Flower Girl Crown Tutorial

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My daughters just returned from the gig of their lifetimes–flower girls in a very traditional wedding! When my brother and new sister-in-law asked them if they would be in the wedding you would have thought they’d been offered kittens and candy and trips to Disneyland. Woohoo! I honestly don’t know where that fantasy came from, but I went with it.  The wedding was in a Greek Orthodox church, so we decided to go for something “Grecian” for the hair accessories, but honestly, these flower girl crowns would look pretty at any type of wedding.


  • 18″ wrapped florist wires: you need 2 of them, but they come in packs of  12
  • florist tape
  • .5 yard rosebud ribbon
  • 1.5 yards white cord or white bead cord
  • 1.5 yards sage green ribbon
  • 1.5 yards iridescent ribbon
  • 1.5 yards leaf/vine ribbon

We bought the florist tape and wire at Michaels and the ribbons at a bridal and millenery supply store.


1. Take two pieces of wire and twist together about 6 inches.

2. Use your flower girl’s head to size the crown, then twist the other two ends together.

3. Completely wrap the wire in the florist tape, making sure to go over the ends of the wires several times.

4. Wrap the crown with the rose ribbon.

5. Trim off the excess and wrap the ends with florist tape to secure.

6. Choose either white cord or small white bead ribbon. Leaving about 15″ hanging down, wrap the cord around the crown, in between the roses.

7. When you’ve come back to your starting point, tie a knot, then trim the two ends so they are roughly the same length.

8. Follow the same steps for your iridescent ribbon and your sage ribbon.

9. Finish it off with the leaf ribbon. (Be careful when you tie this off–it breaks easily.)

10. Trim all the ends to the desired length.

Have a wonderful wedding!

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3 Responses to Flower Girl Crown Tutorial

  1. palak says:

    Those are adorable! I should make one for myself to wear while doing dishes. I’m sure it would make it a little more fun!

  2. marthaeliza says:

    Those are completely adorable! I’m going to make one and put it in my teenage daughter’s stash of dress-up clothes (that she plays with when she thinks no one is looking)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial… the crowns looks so elegant yet now that I see how they’re done, they would be really easy to make. I can also see these as being a great activity for pre-teen birthday party craft.

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