November 7 ~ Gifts for Pet Lovers

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Do you have someone who loves animals on your holiday list? Do you have a favorite pet who needs something special this holiday season? We have lots of tutorials for you today, and don’t forget to check out the related tutorial links for previous round-ups and more…(We’re admittedly heavy on ideas for dogs today!– Please share any additional tutorial links you found in 2012 for cats, birds, etc., in the comments…)

Make It

spacer Adjustable Dog Collar
Ilse shows you how to make an easy and cute Adjustable Dog Collar at Sew It Love It.
spacer Boxed Cushion
Boxed Cushions like these from Amanda Brown for Design*Sponge make perfect, cozy spots for family pets.
spacer Pocket Pet Fleece Hammock
Make a Pocket Pet Fleece Hammock for your small “pocket pet” with this tutorial from Weeks Ringle at Craft Nectar.
spacer Dog Leash
Summer shows you how to whip up a custom Dog Leash at Summer Thinks.
spacer Kimono Dog Harness
Jill Myslinski’s Kimono Dog Harness (Acorn Market blog for Sew,Mama,Sew!) was a hit this year!
spacer Dog Toys
Do you want to make some fun Dog Toys as stocking stuffers? Ilse gives you tips at Sew It Love It.

Bag a Day

There are so many beautiful bags to love out there… We’re sharing one bag tutorial every day this month for you to sew and give.

spacer Reversible Jumbo Tote Bag
Joann’s Reversible Jumbo Tote Bag will hold a ton! The tote features upholstery fabrics and two designs (with two handle options as well). Find the how-to at Craft Passion.

Related tutorials you might just love: Passion for Animals, Gifts for Pet Lovers, Fortune Cookie Cat Toy, Dog Kerchief, Dog Car Seat Cover

Here are just a few fabrics perfect for some of today’s projects. Click on the fabric images to visit the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop:

Beth’s choice Kristin’s choice Gabrien’s choice

Mix It

spacer Hot Cocoa
Jamie’s Hot Cocoa recipe at My Baking Addiction would make the perfect accompaniment for long winter walks with the dog!

Print It

spacer Holiday Gift Tags
We have more Holiday Gift Tags! Today’s download features Christmas and Chanukah tags from Helen at Orange You Lucky.

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!

Intertwined is a sewing cooperative of five refugee women living in Knoxville, TN. The women have been sewing together for about a year and meet three days a week to sew and learn English, finances, and design as they adapt to life in America. The creativity of sewing and patchwork empowers the women and helps them process the turbulent events they experienced in their home countries. Intertwined recently opened their Etsy shop. Nearly all of the materials the members sew with are donated which means a significant portion of the profits go directly to the sewists’ families.

Intertwined is giving away two 18″ patchwork pillow covers, valued at $40 each, in colors customizable by the recipient.

Handmade by refugee women living in Knoxville, TN! Just in time for fall… These autumn patchwork and quilted pillow covers incorporate new and vintage fabrics from our extensive collection of donated materials. Also available in your own custom color choice.

The Original Dog Tarot: Divine the Canine Mind! (US Winners Only)

Author: Heidi Schulman
Publisher: Potter Style

Want to know why your dog shreds your slippers but ignores his designer toys? Does your pooch really want a puppy for companionship, or are you delusional? The Original Dog Tarot is an entertaining, tongue-in-jowl deck of tarot cards and accompanying book affectionately written for dog lovers who want to divine their canine’s mind. The 30 cards are a takeoff on the traditional tarot; they’re divided into the Major Barkana and Minor Barkana. Each card offers advice for both canines and the humans in their lives. You don’t have to be familiar with traditional tarot to use this deck. It is a witty and wise stand-alone oracle for anyone who has given up mastering the techniques of The Dog Whisperer.

Don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool, and check out our 2011 Handmade Holidays list for more fabulous ideas.

6 ~ Gifts for Moms + Grandmas
5 ~ Gifts for Tweens + Teens
4 ~ Gifts for Organizers
3 ~ Gifts for Travelers
2 ~ Deck the Halls
1 ~ Gifts for Little Kids

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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133 Responses to November 7 ~ Gifts for Pet Lovers

  1. I actually want to make the box pillow for my kids…. Is that wrong?

    Rebecca in CA

  2. keep me informed

  3. These are all really cute gift ideas.

  4. Mary says:

    Neat ideas for pets.

    Mary in MN

  5. craftgirl83 says:

    Okay, the fleece hammock is just about the cutest thing ever.

  6. sunwon says:

    The cushions look great! I love the colours so much…..

  7. Deb H. says:

    Not a big pet person…but the gifts are cute.

  8. natali says:

    Love the boxed cushion!!

  9. Pat Upton says:

    Love the pocket pet hammock! My daughter’s rats would love it!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Mmmmmmm. Hot cocoa!

  11. Silvia says:

    Great ideas!! Thanks for the link to the gift tags, I will use them with my Christmas presents!!! :)))

  12. Karen says:

    The dog toys are so great! Good ideas for fun gifts. Dog tarot!? Hehe 🙂

  13. Beth T says:

    Oh my heck–my niece has a hamster she loves like we love our dogs and cats. Now I can make Simon something special. Thank you!!!

  14. Corie says:

    These are great! Suggestions on making the dog toys large dog proof? 😉

  15. ramona says:

    Wow, I didn’t think rodents could be cute, but I sorta wanna make that pocket now…

  16. Julianne Ross says:

    Would love to win!

  17. Heather says:

    Love all of these, especially the collar. I think my dogs would love a new bed. Cute!

  18. sunny says:

    My Ramona dog is going to look fantastic this Christmas. The collar is so adorable. 🙂

  19. Susie H. says:

    I’m working on my husband for us to get a little dog. C’mon Santa, help me out! What can I say, such cute projects!!

  20. MarciaW says:

    the doggie toys are cute

  21. Beverly says:

    I want a pocket pet so I can make one of those hammocks! How cute!

  22. Peggy says:

    I just LOVE that little pet hammock. Sooooo cute!!!

  23. Karen A says:

    I enjoy dogs, but don’t have one. Sad that you didn’t have any projects for cats.

  24. Lise says:

    I think i will make the dog scrap toy for our children’s godmother. Well, not really for her, but for her dogs! And the hot chocolate looks scrummy!

  25. Whitner says:

    My sisters dog is her baby – she might need all of these this year!

  26. Jodie says:

    Love that dog cushion and that dog is adorable!

  27. Stephanie says:

    Fun leashes! Too bad my bird’s neck is too small 🙂

  28. tracy reed says:

    Love these ideas. all my friends are pet people.

  29. Trinity says:

    These are so cute, and perfect for my dog-owning neighbors!

  30. Bianca says:

    So cute! I’m definitely going to make a matching leash and collar.

  31. Lizzie says:

    My dogs will be spoiled this year! Cracking up at the dog tarot cards…

  32. Emilie says:

    Why didn’t I ever think to make my own dog collars and leashes? So simple!

  33. elsa says:

    Love the gifts for pets but where’s something for cats? Love the bed and that little kimono harness!

  34. Maya says:

    I have been wanting to make a new bed for my dogs. The boxed cushion looks great.

  35. Sara says:

    Looks like I just found that perfect tote tutorial I was looking for!

  36. Rachel B says:

    Pick me. Pick me.

  37. I love the toys.

  38. erin d. says:


  39. Elizabeth says:

    Big money big money, no whammies!

  40. Anne Marie says:

    Lets pamper our pets.

  41. Debbie says:

    I love the cute dog bed…I’ll have to make one for my dog!

  42. craftytammie says:

    what a fun hammock idea! my nieces have guinea pigs, I’ll have to make them one!

  43. Cal says:

    Love the box cushion, would be great for the kids even.

  44. Chris says:

    Cool projects for our furry friends! thank you!. For my cutie kitty, Flower, this bed from The Zen of Making is a Must Make!
    A 3 – in – one bed – cute cute!

  45. Lee says:

    I really wanted to make a leash and collar for my dog! thanks! My friends have cats so…. Planet June as a cute krinkle toy to make for kitties – it is donationware -read her blog –
    and Dandelions and Lace has a cute Fortune Cookie felt cat toy too – this is a free tutorial

  46. Mhairi says:

    I love these ideas. Especially the hammock, I have a friend who would love one of these for her pocket pet.

  47. VickiT says:

    Fantastic ideas/tutorials. They’re all wonderful.

  48. amber says:

    What wonderful pillows!

  49. julis says:

    Pocket Pet Fleece Hammock: what an idea…I just want to have a pet just to made him this hammock…
    It’s just a wonderful love love 🙂

  50. Sarah McGrath says:

    I love the hammock!

  51. Prachi says:

    I think the cords on the reversible tote bag are nifty !

  52. esther says:

    No dog owners here, but the tote pattern looks good.

  53. Kerry says:

    Can’t wait to get started on a leash and collar.

  54. Janice says:

    What darling gifts for our favorite pets.

  55. Kate F. says:

    I love that any post about pet gifts is sure to include a few adorable pets to look at! Wish my dog was clothing tolerant enough for the kimono-style harness.

  56. judy b says:

    you guys are really out-doing yourselves this year! i want to make everything! I love those tags!

  57. Danielle says:

    The black puppy looks just like my soffie.

  58. Crystal says:

    I am delighted to support Intertwined – thank you for sharing info about the great work they are doing!

  59. Jasmin says:

    More great ideas thanks.

  60. Alissa says:


  61. Kim McM says:

    I don’t have a dog- I’m allergic – but I still appreciate the gift ideas, especially the box cushion instructions and the hot cocoa recipe. Sounds delish!

  62. Natalie says:

    Adorable little gift tags! Thanks 🙂

  63. Hannah says:

    The boxed cushion looks amazing!!!

  64. Kristina says:

    That pet hammock is so cute, wonder if it would work for rabbits? lol

  65. Yay for pets! Thank you for some great pet gift ideas.

  66. BreannaS says:

    love the rat hammock but don’t know anyone with a rat or other small critter. I do like the dog collar and leash!

  67. beth says:

    Now we just need some home made marshmallows to go with that chocolate!

  68. Kelli says:

    Oh my goodness, that Intertwined gift is such a cool idea. How cool to know you’re helping other women adjust and adapt just by buying fun gifts for friends. Good for them!

  69. Lisa L. says:

    That box cushion is so cute!

  70. Jon says:

    Think it would be easy to get a cat to use one of those pet hammocks?

  71. Crunchy Con Mommy says:

    It seems so obvious now but I never even thought of how easy it would be to make a custom leash and collar! My mom’s dog may actually get a present for once, lol.

  72. Steph says:

    Love the scrappy dog toy but I have a feeling my chocolate lab/German shorthair puppy would have it destroyed in minutes. I’ll still have to make her one, though!

  73. usairdoll says:

    Great ideas! Love the dog leashes and harness.

    Thank you and the Sponsors for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  74. Dell says:

    We all love our pets. These would be great handmade gifts.

  75. Megan Panda says:

    Such cute pet accessories! I wish I had a small pet so I could make that hammock!

  76. Erin says:

    The pet hammock is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

  77. Angi Gilbert says:

    Good ideas

  78. Meg says:

    So many ideas to overly spoil my spoiled dog!

  79. Mandi says:

    The pet hammock is too funny! I love it!

  80. Rebecca says:

    I love handmade pet items!

  81. Marge says:

    My cat would like that dog toy- I just won’t tell him it is a dog toy!

  82. Ruth Hampson says:

    Toys for dogs are really appreciated at the animal shelters! Also, fill a pillowcase 3/4 full with fabric scraps, stitch it shut and you have a soft bed for a shelter dog!

  83. Ruth Hampson says:

    Loved your blog about PAL2 and would be thrilled to win one!!!!

  84. S many cute things to make. I love that bag!

  85. Sandy says:

    I love the holiday gift tags, especially the one with the little dog!

  86. I made the harness for my Molly the Cat. So far she’s not so keen about getting into it. 🙂

  87. Christie says:

    Oh, I bookmarked so many of these, and i don’t think you can post too many gift tags. They are all so cool.

  88. Holly says:

    The dogs in my life will love these!

  89. Christina says:

    Forget the pets… I want one of those boxed cushions for myself!

  90. KeriAnn says:

    I’ve been sewing and donating martingale collars to my local animal shelter, but I would love to make some of the dog pillows and toys to give to them!

  91. Anya says:

    My sister’s dog needs a custom leash and dog collar for christmas!

  92. Jeannie D says:

    Gotta try my hand at the dog collar and leash…I have a Newfoundland who needs a “custom” size!

  93. jm says:

    LOve those gift tags!

  94. Miranda says:

    Great ideas for pets!

  95. Tina says:

    I am so a pet person, this is a great HandMade Holiday theme.

  96. Amber says:

    I love the ladybug fabric!

  97. Charlotte says:

    I love the pocket pet hammock. Perfect for our flying squirrel:)

  98. Jamie says:

    The boxed cushion would be great for kids for movie night too!

  99. KeriCan says:

    I promised my sister’s dog a new collar and leash – better get on it!

  100. Bruinbr says:

    That boxed cushion looks so comfy! Love the holiday gift tags too!

  101. Tabitha says:

    I think my little rat would love that hammock and I’m liking the cocoa!

  102. Kylie C says:

    Adorable gift tags today- thanks for the link!

  103. TriMama says:

    Those patchwork pillows are beautiful!

  104. michelle says:

    I would love to win one of the patchwork pillow covers. And thank you for sharing the information about intertwined. I am very interested in this and will check their site and look for ways to offer support.


  105. Denise says:

    Love the pillow/cushion! Just what I need for our 2yo
    dd(dear dog)Lucy:)

  106. jessicac says:

    I adopted 2 cats this year.. and have been making all sorts of cardboard homes and play spaces for them! Thinking I will be knitting and felting a bed for them for the holidays.

  107. Mel says:

    I think Stewie needs some Mommy-made toys this Christmas!

  108. Stacy says:

    Love those holiday gift tags. So fun and colorful!

  109. Heidi Anderson says:

    Wonderful ideas! Love the leash and collar tutorial. Thanks.

  110. Sarah B says:

    Really cute ideas for the furry friends in our life :o)

  111. Michelle says:

    The pocket pet fleece hammock! How adorable is that?

  112. JLVerde says:

    There’s no real tutorial for it, but you can always make cat toys by fussy cutting cute images from your favorite fabric then sew a different fabric to the back. Stuff with polyfill laced with catnip and instant toys!

    The ones I made for halloween gifts were a big hit (well, maybe the catnip was the real draw!).

  113. Stacy says:

    I made this hot cocoa mix last year for Christmas and it was a big hit! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  114. Julia says:

    I wish, wish I had a reason to make that pocket pet hammock! Cute, cute, cute!

  115. Cindi C says:

    What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  116. SS Sews says:

    That hot chocolate looks yummy!

  117. Catherine says:

    I need to pass along the dog collar link to my sister, a momma to three pups.

    Love, love, love the patchwork pillows!!! Those are SO my style.

  118. Tera says:

    Dog collar, leash and toys are adorable!!!
    Would love the Intertwined Pillow Covers…..they are beautiful!!! THANKS!!!

  119. Heather says:

    That little fleece hammock is adorable!

  120. Sarah L. says:

    Those printable gift tags are super cute!

  121. kathyh says:

    Pet gifts are always appreciated.
    I recovered old sofa cushions for my dogs before as well as updating their collars and leashes.
    Good ideas.

  122. Hashi says:

    Love that tote bag! The double handles is a great idea.

  123. susan mzf says:

    those leashes and collars are great and would be perfect for several pets on my list!

  124. Kristin H says:

    I love the pocket pet hammock! I have a friend who owns rats, so now I know what she’s getting for Christmas!

  125. Kristin says:

    The puppy on the boxed cushion is adorable! I think my puppy would like any of these gifts.

  126. Kay says:

    I think that my dog, Monty, would love any of these.

  127. Marsha says:

    Oh! I am deeply in love with the idea of making custom leashes and collars for the dogs in my life. What an awesome idea – perhaps packaged with some homemade treats? LOVE IT!

  128. Jess says:

    My brother and SIL are always pestering me to make stuff for their dog. These are great ideas! Thanks.

  129. Joan says:

    Darling gift tags!

  130. sewperstitious says:

    Would love to win!

  131. Lynne says:

    Gotta make some leashes to coordinate with our dogs coats! Too many great projects to choose from!

  132. Stephanie says:

    Would love those beautiful patchwork pillows. Thanks for your amazing giveaways each and every day!

  133. Molly Martin says:

    We just lost our dog at age 10 in September. I’m still weepy about him. However, I do know many who have wonderful dogs too!

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