November 15 ~ Gifts for Girlfriends

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Give something really special to a friend this year. Show her you value your friendship with a handmade gift!

Make It

spacer Sweet Ruffle Apron
It would be fun to make several Sweet Ruffle Aprons in coordinating fabrics for your friends! This apron was designed by Christen from Love Elaine for Sew,Mama,Sew!
spacer Key Fob
This easy Key Fob, designed by Tacha Bruecher of Hanies for Sew,Mama,Sew!, is a great “stocking stuffer” size for friends. Tacha is one of the founding sewists behind Fat Quarterly, and author of Hexa Go-Go.
spacer Tiny Braids Headband
Practice your braiding with this simple and sweet Tiny Braids Headband from The Small Things Blog.
spacer Obi-Style Belt
Show off a favorite fabric in a favorite outfit with an Obi-Style Belt from Kelley of Casa Crafty for Sew,Mama,Sew!
spacer Hedgehog Pincushion
Lainie’s Hedgehog Pincushion at maker*land is fairly irresistible! Make one for your crafty friends…
spacer Hand-Stamped Leather Bracelets
Ashley from Lil Blue Boo shows you how to make Hand-Stamped Leather Bracelets. Don’t miss Ashley’s extensive collection of tutorials (many perfect for girlfriends) at Lil Blue Boo; use the top bar navigation on her site to find tutorials in various categories.
spacer Vintage-Inspired Headwraps
Kate shows you how to make different versions of these Vintage-Inspired Headwraps at See Kate Sew.

Bag a Day

There are so many beautiful bags to love out there… We’re sharing one bag tutorial every day this month for you to sew and give.

spacer Reversible Tote + Zipper Pouch
Did you see Kristin’s free Reversible Tote + Zipper Pouch Craftsy mini-class?! The tote and pouch would be perfect for your friends. One year Kristin, owner of Sew,Mama,Sew!, even wrapped every holiday present in one of these pretty and useful totes!

Related tutorials you might just love: Patchwork Scarf, Modular Felt Trivet, Passion for Accessories, Passion for Jewelry, Gifts for Girlfriends, Gifts for Hipsters

Here are just a few fabrics perfect for some of today’s projects. Click on the fabric images to visit the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop:

Beth’s choice Liz’s choice Kristin’s choice

Mix It

spacer White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels
Mix up some delicious White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels with Tracy at Shutterbean, then give them to friends and neighbors!

Print It

spacer Feather Gift Tags
We like these pretty Feather Gift Tags from Floris at Love vs. Design.

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!

Tip: If you’re hoping to win a prize that notes “US Winners Only,” include your state in your name (i.e. Beth in WA) so we can confirm residence and avoid any disappointment on your end. Shipping range is determined by the generous companies and artisans that donate Handmade Holidays prizes.

Georgia Leigh Designs is an indie pattern company specializing in PDF patterns. You’ll find patterns for babies, clothing, costumes, and items for mom! Georgia has been designing and selling sewing patterns for four years and finds her inspiration in every day life as a mom of six.

Georgia Leigh Designs is giving away a gift certificate for three free patterns, winner’s choice!

Sewing MODKID Style (US Winners Only)

Author: Patty Young
Publisher: Wiley

Today’s active girl needs a wardrobe that is not only stylish and exciting to wear, but that moves, runs, jumps, and bends with her life. Sewing MODKID Style offers all of that. Each project, created by designer and mom Patty Young, features fun and comfortable knit fabrics that easily stretch and move with the busiest girl. These designs can be customized to fit toddlers (sizes 2T-5T) or girls (6-10) all without zippers, buttons, or snaps and can be pulled on quickly by the tiniest of hands. Projects include headbands, gloves, leg warmers, yoga pants, skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, and more.

Improv Sewing: A Freeform Approach to Creative Techniques: 101 Fast, Fun and Fearless Projects (US Winners Only)

Author: Nicole Blum & Debra Immergut
Publisher: Storey Publishing

These 101 creative sewing projects can all be completed in less than a day– Some in less than an hour! Playful and inventive, the projects include clothing for all ages, accessories, home decor items, and furnishings. Most feature embellishments and decorative effects– simple touches that personalize a project with charm– and use interesting textural fabrics, such as jersey knits, linen, and felt… Even paper and vinyl!

Don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool, and check out our 2011 Handmade Holidays list for more fabulous ideas.

14 ~ Gifts for Babies
13 ~ Gifts for Hostesses
12 ~ Gifts for Crafters
11 ~ Gifts for Big Kids
10 ~ Gifts for Whimsical Friends
9 ~ Deck the Halls
8 ~ Gifts for Cooks
7 ~ Gifts for Pet Lovers
6 ~ Gifts for Moms + Grandmas
5 ~ Gifts for Tweens + Teens
4 ~ Gifts for Organizers
3 ~ Gifts for Travelers
2 ~ Deck the Halls
1 ~ Gifts for Little Kids

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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221 Responses to November 15 ~ Gifts for Girlfriends

  1. The apron is just what I’ve been looking for for my bestie!

  2. deborah b. in AZ says:

    braided headbands are a great idea – so classy! and those feather labels are adorable. toddler pants? yes, please.

  3. Robynn says:

    I love the hedgehog, so cute.

  4. kimberlee says:

    I have never seen a more adorable hedgehog!
    kimberlee, IL

  5. M.F.Peterson says:

    White chocolate peppermint pretzels?! heaven.

  6. Heather K says:

    White chocolate covered pretzels. Yum!

  7. Amy in CO says:

    I love the leather bracelets! My kids would love those!

  8. SewLindaAnn says:

    I was super excited to see the hedgehog, I don’t think I could use him as a pin cushion though. Those pretzels look awesome, might be time for some breakfast!

  9. Mary says:

    The hedgehog pincushion is so cute.

    Mary in MN

  10. Gina says:

    i think one of MY girlfriends needs to make some of this stuff for ME!

  11. Deb Cameron says:

    That hedgehog pincushion will be loved by one of my girlfriends and those feather gift tags… Too awesome!

  12. Prachi says:

    The hedgehog is so adorable.

  13. Lindsay says:

    I love the little hedgehog.

  14. Carmen in WI says:

    I have a friend who loves skinny headbands. And how cute is that hedgehog?! I think everyone should have one!

  15. Mandi says:

    so many good ideas! I don’t know where to begin!

  16. Marie says:

    The hedgehog pincushion is so cute and my sister likes hedgehogs and even though she doesn’t need a pincushion, it’s right for her!

  17. Genevieve says:

    love the belt idea! thank you! (canada)

  18. Elizabeth says:

    The hedgehog pincushion is so cute!

  19. consuelo says:

    Love the hedgehog pin cushion! Thanks!

  20. Erin says:

    Ankle biter toddler pants – so cute!

  21. Joanna says:

    Hello from Canada! 🙂

    OMG that Hedgehog Pincushion is freaking ADORABLE!!!!! =O

  22. Julie says:

    That hedgehog is adorable! Julie in CA

  23. Libby says:

    I love the hedgehog. So cute!

  24. Lara in CA says:

    That hedgehog is so cute! I might need to make one for myself!

  25. Kristin says:

    That hedgehog is too cute!

  26. beth says:

    The braided headband is so pretty.

  27. Rachel_PA says:

    Love these!

  28. Betsy M says:

    The headbands are going to go on top of the to do list. Great ideas once again.

  29. kristin says:

    Oh these are all so cute!

  30. julis says:

    hedgehog pincushion: FANTASTIC..I’ll do that for sure..:)

  31. pam in IA says:

    Tiny braids headbands are on my homemade Chrsitams to do list…but that tiny hedgehog is so cute! I wish they lived in Iowa

  32. craftgirl83 says:

    Ooh, I like those Georgia Leigh patterns!

  33. Lee says:

    Super giveaway – thankyou! I love the key fob! cute!

  34. chris says:

    I love those gift tags and headbands! thank yoU!

  35. Julia Molewyk says:

    I like the belt and bracelets. Thanks for the chance to win! That Improv Sewing book looks awesome!

  36. Karen says:

    I need that apron and the headwrap -together!

  37. This is the best article I have read, thank you, I have learned a lot of knowledge in this area. moncler

  38. Kim T. says:

    like the headbands!

  39. Natalie says:

    That hedgehog pincushion is just aforable 🙂

  40. Heather says:

    That hedgie is beyond cute.

  41. Jasmin says:

    I love the key fob.

  42. Sallie says:

    I love White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels!

  43. Lynn H. says:

    Cute apron! Love the books.

  44. AnnaPK says:

    I think some headbands are making their way onto my list!

  45. Jodie says:

    That apron is stinkin’ adorable!

  46. Sewing Dervish says:

    I wish one of my “girlfriends” would make me a hedgehog pincushion!

  47. Kate says:

    so many cute present ideas. love the key fob & headband. Need to find some faux fur for that gorgeous hedgehog.

  48. Janice Svercek says:

    Very cute ideas! Janice in PA

  49. Lizzie says:

    I’m so into that hedgehog – that might become the first “selfish” sewing I’ve done in a long while!

  50. Natalie says:

    So many awesome things today. The pincushion, that lovely braided headband, and the great free printable. Thanks so much!

  51. Kati says:

    I know a few girls who would LOVE that tiny braid headband! So cute!

  52. Sandy says:

    The hedgehog pincushion is adorable!

  53. jennifer says:

    love those pants! And i would love to win the modkids book!

  54. Emilie says:

    The braided headband is really cute!

  55. Kate says:

    Oh! I love the little hedgehog. who could resist that tiny bow?!

  56. I have made several of those aprons and it is a very well written tutorial. Your readers will not be disappointed!

  57. Morgan says:

    Love those feather gift tags. And I could have a different apron every day and still want more…

  58. Heidi Anderson says:

    Love the obi belt! I have been saving some kimono remnants for just this project! Thanks

  59. Amy says:

    Love the key fob and the ruffle apron. I want to go make some pretzels now. YUM!

  60. Cal says:

    The key fob is a great idea! I wonder where I can find the hardware for it.

  61. Jennifer J says:

    Those bracelets are so neat

  62. Kimberly F says:

    Oh, I want the tiny braids headband for myself!

  63. usairdoll in CA says:

    Ohhh the key fob is too cute! What a super idea!

    Thank you and all the Sponsors for awesome giveaways and the chances to win.


  64. Amanda says:

    I love that feather gift tags!! And the key fob is so cute too.

  65. Laura Mars says:

    What a darling head wrap! I love the handmade holidays and APPRECIATE it so much!!!

  66. jen says:

    love that pincushion – pinning it on christmas gifts others can make me 🙂

  67. kim says:

    Hedgehogs for my sister’s collection.

  68. cat says:

    oh so nice the hedgehog !

  69. Celeste says:

    Those pretzels look delicious!

  70. Sarah McGrath says:

    I think I will make the keyfob

  71. Judy1522 says:

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  72. carriem says:

    The headwraps look like a great idea!

  73. Galatina says:

    Must have a go at that headband. Thanks.

  74. Sara says:

    Great ideas – thanks!

  75. Emilia in ca says:

    My brain is filling up with all these great projects! Thanks.

  76. So many great ideas…. thank you!

  77. Jesse says:

    that obi style belt is such a good idea – way to get the perfect sized middriff belt. thanks

  78. Lori in MD says:

    Ohmygoodness! I have a few friends that these would be perfect for! I better get to work 🙂

  79. pauline says:

    adorable hedgie pincushion 🙂

  80. Kalli says:

    Love the pincushion!

  81. Jill says:

    Love the pincushion!

  82. Becca B. says:

    Love them!!

  83. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    The Hedgehog Pincushion is SO cute!

  84. Stacy says:

    The leather bracelets are so cool!

  85. Karen J says:

    The tiny braided headband is gorgeous!

  86. Kathy Laird says:

    The apron is perfect for holiday baking too. I’ll have to make one for my daughter and one for myself.

  87. Sarah B says:

    Oh my that hedgehog is cute!

  88. carrie says:

    LOVE the pincushion! I need the toddler pants pattern.

  89. donna b says:

    Love the keyfob! Donna in Texas

  90. delia jones says:

    That hedgehog is adorable!

  91. stacey says:

    love the apron!!

  92. Lynne Tilley says:

    Love them all! So many cute things.
    Lynne in TX

  93. Beth in Michigan says:

    OK, that hedgehog pincushion made me squeal! So cute!!

  94. Deanna says:

    That hedgehog is pretty darn cute, but mine are mice this year.

  95. Jim M says:

    The mini-class on Craftsy that was mentioned in the Bag-A-Day section is awesome, especially for beginners. I have watched it all the way through and would highly recommend it.

    All the classes on Craftsy are pretty great, but this mini-class is FREE! Give it a try!

  96. Peggy says:

    Agreed that the hedgehog pincushion is irresistible! My kids would definitely steal that one as a stuffed animal friend.

  97. Mhairi says:

    Sweet little Hedgehog, it is almost too cute to stick pins into. I also love the hexie keyfob. What a great way to use up little scraps and create something really special for a friend at the same time. Thanks once again.

  98. Kee says:

    Love the key fobs. A great idea and quick project to whip up for all my girlfriends who love all my handmade stuff!!

  99. PattyD says:

    gotta love the hedgehog pincushion!

  100. beth says:

    Love the apron!

  101. MarciaW says:

    Marcia in Florida – like the Obi belt – would make a nice gift

  102. Alissa says:

    Love it all!

  103. Heather79 says:

    Love that hedgehog! (Colorado)

  104. Sara says:

    Who doesn’t love a sweet little hedgehog?!

  105. BreannaS in MO says:

    I really like the key fob and I think those pretzels look yummy.

  106. Jess in MA says:

    I love the hedgehog! How adorable!

  107. Dolores Plana says:

    Hi, I’m from Argentina, I like to win the lovely PDF patterns. Thanks for the website.

  108. Stephanie S says:

    LOVE the apron and keyfob!

  109. Theresa says:

    I love the vintage inpired headwraps.

  110. Michelle says:

    The obi-style belt looks great! Thanks for all the fab ideas

  111. GM says:

    I’m gonna haveta go check out that bag making class now.

  112. Cary says:

    Cute aprons!

  113. Tamie says:

    Loving that Improv Sewing.

  114. Christine B says:

    The hedgehog is too cute. And I love the feather gift tags. I like coming to this blog. I learn so much.

  115. Stephanie says:

    Cute projects!

  116. stephanie o says:

    ohh, the books look fabulous. Love the leather bracelets, perfect for my nieces that are ‘grown up”

  117. Those pretzels look yummy!

  118. Julianne Ross says:

    Adorable apron!

  119. oooh, I think I shall try making the Obi-style belt and the headwrap. Now to just get more time in the day to have some fun trying.

  120. MaryBeth in BC says:

    I would love to win the Georgia Leigh patterns!

  121. christina says:

    Peppermint pretzels — my kid would love these!

  122. Mary Beth says:

    I love the sweet ruffle apron. I know a young woman who would enjoy it.

  123. Kimberly N says:

    Love this post! I’m going to have a lot of pinning to do to remember which ones to do!

  124. Georgia says:

    Ooo, I love the headbands! I need to make some for my sisters!

  125. Catherine says:

    Oh my gosh, that tiny braid headband is PERFECT! (also, LOVE Beth’s fabric choice!)

  126. Cindi in GA says:

    The key fobs are great! And the pincushion! I wouldn’t mind having them all.

  127. Eleanor says:

    LOVE that hedgehog!

  128. Garilyn says:

    I like the Obi-style belt! I think my sister would love it.

  129. Michelle in CO says:

    Love them all! Want them all!

  130. Kylie C says:

    Hedgehog pincushion! I need to make this one for me- I LOVE hedgehog.

  131. Jen V says:

    Adorable gift tags!

  132. nopinkhere says:

    some cute, fun projects! I’ve had my eye on the mod kids book, too.

  133. kristen gilmore powell says:

    what fun projects today!!

  134. Bruinbr says:

    Love the tiny braids headband! Very cool!

  135. Martha says:

    I need the hedgehog pin cushion! Too adorable.

  136. Sarah says:

    That hedgehog pincushion is adorable!

  137. Emily Hoffman says:

    Love the pincushion and the printable! Thanks

  138. Tawny in CA says:

    The feather gift tags are very pretty.

  139. TriMama says:

    That hedgehog pincushion is adorable!

  140. glyness in OR says:

    I love the choices today, so great!

  141. Kerry says:

    Need to make some vintage head wraps

  142. Lise says:

    I like the tiny braids headband. Maybe a present for me?

  143. Christina says:

    That tiny braided headband is just beautiful!

  144. Crystal F says:

    Lots of good ideas, I really like the key fob, it’s cute and looks like it would be quick. I need to get busy!

  145. Sarah says:

    Love the key fob idea!

  146. Hannah says:

    Love the headband!!

  147. Brie says:

    Love EVERYTHING today! What great ideas!

  148. Larissa says:

    Can’t forget the girlfriend! :o)

  149. Lindsay says:

    Wow so many great ideas!

  150. KeriCan says:

    Had my eye on the Obi-style Belt for a while – time to do it! Also the Vintage Headwraps – perfect for my long-haired girlfriends!

  151. Marsha says:

    Love the Sweet Ruffle Apron – will be perfect for my quilt club exchange gift. Thank you!

  152. Mrs.M says:

    Ooh, I like Georgia Leigh designs

  153. Sara P says:

    Love the little hedgie pincushion and key fob! Perfect little gifts for friends!

  154. Heather says:

    That ruffle apron is sweet!

  155. ste says:

    More lovely ideas!

  156. Angi says:

    The belt is darling! very cute! Thank you again!

  157. DebbieKL says:

    I love the ankle biter pattern – would love to try more!

  158. Kristin says:

    LOL The hedgehog pincushion cracks me up! love it!

  159. Tina says:

    All of the girlfriend gifts are wonderful.

  160. KeriAnn in PA says:

    The sweet ruffle apron is absolutely adorable! I also LOVE the hedgehog pushpin. I may actually make one for myself! The feather gift tags will go perfectly with the heat pad that I made for my sister using flannel fabric with a bird pattern!

  161. susan mzf says:

    ooooh that little hedgie is must-make – toooooo cute!

  162. Kristie says:

    That braided headband is lovely. My sister would love one. Thanks!

  163. carole says:

    I like that apron a lot – and who doesn’t need an apron?!

  164. Cherri says:

    I look forward to your gift posts every year. Thank you!! Cherri in WI

  165. Annie says:

    Ahh, that pin cushion is so cute!

  166. April says:

    My kids would love the braided headband. Thanks!

  167. Charlotte in Ga says:

    Love that keychain! sooo cute. Thanks as always for the great ideas!

  168. Rachael says:

    Some great ideas! And those books look like fun, and a gift certificate for patterns? WOOT!

  169. Anya says:

    The tiny braided headband is so sweet!

  170. NicoleinVT says:

    That key fob is cute!!

  171. Laura in MD says:

    I’m definitely intrigued by those braided headbands!!

  172. Sook Hwang says:

    The white chocolate looks so tasty!

  173. duBedåre says:

    Some great tips these last days! Can’t wait for the “Gifts for men” tips… Those are the hardest gifts to find for the holidays. Hope you will help me! (0:


  174. Might have to make a hedgehog pincushion for myself. Ahem.

  175. SonjaVic says:

    The hedgehog is a must make on my Christmas list! So adorable.

  176. Lots of great ideas today! I love that pincushion!

  177. Jennifer N says:

    Lovely ideas, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  178. Mandi says:

    Love the braided headbands.

  179. Sara says:

    Thank goodness for girlfriends who help us keep our sanity! Glad to see a special gift category dedicated to them.

  180. Taryn in WI says:

    Love love love it all!

  181. Liz says:

    Love the leather bracelets!

  182. Trish says:

    The hedgehog pincushion is too cute!

  183. Joanna says:

    They are all great ideas. Love the Hedgehog Pincushion, the belt and the apron!

  184. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness! That hedgehog is about the cutest thing ever!

  185. Becky C says:

    I love so many of these tutorials. I’m trying to get my Christmas gifts planned and started asap!

  186. jessicac says:

    I almost squealed when I saw that pincushion! And can’t wait to make some yummy holiday treats this year!

  187. Kelli says:

    Those tiny braided headbands are too much! Love them!

  188. Meg says:

    Love the headband!

  189. Danie in OR says:

    The hedgehog is wonderfully adorable.

  190. Hashi says:

    Hedgehog! Too cute!

  191. Amber says:

    I love the feather gift tags.

  192. Bobby says:

    I’m so printing off those feather tags.

  193. Rebecca says:

    Would love the patterns!

  194. shanna boatler says:

    i live in texas and would love any and all of the prizes;) they all look amazing!!
    thank you!

  195. karla in SC says:

    This southern gal can’t seem to win anything, but feeling lucky today!

  196. Courtney says:

    Every project today is fantastic! Crafternoons to come!

  197. Barbara says:

    oh, I LOVE the leather bracelets!

  198. Laura says:

    great ideas!

  199. Love the hedgie — it seems wasteful, but my first thought is that my cat would love one to use as a cat toy!!!

  200. marilyn says:

    I love the ankle biter toddler pant pattern.
    Living in WA.

  201. Jamie says:

    These are super giveaways! I signed up for the craftsy class!

  202. Kristin H says:

    So many cute ideas here!

  203. Renee in MD says:

    The hedgehog is adorable!

  204. Tera says:

    sweet ruffle aprons will be made for all my girlfriends!!!!

  205. Mary P in Chicago says:

    Such cute ideas!

  206. I love the tiny braids headband-I’d definitely wear it myself!!

  207. Amy says:

    Awesome Hair Wrap for the beach! I love it!

  208. Kathi says:

    Love the improv book, I’ve been eyeing it for some time now. Thanks for posting so many great projects!

  209. Tammy says:

    I love so many things in this post, specifically the hedgehog pincushion. I currently LURVE hedgies so I think I will make this for myself! 🙂

  210. Erin says:

    another great list!

  211. Bailey says:

    The Obi belt is way cool!

  212. Cory says:

    Love it all!!

  213. Holly says:

    The hedgehog pincushion is a riot!

  214. Cari says:

    I love the hedgehog!

  215. Stephanie says:

    Loved the belt, but then scrolled down and about died when I saw the hedgehog pincushion. Don’t think I would get much sewing done with that cute thing sitting on my table.

  216. Mel says:

    The tiny braids headbands will be perfect for my neice, Ocean!

  217. Jess says:

    That apron is great. Something like that is actually on my list to make for a friend.

  218. Heather says:

    That little hedgehog is the cutest thing ever!

  219. Molly Martin says:

    That hedgehog is about the most adorable thing I have seen. So cute!

  220. kathyh says:

    I’m off to look at the braided headbands.

  221. Deb H. says:

    I love the little hexie keyfob because I am in live with hexies!

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