Ready,Set,Go! ~ Ready-to-Roll Bike Pouch

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Learn how to make this easy Ready-to-Roll Bike Pouch, perfect for the whole family (the kids will all want one too!). Find more from Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy and in her introduction. Let us know if you make a Bike Pouch for summer rides!…

I recently bought a new bike to go out on leisurely rides with my family. Every time we would go out, I would carry my keys, cell phone and other little items I might need for our little mile or two jaunt. The whole time my keys would be stabbing me in the leg and I was worried that my cell phone would fall out of my pocket. Who wants to carry a purse while taking a short ride? Not I! So to save myself an ER visit from a key embedded in my leg, I made a little bike pouch for all the essentials.

It is a simple pouch that you can strap to your handle bars with Velcro and requires very little supplies or time.


  • 2 – 10″x7″ rectangles of your main fabric – this will be the outside of your pouch
  • 2 – 10″x7 1/2″ rectangles of your coordinating fabric – inside of your pouch
  • 2 – 10″x7″ rectangles of your favorite batting
  • 2 – 4″x9″ rectangles for straps
  • 2 – 3″ long strips of sew on Velcro – mine was 3/4″ wide
  • 1 – 6 1/2″ long strip of sew on Velcro for interior closure
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Note: All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated.

1. Cut out your fabric to the above sizes.

2. Baste the Main Fabric to the batting using 1/4″ seam allowance around. Do this to both the Main Fabric rectangles.

3. Match right sides together. Sew both 7″ sides and a 10″ side. Leaving the top open.

4. Pinch the corners, so that the bottom seam and the side seam are together.

Sew a straight stitch 1/2″ from the point. Do this for both corners. Clip corners.

That leaves you with a nice little squared corner.

5. Follow Step 3 for the coordinating fabric.

6. Then repeat Step Four.

7. Match right sides together of the main fabric and the coordinating fabric. Then pin, matching all the seams together.

8. Sew around leaving about a 3″ opening in the top so you can turn it right side out.

9. Turn right side out. Because the coordinating interior fabric was longer you have a nice little border at the top of your pouch.

10. Pin the 3″ opening that your turned through closed and sew around the edge of the fabric.

11. Center the Velcro on each side of the opening. Pin and sew in place.

12. For the straps: Fold each in half right side facing. Sew on the top and along the side at 1/4″ seam allowance leaving the bottom open to turn. Clip the corners of the strap.

13. Turn the strap right side out, tuck the raw edge on the strap in and sew shut 1/4″ or less.

14. Find the center of the straps. Sew the Velcro in place on opposite sides and ends of the each strap. Sew around the Velcro close to the edge. Do this for both straps.

15. Pin the straps to the pouch 1 1/2″ from side seam. Line up the center of the strap to where both fabrics meet.

16. Sew the strap in place.

And now you are finished and ready to enjoy a nice little ride! You can make one for guys, girls and kiddos.

Attach to your bicycle and you’re ready to roll!

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69 Responses to Ready,Set,Go! ~ Ready-to-Roll Bike Pouch

  1. Jenny says:

    Perfect for my boys! Big sister has a cute basket on her bike, but you don’t often see ones for boys ( as if they don’t collect stuff?)

    I will have to make one for myself too! I have large baskets on the back of my bike but not a place to keep my keys, phone, and wallet where I can keep an eye on them!

  2. Lynn says:

    I have to make this, great idea! Thank you!

  3. carolee c. says:

    With a great little bag like that, I can probably get my kids to ride more often!

  4. Christie S. says:

    This bike pouch would be great for my little niece.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Love the bag….very cute and such great instructions!!

  6. Debbra says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’m making this for Granddaughter. And maybe the Grandson too. Well, we’ll see, he might think it’s too girly and not for big boys (9 yr old)

  7. Connie Douty says:

    This tutorial is excellent. I must make a bikebag.

  8. Very good idea!

  9. Gigi says:

    I’ll make a couple for our camping/biking trip
    In Maine next week, perfect timing!

  10. bekah Bills says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. What fun.

  11. Jill says:

    My husband is buying a new bike tomorrow! In hoping he’ll inspire me to get back on mine. And when that happens my bike is gonna have a cute lil bag on it! Perfect timing!!

  12. JLVerde says:

    What a great project. I think I need to make this for my bike!

  13. Jennie P. says:

    Oh my stars! I totally need to make 2 of these for my nieces to ride around with!

  14. Ramona says:

    Cute bag for a bike. They would be a cute gift also.

  15. What a great bag for you bike ride. I never liked my pockets full when out ridings. I will make one for my husband and I when out crusing on our bikes. Thanks for sharing…Judith, Texas

  16. Judith says:

    What a great idea – a perfect summer project.

  17. Christina G. says:

    I’m definitely going to make one of these for my bike! I currently try to shove everything into the tiny little tire repair kit under the seat!

  18. Eleanor says:

    So practical!

  19. VickiT says:

    This is a great idea. I think I’ll try making one of these for my son and DIL because I think this would be great for them to use on the baby stroller too.

  20. Felice says:

    Great bike bag! Think I’ll make some for my granddaughters to hold beany babies, Barbies, etc.

  21. Sheryl Miller says:

    Thank you so much – this looks great!

  22. Heather says:

    Cute bag. I can’t wait to make one or two for our bikes. Would make great gifts for my daughters friends. Could even work on the kids scooters.

  23. Theresa says:

    What a great idea.

  24. amorette says:

    thats pretty cool- awesome fabric choices too, like an aquarium on your bike!

  25. Lori Smanski says:

    This is too cute. Now to go make one for a girl. Thanks

  26. Veronica says:

    I like this! I wish I had a bike so I could make one.

  27. ainsley says:

    Love the tutorial and plan on making one for friends too!

  28. Gail says:

    Great for the grandchildren

  29. Jenn Shock says:

    This is such an awesome idea! I am always stuffing things in my bra when I ride my bike! LOL

  30. Nancy B says:

    My grandchildren would love bike bags like this. Guess I had better get busy!

  31. Teri Pastorino says:

    ooooo i so need to make this little bag! i have had the same problem this week and almost lost my cell phone……because it was um, stuffed into my bra. LOL

  32. lee says:

    Thank you for a wonderful and very useful tutorial! I am making some of these for sure!

  33. Kristy says:

    Oh my goodness! My 2 little ones would absolutely love this for their bikes and my daughter would also be able to use it for her strollers.

  34. Daroa says:

    Love it! Thanks!

  35. Nina says:

    It’s cute, but I should perhaps mention that when I took my Cycling Proficiency Test about 20 years ago, we were told that it was illegal (here in the UK) to hang bags from your handlebars… I don’t know the details of that rule, so maybe certain kinds of bags are OK, but since it was a rule made for safety reason, it might be worth double-checking.

  36. this is such a perfect little pouch! It’s one fo those ‘why didn’t i think of that!’ projects!

  37. Charlotte says:

    Thanks! Great tute:)

  38. Becky Fierberg says:

    making one for my urban assault buddy- and one for me too. thanks for posting. becky

  39. Christina says:

    GREAT tutorial! I adore the pouch and it would also make a great gift for a friend with a walker.
    Thanks bunches,
    Christina in Cleveland

  40. Hueisei says:

    Cool! I should make one for my dad 🙂 he can put his belongings in this pouch when he cycle.

  41. bookboxer says:

    I was looking for just such a project for a gift for s certain someone! Many thanks!

  42. Mary says:

    Love this idea, thinking of my sister who loves to bike…great gift idea!

  43. Martina says:

    Lovely idea! Have to make one or two or…

  44. Beth T says:

    These are great! I’m going to make a bunch–how often is a gift perfect for my 5 year old nephew and my friend who bikes to her job as CFO? Thank you!

  45. Juanita says:

    What a great idea. Perfect for my boy who does not want a basket but who does need something!

  46. diya says:

    Such a cool pouch ! It will be very handy too..

  47. Peggy Grow says:

    I LOVE that fish fabric!! What is it? And great idea for a bike pouch. I will have to sew one up for my daughters’ bikes!

  48. Rose in Arizona says:

    Wow, what a cute bag. Great idea. I ride and use a basket but if you don’t have one, this is slick. Love the fabric too.

  49. Hilary says:

    I may need to get a bike so I can make the bag! Absolutely love the fish fabric.

  50. MarciaW says:

    Like the little fish fabric inside the bicycle pouch

  51. SewLindaAnn says:

    Okay, maybe making a cute bicycle pouch will get me out riding for exercise more!

  52. AnaMB says:

    great idea! thanx

  53. Bethany says:

    My daughter would love to have this for her bike. Thank you for the tutorial. Can’t wait to try it.

  54. kari says:

    Seriously? You’ve banned us from pinning your tutorials?

    I can share it via google, facebook, google+, etc., but I can’t save the link on a Pinterest board.

  55. Jennifer N says:

    Just wishing I had something like this the other day. Hadn’t thought about mechanics of it much, and now I don’t have to. Thanks for great design.

  56. This is great. Perhaps if I made one of these, I’d actually use my bike. I love the fabric choices too.

  57. Hanni says:

    Amy, this pouch is awesome! I am a biker girl and till now I was always carrying a messenger bag, but this is much more practical to my bike too!!! I am gonna make it!

  58. Celia says:

    Love this idea! On my to-do list now.

  59. carriem says:

    What a great gift for both sexes!

  60. Margaret says:

    I love this. I do have a big basket on my bike, but it is a bit much for a leisurely ride when you just need keys and a your phone.

  61. Lorrie says:

    Fun AND practical – a great solution to a pesky problem.

  62. lynette says:

    This is a cute pouch! I am going to make one for my daughter’s bike! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  63. Glenys says:

    This is such a great idea!

  64. Kelli says:

    So fun! My kids would love this.

  65. Erin says:

    Cute project and I love that you can attach it to anything. I know my girls would love one for their bikes and doll strollers. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Jocelyn says:

    I am always amazed at the creativity of quilters. Although I don’t bike anymore I think this is a cool project.

  67. mary says:

    Love this idea, the making bit seems easy it will be the cycling bit that’s more tricky!

  68. Molly Martin says:

    Super! I will make this. I tried a tutorial for a kids one last week and it failed. But this one looks straightforward and simple! Thanks!

  69. fantastic tutorial, the pics are awesome!

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