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Sewn Hats includes 35 different patterns for a huge variety of hats, all from some of our favorite sewists. Our very own Irene Rodegerdts here at Sew,Mama,Sew! shares her adorable Eddie Cap in the book! Other projects include everything from sunhats and party hats to fedoras and cloches; there’s something for everyone and all ages. All of the hats were compiled by Carla Crim from Scientific Seamstress and Sis Boom patterns. Contributors include Shelly Figueroa from Figgy’s Patterns, Mary Abreu from Confessions of a Craft Addict, Jennifer Paganelli from Sis Boom, Betz White and so many more talented designers!

From the publisher:

  • Hat patterns for all genders, sizes, ages, and styles.
  • Hats for any occasion, from work to play, casual to formal, and everything in between.
  • Diagrams, precise assembly instructions, and schematic illustrations ease completion of each project.
  • Offers ideas and inspiration for all ages and skill levels, and instructions on how to adapt each hat pattern by varying fabrics and embellishments.

Summer Blossom Sunhat by Joanna Figueroa from Fig Tree & Co.

Win a copy of Sewn Hats! (US winners only this time around…) Tell us who you’ll make a hat for and why!

Learn more about the book and the great series of tour stops on There’s still lots of info to come plus opportunities to win!


Scientific Seamstress


ModKid Boutique


French General


Pink Chalk Studio


Lulu Bliss


Green Bee Patterns


Goosie Girl


Lilac Lane


One Girl Circus


Tie Dye Diva Patterns


Figgy’s Patterns


Craftiness is not Optional


Confessions of a Craft Addict


Sis Boom


Aesthetic Nest


Blue Nickel Studios


Betz White


Yummy Goods


Wiley Craft

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108 Responses to Sewn Hats

  1. sarahliz says:

    I have a friend who really wants a mini top hat so I’d definitely start there.

  2. Donna says:

    I would make a hat for my baby boy. He just discovered hats and loves to wear any hat he finds. I happen to think he looks cute in all of them.

  3. Evelyn says:

    I’d make a hat for myself first. After I’m familiar and comfortable with the pattern I would then make one for my granddaughter.

  4. Michael says:

    I would make a hat for me and my wife for Halloween!

  5. Bree says:

    My daughter because she absolutely loves hats!

  6. ines says:

    I would make hats for me and my energic little cousin for a start!

  7. Leela says:

    for the kiddo – her head just keeps growing!

  8. Vanessa L says:

    I’d make hats for my kids. πŸ™‚

  9. Katy says:

    I would make a hat for my son who totally needs one with winter approaching πŸ™‚

  10. Annette says:

    With winter fast approaching in Iowa, I would make hats for my grandsons and granddaughters.

  11. jess says:

    Is everyone i know an acceptable answer? I have 11 kids to sew Christmas presents for!

  12. Silver Moon says:

    I would make another hat for my 2yo boy. He won’t go -anywhere- without his trusty Oliver + S “bucket hat,” which is looking quite experienced anymore.

  13. Christine says:

    I would make sun hats for my kids because I love to keep the sun off!

  14. DebbieKL says:

    I’d love to make some sun hats for my kids for next summer!

  15. Judy1522 says:

    I would make a hat for my daughter and myself we both love hats.

  16. Debbie says:

    I would make a hat for my parents and myself. We just love hats but, call it genetics, we have a hard time finding ones that fit properly. Either a bit too tight or they wiggle upon the head.

  17. Hilary S says:

    Every summer my son gets a new sewn hat, but this year we skipped it – here’s hoping I can catch up!

  18. anna says:

    I would make a hat (or two, or three..) for my girls πŸ™‚

  19. SewLindaAnn says:

    Ohh! I really want to make matching visors for the girls on my tennis team.

  20. kate C. says:

    I would make hats for my three girls. I’ve made them hats before but they’re outgrowing them!

  21. bookboxer says:

    Our first grandbaby will be here soon – I’ll be sewing for sure!

  22. joanna says:

    I technically live in Canada but can I enter with my moms Shipping address in Wisconsin? If so first is make a hat for her as a thank you then I’d make a fedora for my baby boy! I have been looking all over for a fedora hat pattern. Then make a bunch for me because I love hats. πŸ™‚

  23. Jess says:

    I’d make a hat for my little girl Emma! These hats are adorable!

  24. Taysha Riggs says:

    I’d make a hat for both myself and my twin nephews

  25. San says:

    I would make a hat for my grandmother! She needs help keeping out of the sun these days.

  26. DianeY says:

    All 4 of my grandkids are hat lovers & I’ve made quite a few for them! But I definitely could use some of these cute patterns!

  27. Paula Shimmel says:

    I would make a hat for me, daughters (all three) and grandkids (all 3 ).

  28. Kristine says:

    I would make some hats for my 6yo, 5yo and 3yo. They all love wearing hats!

  29. Rebecca says:

    I’d make a hat format newborn, Ralph!

  30. I would absolutely love and use this book. I adore making hats for my son especially. Thank you for the hance to win!

  31. Alethea says:

    I’d make a hat for my daughter and hats for some of my friends who have small children!

  32. Rachel B says:

    I would make a hat for my two new babies of cousins. They are both boys and will love matching ones.

  33. Stacy says:

    I love hats – I’m hoping that they start becoming more popular because I remember having a pretty fantastic collection ‘back in the day’. I can’t wait to make some for myself!

  34. Frances says:

    Aside from one for myself, my hubby needs a new hat. And, I’m going to be a great-aunt again next spring, so perhaps some baby hats! Thanks for the give-away!

  35. elizabeth rehmer says:

    who wouldn’t I make hats for? ha ha! I love hats, my family loves hats and I have tons I toddlers in my life that NEED hats. I am one of those people that I freak out if babies don’t have hats on their heads when outside. These all look darling!

  36. Pattij says:

    I have 5 granddaughters who would all love a good hat!

  37. Wendy Crim says:

    I’d make a hat for me, one for my baby godson, one for my 7 yr old daughter, one for my husband (if he’d wear it!) and whomever else may want one! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Deborah Nowland says:

    For my grandchildren because they are so cute!

  39. Crickett says:

    My daughter, my niece, myself, my mother! Question is: who *wouldn’t* I make hats for?

  40. Liz W. says:

    Yeah Irene!

  41. Lynne Tilley says:

    I have two adorable granddaughters and I would make one for each of them.

  42. Shawnie Emmons says:

    Oh, how fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. SandyG says:

    My grandson who is 18 months old, because he is so cute when he wears his hat that he is growing out of.

  44. Linda says:

    Honestly, I’d make a hat for myself! Because we’ve recently moved to Florida and I drive around in a golf cart most of the time, it would be nice to have one of those brimmed caps to shade my eyes from the sun and keep my long hair from blowing in my face. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Lori says:

    I would make hats for my great nieces, ages three, two, 5 months and due in January!

  46. Ginger says:

    I would make hats for my children.

  47. Lori Smanski says:

    I have three great neices who love hats and three great nephews who will wear hats if they are fun. I could have so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win. This looks fabulous.

  48. Morgan says:

    For my boys, who are always losing hats, and for me because I love them!

  49. kathyh says:

    I love making sun hats for little kids. I have two adorable great-nieces that love to wear my creations.

  50. marilyn says:

    a sun hat for my daughter and for my son

  51. Leslie S says:

    I first would make a hat for me and then the rest of my family

  52. Elizabeth says:

    I would make a hat for my baby sister because she would look so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. Julianne Ross says:

    Christmas presents! This year I am trying to make most of my presents from my sewing projects and these hats would make an awesome gift!

  54. YC says:

    Hats are so satisfying! I think I need one of those hood-scarves for myself, along with a mini-Fedora for my toddler boy.

  55. Kim T. says:

    I’d make a sun hat for all of my children…and maybe myself, too πŸ™‚

  56. Mary Pomerantz says:

    I have 7 grandchildren, but only one grandaughter-Tara, a 10 year old girly-girl. I would make it for her because she loves pretty things, just like Grandma!

  57. Jenn says:

    I would make a hat for my son, who loves hats, and loves anything I make for him. I can only hope that lasts a little longer!

  58. Valerie says:

    I’d try my hand at one of those fur lined Aviator hats for my son. Thanks for the give away!

  59. Jonnalyhn Wolfcat says:

    *chuckle* I’d be making a lot of hats-my 17 month old and her 8 and 7 month old cousins for starters, then I’d add to my hat collection.

  60. Marcia Kosturock says:

    I’d make a hat for me from that (oh brain freeze here but I’m trying to think of that coated waterproof fabric). Anyhow, migraines and thinking don’t go together obviously… I’d make myself a hat for those rainy days when you are forced to go out anyhow..and a hat would make all that so much better. And a cute fabric and a cute hat would make everyone else so jealous!

  61. aprilshowers says:

    My kids are very fair and very good about wearing their sunhats and I love how fun you can make them with different fabrics so I would definitely make them some more!

  62. Deb H. says:

    My daughter loves hats…I would have to make some for her and her friends.

  63. Jan says:

    I’d make a hat for myself. I love hats.

  64. Kristie says:

    I would make a fedora for my 3.5 year old. He got a cheap one a year ago and wears it all the time. He calls it his “fancy” hat and he always gets nice comments from the older people we see when we are out. They love a little formality in a toddler. I’d love to make my boy a special fedora for the holidays. Thanks! kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  65. Mary says:

    I’d make a hat for my husband. He has a very large head, and it’s hard to buy a ready-made one to fit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. Renae says:

    I have 2 teenage girls that would happily pick out a hat or two for me to make—or teach them to make.

  67. Jenny C says:

    I make lots of hats, but the next one is for me. Why? Hats protect us from the SUN and it is leading by example that our children learn to wear theirs. A “no hat no play” policy helps too.
    Consider you and your family’s health next time you walk out the door! Cancer is a killer!

  68. Jenny says:

    I’d make a hat for my 3yo — he has been begging for one so he can be like his big brother. Thanks!

  69. zoom says:

    I’d make a hat for my friend who has breast cancer and who feels a bit funny about going out in public without any hair even though she’s stunning.

  70. Lily says:

    I would make hats for my two little boys (ages 1 and 2). That age is so adorable in little hats, especially hand-made ones!

  71. Annette says:

    Myself! I wear hats every day.

  72. Dawn says:

    I think I would have to make one for each person in my family because there are so many cute ones!

  73. marthaeliza says:

    Selfishly, I would make hats for myself. I have been self-conscious about my thinning hair since cancer took my hormones for a long walk off a short pier.

  74. Amy Swart says:

    I always struggle to find the perfect hat for my little girls (colour, shape etc) I would love to make her a few. Also my newborn little boy looks adorable in a hat.

  75. Serena says:

    Myself (because I need a new hat) and my daughters (because new hats are fun).

  76. Carmen says:

    I’d make a hat for my little girl – because she looks so adorable in hats!

  77. meghann says:

    Oh, my – I *want* this book!

    I think I would make a hat for my husband because I never make anything for him! And the kids already have lots of mama-made hatsÒ€¦ xo

  78. Jen V says:

    My boys (2 & 5) love to wear hats. The Eddie Cap was the first hat I sewed when my oldest was just about 2. It became his signature hat and I’ve been keeping them in mama-made hats ever since. This summer I made sun hats from Oliver + S. As Autumn eases in, it is time for some warmer hats. Fedoras, newsie caps, ear flaps, oh my!

  79. RP says:

    I make hats for nieces, nephews & for etsy! πŸ™‚

  80. beth says:

    I would first make a hat for my granddaughter and then for a friend who is losing her hair because of chemo treatment. What a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Ang says:

    One for me for sure! And then for my girls since they have more hats than I have right now πŸ™‚

  82. Shannon says:

    my two week old boy will need a winter cap. I was certain I was having another girl—now I dont know what to sew for him, and I have not an scrap of gender nuetral fabric stashed. This book would give me a great starting point in the world of sewing for boys!

  83. Me, myself, and I. That’s who I’d make hats for…and for friends and their grandkids. Hats are so cool to wear. I think it’s time to make some.

  84. Marguerite Guinn says:

    I would make hat(s) for my two granddaughters!

  85. Becky says:

    I’m ‘fessing up to say I’d sew the FIRST hat for me! Because we just moved to Florida and I like to be outside and the sun is HOT. I want to look stylish at the same time I am trying to save my skin. I’d start there, and then make them for gifts, especially toddlers.

  86. Les Johnson says:

    I would make a hat for my daughter.

    katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  87. Laura says:

    I would definitely make a hat for my 2-year old, for our new baby (due in 3 months) and maybe even for my daughter’s doll if I could figure it out. Thanks!

  88. SS Sews says:

    I’d make hats for nieces and nephews!

  89. Diane W says:

    I’d love a copy of this book. I’d make tons of hats for my daughter. Even though she dyes her hair a different color every week, nobody will ever know, as she always wears a hat over it.

  90. beth says:

    I would make hats for all my grandkids! Who wants cold ears?

  91. MS Laura says:

    My baby, myself, and my husband (if he wanted one!).

  92. Marci Girl says:

    I’ll make a hat for my 8 month old…why? To protect that delicate baby skin!

  93. I would make a hat for my husband because the top of his head is a little more bare than it used to be…and it needs some covering πŸ˜‰

  94. Glenda says:

    I’d love to make a cute hat for my college daughter who is too-often running from sleep to classroom with a baseball cap thrown on her head because she has no time to do her hair. A stylish look (or two) would be a welcome change, I think!

  95. Anne S says:

    I’d make a hat for my 11 year old stepson. It can be tough to find sewing projects that he thinks are cool, and not babyish. But I think he’d love a hat. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Jess says:

    This looks like a great book. I’d love to win a copy! The first hat I’d make would be for my dad since my first attempt at making him a hat didn’t work so well I own him a good fitting hat! Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  97. Maggie says:

    This book looks so neat! Thanks for the giveaway. I would probably make a hat for my sister. She is always so much fun and enjoys stuff like this.

  98. jessicac says:

    I have 4 nephews, and I would love to make them fedoras! I love how many different hats and sizes are included in the book!

  99. Cheryl Korman says:

    I will make hats for the boys (my grandson & great nephews). I love the look of a nice hat on boys.

  100. Samina says:

    Is there anything cuter than a kid in a hat? I’d make a couple for my son!

  101. Heather says:

    My 2 year old just told me “I want a little girl hat, that one!” So, I guess I’d make 1 for her!

  102. Bailey says:

    I would make a hat for my 18m old son. He ‘signs’ hat all the time and I’m running out of hats for him since he had a growth spurt

  103. Lynette says:

    What a fabulous looking book! Two of my sons and both my daughters love, love, love hats! If I were to win this book I think I could “auction” off a hat to the highes chore bidder:) or just cause I love them.

  104. Janice Svercek says:

    Cute. I would make chef hats for all the little chefs in my life. They would love them.

  105. Julie Phillips says:

    I would love to ale hats for me, the hubby and our sweet little girl! everyone needs a good hat!!!

  106. Brie says:

    My girls need new hats!

  107. Joanna says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve never made a hat before but I would love to make one for my 1 yr old baby cousin.

  108. Alissa says:

    I would actually make a hat for myself. I’ve knitted many for others and I think I need one for me now:)

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