Reflections + Predictions wrap-up, plus Free Fabric Friday!

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We hope you enjoyed our Sewing Industry Reflections and Predictions series this year. We’d like to thank our contributors for taking the time to thoughtfully reflect on sewing and fabric trends. Our own reflections and predictions are represented by the people we chose to be part of the series–they’re all individuals who impressed us in 2011 and who we expect will continue to be inspirational in 2012.

A selection from Amanda’s Bird-a-Month series.

Amanda Carestio: Amanda doesn’t just work with the talented authors at Lark Books, she is an amazing talent in her own right.  She sews, she embroiders, she works with felt and it’s all fabulous. We are very appreciative of her enthusiasm for everything she’s involved in–whether it’s part of her job or part of her hobby. Be sure to check out her work on her digs & Bean blog.

Amanda’s Neutral Quilt

Amanda Jennings: We were following lots of wonderful trends in 2011, including cross-stitching, traditional blocks-gone-modern, and sewing-in-real-life among others. We couldn’t help but notice that Amanda Jennings was involved in all of it. We love her Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery designs; we were blown away by the Farmer’s Wife Quilt-Along (which she organized with Angela of Fussy Cut); and we were sorry to have missed her class at Sewing Summit. Amanda is incredibly skilled with all things needle and thread and we’re sure we’ll see lots more from her in the coming year. Be sure to check out her blog, hey porkchop!

Michael Miller Color Stories Debut/ Spring 2011/ Salt Lake City

Kathy Miller: It’s my perception that most owners and CEOs in this industry are not very accessible to their customers and don’t seem to be very involved the public aspects of running the business. If you’ve ever been to Quilt Market, you know that this is not the case with Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics. She’s always there, setting up one of the best booths at the show,  which she most certainly had a hand in designing. She works alongside her employees, showing fabric and writing orders. She’s also extremely involved in choosing designers and forecasting trends. She has a passion for color and design that comes through loud and clear in everything the company does. Be sure to check out Kathy’s interview and take a look at all the new Michael Miller collections.

Tasia in the Minoru Jacket, a Sewaholic Patterns original.

Tasia Pona: Tasia is the owner of  the fabulous new company, Sewaholic Patterns. We love her designs, her very informative blog, and her wonderful attitude. We know we’ll be seeing great things from Tasia in the years to come.  Don’t miss the article she wrote for us and be sure to bookmark her Sewtionary–there’s tons of great information there that you’ll come back to over and over again!

Simple Simon & Company pajamas featuring Children at Play fabrics.

Elizabeth Evans & Liz Evans: If you’re on Pinterest, you most certainly know the work of Elizabeth and Liz  since their many wonderful Simple Simon & co tutorials for children’s clothing are pinned like mad.  And no wonder–every picture is adorable and their staging and photography are top-notch.  Seriously–do not miss their projects! Simple Simon is creative and fun and we absolutely can’t wait to see what they do next!

Katy’s favorite quilt, Hexagons featuring Anna Maria Horner fabrics.

Katy Jones: One thing we love about Katy is her ability to unify. Whether it’s colors, styles, or people, she brings them all together into something smashing. When it comes to fabric choices or quilt designs you never know if she is going to pick something completely modern, clean, traditional or girly-she seems to like them all (and do them all very well.) The same is true with people–she’s a great leader in the online community and the life of the party in person. She and the rest of the Fat Quarterly team are a constant inspiration. We can’t wait for their new book and whatever else 2012 will bring . Browse Katy’s blog, Monkey Do, and don’t miss her on Flickr.

Kim’s Improv Quilt

Kim Fraser and Stephen Fraser: We have endless respect for Kim and Stephen and the way they’ve built their business, Spoonflower, into a integral part of the sewing industry in just a few short years. We look forward to their weekly design contests which we use as an opportunity to check out new trends and place our bets on rising stars in the design world. We think their collaboration with Michael Miller was brilliant and hope to see more of the same in the future. We were so happy when they won the American Express contest on Facebook–they definitely deserved it! Be sure to follow the Spoonflower blog and their Facebook page for exciting updates, contests and new products.

Amy’s Graduation Quilt from Modern Basics

Amy Ellis: Amy is one of those people who always seems to be organizing an event or accomplishing something wonderful. Her bi-annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival is always a big hit, and her book, Modern Basics: Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space, and Style has received excellent reviews. Amy and Erin Singleton also organized the first Sewing Summit, which was enjoyed by all the attendees we’ve talked to, and will certainly continue to be a popular event in the fall. Visit Amy’s Creative Side for tons of great quilting tutorials and inspiration.

Deborah’s Nautical Quilt

Deborah Moebes: I know how hard it is to run an online business and raise a family, so I’m completely amazed by all that Deborah has going on. She has an online fabric store, Whipstitch, as well as a brick-and-mortar store in Atlanta. She writes e-courses, tutorials and books plus witty and informative blog posts and hilarious tweets. Smart, funny and talented, Deborah has a great eye for trends and talent. Make sure you follow the Whipstitch blog for great projects and tips, plus a few peeks into Deborah’s busy life.

Jacquie’s service project sewing.

Jacquie Gering: We’ve been following Jacquie for several years now and have enjoyed watching her work evolve. We love the way she shares her processes and her progress on her quilts, and not just the finished piece. Jacquie’s efforts on the Modern Quilt Guild board have helped it grow into the popular and influential organization that it is today. We can’t wait to see her bridge quilt come together and we’re truly looking forward to the new book she wrote with Katie Pedersen. If you love modern quilting, we hope you’re following Jacquie’s blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

Anneliese’s Chevron Chenille Blanket

Anneleise: While we were scoping out great tutorials for Handmade Holidays V, we kept coming back to Aesthetic Nest over and over again. We didn’t feature all of Anneliese’s projects, but that’s only because we restrained ourselves. Anneleise has tons of great ideas, writes clear tutorials and has a fabulous, approachable style. We hope we’ll see lots more from her in 2012.

Anna Maria’s Bonne Nuit Quilt, a bonus project in her
upcoming embroidery pattern collection
called “Love From A to Z” ~ More info here.

Anna Maria Horner: When it comes to Anna Maria Horner’s work, can we just say that we love it all? All the fabric, all the needlework, all the projects and patterns. She is an exceptionally talented artist, a fabulous sewist, a great business woman, and a really, really nice person. Every year we look to Anna Maria to not just spot trends, but to start them. Check out Anna Maria’s blog for the latest from her (gah! the needlepoint!) and like the Live Create Love page on Facebook, which is a collaboration between Anna Maria and Janome.

Again, a huge thank you to all of the contributors, and also to everyone who played along on their own blog and added their post to our little Reflections + Prediction link party.

FREE FABRIC FRIDAY! It’s been awhile. This week we’ll give away one yard of fabric to 8 winners! To enter, comment here and/or in any of the Reflections + Predictions posts from our contributors. Each comment is another chance to win. Have a wonderful weekend!

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295 Responses to Reflections + Predictions wrap-up, plus Free Fabric Friday!

  1. tia says:

    thank you so much for introducing me to some AWESOME new crafters. I Know most of the brilliant ones you featured, but you have brought some brand new ones to my part of the Internet!

  2. Jen says:

    Love the bird motif! elegant

  3. Jen says:

    Love the bird motif!

  4. Kristin says:

    I love Anneliese’s Chevron Chenille Blanket!!! So pretty!

  5. Karen Norris says:

    These quilts are so inspiring.

  6. Carmen says:

    A lot of great ideas here – especially Simple Simon & Company pajamas and the hexagon quilt!

  7. Jon says:

    Happy new year to SMS and thanksfor the enlightened post!

  8. Beautiful fabrics. I’m probably to late to enter, but had fun looking anyway. : )

  9. Joanna B says:

    Thanks so much for these articles. It is so fun to see so many others work. So many beautiful quilts! 🙂 Thanks, too, for the chance to win fabric. Just what I need! LOL

  10. Marion says:

    Wonderfull series. I learned a lot from them and enjoyed their favorites

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  12. Pattij says:

    Really enjoyed the series a lot! Always fun to see new blogs!

  13. Amber R. says:

    I love the flower quilt and the chenille chevron quilt. Thanks for the great links and ideas!

  14. katy says:

    i hope it isn’t too late to enter! Those quilts are beautiful – and such great inspiration of my goal to do one project a month this year.

  15. Carrie E. says:

    Projections is so fun- especially seeing names of those folks I follow! What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  16. Abbey says:

    Love the Aesthetic Nest. She has such great taste.

  17. Lindsay says:

    What a great collection of quilts and blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Desiree says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. And thanks for the Projections series…it was very inspirational.

  19. Brandy says:

    Thanks for the introductions. I found two new blogs to be inspired by!

  20. Mom C says:

    Enjoyed all the post’s info. Trends are interesting, fun to see who’s leading out on many. Thanks.

  21. Lara says:

    i would love to see that Michael Miller color story wall in person. what great eye candy.

  22. MBMeadows says:

    Thanks for all the predictions!

  23. lm says:

    This has been a great series. Rather than some faceless plastic robot, we see that these are fabulous, yet strangely qyirky and normal folks I might meet at the grocery store!

  24. Izza says:

    I really enjoy reading the reflection, predictions post.
    Thanks you SMS!

  25. datcat says:

    It was a lovely and informative series … thankyou. Both for the series and the giveaway.

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    What a great series. Tons of information and so inspiring.


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    Thanks for some new inspirations and ideas. The Sewaholic patterns look fabulous!

  28. Makaela says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I love seeing all of the new fabrics and the people that come up with new designs.

  29. Renae says:

    Fun stuff!
    Always like to see what others might be doing.
    Though I’m sure I’ll just keep doing my own thing regardless of any trends.

  30. Tsigeyusv says:

    Thank you for exposing fabrics and artists about whom I was not yet familiar.

  31. Melissa says:

    Brand new sewer here and I am really enjoying this blog!

  32. So many great reflections, but this is the only post I’ll comment on. I’d feel wrong posting on their reflections when I didn’t have anything to say until you mentioned ‘free’

  33. Kelsey says:

    That sewn/embroidered bird hoop is amazing– I love how graphic the design is.

  34. quilterbell says:

    Great ideas, thank you for the chance.

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    I’ve had fun reading about everyone and all the new blogs I have to still discover!

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    I love, love, love the sewaholic’s jacket pattern. Gotta get that!

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    I loved this week’s blog posts…great inspiration!

  38. Jeane says:

    Thanks for a chance on your giveaway. I enjoyed the reflections and predictions.

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    Fun stuff…thank you for your work in putting the blog together!

  40. shree says:

    Nice article with information on other fabric artists!

  41. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

  42. Kathy says:

    Thank you. It was an interesting series of reflections and predictions to read. I long for tha day I have a little studio and a lot of time to myself… til then it’s lovely to see what others are thinking about!

  43. Thanks for all these great posts and for bringing back the Free Fabric Friday! 🙂

  44. lorraine says:

    bird a month series how who what where when WOWO

  45. Shannon says:

    I love Anna Maries work too. i will check out that fbook page…

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    This was such a great series that I really enjoyed reading. Thanks for coordinating everyone!

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    Wonderful predictions. I’ve got so many things I want to do this year, only hope I can get them all done!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Great series – now my to-do list is so long it will run into 2013!

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    I really enjoyed reading these reflections and predictions. I particularly like Amanda’s neutral quilt.

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    Thank you for the interesting read, beautiful photos and links.

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    I really enjoyed reading this series! Thank you!!

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    this is a fantastic annual wrap up and look ahead. thank you!

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    I love the nautical quilt and also the hexagon one. 🙂

  68. tanya says:

    very inspirational!

  69. Amanda says:

    Wow! What a great source of inspiration.

  70. Lots of inspiring ideas!

  71. Lucie says:

    Thank you for all your inspiration… now all I need is the time and the money 🙂 So much fun to read your blog 🙂

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    I love this post. As proud as I was to see the names of quilters and designers whose blogs I follow, it is exciting to see some new names–I am off to check them out!

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    I have seen quite a few faux chenille blankets, but that turquoise chevron one is absolutely AMAZING!

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    So truly inspiring! I’ve got a lot on my sewing wish list this year!

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    Free fabric? Yes please!

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    I loved this series. Really got me thinking about what projects I will want to work on in 2012.

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    Thanks for the wonderful wrap up and a chance for a give-away!

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    thanks for theses reflections + predictions. I’m new to quilting and these posts have been great for learning about all the great quilters and designers out there.

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    I’m a newbie – Will definitely read up on your postings. Want to learn more.
    I am amazed at how much you all do and wonder when you sleep? Maybe your sleeping with one eye open and one hand working?
    Surely do hope some of that rubs off on me.
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    Cathy Byrd
    byrd at

  84. Camille says:

    The sewaholic jacket is fantastic!

  85. Eileen says:

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    I have so much on my “hope-to-do” list for this year!

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    I am a brand new reader to your blog. What a thrill to find it and all the eye candy it is filled with!

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    Love Deborah’s Nautical Quilt. I wanted a HST project and it provided all the inspiration I needed.

  89. Joanna says:

    Thanks for the fabric giveaway! This has been a great post–esp since I’m kind of new to your blog. A great summary of 2011!

    You are book marked for the future!

  90. Dawn says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I love the predictions and can’t wait to see what 2012 brings to the quilting world.

  91. Jezibels says:

    Really loved the reflections and predictions, you know what is super about it? The photos and seeing what other people are doing in their crafty artful lives, thanks for that!

  92. Lee says:

    i really enjoyed this series! loved seeing all the projects and quilts! very inspiring! thank you!

  93. traci says:

    i’ve been eyeing the “farmer’s wife” book for awhile now. thanks for the info! if i win some fabric, i’ll start my farmer’s wife quilt! i’m not a farmer’s wife, but a farmer’s daughter!

  94. Diane says:

    I love how Sew Mama Sew keeps up with what is being done in the creative world of fabric!

  95. Tina says:

    oh my gosh – this is the most beautiful collection of projects I’ve ever seen.
    Should make a bookmark oder screenshot of it.


  96. Jamie says:

    I loved reading all of these, so fascinating how everyone has such different perspectives!

  97. Jen S says:

    I like reading about all these sources of inspiration of last year. I think it’s turning into some new inspirations for me this year! Question is: where to start? Embroidery, quilting, sewing clothes…

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    I loved looking at all the quilts in your inspiration series! The Hexagon quilt was my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

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    Love the bonne nuit quilt! Cute!

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    Thank you for sharing the great projects and designers. I woul.d love to win!

  106. Sara says:

    I liked reading the reflections+predictions posts from all the bloggers you didn’t feature, with the button links on the first page – especially badskirt’s review.

    Also that Bonne Nuit quilt just kills me. So beautiful.

  107. Kay says:

    Looking for another reason to sew or quilt!!

  108. Christine M says:

    I love that Minoru Jacket!

  109. JamieS says:

    These artists may intimidate me with their skill and creativity, but they also inspire me with their talents. I really enjoyed the series. Thanks.

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    It’s great to hear what so many talented people are up to! Makes me look forward to learning some new things this year.

  111. WandaFish says:

    Thanks for the round up! I’ve loved reading the reflections and predictions from such talented and influential crafts people 🙂
    Yay for another yummy giveaway too!

  112. daniela says:

    love it all, this is wonderful to brows through. i want to get back to the machine….

  113. Fenna says:

    would love to win 🙂

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    beautiful quilts!

  115. Debby Beatson says:

    So many inspiring people. I’m very much a novice sew-er, (using old sheets etc to practice on before I buy any expensive fabric!!!). But articles like this make me want to get better & better once I realise what’s out there for me to try!!!

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    Thank you for the giveaway.

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    There are just not enough hours in the day to visit all the blogs i want and sew up all the quilts i love. thanks for the info!

  124. These posts were really interesting and helped me to get a broader perspective on the fabric industry. Thank you! I would also love to think about trends in sewing in dolls and toys. That could be neat, too, and is a part of the fabric industry, too.

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    🙂 ohhh so inspiring. love the jacket! and need the fabric!

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  171. Jodi Buckmister says:

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