Not long ago we shared The Scoop on Craftsy in our interview with VP Emily Lawrence. (Psst: The free class offer in that post is still available– Sign up!) We love the focus on quality classes, and the format too; Craftsy provides easy access to some really amazing learning resources! Our good friend (and talented designer) Shelly Figueroa of Figgy’s Patterns is launching a new Craftsy class today. Shelly’s teaching the Kid’s Romper Revamp based on the popular Zephyr Romper and Sundress. The class is full of helpful tips for creative pattern adapting.

    What You’ll Learn in Kid’s Romper Revamp:

  • Make a stylish romper for girls ages 18 months to size 8/9.
  • Learn how to adjust the romper pattern for a perfect fit.
  • Adapt the basic pattern to create four pattern variations from pants to a dress.
  • Learn tips for adapting the romper for different seasons and fabrics.

Sign up today with a 50% discount for Sew,Mama,Sew! readers. You can also get a good feel for the class with a preview option when you follow that link.

We really like the new Figgy’s patterns and took this opportunity to learn a little more about changes with Figgy’s, about Shelly’s work and more about her new partnership with Daniela Caine. Enjoy our interview, and take advantage of that huge discount to sign up for Shelly’s Kid’s Romper Revamp: Creative Pattern Adapting class!

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Since the wonderful Sewing for Boys book (which I was just working with again today!) we’ve noticed some major changes with Figgy’s and we are excited to see you have partnered with Daniela Caine. The Figgy’s look is evolving lately in a big way and the new Figgy’s patterns are absolutely gorgeous. What’s happening with Figgy’s Patterns?
Shelly: The closing of Patterns by Figgy’s was bittersweet but I knew it was time for change. When Daniela and I met about simply working together we realized a partnership was destined for Figgy’s. I am lucky to have a friend first and partner second with this business. Our work ethics and style are very compatible and I think that shines through in Figgy’s as a whole.
Daniela: Well, thank you! Figgy’s is a completely new pattern company– under new ownership, with a completely new identity, website and a new direction. We initially tossed ideas for potential other company names around but quickly realized that the company would benefit if we simply went with Figgy’s; it was already so widely recognized.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Daniela, can you tell us a bit more about your background?
Daniela: Sure. Well, I am originally from Munich, Germany. My background has always been in design and I have a degree in apparel and graphic design. I have worked for bigger (Laurel, Escada) and smaller (Reno) companies in Germany before I landed a job at Adidas. When I moved to the US in 2004, my husband and I started to work for Nike, then I switched to Columbia Sportswear. That said, the bulk of my experience was always in athletic and technical outerwear apparel. I took a voluntary lay-off end of 2008 when our daughter was about one year old. Yet I missed designing so much! I dove into sewing, knitting, print making, dyeing, needleworks, pattern making, draping… I pretty much sewed my way through all kinds of independent patterns, Japanese sewing books, Burdastyle, Vogue patterns, made my own… You name it. Hardly ever did I sew something twice. I was like a sponge on the sewing machine, trying to take everything in. I shared some of my projects on my blog which is how I then met Shelly. I also met Susan Beal during that time, and contributed projects and helped with her Modern Log Cabin Quilting book. I also was able to design fabric prints for Shelly and Karen’s book Sewing for Boys. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of years for sure and maybe my most creative phase so far.

Ayashe Blouse and Skirt Figgy’s Sewing Pattern

Sew,Mama,Sew!: What does Figgy’s new style represent?
Shelly: As we state on our website: Simple, Modern & Contemporary. That is what we want bring to the home sewer. A chance for someone on the street to ask the sewist: “That outfit is adorable! Where did you buy it?” Homemade becomes handmade.
Daniela: Right! We wanted to make fashionable, current children’s apparel that doesn’t say homemade. We wanted to use apparel fabrics and inspire and educate the sewist to expand their fabric selections. There is so much variety, and fabric manufacturers started to recognize this as a big opportunity, introducing printed knits, mini wale corduroy, mid-weight wovens, gauzes… You name it. We love to see this development being pushed even further!

Sew,Mama,Sew!: There’s a woven label included with each pattern?
Shelly: Yes! Sewing garments at home (whether it’s for your child or intended for sale) and adding a label creates a professional finishing touch that completes the garment. We want to encourage boutique sewists to use our patterns to help support their families while being able to stay at home with their “littles” and this is a little thank you for choosing Figgy’s.
Daniela: A garment label is also kind of a symbol for professionalism and passion. Big (and small) brands are very fond of their product, and so are we. And so is everyone who takes the time to plan and sew a garment; a label is just the finishing touch. It’s so gratifying.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: The buzz out there indicates a serious hope for some Figgy’s designs for women! Are you two thinking about adult patterns?
Shelly: I have to giggle about this question because I’m constantly forwarding emails to Daniela from women asking us to create patterns especially for them. Not too long ago on Twitter Lizzy House started a feed in regards to just this and I have to say that was really flattering. I always start my email to Daniela as, “No pressure here but I thought you should know…”
Daniela: Now I am giggling too. I do get those emails and have heard it from customers directly too. We are talking about it. Yet it would have to be carefully planned out. Sizing, fit etc. is obviously a bit more complicated for the female body. Generally, we want to make sure we put a quality product out there.

Sunki Pocket Dress and Leggings Figgy’s Sewing Pattern

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Shelly, we’re so excited about your new Craftsy class! Can you tell us more about the class and what we can look forward to learning about?
Shelly: Craftsy– I don’t think I could say enough wonderful things about the people that work there and the company as a whole. When Craftsy contacted me about teaching a class I was thrilled. We have so many international sewists who would love the opportunity to take a workshop or class here in the states and it was never possible for them until now. Craftsy classes go beyond other online videos because of their unique “platform.” I love the idea that the student can watch the video anytime (even if they’re in their underoos) and stop and start as often as they need to. I love that as the teacher I get to be there for the student if they have questions by using this interactive platform. It is important to Daniela and me to be there for our sewists if they have questions along the way, and it is also important to Craftsy.

The class offers so many great learning opportunities for any level sewist. I’m teaching the “Zephyr” romper pattern with a lot of extras. There is opportunity to learn about taking proper measurements, fabric, interfacing, pattern alterations to create a custom fit and how to alter the pattern to create a full romper pant and separates so you can use the pattern all year long no matter the season. A class such as this one taught at a school or shop would cost triple the price. You also don’t get to choose when the class day and time and of course you can’t wear your underoos to class! Not that I don’t support classes offered in shops and at schools– please support both of those– but, Wow!, what a great opportunity for those who don’t have that type of resource near them!

Banyan Pants, Shorts, Tee & Tunic Figgy’s Sewing Pattern

Sew,Mama,Sew!: What else can we look forward to in the future from the two of you and Figgy’s Patterns?
Daniela: We have a couple of surprises coming up this summer. E-patterns will launch beginning this July for example. We are working on a super adorable and versatile free pattern/instruction download with a design contest on the Figgy’s blog. Generally though, you can expect many more simple, modern, contemporary sewing patterns. So please jump over to the site or like us on Facebook to make sure you know when things are happening.
Shelly: Exactly what she said!… Thank you so much Sew,Mama,Sew! We love you gals!