain old pins. Pretty boring, I know.

  374. kelly jo says:

    I can’t remember my most recent sewing gadget, but I definitely know my favorite – my ream ripper! Hehe!

  375. Michelle says:

    The last thing that I purchased was some sewing pins in bright colors. My favorite… well I don’t have many gadgets yet just the basics but my favorite sewing accessory I have is my stash of embroidery thread because it is so colorful and always helps add personalization to a project!

    I love the new collections! Especially the secret garden… those keys are fabulous!

  376. sammantha seals says:

    believe it or not; I just bought manicure scissors for my sewing room,,,,tiny and tough, they fill the bill for ripping out better than a ripper…..and they fit in my purse for sewing as I ride. I love them!!

  377. Erika says:

    Ooohh, I really love all the across the Pond fabrc – so geometric!
    My favorite sewing gadget is definitely my seam ripper!!!

  378. Samina says:

    This is trite, but I cannot function without my seam ripper. I guess that I’m just that lousy at sewing a seam! That said, I won a Seam Allowance Guide from Sherry at pattern-scissors-cloth & think that’s nifty tool. It’s just great for Burda type patterns that come without a seam allowance.

  379. Bethany says:

    I haven’t done anything recently but replace my rotary cutter. BUT one of my favorite little gadgets is my tailor’s awl – it’s saved me many a seam from unpicking, and also saves my fingers from getting to close to a steamy iron.

  380. Marta says:

    The last tool I purchased are several needles to work special materials.

  381. Sara says:

    the most recent gadgets i’ve bought were a hump jumper and a supreme slider. i know i could just use cardboard but i like the sturdiness of the plastic and it’s come in handy a number of times already. i used the slider on my most recent quilt and it did help with fmq, though it wasn’t a miracle cure.

  382. Melissa says:

    I just purchased a tailor’s hamÒ€”which is awesome for pressing darts, sleeves, or any curved seams. It makes pressing soooo much easier.

  383. Leslie Newton says:

    I was just given a 3 1/2″ square ruler as part of a gift. I love it. I also just recovered my table top ironing board and made a travel ironing board out of a collapsible wooden TV tray.

  384. Bethany says:

    I bought a clover iron for the quilt I am working on. ON MY GOODNESS. I love it. I get good and hot and it works so well on those little seams that you need to get during quilting that the big iron is just too bulkly to do well. In one word…love!

  385. Brenna says:

    My most recent is a set of rulers to make circles quilts. I have to say I haven’t actually found time to use it yet, but have all the fabric picked out!

  386. Karen U says:

    I just purchased a new cutting mat. I couldn’t tell you how old my “old” one was, but I needed a larger mat to cut up a twister quilt and this new one is working out quite well. Thanks!

  387. stephanie mullin says:

    Bought the Zip Clip by Martelli It claims to hold Fabric for Perfect Control and I love it! No more pins in the binding just zip clip it. It is reloadable and very easy.

  388. Birgit says:

    Just made my first purchase from you – yard of the fabulous tube map fabric. My hubby is londoner and it’s too perfect for few projects in our house…how about the nyc subway and a few more as well….

  389. N. Perez says:

    The last sewing tool I remember buying would be my self-healing mat and rotary cutter. I don’t know how I had made it till then without them.

  390. I would have to say that my favorite sewing tool would be my magnetic pin holder. I can whip through a hem like nobody’s business and just give my pins a little toss and it just grabs em. No more pins lying all over the place! I also dropped it the other day and pins scattered all over the floor and all I had to do was hold the pin holder above the pins on the floor and it picked them all up in a snap!

  391. Miet says:

    I got some embroidery floss recently to decorate my baby girl’s clothing with.

  392. Lindsey F. says:

    The recent purchase of bicycle type clips made quilting a queen-size quilt on my little Brother sewing machine so much easier. I think my next purchase to help with my quiilting will be a Hear marker.

  393. Most recently I purchased a teflon foot for my sewing machine in order to sew more easily on laminate fabrics. It doesn’t work as well as I’d like, unfortunately.

  394. Susie B says:

    I cannot remember the last notion I purchased, but I can’t live without my Dritz wash away wonder tape. It basically eliminates the need to baste, and I’m a bit lazy.
    p.s. I’m redoing my craft room, and I clipped the Wallflowers Melon swatch to Evernote last night!

  395. Brandi says:

    My most recent purchase was pinking shears. Love them! πŸ™‚

  396. Teresa S. says:

    It has been awhile since I bought something new! But I desperately need a new Rotary cutter!

  397. Kathleen says:

    I recently purchased a chenille cutter but have so many projects started I haven’t yet used it. I like the projects I’ve seen in the store and look forward to experimenting with it.

  398. Kristin says:

    I just bought transfer pens to indulge my new embroidery habit!

  399. Teri says:

    My favorite sewing tool is a metal needle threader for my embroidery floss. Makes it so easy to thread the needle!

  400. Lisa says:

    My favorite tool so far has got to be 1/4″ foot. It makes life SOOOOOO much easier since I have small bursts of time for sewing. That said….I just ordered an Accuquilt Go! and I am waiting by the door for the UPS guy to show up!!! I can’t wait to get started. I have a feeling it will be my NEW favorite tool. πŸ˜‰

  401. Melissa Williams says:

    Favorite tool? Haha. The seam ripper!

  402. Melanie T says:

    I bought a stack of fabric from you and I can’t wait to order more. Thanks for the chance!

  403. Amy G. says:

    I just bought a serger, and I am loving it!!!

  404. Annette says:

    I guess my knew favorite thing would be my sewing machine (singer 403a) given to me by my granny. I am so new to sewing. But very eager to learn. She also gave me some silk thread that is very beautiful.

  405. Bernadine Beckers says:

    My favorite gadget is the telescoping magnetic pin picker-upper. Great when needles especially are dropped on the floor. No bending down, which is great for the “more mature” sewer.

  406. A friend just let me borrow a rotary cutter for my new love of quilting: I love it! Life has been simplified!

  407. I just bought the little twister on Monday and finished a quilt with it yesterday πŸ™‚ Love it!!!

  408. Mary M. says:

    I just got one of those plastic drawstring-threader-things — it works a lot better than I thought it would! Thank you for the giveaway!

  409. Kathy says:

    Replacement blades for my rotary cutter! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  410. Abby says:

    I just bought a bias tape maker. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m really excited about it!

  411. Ooooh … easy! I bought a new iron ;–)

    Sometimes I think I iron as much as I sew, there’s nothing like ironing every freshly sewn seam to “settle” the stitches into the fabric. Time consuming, but SUCH a good idea!!

  412. Sourkraut says:

    While not a recent purchase, I’ve been hanging on to some fantastic Halloween trim that I got in the post-Halloween sales last year. Can’t wait to come up with a fun project to use it this season.

  413. Penny says:

    I most recently purchased a package of needles. This was the first time I ever had to buy needles–I always seemed to have plenty in various pin cushions, mostly inherited from grandmothers.

  414. Jamie says:

    I love my “mini-scissors” to trim small threads. Both new collections are beautiful!

  415. Connie says:

    The newest sewing tool I have bought was the Guidelines 4 Quilting ruler set. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  416. Jenny says:

    i can tell you i NEED to get more needles for my machine. i want to make a pin cushion for OLD needles to use on heavy duty jobs…thru card stock or sticky velcro…wish i would change my needles more often. ok, new needles this weekend! off to shop the sale!

  417. Gretchen says:

    My sewing life came alive when I got a rotary cutter and a huge mat that covers the top of my chest freezer. I don’t think I would sew nearly as much as I do without those 2 things.

  418. Peggy says:

    Sad to say, I do a lot of “un-sewing.” I just bought a more ergonomic ripper. It has a large, easy grip handle and a larger ripping head (I seem to break a lot of seam rippers…). I LOVE it.

  419. jmniffer says:

    My most recent buy might not count as it is a banquet table. I bought it from Office Max and now have my own sturdy sewing area in the spare bedroom instead of the dining room table. Being able to close the door on my current work in progress is pure bliss.

  420. Karen says:

    I bought the Olfa Circle Cutter last weekend and it is AMAZING. I never knew that cutting circles could be fun or easy!

  421. Jennyroo says:

    I don’t have too many sewing gadgets, mostly just the basics. But my favourite splurge is the BIGGEST self-healing cutting mat I could find. At the time I was buying it, the salesperson said “Buy the biggest mat you can afford, you won’t regret it” and she was RIGHT!

  422. Elizabeth says:

    Seam allowance double pencil which measures 1.5 cm or 6mm seam allowance while tracing stitching line.

  423. Tong says:

    I recently (and by recently, I mean 3 months ago) got myself a hera marker, it’s great! I don’t know why I waited so long to get one!

  424. Linda Thompson says:

    Oh, yes, my favotite newest tool I’d the 60m rotary cutter! It makes so good. Of course it has ergo features something I’m a huge proponent of in the sewing room!

    I actually used the cutter for a garment pattern and it worked well. Thanks for asking!

  425. Mary Pichotta says:

    I just bought a second sewing machine and found a ruffle foot to go with it and it just came in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to use it.

  426. Anna says:

    I finally overcame my inherent cheapness and bought a rotary cutter. Wow! How did I ever live without one? Next on the wish list is a bias tape maker…..

  427. Cheryl says:

    Right now I am in desperate need of a needle threader! Too many late nights frustrated with my tiny needles while binding.

  428. laura says:

    My favorite has to be a flexible thimble. When I was a kid I was “argh! these are terrible, why do people use them?” But after having done some serious hand sewing I’m no all “argh! How did I loose my thimble AGAIN?!” Brilliant little invention, the thimble.

  429. dana J says:

    It’s a toss up between my super sharp scissors and my rotary cutter! They both ROCK!

  430. Cheryl Hammond says:

    I just purchased the Twister & Tumbler templates. I am a sucker for templates lately. By the way, all the fabrics are just lovely!!!

  431. deirdre_lyon says:

    My most recent purchase was a rotary cutter. I know! I’ve been roughing it with fabric scissors – I’m just that type – but I was following an advanced (for me) pattern and thought I would make my life a little easier for once. Boy, did it!

  432. Tracey says:

    My seam ripper will always be my favorite tool! It probably gets the most use πŸ˜‰

  433. My fabric pen that just disappear a little later, it still seams like magic to me.

  434. dorothy says:

    I just bought my first walking foot, and it’s amazing. I never thought I needed one until I attached it and sewed my first seam. Sewing with knits is suddenly so much easier.

    And that “Across the Pond” organic line from Cloud 9, Love it!

  435. Jenny MacCourt says:

    Just got a ruffling foot & overlock foot for my sewing machine! Saves me tons of time when I’m making dresses for my girls.

  436. Cammie says:

    I bought spray bast, water soluble, and I can quilt with minky again! It is fun to use that spray to make the minky stay in place.

  437. Debbie says:

    I recently purchased a quilting foot for my Bernina and I love using it on small quilted projects. But, I think my all time favorite tool is a more practical one, my seam ripper!

  438. Georgia says:

    I just bought a jar of old buttons at a yard sale. I’m excited to use them! πŸ™‚

  439. Mary Claire says:

    I really like Creative Grids rulers with the rough non slip stuff on the back. I’ve been replacing my ‘plain rulers’ with those.

  440. Cymbella says:

    I just treated myself to a new seam ripper. I keep braking the tips off mine. Besides, if you have to go about taking out seams at all, it better be as easy as possible with a nice sharp ripper with a comfy grip.

  441. Kristi F says:

    I most recently bought new needles for my machine!

  442. Shannon says:

    OOOh Sally Henderson strikes again!

  443. StephanieP says:

    A new Viking sewing machine! πŸ™‚

  444. Sara says:

    I bought a twin needle not too long ago and I love the added touch it gives to my finished clothing projects. But I’m pining for a bias tape maker!

  445. Melinda says:

    I know it isn’t a recent tool but I love my 1/4″ ruler! I’ve been doing a little paper piecing and it comes in handy so much!

  446. LeeAnn says:

    The last notion I picked up was at the thrift store. It’s this little brass coin, of sorts, that allows you to put a pencil in a hole in the middle and trace around a pattern by aligning the edge of the coin to the pattern leaving exactly a 1/4” line. I’m not sure if I’ll use it for its original intent or add it to my charm necklace. It’s the perfect size!

  447. Kari Murphy says:

    It’s interesting what will suddenly motivate you to do things. I haven’t sewn anything in years, but when I found out a close friend of my aunt is going to volunteer in Haiti for two weeks and was looking for people to donate baby blankets- motivation galore. I’ve managed to make five so far. They’re nothing fancy, and I’m thinking it really looks on some parts that my daughter might have done some sewing for me, but I think it’s the thought that counts.

  448. Mandy says:

    Oh, I love all the new fabrics! My favorite sewing tool lately is my extra long ruler (used with the rotary cutter). I’ve been using it a lot, and it’s also quite handy for retrieving the puzzle piece that my 3 year old accidently sent sliding under the tv stand!

  449. LisaC says:

    My seam ripper continues to be my most useful tool! It cost me about $1 so I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. Without that and the rotary cutter, I am not sure how I would sew!

  450. Jane says:

    My most recent purchase was one of those little round containers of beeswax for waxing thread for hand sewing. Amazing. No more knots!

  451. Susan says:

    It’s silly, but one of the best notions I ever bought were those little round sandpaper dots that stick on the underside of your rulers. They are small enough not to be distracting, but the sandpaper is sticky enough to keep the ruler from sliding. Love them!

  452. Hannah says:

    My favorite: my seam ripper! LOL When I’m teaching people to sew, it’s the first thing I tell them to buy. The most recent thing I bought is a turn-it-all. But honestly, recently for me means about two years ago. If I have money to spend on sewing, it’s most likely going to be spent on fabric, thread and/or patterns.

  453. Rachel says:

    I just bought a pinking blade for my rotary cutter, it is wonderful!

  454. Larissa says:

    Most recently, I bought fabric. But if we’re talking notions & tools, it was a tape measure.

  455. Tammy says:

    The last tool I got was a Dritz Ezy-Hem: I found it at Goodwill for $.49. It’s awesome!

  456. Sydney says:

    As I am incredibly new to sewing, the most recent thing I have bought (and love!) is my rotary cutter. I’m excited to see what other people put down so I can check them out! I do know that I really want a yo-yo maker! Practical? Not so much, but oh so fun!

  457. Darlene Staley says:

    My most favorite tool I have purchased is the add-a quarter ruler used for paper piecing! It made the process so much faster for me.

  458. Bev laing says:

    It would have to be my rotary cutter blade sharpener. It’s perfect for a little honing of the rotary blade to make cutting go so sweet and easy through the fabric. A few turns on the little sharpening wheel prolongs the lovely new-blade feeling, and that means more precise cutting and easier quilt or dress sewing. Total win! So, that’s my favorite, along with the rotary cutters ( two different sizes, small for sharp turns and curves) of course…

  459. amy says:

    Oh, those blue keys are fantastic!! I think the last sewing tool I purchased was a see-through plastic ruler to cut against. When I began sewing I already had a cutting mat and metal straight edge from art class, so I just bought the rotary cutter and used what I had. But the see-through ruler is so nice and I’m sure it’s MUCH better for my cutting blade! I think I nicked mine on the metal ruler–oh, so I recently bought a new blade, too. πŸ˜‰

  460. Blossom says:

    Hmmm, I think my favorite sewing notion is my rotary cutter. I have the hardest time cutting fabric neatly with scissors, so I use my rotary cutter instead, whenever I can.

  461. Katie G says:

    I just bought a walking foot to finish my first quilt! πŸ˜‰ But my favorite tool has always been my seem ripper since I use it so much. πŸ™‚

  462. Tara says:

    My most recen sewing notion… a large quilters cutting mat – does that count as a “notion” ha! I LOVE it!

  463. Steph says:

    I can’t remember the most recent thing I purchased since I’ve been trying to limit my spending due to the huge amount of supplies I already own. My favorite notion is elastic thread for shirring (so easy & love the results) and my favorite tools are my Clover bias tape makers (great for using scraps of fabrics to make ties for bags).

  464. I love my new piking (sp?) shears. instead of sharp triangles, they produce sweet half moons. it took me the longest time to find them and were definitely worth the wait!

  465. Wendy D. P. says:

    The last thing I bought was a 6″ square template – it’s already been used for several projects!

  466. Laura says:

    My favorite tool is my rotary cutter. It gets a lot of use!

  467. Mrs. Not the Jet Set says:

    I’m so excited b/c I found a Huskylock 936 at moving sale! It’s in great shape and I can’t wait to try it out. I’m sure I’ll be burning through the fabric now πŸ™‚

  468. denise says:

    my favorite are the bias tape makers. What a time save and great for all sorts of projects.

  469. Elizabeth R says:

    My most recent gadget purchase was tear-away foundation paper for piecing. Can’t wait to get to using it…maybe with some of these new fabrics if I win!

  470. Jeanne S says:

    My favorite sewing tool is something I completely did not think I needed but inherited when my mom passed away. She had a bunch of clear plexiglass quilting ruler guides which I’d always thought were unnecessary. But I had one out and was using it to neatly fold the quilting stash she’d left behind and decided to try it out on a scrappy placemat I was working on. I could not believe how much cleaner and straighter the cuts were and how much faster the project came together. I guess maybe I should have listened to my Mom after all.

  471. Brittany says:

    The most recent notion I purchased was the buttons you can cover with fabric. I am going to use them on my daughters trick-or-treat bag πŸ™‚

  472. leah says:

    it’s pretty basic, but my favorite/most recent tool purchase is a 6.5×24.5 inch ruler. before i’d done everything with a 3×18 ruler — this bigger one has changed my life!

  473. Jennifer says:

    I have picked up several double folded bias tapes at various garage sales recently. I love these for so many projects. My fave is for banners for children’s rooms. This will help with my Christmas crafting! This is my first time entering!!

  474. Lynn Brown says:

    My latest notion is the Omnigrid suction holder that you attach to cutting rulers. It’s saved my fingers from being amputated. LOVE Across the Pond fabric!

  475. Beth says:

    Can I tell you about the tool I wish I had purchased? I wish I had a bias tape maker.

  476. Diane says:

    My most recent sewing tool is the gypsy gripper. It sure helps keep those plastic rulers from slipping especially when cutting long pieces of fabric. Love it!

  477. One of my** favorite sewing tools seems pretty hard to find any more… I love my Tailor Tack-it!! It’s a device that is shaped vaguely like a stapler that you use to mark patterns…Any one else familiar with this tool?

    **I use the term “my” loosely here, since I have shamelessly “borrowed long-term” mine from my mother!!

  478. Regina says:

    Across the Pond is beautiful! I like my rotary cutter. I used to hate it, but I’ve got the hang of it now. A sharp blade helps. πŸ™‚

  479. Jess says:

    MOst recently I bought a doll sewing needle so I can make a Waldorf style doll for my daughter for Christmas!!

  480. jen says:

    most recent sewing tool I purchased was a good pair of scissors! what a difference great fabric scissors make!

  481. Kerrie says:

    The most recent item purchased was a new cordless iron, I love it!

  482. Andrea C says:

    most recent one was a zipper foot! have yet to figure it out though..

  483. Bree says:

    My fav has to be the rotary cutter!

  484. angela says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love these fabrics! My favorite tool of late is my seam ripper. I am trying to learn to machine quilt and the fancy sewing machine I purchased just for that purpose has been dropping stitches. So I’ve been ripping alot!

  485. Deanna says:

    THREAD! It seems I am forever buying thread. But, as many sewers know, the thread can make or break the project.

  486. Tammi says:

    My husband bought me an Accuquilt Go system for our anniversary this weekend!!!! I don’t know which project to start on first! He’s a keeper!

  487. Michelle says:

    My favorite tool is the Fons and Porter Binding tool – love it!

  488. Sarah Adams says:

    My most newest and favorite is my embroidery machine. I have been sewing for many years but just this year was able to purchase an embroidery machine. I have a great time learning new ideas and actually putting them into finished projects. Thanks for great ideas and tips you give.

  489. Rowena says:

    I finally purchased my first rotary cutter its Clover brand i love it and can’t believe how quick and accurate I can cut fabric I wish I hadn’t waited so long

  490. Lacey says:

    My most recent sewing purchase was a new machine. I had a Bernina Aurora 430. A great machine, but I never used it to its full capacity. I believe I might have even been a bit intimidated by it. So I sold it and purchased a simple Bernina Activa 210. I am so pleased with it. The simplicity of this machine was exactly what I was looking for. Although I have not started a new project on it yet, I hope to soon!

  491. Jen says:

    Wow! These are amazing! I love the orange in Across the Pond. I didn’t purchase it but my daughter picked out a new sewing basket for me for my birthday and I love it!

  492. meghann says:

    I recently bought a set of Tri-Recs tools – and I love them! I used them to make up the shapes for a heart-motif square I made a few weeks ago.

    My favorite gadget is my little magnetic seam guide, but I haven’t been able to find it in a few weeks. I think the kids ran off with it but I don’t know what they did with it – it’s probably stuck so something! xo

  493. Mary says:

    My most recent purchase (last night on ebay) was extra thin magnetic clasps for some pattern testing that I’m doing. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  494. Kati says:

    I bought new straight pins this week. Ha ha..not very exciting…but I needed some. A lot of my old pins had been bent. πŸ™‚

  495. xeirotexno says:

    the most recent project is a case for my mobile!!!! i am a little new with this hobby ! but i buy books , i learn from my mother and i hope that my next project is a skirt!!!!havea nice weekend

  496. cynthia says:

    My favorite gadget would have to be self threading needles Love these!
    Thanks Cynthia

  497. Maya says:

    My snap jig. One whack with the hammer and I have a snap!

  498. Jamie says:

    A Dritz Hem Eaze tool. LOVE IT!!

  499. Erin says:

    I think my favorite sewing tool right now is my bodkin. I have been sewing lots of straps for little girl dresses and it is perfect to turn those right side out!

  500. Michele says:

    I attached a Command hook to my sewing machine to hold my snips.

  501. Kathe G says:

    My most recent gadget is actually more than one – the Clover gadgets for making yo-yos and now flowers. I could spend hours making them and have been putting them on other items I have made for friends – a little overkill, I know, but so much fun.

  502. Southern Gal says:

    After burning my fingers over and over again, my friend bought me a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. I love it! No more burned fingers and it’s easy to use.

  503. Pamela S. says:

    SInce 9/9 is my birthday I just bought myself a couple of books and one of those Clover bias tape tools. I have been making 1/2″ wide double fold bias tape and using it to bind all sorts of fun potholders.

    Looove the Secret Garden fabric!

  504. Sara says:

    A magnetic pin cushion – Don’t know how I lived without it for so long! Love the new fabrics!

  505. jean says:

    One of my favorite sewing notion/tools is my June Tailor strip cutter. I use it daily to cut strips for projects, and then from leftovers from my projects to use in future projects. I also use it to “square up” machine embroidery designs-so easy to find the center and cut both sides at once.

  506. Lori says:

    The most recent would have to be (at long last!) a cutting mat and rotary cutter. But they were a gift…does that count? πŸ™‚

  507. Pamela says:

    My most recent purchase was a set for Frixion pens. I will try them out for the first time this weekend on a “revived” project. My favorite tools are my scissors and I have many….

  508. Teri says:

    I am new to sewing so I would have to say that so far my favorite sewing notion is my small scissors..they have really helped when I accidentally make a mistake! πŸ˜€

  509. Ellen says:

    I most recently purchased a HST ruler. It’s really useful for squaring up my blocks!

  510. My most recent purchase was snap setter. I just got it within days ago and haven’t had time to use it yet, but I’m chomping at the bit. Bibs here I come! Seriously, can’t wait!

    I’ll also tell you my favorite tool –> the Brother PR-650. Couldn’t live without it. I’m addicted to adding cutesy design to my children’s stuff (and other people’s stuff)!

    Thanks for the oppty to win!

  511. Kathleen says:

    I LOVE my little blue seam ripper. I just went to look and I have FOUR in my sewing drawer! πŸ™‚ I used to keep one in my desk at work because you just never know when you’ll need one. Thanks for a chance to win!

  512. Casey says:

    I just bought a rotary cutter because I’m working on my first quilt and it is MAGIC!

  513. Susie Q says:

    The Supreme Slider. A teflon sheet for the machine bed when quilting – It makes an incredible difference to the ease of free motion quilting. Wonderful invention!

  514. Kate F. says:

    I most recently purchased 6″ by 6.5″ ruler. I’m a fairly new quilter, and before that I only had a 6″ by 24″. Having the smaller ruler makes so many trimming tasks much easier. And I love that it’s 6.5″ on one side, making it easier to cut bits that are X.5.

  515. I bought some binding clips and basting safety pins recently. It makes quilting and binding so much easier!

  516. Michele jones says:

    My favorite tool is my seam ripper. I like knowing that I can have a do over since I am just starting to quilt.

  517. Tanja says:

    Rotary cutters make me very happy – and that new Cloud 9 fabric looks fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  518. Sandryte says:

    Recently I bought a great pack of knitting thread – I always start knitting when fall comes

  519. Kim Munoz says:

    I bought myself some new scissors and I never realized how dull the old ones were until now!!!!! Good scissors make everything easier!!

  520. datcat says:

    My most recent gadget has been a bias binding tool …. just a little metal and plastic thing, that you pull the fabric through. Its very cute, and I have made one length of bias for a mug rug. Of course it’s pink …. as all girly tools should be.

  521. Mel H says:

    There are 3 that I can’t live without. My rotary cutter, huge mat and straight edge ruler guide thing that hooks onto the edge of the mat so its a straight line! I have a paper and fabric blades since it works so well for when I need paper cut for a project.

  522. Liz says:

    My favorite sewing notion is my seam gauge. It makes pressing hems and cuffs so much easier and has increased the accuracy of my sewing. Might seem like a boring little tool but it’s my fav!

  523. jennyy says:

    My most recent purchase was an Accuquilt Go Baby – fun!

  524. katrina h says:

    I finally got one of those suction cup handles for my ruler. Wow, now my ruler doesn’t slip when I cut and moving it without moving the fabric is so easy! I don’t know why I waited so long to get one!

  525. Rebecca says:

    I recently purchased a Clover Chaco Liner and I love it! It makes such a nice, smooth line on dark fabrics and rubs off easily!

  526. Debora Kellogg says:

    Seam ripper! Helps me quickly undo mistakes!

  527. Rhonda says:

    I have many favorites but my current favorite is my friXion pens. I use them for everything a pen can do…tracing patterns, marking patterns, marking quilting lines, embroidery, etc. You name it. They are great because add a little heat and poof they are gone. Now there were some rumors in blogland that the lines would reappear in cold temperatures and I tested this and they do but once you wash they are gone for good (I tested that too). I love my pens. Thanks for sharing.

  528. Toni says:

    I just started using a ruffler attachment for my sewing machine and I love it!

  529. Mika says:

    A new stitch tongue for my serger. How I broke that and not one of my needles? No idea.

  530. Jill says:

    I just bought one of those little roller-tracer tools that you use to trace chalk lines on fabric for paper patterns – I love it!

  531. Lindsay says:

    I last purchased several packets of universal sewing machine needles. They were 50% off at Joann’s Fabrics. Very glam.

    I’m relatively new to sewing and read that I’m supposed to change needles after a few projects. I was using the same needle for months (or until one broke on me). Whoops!

    But fun (soon to be favorite) gadget will be the Silhouette that I’m hoping Santa will bring me.

    Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful fabric!

  532. Melissa Duvall says:

    I don’t know what I would do without my walking foot attachment for my sewing machine. When sewing together layers of fabrics especially for bags and pouches, it keeps the layers from shifting. It’s a miracle tool!

  533. michelle cress says:

    I just bought a Rowenta DW9080 iron. Loving it! it gets super hot, has powerful steam & is overall a great addition to my sewing room. I highly reccomend it.

  534. a while back Monika from My Sweet Prairie turned me on to Harbor Freight Tools. They carry Carpet blades which fit the 45mm Olfa rotary cutter and are a fraction of the cost of the Olfa blades. This is my favorite tool because without a rotary cutter I would be lost.

  535. Audra says:

    My most recent purchase was a pair of manicure scissors to use when cutting tiny curves into fabric. They work better than shears for the tight little turns in the toy patterns that I make for my girls.

  536. Heather says:

    I recently purchased binding clips for quilting – I had always pinned binding before. I like them, but I wonder if I could have gotten hair clips for the same purpose cheaper?

  537. Alice S says:

    rotary cutting mat and cutters are the best!

  538. Ana says:

    I just bought a snap press for plastic snaps and it’s revolutionised my sewing, which these days is mostly for a wriggly 6 month old boy. So, no more fighting with buttons – hurrah!

  539. Patti Vynanek says:

    The most recent notion I purchased was thread. The fabric store was having a sale on fat quarter bundles and I got several to make dresses for my daughter (using a tutorial from your site!). I needed thread to match πŸ™‚
    I don’t have one, but the tool I’ve got my eye on lately is a bias tape maker. Guess I’d better add it to my Christmas list.

  540. Linda Murphy says:

    Just bought a ruffler for my Quattro and love it! The ruffles are so even nad neat!

  541. Ashleigh says:

    The Go Baby cutter looks great

  542. Asta says:

    I bought few rotarry blades and now thinking that I really need to invest in rotarry blade sharperner of some sorts as I’m getting through WAY too many blades.

  543. Karen says:

    I just purchased a 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ square ruler online!

  544. jojoebi says:

    hands down, my OLFA rotary cutter, I don’t know how I managed before I got it.

  545. Kim says:

    This past winter I bought a “new” Featherweight. I love it. It is easy to pack up and take on the road.

  546. Jolene says:

    I guess my most recent, and favorite purchase would be my sewing machine! It’s the most versatile tool I have. πŸ™‚

  547. Allison says:

    My favorite tool for sewing is actually a crochet needle… it’s a great turning tool. Lovely fabrics!

  548. Vixie says:

    My last and most favourite item was a rotary cutter! It’s amazing for everything and super handy for quilting, I’ll never be looking back it’s a great time saver and gives a neat finish to everything!
    Also just wanted to say keep up the good work I check in with you everyday, you give me so much insperation.

    V x

  549. Sade says:

    I don’t remember what was the last tool I bought. But my favorite are my scissors! Good sharp scissors are the best. And pining scissors too.

  550. Jan says:

    I absolutely love my seam ripper. Many years ago when I was sewing I had no idea such a thing existed and I’d spend ages with tiny scissors and a long pin to unpick! Such a simple device we all have but I wouldn’t be witout one. In fact most of the tools I love are ths no frills simple ones that we couldn’t sew without like flat and glass headed pins, cutting mats and rotary cutters.

  551. Laurie Treib says:

    marking pen was the last sewing notion that I purchased. I bought it to help teach my daughter how to embroidery.

  552. Viva says:

    I just bought a 50yd spool of cording to reupholster our sectional couch. Wish me luck since this is a first! πŸ™‚

  553. Carolien says:

    Ik can’t remember the last thing I bought but I love to use a little spring rule with cm and inches. A thing that I got from my mother in law who died last month, is a raider. That’s a funny thing, I don’t think I’ll ever use it but it’s a nice memory to her.

  554. I live in Russia . I am a beginner Quilting . I do not have Notions . My favorite Notions Lil ‘Twister Pinwheel Ruler . With love from Russia.

  555. Laura W. says:

    My favorite is my rotary cutter. I recently upgraded to one that has replaceable blades, so it no longer chews the fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

  556. Danya says:

    I just bought my first sewing machine! It’s a Brother, just a simple one, and so far I’ve sewn a blind hem, and altered one of my tops into a matching dress for my daughter and her doll. So many ideas of what to do next!

  557. Effie says:

    my favourite tool has to be my rotary to check out the sale!

  558. Gill says:

    I’ve just bought (and cut) a Moda Bella solids layer cake!

  559. Glenys says:

    My favorite that I’ve purchased would be a sewing book. I just love books, crafty ones.

  560. Mary Valaika says:

    Most recent gadget purchase – rulers for my long arm. The long arm is relatively new – had it 6 months – so it’s a whole new class of gadgets to pore over and experiment with.

  561. Kerry Green says:

    I love Needle grip its- you place them on your fingers for hand quilting and on your rulers to stop them slipping around, very helpful!

  562. Fiona Duggan says:

    I have just bought a jean-a-ma-jig. It arrived in the post yesterday and I am hoping that it will be the answer to the problem of sewing through several thicknesses of fabric when attaching handles to my bags.

  563. Stacey says:

    A new (and decent) rotary cutter. Goodness, it was like slicing through butter!!

  564. Michelle says:

    Hi! The last thing I bought was a bias tape maker – it’s so easy to use I can’t believe I didn’t buy one before!

  565. Lixa says:

    my last was a seam marker, very very useful

  566. Olelé says:

    Wow, love Cloud9 fabrics!
    I just bought some bobbins for my sewing machine yesterday. But my favourite tool is my rotary cutter, of course. I use it for almost everything πŸ˜€

  567. I just tried out a double needle for the first time and it was a revelation. So easy to use and such nice results.

  568. Sophie says:

    The last thing I bought is a hemmer foot for my sewing machine.

  569. Randi says:

    i just bought dritz magnetic snaps, I’m going to attempt the blossom bag!!

  570. Valerie Boudier says:

    Latest gadget I bought is a stand to hold cones of thread so the I can use them with my DSM

  571. Cheryl Korman says:

    Love the frixion pen. Iron & the ink disappears

  572. Gail Drahos says:

    My favorite sewing tool, is the magnetic pin cushion. I can always have my pins close by, and if I need to I can toss the pins, and they will land on the magnets!!

  573. bette says:

    my blue seam ripper and blue rotary cutter that my cousin sent me from iowa. super lovett!

  574. Tas says:

    Yesterday my postie delivered my newes gadget- an Olfa rotary point cutter. Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet (and that’s a good thing. I can be dangerous with pointy sharp things) but it will be great for cutting for bags and things like that.

  575. Crystal says:

    I just bought some basting spray. I love it! No more sore torn up fingures from pinnin!

  576. DORIAN says:

    I haven’t bought anything in a while, but I did just register for a sewing course…so I am OBLIGATED to go out and buy a rotary cutter and mats. i think those will be my fav. also love a good bias tape maker πŸ™‚

  577. Erin says:

    my healing cutting mat!

  578. Melissa says:

    First, I absolutely love both Across the Pond and Secret Garden – YUM! I think my most recent purchase (aside from fabric) was an attempt at buying a new ruler (6×24″) which turned out to be discontinued from the store I was trying to buy from! Boo!!

  579. Sarah McGrath says:

    My seam ripper is my favourite! Gets a lot of use πŸ˜›

  580. Céire S.M. says:

    It’s not so much of a purchase, but I just made a pin cushion that looks like a cupcake!!! I LOVE it!

    The only downside is that everytime I sew, I want to eat a cupcake. πŸ™‚

  581. Kirsten says:

    Hmm, the most recent purchase would be a bias tape maker but my favorite at this moment would be my inkjet fabric sheets…who knew you could print directly onto fabric!

  582. Janice says:

    Most recent sewing gadget is my new wrist pin cushion πŸ™‚ My favorite gadget is probably my magnetic pin cushion.

  583. Angela Wilhelm says:

    My most recent purchase and so far my favorite is my teflan foot which makes sewing vinyl sooooooo easy πŸ™‚

  584. Heather Derksen says:

    I bought little belt buckly things with the plan to some day make my daughter a doll carrier. Thank you for the chance to win! (heatherderksen(at)

  585. Brandy Mirly says:

    I recently purchased a simple tool called “that purple thang.” I use it when using my longarm quilting machine, holding down the edges of the quilt when I’ve had to remove a pin from the path of the needle. I LOVE THAT PURPLE THANG!!! πŸ™‚

  586. Stacy says:

    I have always loved my bodkin. It’s such an unusual name for a sewing gadget. Kids think it’s funny and love to say it over and over in sewing class. Gotta love a funny useful tool like the bodkin!

  587. Vanessa Newman says:

    My most recent purchase is an electronic sewing machine by Elna. I never thought I’d use anything other than my trusty Bernina 910, which I bought when I was 19, about 25 (million) years ago! It’s been brilliant, and still is, but the new machine has six one-step button holes and automatic tension change, etc! It’s like a revelation to me, although to most of you news of this technology will be old news, I’m sure! Hee hee…I love both my machines πŸ™‚

  588. Angie Gillentine says:

    Well, this really isn’t FOR sewing, but my kids (okay, my husband) way trying to juggle with my pattern weights and busted them, so I had to replace them with something. I ended up finding this set of 30 magnets at Office Depot. They are PERFECT for “Pinning” the pattern to the fabric and cutting it out. It is even better than the weights, because I can use it with the rotary cutter, or with the scissors. Now, if I can just keep the kids away from them, I’ll be all set!

  589. Alice Hale says:

    Don’t know if this counts, but I finally bought myself a new ironing board cover and it is so nice to press my fabric and seams on a cover that isn’t shifting around and stretched out of shape! It’s the little things in life that sometimes make all the difference!

  590. Michele E says:

    I haven’t purchased anything lately. but how could your favorite not be your seam ripper?? That is probably my most frequent used gadget.

  591. Jamie B says:

    The most recent thing I bought was snap-style buttons!

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