Zipper Pouch

Guess What I Did?!
A few months ago, after reviewing the search terms that bring visitors to Sew,Mama,Sew!, I realized the top few terms have stayed the same for years. People are always looking for tutorials for totes, zipper pouches and drawstring bags. We have plenty of those tutorials on SMS, but as a former educator, I’ve often felt a little guilty about only teaching to people who learn well from the written word, completely ignoring auditory learners who need someone to walk them through a project. (I should know better because I’m that type of learner!) So I called a friend at Craftsy and said, “I want to do a class.” Long story short, they liked the idea and last month I filmed two classes at Craftsy HQ in Denver. And the best part? Both classes are totally FREE!!

Bag Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch
In the first class you’ll learn how to make two bags. One is a reversible tote with a boxed bottom and a patch pocket. A couple of years ago I wrapped ALL my Christmas gifts in this tote, which is an awesome gift in itself. Perfect for groceries, library books and over-nighters. And it’s reversible, so if you get tired of one side, simply flip it!

You’ll also learn how to make a front-zip pouch with a small strap (shown above.) If you’re afraid of zippers, skip right to that section on the video and I’ll show you how easy it is! This pouch is great for makeup brushes, sewing supplies, colored pencils, or small toys, plus it makes a great gift! Whether you’re an experienced sewist, a beginner, or someone helping a mature child learn to sew, I think you’ll appreciate the patterns as well as the essential techniques covered in the class. Sign up today!

About Craftsy
I chose to work with Craftsy because I’m totally sold on the platform. If you learn well from listening and watching, then Craftsy is for you! The videos are professionallyf filmed and edited and easy to navigate. Plus the Craftsy team and the class instructor collaborate on well-written and edited course materials to help you through. As you’re watching the videos you can post a question and either the instructor or a fellow student can help you out. If you’ve never taken a Craftsy class before, this FREE mini classis an excellent opportunity to find out if this method of instruction works for you. You have nothing to lose, so I encourage you to try it!


My second class will be released November 21st. In this class you’ll learn how to make a soft-sided bucket bag similar to this one (but without the toys.) I’ll also show you how to make an embellished drawstring bag. Trust me, you’ll want to make a dozen to give as gifts! This class will also be FREE! Yippee!

Bear with Me

I have to tell you this– I have taught a huge variety of topics in dozens of environments to people of all ages. I feel pretty good in front of a crowd. But wow! Put me in front of a couple of cameras and I kind of freak out. Who knew? So please excuse my jitters in the early part of the class. It does get better. 

Get the kit! 
For the samples in this class I used fabric from the Liberty of London Bloomsbury Gardens collection along with Kona cotton. If you love the look, you can get everything you need to make both the tote and the zipper pouch in one handy kit from Craftsy. The fabric, the zipper and even the interfacing is included. How easy is that?! Get the kit here.

Sign up for the free Craftsy mini class, Bag Making Basics: Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch today!