After reviewing all the wonderful submissions to Fat Quarter Idol this week, we’re totally ready for summer! The Meet Me at the Picnic theme inspired everyone to choose bright and cheerful fabrics, which would look amazing in an outdoor quilt or as linens on a picnic table. There can only be one winner, however, so we have to put it to a vote. Our judges have narrowed it to ten packs, so now it’s up to you.

Review the 10 fat quarter packs below. Click the image to visit the Pinterest Board. Choose your three favorites in the poll below.

1. Sarah (atfrogcreek)

2. Elsa Deblangey (caramelle34)

3. Andi Osiek (artsyandi)

4. Margaret Glendening (mcglen8)

5. Katie Haas (katiehaas)

6. Leanne (Daisy and Jack)

7. Cheryl Gleason Gomez (cgomez113)

8. Ashlea Tenner (ashleatenner)

9. Destiny Lair (destlair)

10. Elizabeth Geraghty (zabecc)

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