It’s almost time for holiday fairs/markets. We’re looking for craft fair/market experts to give us advice for a short series later this month. If you have lots of experience and advice to share about selling your handcrafted items in a craft/holiday market/fair environment, we want to hear from you! We’re looking for people to share successful tips/posts/photos about things like: set up, best ways to display, types of craft fairs, typical costs associated with different types of markets/fairs, typical experiences with shoppers, packaging, getting your name out, dealing with people’s reactions to your products, what to bring with you when you sell, etc… (We’re looking for lots of photos too.)

If you have had great, positive experiences and feedback we want to learn from you. Email beth@sewmamasew; in exchange for your wisdom we’ll share your blog/shop/etc. with tons of readers and give you some beautiful fabric too.

Please link in the comments if you have a craft fair photo (or series of photos) on your blog. We’ll start a Pinterest board to share!

I’m getting ready for this fun winter market (my first!). If you’re in the Washington South Sound area be sure to put it on your calendar!