November 22 ~ Gifts for Friends + Neighbors

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‘Tis the season to celebrate friends and family! Here’s a fun mix of tutorials…

Make It

spacer Around the World Quilt
This pretty Around the World Quilt was designed by Heather Jones for the Coats & Clark Sewing Secrets blog.
spacer Deer Brooch or Gift Tag
This Deer Brooch or Gift Tag from Susi at Lilla Luise is easy to make, and a cute addition to any gift!
spacer Pom-Pom Dish Towel
Jen Carlton Bailly shows you how to make this cheery Pom-Pom Dish Towel at BettyCrockerAss.
spacer String Block Mug Rug
You could give Sukie’s String Block Mug Rug from Sukie Don’t Ya Know with some hot cocoa mix and a mug!
spacer Wool Poncho
Rachel’s lovely Wool Poncho at Smile and Wave is easy to make (she made a darling, smaller version for her daughter too!).
spacer Portable First-Aid Kit
Amy notes that her Portable First-Aid Kit at Positively Splendid can “be made more masculine by using leather cording as the tie instead of ribbon…”
spacer Rainbow All-Sort Pillow
Anorina’s Rainbow All-Sort Pillow at Samelia’s Mum is so cheery!

Bag a Day

There are so many beautiful bags to love out there… We’re sharing one bag tutorial every day this month for you to sew and give.

spacer Snappy Bag
Here’s a quick and fun Snappy Bag from Suzanne at Just Another Hang Up! Tuck a gift card inside for an extra-special present.

Related tutorials you might just love: Gifts for Co-Workers, Gifts for Teachers

Here are just a few fabrics perfect for some of today’s projects. Click on the fabric images to visit the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop:

Liz’s choice Kristin’s choice Gabrien’s choice

Mix It

spacer Pumpkin Pie Spice
Annie’s Pumpkin Pie Spice at Annie’s Eats makes a nice gift, and a welcome addition to any kitchen!

Print It

spacer Organize Your Christmas Printables
Stephanie shows you how to Organize Your Christmas with a series of free printables at Lovely Little Snippets!

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!
Tip: If you’re hoping to win a prize that notes “US Winners Only,” include your state in your name (i.e. Beth in WA) so we can confirm residence and avoid any disappointment on your end. Shipping range is determined by the generous companies and artisans that donate Handmade Holidays prizes.

Adornments: Sew & Create Accessories with Fabric, Lace & Beads (US, Canada + Europe Winners OK)

Author: Myra Callan
Publisher: Krause Publications

The beautiful and delicate projects in Adornments are the perfect finishing touches for creating a purely romantic look. Make floral-inspired necklaces, in-full-bloom fascinators, and earrings with wispy feathers and sparkling beads. At parties, galas, special events, or even on your wedding day, the accessories in Adornments are artful creations that are sure to turn heads and inspire romance.

Using simple hand-sewing, jewelry and millinery techniques, these accessories are easy to make and even easier to wear. In fact, you may not be able to take them off!

Want to know more? Here’s the Adornments digital preview.

Dish It Out is Holli Brown’s original jewelry line using only collected vintage dishes and plates. So much of our lives revolve around the ritual of shared meals. Whether we realize it or not, the plates, bowls and cups we use help ground us and give us a sense of shared belonging. Almost everyone has a memory of their mom or grandma’s dishware. When we see it again unexpectedly, pieces of the past flood back. More than an accessory, it’s jewelry that tells a story. Holli Brown’s jewelry allows you to keep a piece of that close to your heart. Pieces are limited edition due to the nature of vintage dish availability. Holli’s jewelry is hand crafted in Austin,Texas. Be original– Wear something unique!

Dish It Out is giving away a matching earrings/necklace set. (Prize value: $65)

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing (US, Canada + Europe Winners OK)

Authors: Carrie Maclennan, Clare Nicolson & Suzanne Smith
Publisher: David & Charles

Designed for crafters who find there is never enough time in the day– which is most of them!

– The fun, quirkily styled projects can be completed in a day, or spaced over a few weekends, so crafters can have the satisfaction of finishing, as well as starting, projects.
– Written by a truly busy gal with bags of personality and experience, as she learns to sew and discovers how to fit it into her lifestyle.
– Includes advice on sourcing fabric, upcycling, blogging, joining online communities and more for the ultimate experience for busy girls who sew.

The Fashion Designer’s Handbook & Fashion Kit (US Winners Only)

Author: Marjorie Galen
Publisher: Workman Publishing

Young girls love fashion. They love Project Runway. They love expressing themselves through what they wear. And they want to be fashion designers. It’s the No. 1 dream job for girls ages 8 to 12, according to The New York Times. Here in one kit is everything a girl needs to know to start designing and sewing clothes—a lively, full-color book that comes with a doll-size dress form, 24 reusable patterns, rick rack, embroidery thread, a tape measure, and a piece of fabric printed in three vibrant patterns.

The Fashion Designer’s Handbook and Fashion Kit features 33 projects that range from super easy dresses for 11 1⁄2-inch fashion dolls (including Barbie) all the way to “girl-size” projects for the designer to make and wear herself. It shows how to think and work like a designer—from finding inspiration to sketching to developing a personal style. Getting to know fabrics, fibers, and materials; working with patterns; and creating original designs using the dress form.

Don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool, and check out our 2011 Handmade Holidays list for more fabulous ideas.

21 ~ Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers
20 ~ Gifts for Playful Friends
19 ~ Gifts for College Kids
18 ~ Gifts for Tech Lovers
17 ~ Gifts for Imaginative Friends
16 ~ Deck the Halls
15 ~ Gifts for Girlfriends
14 ~ Gifts for Babies
13 ~ Gifts for Hostesses
12 ~ Gifts for Crafters
11 ~ Gifts for Big Kids
10 ~ Gifts for Whimsical Friends
9 ~ Deck the Halls
8 ~ Gifts for Cooks
7 ~ Gifts for Pet Lovers
6 ~ Gifts for Moms + Grandmas
5 ~ Gifts for Tweens + Teens
4 ~ Gifts for Organizers
3 ~ Gifts for Travelers
2 ~ Deck the Halls
1 ~ Gifts for Little Kids

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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205 Responses to November 22 ~ Gifts for Friends + Neighbors

  1. First aid kit is perfect for the car!

  2. Kristen says:

    Love that first aid kit, it would be perfect to throw into a purse or diaper bag!

  3. Laura (washington) says:

    Love the snappy bag!

  4. Gina says:

    the first aid kit is a great idea!

  5. Amber R. says:

    I love the colors of the around the world quilt. It is beautiful!

  6. Peggy says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Around the World quilt – so much so that I am going to make one for my sister in law for Christmas. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  7. Marita H says:

    The Around the World Quilt is quite beautiful.

  8. Fabiola says:

    The around the world quilt is gorgeous and seems a fun project! I would love to make it in pastel colors.

    How cool, the book Adornments is on my wish list!

  9. Erika says:

    the wool poncho is great!

  10. Christine says:

    the dear brooch is lovely. And how cute and practical is the first aid kit!

  11. Virginia says:

    I am sooo motivated to get sewing on some of the projects-it is just too bad I have to work!

  12. Heather says:

    So many wonderful things from today’s post. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  13. Amy says:

    Love the around the world quilt.

  14. Danijela says:

    Dear is my fav!

  15. Kristina says:

    Cute pillow!

  16. Kristy says:

    love the poncho!

  17. jennifer says:

    what a cute towel

  18. Shannon says:

    Great giveaway items!

  19. Jen S in Or says:

    These are fantastic ideas! I like the 1st Aid Kit and great for storing in a car too. Typically I use a plain notepad and colorful markers to make my Holiday Gift List but this print out is a great option!

  20. Bruinbr says:

    The around the world quilt is gorgeous! Those Pom Pom dish towels are great too!

  21. tina says:

    Handmade holidays rock! The first aid kit is on my “to-do” list + I’m adding emergency chocolate. Thanks for the terrific resources and giveaway.

  22. craftgirl83 says:

    Love the quilt! And I adore the necklace, what a great idea to make jewelry from old dishes.

  23. Mandi says:

    The dish towel is super cute!

  24. Ooh the poncho looks like a nursing cover waiting to happen…I might need to make one of those!

  25. Amy says:

    These all look like great gifts!

  26. Morgan O. says:

    I’m really digging that poncho and quilt!

  27. Celeste says:

    Lovely poncho!

  28. Brie says:

    Another great day! Love that pillow!

  29. Emily says:

    Love the dishtowel!

  30. Christine B says:

    Love the deer!

  31. Jennifer in MA says:

    Thanks for the portable 1st aid kit tutorial. What a great idea to save those mangled band aids in my bag!

  32. Lynne says:

    Cute Deer Brooch!

  33. MomOfEvilGeniuses of CO says:

    Just added more to the ‘to do’ list, thanks! :p

  34. Barbara says:

    The book about making jewelry with vintage dishes looks great. I’d love to try that.

  35. ste says:

    Poncho, poncho, PONCHO!

  36. SS Sews says:

    Love that quilt, and I’m also checking out the poncho

  37. Hannah says:

    love the towel!

  38. Meagan says:

    The around the world quilt is stunning!
    Meagan (Canada)

  39. Martha says:

    Love the quilt! And thank goodness for the gift list printable. My head was starting to swim.

  40. brenda says:

    The little deer is so cute.

  41. Anya says:

    What a clever first aid kit!

  42. Natalie says:

    oh la la love that snappy bag.

  43. Amy says:

    That quilt is awesome!

  44. The first aid kit is such a lovely idea!

  45. lee says:

    I love that homemade pumpkin pie spice and all of the gift ideas! thanks!

  46. chris says:

    The deer tag is getting made by me this weekend! eek it is cute!

  47. Sewing Dervish says:

    the quilt is so striking and I NEED that Adornments book!

  48. Heather says:

    That quilt is amazing, what nice ideas.

  49. Kat H says:

    I love the deer brooch – so cute!

  50. Emilia in ca says:

    We seem to never have enough first aid kits!

  51. Ooops, I somehow just ended up buying a necklace from Holli’s shop! 🙂

  52. Eryn says:

    Wow! Love that first quilt.

  53. Amber says:

    I wish my neighbor would make me an around the world quilt.

  54. Sunny in NM says:

    Oh, the terrible temptation to just buy stuff for myself.

  55. M.F.Peterson says:

    That deer brooch would make an adorable ornament or gift tag!

  56. amber says:

    what a great first aid kit! i need one to keep in my car.

  57. Heidi Anderson says:

    Wool poncho and around the world quilt are wonderful! Thank you!!!

  58. Georgia says:

    The quilt is so fun!

  59. MarciaW. FL says:

    The around the world quilt in solids is so dramatic with the colors used.

  60. Rachael says:

    some fun stuff!

  61. Serena says:

    The Rainbow All-Sort Pillow is so fun.

  62. Jim M in NC says:

    The poncho looks like it would be an easy gift to make

  63. Sara says:

    wow! That rainbow pillow is so cute!

  64. Genevieve says:

    Ooh! Love these!!! And the prizes today are GORGEOUS!

  65. Bronwyn in TX says:

    I love the poncho… and the Dish It Out jewellery!

  66. Tabitha says:

    Wonderful ideas!

  67. Melanie in AZ says:

    The first aid kit is a great idea!

  68. Joanna says:

    Wonderful ideas! Love the Portable First-Aid Kit and the Rainbow All-Sort Pillow.

  69. Tawny in CA says:

    I’ve always admired that Around the World quilt. Love the combo of solids that she used.

  70. Kerry in FL says:

    I like the colors of the quilt.

  71. Diana says:

    The quilt is lovely!

  72. Angi in OK says:

    So very cute!

  73. Jess says:

    Oh wow, I love that little doll book! Also, I’m really loving the quilt pattern at the top. I’m SO sad my sewing machine just broke down, wahhhhh!!! 🙂

  74. Denise says:

    Love the poncho 🙂

  75. Steph says:

    Great gift ideas–I especially love the quilt, mug run & dish towels.

  76. KarenH says:

    I love that first aid kit.

  77. Molly Martin says:

    The dear brooch is darling! And I love the practicality of te first aid kit. I need to make this for myself.

  78. Julie Germantown TN says:

    More excellent gift ideas, thank you!!

  79. Sooooo many great ideas! I want them all!!

  80. stacey says:

    love the portable first aid kit!

  81. julis says:

    great idea the towel!

  82. Hashi says:

    I really like the Round The World quilt.

  83. Elizabeth says:

    I’d love to try the wool poncho!

  84. Alissa says:

    Lots of awesomeness!

  85. Karen says:

    Love those gift card bags!

  86. Annette says:

    I love the pompom towel and reindeer brooch.

  87. Gigi in NJ says:

    Love the first aid kit and the mug rug!

  88. Rachel B says:

    Ooo, the poncho is a timely gift.

  89. alison (Ontario, Canada) says:

    I’m loving these gift ideas.

  90. Love the mugrug. Thanks

  91. pauline says:

    love the look of that portable first aid kit!

  92. Eleanor says:

    Cute deer brooch!

  93. Thanks for the new round of great ideas. I love it!

  94. Misty says:

    Love the Snappy bag, always have a gift card or two give out.

  95. Wendy says:

    Love the string Block Mug Rug. Cute!

  96. Trish says:

    I need those printables!

  97. Sonja says:

    Love the little deer brooch!

  98. Julianne Ross says:

    The around the world quilt is eye catching!

  99. Prachi in WA says:

    I love the deer brooch !

  100. Mhairi says:

    Another gorgeous list of projects. I love the deer brooch, that is a sweet idea to add to children’s gifts.
    Thanks again.

  101. Anne Rita says:

    Thank you!

  102. cat says:

    lovely !! I really like the first aid kit pouch ! and the poncho is just adorable…
    Thanks !

  103. Sarah McGrath says:

    The first aid kit would be really useful.

  104. Christina says:

    I might just make the around the world quilt for myself, it looks so colourful!

  105. Judy in Oregon says:

    Fun and colorful ideas today!

  106. Galatina says:

    Lovely ideas and great fabrics. Thanks again.

  107. delia jones says:

    I am going to make the poncho for my girls. Very cute!

  108. Lisamarie in CT says:

    I’m obsessed with string blocks lately. I like the book selection a lot!

  109. Julia says:


  110. Stephanie says:

    Love the rainbow pillow.

  111. jessicac says:

    Haven’t seen the Adornments book before.. may have to run out and grab a copy!

  112. Tez says:

    to die for projects! The quilt is a must make. 🙂 Ooo I’m a busy girl sewist, I could totally use tips from the book. Thanks for the great giveaways, again.

  113. susan h says:

    The adornments book looks fabulous

  114. Jon says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I really dig the Around the World Quilt, and just might begin one for myself…. 😉

  115. Oooh! My son would LOVE that rainbow pillow.

  116. Ann says:

    Love the first aid kit. Great stuff!

  117. Gina says:

    I’m a sucker for mug rugs. I really like the string block design.

  118. Robyn says:

    I think I will make the poncho for myself! The pumpkin pie spice also sounds good. Thanks for the tutorials!

  119. Glyness in OR says:

    Very nice, I especially love the poncho!

  120. Kristen Powell says:

    Love all these ideas!!

  121. Ramona says:

    I see lots of little deers in my future!

  122. Stephanie o says:

    Love the around the world quilt

  123. Tammy says:

    Great list of tutorials! 🙂

  124. Tammy says:

    Great list of tutorials! 🙂

  125. Mel says:

    I love the simplicity of that quilt!

  126. kathyh says:

    Great gift ideas

  127. consuelo says:

    Love the wool poncho. Happy Thanksgiving!

  128. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    I need to make the first-aid kit for my 3yr old who is always finding himself injured… or just in need of a bandaid to patch up his feelings 🙂

  129. Sarah B says:

    Love the around the world quilt and rainbow pillow! I need some rainbow in my house :o)

  130. Larissa says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  131. Courtney says:

    Love the little deer broach!

  132. DebbieKL says:

    I love the poncho! That’d be quick for my girls

  133. Mandi says:

    The portable first aid kit is great!

  134. Debbie says:

    Love the pilow and mug rug

  135. The Rainbow All-Sorts pillow is beautiful!

  136. Heather79 in Colorado says:

    Totally doing mug rugs this Christmas!

  137. Rhonda says:

    Who would think to make pumpkin pie spice? Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  138. Sara says:

    So many great things! Love the rainbow pillow and I think I will definitely make the mug rug…maybe into a table runner instead though.

  139. BreannaS in MO says:

    I have had a pattern for a snappy bag on my list of things to make for over a year but just haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for bringing it to the top of the list.

  140. Morgan says:

    Love all the solids and stripes!

  141. Sandy says:

    What a pretty quilt!

  142. Lynn H. says:

    Great first aid kit! Thanks!

  143. Deb H. in PA says:

    The portable first aid kit is really a good idea.

  144. M Evans says:

    I love the little first-aid kit!

  145. missmoozie in CA says:

    Love the first aid kit and the rainbow pillow is amazing. Thank you for all the great giveaways.


  146. Bailey says:

    ah, the first aid kit is what I need to make for my boo boo posse!

  147. Andrea says:

    That portable first aid kit might just be a perfect stocking stuffer for hubby….maybe in a camo or nascar fabric! 🙂

  148. SonjaVic says:

    Thanks for the great ideas for all those hard to shop for friends.

  149. Love the mug rug! BEautiful ideas.

  150. KeriAnn in PA says:

    I absolutely love the portable first aid kit and the snappy bag. They will make great gifts!

  151. Oh, that around-the-world quilt is so lovely! Actually makes me want to quilt.

  152. PattyD says:

    Great snappy bag!

  153. Beth says:

    Def. checking out the snappy bag and the deer brooch!

  154. San in Fl says:

    The first aid kit looks great.

  155. Theresa in OK says:

    Cute ideas!

  156. Erika says:

    Adorable quilt pattern! Love how graphic it is.

  157. Kay says:

    I have a little thing about pompoms so it was fun to see a project using them.

  158. Lola says:

    Oh my, I love the Adornments book!!! I have been trying to win something for a couple of years but no luck. I am keeping my fingers super crossed this time to win this one. 😉

  159. Stacy S says:

    The rainbow pillow is so nice!

  160. Julie says:

    So nice! First aid kit will be a great gifts for teachers!

  161. Sarah says:

    Everything looks great!

  162. The first-aid kit is a great idea. Merci beaucoup.

  163. Jen V in OR says:

    Lovely ideas again! Thanks.

  164. Megan in IA says:

    I just love crafts that are both useful and beautiful. The first-aid kit is definitely on my to-do list!

  165. Liz says:

    the portable first aid kits are a great idea!

  166. Jasmin says:

    Love the ideas.

  167. Amy P says:

    I may have spotted a few gift ideas for my neighbour … plotting begins!
    (UK resident)

  168. Lori in MD says:

    That pillow is awesome.

  169. Irenoski88 says:

    Amazing ideas, thank you very much!!!

  170. susan mzf says:

    those felt deer are too sweet – they’d make great decorations, too!

  171. Barbara says:

    I love the snappy bag. What a clever idea!

  172. Love the mugrug and pillow.

  173. Penny says:

    Loving that first aid kit!

  174. jackie in IN says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!

  175. Erin says:

    another great list!

  176. Laura says:

    great ideas

  177. Shannon says:

    Love the different options and levels of difficulty – very much appreciated.
    Thanks for doing the giveaways too! 🙂

  178. Meg says:

    Love the poncho! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  179. Love the bold colors in the Around The World quilt. Thanks for sharing so many lovely ideas.

  180. Heather says:

    Cute little bag of the day!

  181. Stacy says:

    Love the Snappy Bag tutorial.

  182. Stephanie says:

    Love,love, love that wool poncho and just 1 yard of fabric…that I can do!

  183. christina says:

    Love that quilt!

  184. Miet says:

    I really like the wool poncho, and the deer brooch/gift tag is super cute!

  185. April says:

    Love the quilt! thanks

  186. Kristie says:

    I love the ponchos. I upcycled one for my daughter and now I want one too. Lovely and warm. Thanks!

  187. Oh, that first aid kit is cool!

  188. Megan mn says:

    Love a good dish towel

  189. beth says:

    I love string quilting!

  190. Mary says:

    All these would make great gifts.

  191. Theresa (in Germany) says:

    the first aid kit is definetly on my xmas present list! 🙂

  192. Lise says:

    I like the wool poncho!

  193. Michelle says:

    Love the quiltiness!

  194. Whitney in SC says:

    Adornments! Would love to try some projects out of that

  195. Charlotte in Ga says:

    Om My!! What a little dear. so cute thanks for the great ideas

  196. Cayce says:

    that quilt is beautiful.

  197. Kristin H says:

    Fun ideas, I particularly like the rainbow pillow!

  198. Cory in TN says:

    I live that pillow!!!

  199. Tracy H says:

    First aid kit is a great idea!

  200. Laura in VA says:

    I love all of these ideas! Especially the rainbow pillow!

  201. Kristin says:

    I love that little deer 😀

  202. Catherine says:

    Wow. Hope some of my friends make these goodies for me. 😉 Seriously, though, this is a really fun roundup full of projects I would love.

  203. I love the poncho!!

  204. Holly says:

    That rainbow pillow is super!

  205. Tera says:

    Amazing lovely ideas!!! Thank you!!!

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