Nele from spiegelstiksels makes some truly gorgeous things. You must look at this stunning collection of dresses! Nele’s spiegelstiksels blog is in Dutch but you can easily use an online translator to learn more. It’s well worth your time to hop over and look at all of the beautiful items Nele sews for her family; we absolutely love her style and skill. Nele shows us how to make flap pockets, similar to welt pockets, for jackets and more. She’s up next!

As a child Nele played in her grandfather’s workplace while he was making suits, but she never touched a sewing machine until she was 20. Since that time she hasn’t stopped sewing! She took sewing classes 15 years ago, and also learned a lot by analyzing store bought clothes and deconstructing second hand pieces. Nowadays she dresses both her two boys and her two girls, and eventually also her husband.

In her daily life Nele uses her creativity as an educator, teaching future kindergarten teachers. When she has some time left, Nele makes children’s clothes to sell. Since a lot of people are currently taking sewing classes, she’s changing her focus to pattern making and sewing workshops.