Weekend Coupon ~ 20% Off Corduroy and Flannel!

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Cuddly quilts, cozy pajamas, snuggly kids’ clothes. If sewing with something soft and warm is on your agenda, take advantage of this special weekend coupon good for 20% all corduroy and flannel, including Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms Cord, Anna Maria Horner’s LouLouThi Flannel and the brand new Greenhouse Flannel collection by Erin McMorris. Use the code CORDFLANNEL20 when you check out. Good through 11:59 PM PST 11/13/11. Happy sewing!

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6 Responses to Weekend Coupon ~ 20% Off Corduroy and Flannel!

  1. Toni-Anne says:

    It can be pretty hard to find interesting flannel fabric in Australia, sew glad we can use the internet to obtain some from this wonderful location and others like it.

  2. Maureen from Ventura says:

    Awesome! Now I can buy the Anna Maria Horner flannels!! Whoopie!
    Many thanks!!

  3. Amy G. says:

    Thanks for the coupon code!

  4. Beth T says:

    Perfect weather for these cozy fabrics.

  5. Jacque says:

    Awesome to get those fabrics at a discounted price…..I’m hopping over there!

  6. linda says:

    cool- thanks for the offer!

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