Fat Quarter Idol ~ Round 4 Finals, Public Voting

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For our final round of Fat Quarter Idol we asked you to choose 12 fabrics that were representative of your style. There were many beautiful packs, and our judges, Heather and Kaye, have narrowed it down to 10. Now it’s your turn to pick the winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Fat Quarter Idol! It’s been tons of fun to see your picks. Several of the finalists made it into the top 10 more than once. Look for other rounds of Fat Quarter Idol in the future!

(Our apologies that one of the images was wrong. It has been fixed. We’ll keep the voting up another day.)

Review the 10 fat quarter packs below. Click the image to visit the Pinterest Board. Choose your three favorites in the poll below.

1. Andi Osiek (artsyandi)

2. Catherine (misscboogie)

3. Ashley Brady (achbrady)

4. Josée Carrier (charmingneedle)

5. Kelly Spear (kellyspear)

6.Sadie Wishart (sadiewishart)

7. Stephany Asencio (stephtastic)

8. Kady Long (kadylong)

9. Angela Pingel (cuttopieces)

10. Jill Randel (jyllybean)

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14 Responses to Fat Quarter Idol ~ Round 4 Finals, Public Voting

  1. Kelly says:

    has the winner been decided yet? i’m one of the finalists, and while i’m sure i didn’t win, i’m very eager to see who did! 🙂

  2. Chris P says:

    I too, love the bright Spring colors and lively patterns of Kady’s pack.

  3. Peggy W. Bennett says:

    Love these may have to purchase a few!!

  4. Dorothy says:

    Tough choices, but I’m drawn to the bright colored prints. Gosh, I hope i win!

  5. sue says:

    love the brightness and spark of Kady’s. Your project would have such life!

  6. Margaret says:

    I see what the problem is–the picture that is shown in this blog post is of her “Sweet Child of Mine” pinboard, but if you click on it, it takes you to her “My Style” pinboard.

  7. Margaret says:

    When I click on Angela’s it looks like a totally different board.

  8. emma crawford says:

    love sadie’s, amazing!!!

  9. Well I’m very honored to be selected again, but you didn’t post a pic of this week’s fabrics. Those are my fabrics from the first round. Did you mean to post those or the ones from this week? lol

  10. Nancy U says:

    Love seeing these great fabric groupings!

  11. Kassie says:

    love it

  12. Ashley says:

    Love everyone’s picks! This was my favorite round!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I like Andi, Sadie & Jill’s!

    Good luck ladies 🙂

  14. Dina says:

    Looking forward to participating in more rounds of Fat Quarter Idol. This is a fun competition!

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