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Kristin is generously allowing me to switch hats today from Editor here on the Sew,Mama,Sew! blog to Summer Camp Director; I’m promoting Summer Camp Adventure Club, my online camp for kids! Learn more and comment for a chance to win one of five monthly subscriptions.

I taught first grade before taking an extended break (6 years and counting!) to be home with my kids. Every year I have that super-strong desire to create a beautiful summer for my children; you know– Campfires, sprinklers, great books, Popsicles, art, music, hands in the dirt… I want my kids to have just the right mix of freedom, activity, creativity and imaginative escapes. The reality of our summer days can occasionally be a little crazy-making though, for me as the mama and for my kids too. Summertime wishes for a good mix of low-key activity and fun, coupled with my teaching background, form the basis of Summer Camp Adventure Club.

A Supermobile from our Space theme.

What is Summer Camp?
Summer Camp Adventure Club is a subscription-based, online “camp” (an eCourse/online class) where Pre-K through 3-4 grade campers get fun, new ideas every day throughout the summer. There’s a new theme every week in June, July and August. Each weekly theme includes tons of inspiring projects, activities, journal prompts, downloads, recipes and more. Kids get the inspiration and guidance they need to work more independently to create projects they love.

How Does it Work?
Families can sign up for one month, two months or all summer at a discount; your subscription gives you a password to access camp headquarters. Each Sunday the new weekly theme page is posted, and every week day the page is updated to include new inspiration. Campers can choose to do as much or as little as they want each week. You can pick and choose which activities you want to do, and when you want to do them.

One of our Sample Projects from the Castle theme: Easy Capes.

Learn more on our FAQ page. Check out some Sample Projects, Activities + Resources, and take a peek at our Photo Gallery. Our Books also give you a feel for Summer Camp (and some clues about weekly themes!).

Have you heard the buzz about Caine’s Arcade? We inspire kids so they can easily create, imagine and play with the gift of summer “free time.” (Plus we even have a cardboard-based activity each week!) Studies show the loss of academic skills for kids in summer equals about one month worth of school (Source). Summer Camp Adventure Club incorporates daily journaling prompts, great book reviews, and a whole lot more to support learning at home. Camp activities are informed by theories of multiple intelligences (the work of Howard Gardner, David Lazear and others) so your Nature Smart, Body Smart or Word Smart kid will find the summer challenging and exciting. (Your People Smart, Self Smart, Sound Smart, Logic Smart or Image Smart Adventurer will too!)

Comment today for a chance to win one of five monthly subscriptions to Summer Camp Adventure Club (winners select the month). Tell us how you help kids create happy summers!

Here’s a Summer Camp project in our bonus On-The-Go section (activities + ideas for trips). The pretty Bright Yarn or Jewel Yarn Variety Packs in the shop would be perfect for this project!

Easy Tube Pom-Pom Garland
These Pom-Poms are easy to make and they’re tons of fun too! They’re great for games on the go, and they are perfect for bright and happy garlands. Use a Pom-Pom Garland as decoration for your Author Party in the News + Writing theme week or celebrate Color Week with a new look for your bedroom.


  • Yarn (we used two colors)
  • Scissors
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Tape
  • Needle with large eye
  • Optional: Small pom-pom balls from store (these are from a dollar store) + glue gun

Adult Help:
It can be helpful to have someone watch the first time you make a pom-pom, just to make sure you’re on the right track. Adults should assist/observe use of the optional glue gun.

Wrap a piece of yarn around the tube lengthwise (the long way). Leave one long end and tape in the middle as in the picture:

Wrap yarn around the tube the other way (like toilet paper is wrapped on a tube). For these balls we wrapped approximately 60 times.

Snip the yarn that goes across each end.

Tie the yarn you just snipped together on each side in a tight knot. You’re tying around the 60 loops of yarn to hold them together tightly. There will be two pieces of yarn to choose from on one side; tie with the extra-long piece.

Once you finish tying both sides, scooch the whole thing off of the tube and get rid of the tape.

Squish the “circle” of yarn so the tied parts meet in the middle.

Tie a new piece of yarn around this middle, tightly. You might want to tie this two times as this is what keeps your pom-pom together.

Cut the loops on each end.

Give the yarn ends a “haircut” to make them more even. Fluff.

For the garland: Use a needle with a large eye and a long piece of yarn. Poke the needle through the center of each pom-pom. We alternated colors. Once all of your large pom-poms are on the yarn, space them evenly. We added optional dollar store pom-poms (yellow) with a hot-glue gun. We placed one pom-pom under the long piece of yarn, added a dollop of glue, and placed another pom-pom on top to sandwich the yarn in place.

More Fun:

  • A long row of these pom-poms strung on several lengths of yarn (to make it a bit stronger) makes a happy, fuzzy scarf! (Get a head start on holiday gifts this summer and make one for someone in your family!)
  • Make several pom-poms and set up a game outside or in (with permission). Choose targets and point totals for various targets (5 points if you make it in the wastebasket, 2 points if you hit the pillow, etc.).
  • Use pom-poms as accessories!– Attach one to the top of your sandals, add a pom-pom to the end of your hoodie ties, use a needle to draw a long piece of yarn through a pom-pom and knot each end of the string for a fancy bookmark…