You can receive a free copy of the Perfect Zip Bags Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman (a $10 value) with your order of $30 or more. Check out this post for all the details. Every day throughout the promotion we’re posting examples of ways in which you can present the bags as gifts. Check out the Bento Box Bag from Day 1, the Bare Essentials Bag from Day 2, the Quilted Gadget Bag from Day 3, and the Personalized Hobby Bag from Day 4. We’d love to see your ideas of how to make a Perfect Zip Bag a great gift–please share in the comments!

Waterproof Bags

Call me crazy, but I think the best time to send my kids to swim lessons is the dead of winter. Poor girls may have chattering teeth on the way back to the car, but the extra attention they get in January compared to July is worth it. New swimsuits for Christmas may not be a tradition in most families, but they are around here. For the past couple of years I’ve been using wet bags that were originally used for cloth diapers to carry swimsuits home. This year, however, they’ll have awesome new swim bags made with Happy Mochi Yum Yum vinyl-coated cotton!


Happy Mochi Yum Yum vinyl-coated cotton. (We don’t carry this in the shop, but we do carry the quilt-weight cotton.) For the lining I used PUL, which is a water-proof fabric often used in cloth diapers.

Perfect Zip Bag

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Sparkle Vinyl Bag

SMS employee, Irene, used amazing sparkle vinyl to create this great Perfect Zip bag. We love the idea of using a bag like this to present a gift card.

I hope you’ll be inspired to use the Perfect Zip PDF pattern to make some fabulous waterproof bags.