Giveaway Day ~ May 21!

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It’s almost time for May Giveaway Day! The fun starts May 21 and lasts all week long!

Giveaway Day is a biannual, HUGE event we coordinate where everyone with a shop or blog can give something away. We had really positive feedback for December’s Giveaway Day so we’re using a handy link-up system again (rather than have you submit your giveaway information ahead of time). On Monday, May 21 at 6 a.m. PST you can come here to submit your own link and a thumbnail photo for your giveaway. We’ll share instructions for how to do it (it’s easy) and we’ll be available to answer any questions about the process. In the meantime you can think about which category best suits your giveaway:

  • Handmade for the Home (quilts, hot pads, pillows, etc.)
  • Handmade Bags
  • Handmade Baby + Kid Items
  • Sewing + Craft Supplies (fabric, patterns, buttons, trims, yarn, etc.)
  • Handmade Accessories (hats, scarves, belts, adult clothes, etc.)

When we first started Giveaway Day several years ago that’s what it was: one day! It’s now truly a BIG event so Giveaway “Day” really lasts a full week. This gives you time to browse through the hundreds of giveaways and to really enjoy and interact with the various participating sites. All giveaways must close May 25 at 5 p.m. PST, and winners should be announced by email no later than Sunday, May 27 (please also update your Giveaway Day post to include the winner’s name).

Here is more about Giveaway Day, plus tips to help you have a really positive experience:

Why do it?

Participants benefit because a) they get new readers (many participants end up with hundreds of comments & visitors); b) they get potential shoppers/readers; c) they can experience the joy of giving something they’ve made to a virtual friend. Readers benefit because a) they get exposed to blogs with great ideas; b) they are directed to shops with wonderful items; c) they get the opportunity to win a cool handmade prize!


  • Your giveaway item must be either handmade (for example, bags, artwork, etc.), or something that can be used for making handmade gifts (for example, buttons, ribbons, patterns, etc.).
  • You need to write a post, including a photo of the giveaway item, and ask visitors to comment on that post.
  • Your post must link to a blog. No Facebook or Etsy shop links, please.
  • Come here Monday, May 21 at 6 a.m. PST (or later!) to submit your link.
  • Decide how you want to choose the winner (random, best answer to a question, etc.).
  • State in the post whether you’ll ship the item internationally.
  • Leave your giveaway open until May 25 at 5 p.m. PST.
  • Email your winner by May 27, and note the winner in the giveaway post.
  • Ship your item by June 1.
  • Tell everyone you know! Help us tell the world about May Giveaway Day! Grab our button and link back to this post to let your readers know you’ll be participating. Tweet about Giveaway Day, spread the news on Facebook and write on your blog! and here is the link url:
  • Please include a link back to so your readers can enter more giveaways.

Tips for Success:

  • Make it easy for people to enter to win your giveaway. Participants don’t like “hoops” requiring people to Tweet about the giveaway, become a follower, etc. These tend to frustrate readers and might make them less likely to visit you again.
  • Include a picture of your giveaway. You’ll need one clear photo when you link to our giveaway posts. Take a good photo in natural light, without lots in the background to distract from your item(s). People will decide whether to visit based on the photo, so you want the photo to look good. Our link-up system turns photos into square thumbnails so consider how the photo will crop or create a square image to upload yourself.
  • Participants tend to like answering specific questions when they comment on your post. Rather than just a random comment, consider asking readers to tell you their favorite food, what the view looks like from out their window, a favorite summer tradition… Something to help people connect in some small way.
  • Have fun!


Want to participate? Prepare your giveaway item(s), take a photo, write your post and then link up on Monday, May 21 (starting at 6 a.m. PST). We’ll have separate pages for each of the different categories. Explore other sites and try your luck at winning a great giveaway!

Show Your Support!

One of the reasons we coordinate Giveaway Day twice a year is the help you find great new blogs to read and to help bloggers find new fans. New bloggers can sometimes feel like they’re writing in a vacuum until people start showing up to comment. Even if you’ve found their blog via a giveaway, a few kind, encouraging words in the comments can mean a lot.

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49 Responses to Giveaway Day ~ May 21!

  1. Dottie says:

    Glad to see your prizes still available today. Some of the sites have ended giving their prizes already.
    Hope to win(don’t e all)

  2. Norma says:

    Hi. I love your site and the fabulous Giveaway. I’m following you using google reader. Yesterday May 21 I entered some of the giveaways. Somehow today I’m not being able to see the lists of sites to visit and keep entering. I thought we were going to have a week to go thru the blogs. I’m wondering if you are aware of this. Thanks for checking into it.

  3. Sharon Frisch says:

    I don’t have a blog or a website but I do have a little ‘group’ called ‘Off the Hook’ on Facebook. I take orders for crocheted, knitted and sewn items but I wanted to keep it smaller than a blog. Am I allowed to enter an item to give away and am I allowed to post my name to enter to win any of the giveaways?

  4. Ria says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to see what a lot off blogs there are. Untill now I was only following the blogs in the Netherlands.

  5. QTQ says:

    I love to sew quilt sew and quilt some more What did you sew this long weekend?
    I made 2 rag quilts

  6. My favorite is: Little Apples!

  7. michaela says:

    Love it!! What great patterns

  8. Kathleen S says:

    this is such a fun event…I have already visited a few of the blogs already….thank you!!!

  9. m.atwell says:

    I am looking forward with more garment sewing on your I would like to more education on the serger and using it along with sewing garments. Your shows are great and I video them each week.Congradulations on 30th anniversary.

  10. Nancy Ely says:

    Love all your patterns so it is hard to decide but caramel and cocoa is my current favorite and garden jewels is right there with it!!! Keep these inspiring refreshing patterns coming!!!

  11. Carrie O says:

    What a fun event!

  12. Marilyn says:

    First time for me and I’m hoping to win and get myself bacck into the sewing groove. Have always loved your show.

  13. Karen says:

    I have some lovely liberty fat quarters to give away 🙂

  14. SewzPassion says:

    I am new. I have snappy pouch to giveaway!

  15. Jodi G. says:

    I’m so looking forward to this next week. Fun giveaways but also finding creative, talented and inspiring people. Thank You!

  16. Lee says:

    I always find such great new blogs on giveaway day! thanks!

  17. PJ says:

    Let the fun begin. I’ll have some fabric to give away!

  18. Angela O. says:

    Thank you so much for making it a week event! I didn’t get ANYTHING done at work that day last time, hahaha!

  19. Sam says:

    So excited!

  20. Sissy says:

    I want to participate. I have some vintage fabric I could share. I just have to figure out the linking up part.

  21. Jill says:

    Any chance that time can be moved up? For those of us who work 9 to 5s (or 8:30 to 5 in my case) on EST, we’ll totally miss out.

  22. camelama says:

    I’m wondering in what category a stuffie/plushie that is NOT NOT NOT for babies/kids would fit. They’re not for kids, they’re not a supply, they’re not a hotpad, they’re not a bag… 🙂 Accessories?! I guess you could pin one to a hat… 🙂

  23. Delorise says:

    This is my first time and I am looking forward to it. I can’t wait. I hope I win something. Thanks for doing this.

  24. Foster says:

    Would “How-To” sewing, quilting, or craft books count in the sewing and craft supplies category?

  25. Marjorie says:

    This sound like lots of fun…I must find something for this giveaway….I’ve been wanting to have another one; so this is the perfect opportunity….Thank you.

  26. if we want to giveaway something in two different categories, do we need to have two separate posts?

  27. FarahLin says:

    The May Giveaway sounds FUN! I am a newbie and would love to join in too. This would be my first giveaway and I’m looking forward to visiting other/new blogs that I’m not aware of. =)

  28. Dianna says:

    Yay, I love the may give away day – it’s such fun:) I can’t wait to enter my give away and find lots of new and exciting blogs to read and enjoy!

  29. I’ll participate too!
    Take care, Leslie

  30. Jolie says:

    Sounds fun! I’m in!

  31. Jamie B says:

    Hmmmm. Seriously thinking about participating. Do people actually go around and visit the blogs and comment, or do they just enter all the giveaways and never come back?

  32. EG says:

    Awesome! I only found out about this just in time to miss last December’s giveaway so I shall have to get thoroughly involved to make up for it. I already have a marvellous little goodie stashed away especially! 😀

  33. Anna (sixtyfourcolorbox) says:

    I’ve been waiting for this giveaway. I was disappointed to discover I missed the December giveaway. I’m planning on hosting a giveaway as well this round as a kick off for jumping back into posting again.

  34. Cara says:

    Counting down the days!! Have already blogged that I will be taking part and now need to get my thinking cap on as to what I will be giving away!!

  35. trish says:

    Oh how much fun!! :0)
    Hmm…what to give?!

  36. Shankevia says:

    I am getting ready to post about the Give Away day on my blog The Quilting Diaries and was wondering if it is okay for me to inform post what the contest is but inform them that it will not start until the 21st? I did not want to post that and then be disqualified from being apart of Give Away Day.

  37. Valerie says:

    I love this event! it’s like good will spreading throughout the crafty Internet. Hmmm, Now to decide what to give away!

  38. Kathy says:

    I’m a new blogger, so this will be my first year participating – count me in!!!

  39. Alyssa says:

    So excited to join in! Can you giveaway more than one item? Can’t decide what to giveaway so much ideas! haha

  40. Breah says:

    Oh this so like fun I cant wait!

  41. Yay, what great timing! I have just been considering having a giveaway to invite people to my fledgling blog. Just the little kick I need! So much Fun it will be!

  42. I think I’ll have to join in the fun this year!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun event 🙂 we love it!!!

  43. This sounds like fun!
    I will try this and I already have an idea;-)

  44. Staci says:

    I actually have something I’ve been saving for this – thanks for hosting it again!

  45. Jacque says:

    Looking forward to this! It is always fun!

  46. Leila says:

    Fun, fun, fun, I can’t wait!!

  47. Yay for giveaway day! Off to figure out what to give away. 🙂

  48. Jocelyn says:

    Thanks so much for hosting the Giveaway Day. I have enjoyed participating over the years. It’s such a wonderful way to visit new blogs and renew old acquaintances as well.

  49. So excited! I just announced what I am making for this yesterday on my blog. Now I just have to not ruin it! Oh, I looooove May Giveaway Day. 🙂

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