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Although I’ve been using a needle and thread since I was a child, the spark of an interest in sewing didn’t truly flame until my love of craft came together with my passion for history. I’ve written before about how Eleanor Burns rocked my world one day with her one-woman traveling historical quilt show, consequently shaping the kind of teacher I was to become as well as setting me on a path to sewing obsession. I have a significant collection of books about historical quilts, which I browse from time to time as much for the beauty of the quilts as the stories behind them. I find it amazing and fantastic that this craft that has been around for hundreds of years is still thriving, connecting each of us to the past in small, but significant ways.

When I went to Quilt Market in October I had the pleasure of sitting next to Denyse Schmidt at dinner one night. I was thrilled when she gave me a sneak peek of her new book, Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration. The book contains 20 traditional quilt styles that look exceptionally modern, hip, and fresh, with limited color palettes and minimal use of prints. To me, it is the best of both worlds– tried and true patterns with stories to tell, interpreted by this talented woman who helped define modern quilting. The modern/traditional debate is moot here, which is refreshing and wonderful.

When I received my copy of the book, I emailed Denyse and asked her if I could interview her about it. We had the opportunity to chat on the phone last week.

Kristin: Thank you for talking with me today. The new book is wonderful! It must be great to see it in the hands of readers and quilters. How long has it been in the works?
Denyse: Does it ever end? It’s a long process. Easily 18 months. We were making the samples two summers ago.

K: I think many people I know would say you were the first modern quilter they knew by name and distinctive style.  You really sparked a movement and revived an interest in quilting. Your first book is a staple and your improv classes are legendary.  It seems like it would have been natural to do another modern quilting book. I’m wondering if a book of all traditional quilts felt like a bit of a risk?
D: Well, probably. I think I have a habit of doing things in a way that aren’t always necessarily the best business decisions. It would have been easy to continue to ride out the modern quilting thing, especially since right now it seems to be gaining so much momentum.  I think probably because I have been doing this for such a long time… You’re kind of at the beginning of the swing of the pendulum and that doesn’t always translate into big dollars or anything. But you have to follow your own drive for what you feel is the next right thing. I often follow my gut on these things and it seemed like it was the right time to revisit where I started from— the quilts that first inspired me.  And also I wanted to share that (and it’s true that everyone thinks of me as a modern quilter) but definitely what inspired me to begin in the first place were quilts that were very old, but looked modern. Especially fifteen years ago when I started the business most people who were making contemporary quilts weren’t really referencing the simplicity or the limited color palette or the kind of quirkiness of some of those really old quilts. That was a driving force for me— I felt like these (traditional) quilts would fit in a modern interior, they seemed like modern paintings to me, and yet the quilting world wasn’t referencing that so much. I wasn’t in the quilting world then. I was in the design world.

Wagon Wheel

K: Yeah, I can see that. In the book I recognize all these traditional patterns but I also see your interpretation and the way you use color and just a little bit of print here and there. It makes it seem familiar to me but also very modern.  Not really a question— Just an compliment to you!
D: Well that’s good!

K: When we were at Quilt Market I told you about how I really love quilting history because I feel like it’s a great way to study people— mainly women. It gives you glimpse of what their lives were like through the material that they used or how a quilt was constructed or why they made it. In your book it seems like you did a lot of research. Did you enjoy that part?
D: I did enjoy the research. Probably like most writers or anybody who gets into it, you realize you could spend the rest of your life researching. It feels like I just scratched the surface. I made a lot of discoveries because as quilt scholarship advances over the years a lot of commonly held ideas that get passed into popular culture about our own past… We find there’s a lot of misinformation. So even just beginning to get into it, I found that things that I always thought to be true… I discovered that they’re not. I think that what happened is that the colonial revival movement in the ’20’s and ‘30’s perpetuated or created a lot of myths that we believe about patchwork and quilt-making. It still has things that resonate with me— like the quilting bee— those things really happened, but maybe not as much as our culture has made them out to be.

K: Oh, like we’ve romanticized some of those things.
D: We’ve totally romanticized those things! But that’s true of a lot of things and I think what’s important about it is what is our take-away, if you will. And that is still true for each individual. I think it’s important to get the facts right but– I talked about this in the introduction [of the book]– When I moved to Connecticut I didn’t have any friends here. I started looking at quilts and thinking of making a quilt and I really related to this idea of the pioneer woman having a quilting bee or a barn raising kind of thing and that would be the time that she got together with her women friends and could talk about the common issues that they shared and their hopes and dreams and all of that. That really was one of the things that I loved about it, that made me want to participate in this craft. So for me it will be always be true.

K: Yeah, I think a lot people have heard a story about Underground Railroad quilts, but most of those stories have been debunked. But there was something about it that captured peoples’ attention and they got interested in log cabin quilts and everything. Maybe the stories aren’t true, but it got people interested in quilting.
D: Exactly, and that’s all that matters in a way. I certainly didn’t set out to be the be-all and end-all information source, but I did struggle a bit with trying to be accurate. For me, some of those things that I always believed are true in my heart. It is an interesting process.

K: In the book intro you describe quilt patterns as “living, breathing entities.” Can you explain that?
D: It’s one of the things that’s clear from having looked at the research… of Barbara Brackman and her encyclopedia of quilt patterns and just the sheer number of variations. From a design point of view I really relate to theme and variation. A quilt pattern has so many opportunities within all the variations on block patterns and even the variations you can make with the same block pattern just with the fabrics that you use, the colors that you use, and the way that you put the blocks together. Every person who touches those patterns does something different with it and it’s amazing to me. I don’t know if there is anything similar. I relate it to music a little bit— like old-timey Appalachian string band music-– where you’d learn a tune from a particular person and you’d forget parts of it, so you’d make it your own. To me one of the most beautiful aspects of this craft is that every person is going to bring something different. It continues to evolve, it continues to change and it’s never really stagnant. It never gets old— It’s just remarkable.

Stamped Quilt

K: Let’s talk about some of the quilt patterns in the book.  There are patterns for beginners and experienced quilters alike.  The Basketweave is one I think I could tackle. I was surprised to see a whole cloth quilt, which is really beautiful and wonderful. What else would you recommend for beginners?
D: The stamped quilt would be really easy because it is essentially a whole cloth quilt. There are a number of ways you can approach it. It’s really a very old quilt form that I never really knew about until a few years ago when I went to Winterthur in Delaware. It’s really easy to find fabric stamps on Etsy and eBay or flea markets. You can make your own fabric or you can do as I did and make an overall design on the quilt and with some very simple supplies.  You can create anything really complex or really simple. It was so fun to make that one.

Stamped Quilt, full view.

K: There’s the postage stamp…
D: Yeah that was really fun… In the small scale like that it was so enjoyable.

K: You mentioned that you hand-pieced that. Is that something that you did much of before you started the book?
D: Not so much. The first quilts that I made before I started the business I hand-quilted and I loved doing that. I love doing hand work. I wish I had more time for it. Knitting gives me tendonitis in my elbow, but I can still quilt and I can still piece by hand. If I can watch a movie and still feel productive, that feels really good.

Postage Stamp

K: There are a lot of quilts in the book that are constructed with applique. Is needle-turn applique something that you’ve done a lot of?
D: Yeah, I haven’t experimented with a lot of ways personally, which is why I recommend needle-turn. I like it because I have a lot of control over it and you can do it by hand without a machine and you don’t need a lot of equipment. You can get really beautiful curves and if you can sew by hand, it’s not at all hard. And like I said, you have so much more control over it, I find it really enjoyable.

Hawaiian-Style Appliqué

K: The Hawaiian Quilt is gorgeous, but wow, that’s a lot of curves! It’s so beautiful though and it seems like the kind of thing you would do as an heirloom piece.
D: I did it as a wall hanging size, but you can do it as a pillow. Because of the tradition of Hawaiian quilting where you’re not really supposed to copy anybody, I would love to see people do their own variation of it. I took the way that I sort of make loopy sketches and turned that into the form so it feels more my own. You can certainly simplify the shape so there is less sewing. That would be easy to adapt to someone who has less experience. Purl Soho had something on their blog one time that was much more simplified so you can definitely find a way to make that one easier.

Hawaiian-Style Appliqué, detail.

K: The back of the book has a great list of books you used for historical reference. Do you have a favorite?
D: The one that really opened my eyes was the Exhibition catalog from the Whitney Museum in the ‘70s. (Abstract Design in American Quilts: A Biography of an Exhibition by Jonathan Holstein)

K: There’s also a list of places to see historic quilts. Do any of them have a special significance to you?
D: The Shelburne Museum is amazing.  I remember seeing some amazing quilts in Deerfield, but I haven’t been there for a really long time. I’m a sucker for historic houses and historic museums. There’s an amazing museum in Massachusetts called the American Textile History Museum— It’s just so great, it goes through the whole history of textile production in this country from growing flax, to making your own homespun to the beginning of the industrial revolution. If I could just do that my whole life I’d be pretty happy.

Ocean Wave, full view

K: Isn’t it true that most states have a museum that has a quilt collection?
D: Yeah, but it’s hard to preserve textiles properly. I love the charm of those town or state museums, or historical societies, and they often have amazing quilt collections that nobody ever gets to see… The Kentucky Project started documenting their quilts and I have several of the state quilt books.

(There are Quilt Documentation Projects in many states. If you’re interested in your own state, search online for your state plus “quilt documentation project.” The research in many states is still active and ongoing.)

Ocean Wave

K: I want to talk about fabric collections. Flea Market Fancy is back, and I’m waiting for Katie Jump Rope!
D: I don’t know about Katie Jump Rope. We’ll see. Flea Market Fancy is its own entity. It has surprised everyone with how well it’s done. I’m thrilled and I’m happy that it’s working for everybody— For the stores and Free Spirit, and me.

Chicopee is the next collection and will be shown at Spring Quilt Market and will ship in August.

K: And that’s Free Spirit?
D: Yes, and as we speak I’m designing the next collection which will be for next spring. So we’re operating about a year out. I haven’t named it yet. I’m still struggling with color but it’s due next week

K: Will you be at Quilt Market in May?
D: Yes, I will and I will have a booth for the first time!

K: Thank you, Denyse. I love the new book and will bring it with me to Quilt Market for you to sign!

Today you can WIN a copy of Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration. Comment below with your appreciation for Denyse’s work or fill us in on your own thoughts about modern quilts and traditional inspiration… Tell us about your love of Denyse Schmidt fabrics or how her first book changed your sewing world. Leave your comment and we’ll select a winner at the end of the week. You can also check out the STC Craft blog for more about Denyse and the book.

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361 Responses to Interview with Denyse Schmidt

  1. Diane wespiser says:

    I am thrilled that you named a fabric line from my home town, Chicopee Ma! . Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Diane wespiser says:

    I am thrilled that you named a fabric line from my home town, Chicopee Ma! The name means
    White birch place in the native American language of the region. Thanks for your inspiration.

  3. Karinm says:

    Looking forward to the new fabrics coming soon. Would love to win this book.

  4. Leila says:

    I love the idea of taking inspiration from traditional quilts and making them modern. I don’t really label myself a modern quilter – I am more a a vintage modern quilter. 🙂 Thanks for writing a great book about traditional quilts. I really hope I win it and if not, you can be sure I will get my hands on it somehow to read. 🙂

  5. I just love the fact that so many “younger” women are quilting now, and that people appreciate that….helps change peoples ideas of old ladies sitting around quilting…we are more modern…young women/men sitting around quilting 🙂

  6. Dolores says:

    What a lovely interview. DS has got such a wonderful sense of style and I love her less is more approach. Her quilts are all beautiful, just like her fabrics and patterns. This book looks like one for the collection!

  7. Amy D'Acquisto says:

    Denyse Schmidt has long been not only an inspiration and muse of mine for years, but I greatly value her work as being pure and clean, and minus the twee fluff. This is so refreshing at the very least. I am always referring back to her updates, and over the years she has taken me through creative spells such as sewing children’s clothing, selling her yardage, and even taking on the creative art of quilting: something I used to think of as daunting, but now I find immensely pleasurable. Thank you Denyse! for sharing your art and inspiration!

  8. Andee in AZ says:

    I am working on a handsewn Hexie quilt and just ordered some reprint fabric of Flea Market Fancy that I missed the first time around. Love it!

  9. Sheila says:

    I would love, love, LOVE a copy of this book! Denyse is such an inspiration to me!

  10. Maria says:

    I can’t wait for Denyse’s new line!!

  11. Fran says:

    The photos are beautiful & I really
    enjoyed the interview….very thoughtful
    questions. Thank you for sharing !

  12. Christy says:

    I love Denyse’s work! She is truly talented….

    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  13. Suzanne Daniels says:

    I just love Denise’s quilts and fabric. I was so excited to see her fabric at Joanns I have built up quite a stash for a future project.

  14. Shruti says:

    Denyse’s work has always been an inspiration to me. Every line on her quilt has a purpose. It adds to the quilt, it isn’t “just there”. She makes quilts that will stay contemporary for generations! It would be wonderful to win her book… And the interview is just fabulous! Thank you for both!

  15. Sue SmilesAlot says:

    I would love to win this book. I can just tell by the cover that it will be great! Thanks for the shot!

  16. Julie says:

    I’m a relatively new quilter and so in awe of Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics and style. Actually, I think they’ve definitely helped me start to define by own style – both as a crafter / beginning designer and just in life: when you look all the things you love, as a group, you can start to see who you are in them. Her unique combination of vintage, traditional, and modern design fit me perfectly – and after many years of not knowing what my style was, I get it now. It’s just like Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics and quilts: traditional techniques mixed with vintage design and a modern twist. I’m just getting it, and her mix of the three is a wonderful inspiration.

    Thanks for the giveaway chance – though I’ll be grabbing myself a copy of this book no matter what!

  17. Carol Y says:

    Denyse’s original Quilt It Kit and Single Girl Quilt were such inspirations to me!

  18. Tia says:

    I am relatively new to sewing, and have so far only done craft projects and a few garments. Quilting is next on my list, and the photos I’ve seen from the new book are inspiring and beautiful! I would LOVE to win a copy!!

  19. Stephanie Neumann says:

    WOW, I had no idea the first time I saw this quilt that it was a cover to a Denyse Schmidt book! If I don’t win it I will definitely be buying it! I love Denyse’s fabrics and have been collecting them to make something but had niot decided what yet. Maybe I will find my inspiration in her new book! Her vision of color is “retro” but the quilts she makes with them are “modern” so it’s the best of both worlds! Thanks Denyse. Can’t wait to buy more of your fabric……

  20. Janice S says:

    Her quilts are just beautiful! Love the modern looks of the old traditional craft of quilting.

  21. Diana says:

    Love the quilts and the fabric used. Definitely inspirational.

  22. Teresa says:

    Denyse’s quilts are so beautiful and inspiring, I’m ready to start another quilt now!

  23. Clair says:

    Lovely interview, great photos. Thanks for the intro to Denyse Schmidt’s work. I think i may be able to handle the postage stamp!

  24. Nancy R says:

    After many years of sewing, Denyse was the inspiration that turned me to quilting. Fortunately for me, it was right at the time Flea Market Fancy was released. In true obsession, I’ve gathered nearly all of her prints and aspire to make quilts like Denyse’s modern/old-fashioned style. I enjoyed the interview and would love to win Denyse’s new book!

  25. Shannon O. says:

    Denyse’s quilts are amazing. I’ve grown up around traditional quilts but I was never really interested in making one myself until I saw modern quilts like hers.

  26. liz f says:

    I love Denyse’s quilts and fabrics – I can’t wait for the new line to come out.

  27. Diana says:

    I have Denyse’s first book, and I love it. Her designs are inspiring, and her book is what really got me interested in quilting to begin with.

  28. Kelsey says:

    I love the Hawaiian-style appliqué quilt. Such a great mix of traditional and modern quilting in all of these examples.

  29. Kathy says:

    I started out as a traditional quilter, but I’m veering off in the “modern” direction right now, so this book looks very intersting to me! I would love the chance to win it, and if not, I’ll most likely buy my own copy anyway. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more of Denise’s work – it’s awesome!

  30. Lee says:

    I just love her designs and style – simple and classic.! thanks!

  31. Kaesmene says:

    This is wonderful – thank you for the fresh perspective on quilts!

  32. Kaesmene says:

    This is wonderful – thanks!

  33. debra says:

    I stocked up on some Flea Market Fancy here in Australia yesterday…yep..lucky me…
    I love the way Denyse’s style lends to tradtional and/ or modern…sometimes i move over the traditional style, but with a lot of Denyse’s fabrics they easily transform a more traditional style into a truly lovely modern twist…love that…
    Looking forward to her new range…also keeping my eye out for more of the Aunt Edna range when i can find it…love her fabrics…love the retro too…
    Thank you for the giveaway

  34. Barbara says:

    Love all the photos of the beautiful quilts you made. The postage stamp is ,my favorite, but I alos am very drawn to the stamped whole cloth one.

  35. sandy in california says:

    Love the graphic and contemporary flavor of Denyse’s quilts.

  36. Jen says:

    beautiful quilts with their simplicity!

  37. Valcatraz says:

    I have just bought Denyse Schmidt Quilts because I had seen her quilt pattern at in the mccall’s catalogue and absolutely loved it. I haven’t yet had the time to tackle a project and I’m also torn between which one to try first, but I hope to do so very soon and to win a copy of her new book would be wonderful!

  38. Georgia says:

    I love love love the quilt in the crib. And the x’s. I really don’t know what my quilting style is yet, but I think I would LOVE this book!

  39. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Denyse’s book! I adore her minimalist style.

  40. marci says:

    I have always been inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s work. I have two types of quilts I look at when I need some inspiration, Denyse is one the other is the Gee’s Bend.

  41. Kristine says:

    Beautiful work! I would love to win her book!

  42. Ellen says:

    Ah – With the passing of Borders, I miss being able to leaf thru a book to see what might nab my interest. So this article/interview with the interspersed photos really filled that void. Thank you!

  43. Lisa says:

    This book looks amazing. I tried to get my sister-in-law interested in sewing quilts but she prefers boxing. I bet she’d like if I made her one of Denyse’s quilts though! They are beautiful.

  44. Wendy says:

    I love her fabrics and am just now cutting out a Hope Valley quilt to start on. I was going thru some old MS Living mags and saw that article about her that a previous comment mentions! Can’t wait to see her new book.

  45. Beth says:

    I’ve loved Denyse Schmidt’s work for years now, so traditional and graphic yet contemporary too.

  46. Michele says:

    I would love the new book. M first intro to Denyse Schmidt fabrics was at a quilt dshow when I bought a FQ bundle. Something about those fabrics spoke to me; I ccould not say why. They still do. What an amazing designer.

  47. Kim says:

    Denyse Schmidt’s quilts are truly inspirational and beautiful! She has taken quilting back to its roots – simple can be beautiful, traditional, and modern all at the same time! I’d love to see what she does in her new book!!!!!

  48. Jessica W. says:

    this book looks wonderful, I grew up with lots of quilters and this would make for great inspiration

  49. alison says:

    I love Denise’s fabric choices and the quilts are beautiful. Definitely inspiring!

  50. Mama Spark says:

    Amazing quilts, very talented designer! I would love to win a copy of her book.

  51. Meredith says:

    Hope Valley is still my favorite line of DS’s. The colors and patterns just speak to me for some reason. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!!

  52. MissMary says:

    I’m fairly new to the “world of quilting” but I’ve loved reading this interview and getting an influential woman’s perspective on the historical aspects of this modern art.

  53. I would love to win a copy of this book. Am a huge fan of DS. 🙂

  54. Nin says:

    Really nice interview – Denyse seems a women after my own heart. Lately I’ve been looking to some of my Grandmothers and Great grandmothers work for inspiration and this quilt on the bed at a holiday home my friend Deb stayed at.

    I love that quilting connects me to my family history and allows creative freedom to reinterpret with modern colour, scale and placement. Denyse’s examples are really exciting.

  55. Suz says:

    I made my Farmer’s WIfe quilt from Denyse Schmidt fabrics! They seemed to suit the style of the quilt so well!

  56. Fran says:

    I really admire Denyse, I think she has such a fantastic & unique design style & her fabrics are my absolute favourites. I have recently bought some of the legacy prints of Flea Market Fancy – I wasn’t quilting when it was first released & I was so happy that it was being released as legacy prints. Thanks for the terrific interview & for the giveaway of this lovely book.

  57. Muriel says:

    Of course I would love to win her book! Denyse Schmidt makes lovely fabric, I love how she combines tradition and modern styles!!

  58. Béatrice says:

    My first creation was made wth DS fabrics and I LOVE all her collections. I would be very happy to win this book, thanks for the chance.

  59. Tanja says:

    Wow – her work is as amazing as ever! love the way that she describes the joy of the creative process, and connecting history to the present. Thanks for the giveaway – this book looks awesome!

  60. Siri says:

    The so described ‘romanticized” quilting bee is alive and well in our town here in the NW corner of Montana. A group of women hand quilt together on a frame set up in an old schoolhouse at the historical museum. They’ve been meeting once a week for 40 years now. About a month ago I finally dove in and joined them. In my early 40’s, I am younger than most of the others by decades, and by 10-15 years than a couple of other relative newcomers. The quilting is commissioned and the proceeds from the ‘work’ is the main source of income for the local historical society. Such a pleasure meeting and stitching together with a great group of women!

    My own interest in quilting came during college about 20 years ago. I attended a quilt show, then pored over nearly every book I could find in all the nearby libraries, and then winged my first quilt which turned out a little wonky and is now quite tattered and torn and still loved.

    Not much has really changed. The stack of quilting books I have currently checked out from the library is almost embarrassingly tall.

    I remember first seeing Denyse’s work featured in an issue of MS Living and was immediately smitten with her work. it seems her modern designs have always been deeply rooted in traditional designs, done with her own twist. “Every person who touches those patterns does something different with it…” sums it all up so well.

  61. Rachel says:

    I’m a new quilter, finishing up my 4th in the same number of years. I’ve been taught by a friend and until recently, felt limited by a few designs. I am so inspired to see a new take on quilting, and eager to learn more!

  62. Joanna says:

    The book looks fabulous. I think I relate to her interests in the old and new quilts. Many of my favorite “old” time quilts I love for their simplicity or geometric design.

    Look forward to seeing the new fabric line!

  63. Rachel says:

    She is one of the few designers that has a good collection of small scale prints, which I love. Also many of her collections work together. I like the crossover.

  64. Marita H. says:

    The pictures you have shared are so beautiful, and they inspire me to try my hand at creating such masterpieces!

  65. Paula says:

    I have Denyse’s first book and I read it all the time for inspiration! Her designs are wonderful in themselves and a great jumping-off point to make your own things. Thank you for the great interview and giveaway!

  66. Linda says:

    Denyse’s fabrics are great! I stood in line at the grand opening of a new JoAnn’s, just so I could get the WHOLE collection of Aunt Edna. Great stuff! And it looks like Chicopee will be another big seller. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. MarciaW says:

    Denyse S’s site is one that I love to visit – both for the fabrics and her commercial quilts. Her quilts are memorable – I saw a Cogs quilt posting just this week and it seems everyone was making Single GIrl. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of her new book.

  68. prsd4tim2 says:

    Sadly, my Single Girl is still sitting in my WIP basket – templates made and fabric uncut, but I WILL get to it soon. Meanwhile, I love Denyse’s fabrics and would certainly love to get my hands on a copy of her book. Her designs are so fresh and timeless – traditional and modern at the same time. Such an inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  69. Carolyn says:

    I wonder what inspired Denyse to call her new collection Chicopee? I’m from Springfield, MA and Chicopee is the next town over… interesting!

  70. Angie says:

    I love Denyse’s colors! There’s not many quilting books I want, but this happens to be one of them.

  71. Danielle says:

    As a student of Art History – specializing in modern art- I truly appreciate Denyse’s interpretations of traditional patterns. I am in love with her deconstruction of pattern and color. Her quilts & fabric are timeless!

  72. Brooke says:

    I love the blend of modern and traditional styles!

  73. robin says:

    I really like her Flea Market Fancy prints – love the nod toward yesteryear. And quilts that incorporate both traditional and modern elements are my favorite.

  74. epban says:

    Enjoyed the interview! Denyse’s 1st book got me headed to modern quilting and I can’t wait to read the new one.

  75. Katie says:

    Wonderful interview, love Denyse’s sense of style. Her quilts are always striking.

  76. Anna Dorothy says:

    denyse’s fabrics are so wonderful! the book looks great and i would love to win it.

  77. Sarah says:

    Love the quilts! It’s so inspiring to look at these and think about how to make something old into something new and modern.

  78. mary l says:

    Denyse’s new fabric line is great.

  79. Ruth says:

    I love the way Denyse has reinterpreted traditional quilt designs into something truly contemporary and spectacular! I would have a lot of trouble deciding which quilt from this book to make first – my favourite is the gorgeous pink and orange circular design, but I think I would have to start with the adorable postage stamp quilt, for my first baby due in September 🙂

    Thanks for a beautiful book Denyse! Ruth

  80. Jessica says:

    so inspiring!

  81. mo says:

    Great interview. Denyse Schmidt’s book was the first one I ever looked at and said “I want to make a quilt!” Before that, I thought quilts were old and stodgy and only made with dull, flat colors. Hers is still a book that I take down and look out quite often. I can’t wait to get this new book. And, of course, I love Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics.

  82. Kirsten says:

    I love Denyse’s modern style and she is a wonderful fabric designer. I think that by keeping quilting up-to-the-times, that it will continue to be very popular.

  83. iris says:

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    I like her individual patterns and her free projects on her web site.
    last christmas, her shopping bags were what I made for gifts.
    I can’t wait to see this book.

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    Congratulations !

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    Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  123. L says:

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  212. Beth T. says:

    I loved reading what she had to say about Hawaiian appliqué. My grandparents lived in Hawaii for awhile, and I have always intended to make a wall-hanging I that style. I appreciate the referral to Purl Soho for a somewhat simpler version.

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    The book looks amazing! Terrific giveaway.

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    this book is definitely on my ‘wish list’!!!
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  244. Flying Blind says:

    An amazing lady making amazing fabric. I wasn’t into quilting the first time FMF came out, and the re-release is wonderful for folks like me, thank you x

  245. Sharonnz says:

    I love the idea of a book that combines the modern and traditional. A full scale rejection of the traditional is not for me!

  246. April says:

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  251. Deborah Iversen says:

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    Winning her new book would be way cool — a head start on new quilts

  253. Mona White says:

    Would love to win this book, and start on a new quilt!

  254. Wendy says:

    I first learned about Denyse through the Katie Jump Rope fabric collection. I, too, would love to see that collection come back again, just like FMF!

  255. charlotte says:

    This looks like a great book to add to any collection. I love all her fabric designs and can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks for the great interview. Very informative.

  256. KimT says:

    What I am impressed with is Denyse’s desire to learn. As she mentioned, she could take an easier path since she is so successful as a modern quilter. Instead she is choosing to go even further, bringing us more traditional projects and showing that we can make them unique and modern. Amazing woman, I have a feeling she will keep us from becoming bored for a long time 🙂 Her new book is on my wish list!

  257. Jennie P. says:

    I had no idea she had a book coming out! So cool It looks like a great book.

  258. Beth says:

    I love Denyse’s modern take on the traditional quilting patterns. Very fresh! This book was featured in our local paper just yesterday, looks like a wonderful book!

  259. Christina says:

    The first two quilts I ever made were with Katie Jump Rope. I didn’t realize at the time how big Denyse Schmidt was or how the modern quilt movement was growing, but I knew great design and I loved the way those projects turned out!

  260. Rebekah S says:

    What great quilts! I can’t wait to see the book.

  261. Emily says:

    I love Denyse’s work and am always happy to hear about what inspires her! She sure has a great style!

  262. cradke says:

    I’m relatively new to quilting, but when I started a year ago it was Hope Valley that really inspired me and created the momentum for my love of quilting. I continue to enjoy Denyse’s lovely fabric collections.

  263. Anne says:

    This book sounds really inspiring. Modern quilts are the best!

  264. Tong says:

    The book looks amazing, Denyse has always been a huge inspiration for me!

  265. Hilary says:

    Wonderful interview. The quilts are beautiful.

  266. Abby says:

    I love Denyse’s modern quilt designs with their nod to the traditional–so inspiring!

  267. Dear Denyse,
    It is wonderful to see someone who is able to share their love of tradition with so many. My grandmother was a quilter from the south and passed her appreciation of the craft on to the next generations. My sister is the genuine machine sewer of the family but I enjoy the simple pleasure still of hand sewing. All of us need encouragement and motivation sometimes. Your designs spark the creative urges to explore avenues not yet taken.
    Thank You,

  268. Jayme says:

    I am IN LOVE with ALL of Denyse’s fabrics! L.O.V.E! Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!

  269. Debbie says:

    Iam just getting into modern quilts and love it. Denise’s fabric is always beautiful. The pictures are inspiring.

  270. Louby says:

    Amazing, I’ve had this book in my wishlist on Amazon since I heard of its existance!! Denyse is such an inspiration to all modern quilters.

  271. Taryn says:

    I don’t quilt yet, but Denyse’s color sensibilities and stellar designs make me inspired to start!

  272. I first saw and heard about Denyse Schmidt a LOOONG time a go when she appeared on Martha Stewart Living! I wasn’t into quilting back then but I was TOTALLY mesmerized by her quilts and her creative process. I love quilts because of their history and I truly appreciate that she respects the history of quilts and quilting and uses it as her inspiration.
    With inspiring people like Denyse we can continue to make history as we create quilts for our loved ones.

  273. Katrina says:

    I’ve always been drawn to Denyse’s fabrics and style. What a great interview, thank you! I would love love love to win this book!

  274. Gail says:

    I love the hawaiian wall quilt! I’m not sure if its the color or the curves I’m reacting to – I adore that green!

  275. Heidi says:

    Wow…so amazing. Thanks so much for sharing a copy with us!

  276. Desie says:

    Denyse Schmidt is my fave. I have a HUGE stash of her fabrics that I am just now cutting into after a couple of years of collecting. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  277. Wonderful, tons of inspiration. Love that Ocean Wave quilt – it’s stunning!

  278. Very interesting interview. It makes me want to go and buy the book. I would love to learn more about traditonal inspirations in modern quilting. It seems like modern doesn’t mean new after all.

  279. Margaret says:

    What a great interview. Denyse was certainly the first modern quilter I knew by name and style. It was through her web site (in my search for FMF two years ago) that I found so many of the quilting blogs and online fabric stores that I visit almost daily now.

  280. Miya says:

    I never thought I’d be a quilter… Until I saw an online exhibit of Amish quilts, and I was blown away and had to try making my own. I would really love this book!

  281. Bianca says:

    Great interview. I’ve been drooling over just about everything she makes…

  282. Kate Martin says:

    I’ve got a whole heap of my daughters’ clothes saved up to make quilts for them but haven’t known where to start – that postage stamp quilt is the perfect inspiration. Thank you.

  283. Michelle says:

    My heart is racing — can’t wait to get the book! She is so inspiring!

  284. Valerie Boudier says:

    Loved the quilts you showed, especially Ocean Wave, an inspiration

  285. Denyse is responsible for many beautiful fabrics, but the color and design of the Katie Jump Rope collection is absolutely timeless. Can’t wait to own this book.

  286. Joann says:

    I have Denyse’s first quilt book and just love it!

  287. Sola says:

    I am so coveting this book. Have never attempted quilting, but this would be the perfect inspiration!

  288. Diane says:

    Awesome! I am a big fan of all your work!! Would love to win your book – I have your others.

  289. Talia says:

    I first saw Denyse’s quilts at a Ralph Pucci showroom in New York. I was amazed at the way they blended tradition with contemporary style – they really seemed to warm up that entire showroom. I’ve continued to be inspired by her work: and am working on my third contemporary quilt now myself… though it seems I’ll never finish it!

  290. Becky Greene says:

    I love that Denyse shows such incredible range in her quilting and design. She is very inspirational and I would love to win a copy of her book! Thanks for the chance!

  291. Megan says:

    I would love to win a copy of Denyse’s book — you’re right, she’s the first modern quilter I knew by name!

  292. I’d love to win a copy of her book!!! Enjoyed the interview.

  293. Kristin says:

    The Ocean Wave transfixes me!

  294. Kathrynn says:

    These quilts are amazing, thanks for the chance to win the book

  295. Pat Hersl says:

    I came to appreciate Denyse years ago when I lived in CT. I was first introduced to her fabrics. She does amazing work and I love and appreciate the integration with the classic blocks.

  296. My favorite thing about Denise’s style is that by choice of fabric and design her quilts are modern, but they aren’t overly simple. I am looking forward to her book. I’ve considered doing a Hawaiian quilt, and seeing hers moves that plan higher on my to do list.

  297. Elizabeth says:

    I love the ocean view quilt!

  298. susan rector says:

    Awesome!! Denyse is an amazing quilter. As a new quilter, I’m just in love with the fabrics and design!!

  299. Thank you for this great interview. Denyse Schmidt’s site was one of the very first webistes I fell upon when I started to investigate this “modern quilting” thing I was hearing about. I have been a quilter for a long time, but was feeling a bit lost with the traditional patterns and fabric designs. I liked the very old simple patterns which were part of my heritage from Nova Scotia Canada, and yet I needed them to be more modern. When I first saw Denyse’s quilts it was my “aha!” moment. It was like coming home, quilts that fit my traditional senses, and yet stoked my modern outlook. This book particualry suits me as I have been thinking about taking old Nova Scotia quilt patterns and attempting to make more modern versions. This book is completely inspiring!

  300. I adore Denyse’s work and I think she has inspired many people. She has the uncanny ability to teeter on the brink of traditional and modern. So great! I would love to win her book. Thanks for the chance.

  301. Elizabeth says:

    During high school, I performed in a play called Quilters – but I didn’t start quilting until 2 years ago (MANY years since high school!). The first thing I said was: I want to quilt but I don’t want to be a traditional quilter. I want to respect traditional quilting but with a fresher feel. That’s what I love about what Denise Schmidt is doing – her work is just what I meant!

    Thanks for the chance!
    lwghosts at yahoo dot com

  302. Emily says:

    I would love to win! Denyse Schmidt is who really inspired me to get into quilting. Her work is the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned.

  303. Mary P says:

    I just got to look at this book in person and it is gorgeous. I love the nod to tradition.

  304. Maribeth says:

    I love Denyse Schmidt’s quilts and fabric. I just bought a stack of FMF-I had the original, but just have some little scraps left!

  305. Alli says:

    Her quilts are gorgeous! Her Stamped and Ocean Wave quilts are so neat!

  306. Ann says:

    Great interview. Her would is wonderful. I have not yet made my Hope Valley quilt yet but may get inspired by something in this book. Just love the colors in that line.

  307. Vicki says:

    I just purchased a FQ stack of FMF. I love her fabrics, and would love to get into quilt history! Thanks

  308. patti krueger says:

    I love the idea of modern quilts with traditional inspiration!
    Beautiful quilts.

  309. Sherri S. says:

    Her work is just so inspiring. That’s the best way I can put it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  310. Leila says:

    Wonderful interview, Denyse is an inspiration to us all!

  311. Samina says:

    I’ve got Denyse’s book in my “to buy” queue. I really like the modern spin she’s put on the old classics. Even thought they’re modern, they’re still timeless. She’s made them new classics!

  312. Pamela says:

    Thank you for the wonderful interview. I adore the Wagon Wheel quilt. My grandson loves trains, so I’m seeing a R/R motif!

  313. Siew says:

    I am itching to make a quilt but am afraid to start – the wee postage stamp doll quilt looks like it would be a great start. I love Denyse’s designs and actually bought enough Flea Market Fancy for a quilt…one day!

  314. Emily says:

    Denyse is so inspiring. I just bought her “Point Me” pattern, and if I decide to jump in, it will be my first quilt ever! I love her fabrics and her vision. Great interview!

  315. Jenny G. says:

    I always look forward to Denyse’s new fabric collections. Her use of colors and always makes me smile!

  316. Taysha Riggs says:

    Gorgeous quilts. I’m a newbie and def want a modern look to the ones I start. This book would be a great help!

  317. Heather S. says:

    A friend recently introduced me to Denyse’s work, and I instantly fell in love. The book sounds fascinating!

  318. Anna says:

    I absolutely love her first book – this one looks amazing, too!

  319. Jackie says:

    OMG what a Fresh book of quilts, hard to choose only one, thanks for sharing and for the chance to win one of this fabulous book.

  320. ~Michelle~ says:

    I think you definitely hit the nail on the head re: DS being a quilter of “name” for a lot of us! Also, I’m excited she talks history in the book, I totally geek out for that sort of thing!

  321. Jen says:

    I love reading interviews like this. Fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.

  322. Meg says:

    I am in awe of Denyse’s work and her designs–her first book is always a source of inspiration. And I’m loving her approach to traditional quilt patterns–very thought-provoking!

  323. Julie says:

    I am IN LOVE with the Orange Peel quilt! I really can’t wait to make it. Denyse’s quilts have really changed my perception of modern quilting. They ar so simple and elegant looking, but very sophisticated at the same time.

  324. Gill says:

    A fabulous interview! Thank you!
    I loved Hope Valley and now I’m waiting for FMF to arrive in the UK!!

  325. Diane W says:

    OOOH! Love the stamped quilt! I think I need the book just for that!

  326. Jenny says:

    denyse is such an inspiration, im excited to see this book with mostly using solids!

  327. Kristin says:

    Love Denyse Schmidt! Her fabrics are all so well designed. Honestly, I’m sometimes drawn more to other designer’s more flashy prints, but hers are ones that I can use in quilt after quilt and not get tired of. And always such great colors. One of my all time favorite designers!

  328. Ana says:

    Such beautiful quilts. I’m new to quilting, so I didn’t know Denise, just by looking at these photos I’m sure I’m going to love her books.

  329. Linda says:


  330. Lorrie says:

    Denyse brings a modern influence to the art of quilting that I love. Reinterpreting old techniques and skills is a wonderful way to honour the artists of the past.

  331. Jane says:

    This is an amazing book form a wonderful designer. I would love to have it on my bookshelf.

  332. Sherry J says:

    I so want this book, very exciting to see new patterns. thanks!

  333. Lindsay says:

    Looking forward to seeing pics of Denyse’s new line, Chicopee!

  334. Barbara says:

    I am tired of the disparaging blog entries in regard to modern quilting – saying modern quilters are just too lazy to make small pieces meets correctly at the seams. My simple 2 word response to them is “Denyse Schmidt” – I began quilting at the age of 60 and this woman is my personal idol.

  335. amanda says:

    That wagon wheel quilt is just stunning. I think it’s amazing how much more modern simple color choices can make traditional quilts seem.

  336. Terri in BC says:

    I just recently heard of Denyse Schmidt and when I head to the States next week, I’ll be looking for Flea Market Fancy. I’d love to read her book, I think it’s great to hear about the background behind the designs.

  337. craftytammie says:

    denyse’s fabric lines and quilt patterns really drew me to quilting! i’m a huge fan, and can’t wait – she’s speaking at our guild later this year!

  338. Heather says:

    The very first bed quilt I ever made was from Denyse’s other book, it was the drunk love log cabin quilt, so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for her and her style!!

  339. Beth says:

    What a wonderful interview. Her first book was the first quilting book I read and inspired me to get started quilting – I think the first project was coasters?!?

  340. Rachel B says:

    I love the fusion achieved with modern and traditionas especially in the “Ocean Wave” quilt.

  341. Heather says:

    I would love to win this awesome book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  342. Jenny says:

    I’m interested to see this book — as one of the leaders in modern quilting, where Denyse goes, everyone else is sure to follow soon!

  343. Trish says:

    I have enjoyed the book Denyse Schmidt Quilts and I would love this one too. I appreciate traditional quilt designs and the history behind them.

  344. Nancy says:

    My quilting became much more fun when Katie Jump Rope was introduced…it was the first line I really HAD TO HAVE… I missed out on all the FMF hoopla…
    Would love to own her new book…THanks for the chance..

  345. kristen gilmore powell says:

    This looks like a lovely book! I love Denyse’s work! Just beautiful. Thanks for this chance.

  346. beth says:

    I really love the connection with tradition in Denyse’s work. I have enjoyed visiting some quilt museums and love the stories the old quilts tell. The way Denyse combines this sensibility with our modern preferences is right up my alley. Oh, how I would LOVE to win this book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  347. Terri says:

    I bought my first piece of fabric designed by Denyse last week. I love it and look forward to being inspired by her book!

  348. House of Pinheiro says:

    Denise’s work is so inspirational. thank you for sharing

  349. I love the art and endless creativity of quilting. I was drawn to quilting as a child by the rich history and connections to the past. I am always inspired by Denyse’s work and love the appreciation that both you and Denyse have for the quilters who have gone before us from around the world.

  350. Allie says:

    My mother and I have been able to connect through sewing recently. She’s been quilting for decades now and has been teaching me. We come up with ideas together and send each other designs we find. She’s pretty traditional and I’m always looking for something modern, so Denyse’s designs are something we both can agree on. It’s quite a lovely book.

  351. Debbie says:

    So impressed by Ms. Schmidt’s quilts and would love to win her book. She is an inspiration.

  352. Grandma G says:

    I love Denyse’s style of quilting!

  353. thebon says:

    It’s a little amazing to me how modern fabrics can really update and refresh traditional motifs. That Hawaiian-style applique is really stunning!

  354. Janet K says:

    Denyse Schmidt Quilts was the first modern quilting book I bought for myself – I made several of the smaller projects from it and really felt seduced into the quilty world by her work. Thanks for the interview!

  355. Linda R. says:

    These quilts are beautiful!! I just bought a fat quarter bundle of Flea Market Fancy and would love to win a copy of this book!!

  356. Jamie says:

    Yes. To all of those things and more. I really started LOVING sewing almost two years ago when I stumbled upon some FMF in the *clearance* bin of my LQS. That was it, I was hooked! I am lucky enough to live in CT and have attended her studio sale the past two years. I got to see the quilts in the book in person and was blown away. Plus, Denyse was the most humble and gracious person you could hope to meet. I would love to win a copy of this book, but even if I don’t I know I will end up buying it, it is a treasure!

  357. Jan Herzberg says:

    Love teh small quilts as I feel like they are a good size to try a new technique.

  358. My gosh I would love to win a copy of this book. Denyse Schmidt was an inspiration to me when she first started becoming popular coming from a family of Old fashioned traditional shall we say quilters. I was thrilled to see some of her quilts. How contemporary and hip they were. Thats when I took an interest in quilting. She was the reason I started quilting.

  359. Anya says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  360. Alex says:

    All these quilts are so amazing!

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