October 15 ~ Handmade Holiday Inspiration

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Matryoshka Doll Ornament by Danielle from My Sparkle

Grab some wool felt and embroidery floss, and start stitching some of Danielle’s Matryoshkas!

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47 Responses to October 15 ~ Handmade Holiday Inspiration

  1. Amy says:

    I’m excited to recreate thiscite ornament. Thank you.

  2. Coupon Codes says:

    It is little doubt that this is the best singer in the world! What makes a singer isn’t their looks, it’s their voice! I don’t like when people judge singers on things that just aren’t that important. Remember, they are entertainers, not actors! Let them do their stuff and enjoy the music!

  3. JLWhite says:

    How lovely! I just ‘pinned’ it!

  4. Beezus says:

    So adorable! These would make great add ons to gift tags. 🙂

  5. Sydney says:

    Yay! This is going on my (overly ambititious) Christmas to-do list!

  6. Ramona says:

    I just love this ornament. They would be so cute as a garland too.

  7. Dayna says:


  8. Ginny says:

    I’ve been itching to do something with felt and ebroidery floss!

  9. Beth T says:

    This is exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing this while there’s still time for me to get busy stitching.

  10. Anya says:

    I need to make these for all my sisters!!

  11. Margaret says:

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I and my daughter will be making these for gifts for her friends.

  12. JJ Pop says:


  13. Tabitha says:

    So cute and felt is so great to work with!

  14. Cinnamon says:

    Those dolls are so adorable. I want a tree covered with them, all different!

  15. Wendy says:

    I think this little doll is so cute. Would love to win a book!

  16. jenny says:

    how sweet sweet sweet.

  17. HeartOSunshine says:

    I’ve been looking for cute Russian doll crafts for Christmas. I can’t wait to try this!

  18. Taryn says:

    How beautiful!

  19. Alicia says:

    I love that matrioshka doll!!!

  20. Jess says:

    Super cute! My son really wants a real-life Matryoshka doll. I wish I could find unpainted wooden ones to customize for him with video game characters!

  21. Anne Marie says:

    Love this project.

  22. Melissa says:

    So cute… was just looking for some cute felt ornaments to make for Christmas. Maybe I will make some to match my 3 daughters. Plus these ornaments are unbreakable for little hands 🙂

  23. These are darling! I have just fallen in love with appliqué and quality wool felts!

  24. Lisa says:

    Cute ornament – perfect timing for inspiration for a Xmas swap I am about to take part in

  25. Katie says:

    Eek! This is sooo cute! And I have a stack of cute fabric.

  26. Jessica says:

    Matryoshka Dolls were always my favorite part of the holidays when I was little. I can’t imagine Christmas without them.

  27. Whitney says:

    I love these! So cute! I’m always looking for new felt ornaments to make. I have two cats so anything non-breakable that can go on the tree is perfect 🙂

  28. Timmi says:

    I think I’ll whip these up for my girls how cute would that be a whole set that sits in to one another!

  29. I love felt ornaments!

  30. Grace says:

    This is beautifully made, and so cute!

  31. Ginger says:


  32. Lena Merrin says:

    Thank you for not calling it babushka

  33. rwebb says:

    this is lovely, can’t wait to make one!

  34. Jen says:

    So cute!

  35. Melissa Q. says:

    this is fantastic. So cute and has that holiday spirit without being conventional. Love it. I’m pinning it to Pinterest so I don’t forget to make this holiday season.

  36. Sheila says:

    What a great gift idea! It is so cute.

    🙂 Sheila

  37. Mhairi says:

    Love this. She is so sweet and would lovely hanging on the tree or on a bag as a gift tag.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely tutorial

  38. Molly Martin says:

    Adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Sue D says:

    This is very cute–I like all the embroidery.

  40. Glenys says:

    I like the colors. So cute!

  41. chibidani says:

    So cute! I really wish I had more felt in my craft/sewing stuff.

  42. Tammy says:


  43. Tammy says:


  44. Maureen says:

    This Matryoshka Doll ornament is very sweet. It reminds me of the little wooden set I had as a child.

  45. Jessica E says:

    How sweet! I have wanted to try my hand with some felt stuff and this just may be the way in!

  46. Stephanie W says:

    ooh this is perfect! Thank you sew very much, my daughter loves Matroyshkas, so I am going to make her one this year as her special ornament. Thanks again!

  47. Anna McD says:

    Love this! I think this will be the ornament for my three granddaughters this Christmas.

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