Today Jenny Doh of and Lark Books bring you a free project from Jenny’s book, Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids.

The book features twenty projects from a big line-up of parenting bloggers, including Amanda Blake Soule, Ali Edwards, Cindy Hopper and more. Jenny has created many books in recent years, including Journal It!, We Make Dolls, Signature Styles, and Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration. Today Jenny shares a little about the book, and then you can download and enjoy a free Felted Falling Stars excerpt too!

Hand in Hand: Celebrating the Creative Process with Kids by Jenny Doh

There’s no busier time for creative parents than the holidays. Along with normal day-to-day routines, we work hard to squeeze in time to bake, decorate, and craft. We make room for these things not only because the activities result in beautiful and delicious end products, but because the process helps our children create memories that are sure to be treasured and undoubtedly transformed into traditions of their own with families of their own. Indeed, the creative process becomes the actual gift that we bestow onto our beloved children.

Hand in Hand is a book that celebrates the process of creating with kids. Twenty parenting bloggers share their favorite kid-centered craft projects that are presented with clear instructions and illustrated with beautiful step-by-step photography. The bloggers also share a peek into their lives that remind us that the creative process that is the ultimate gift for our children not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

Jenny Doh is author of Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids. Learn more about her creative work at

Today you can download a free project excerpt from Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids! These Felted Falling Stars were designed and created for the book by Nicole Spring of Frontier Dreams.

Nicole writes, “A variation of felted wool balls, these falling stars are wonderful for indoor play. They are soft enough that you don’t have to worry about your little ones breaking things, and they are also great for gentle baby toys. They’re made with natural materials and are a great project for a wide range of ages.”

Download your free Felted Falling Stars PDF excerpt and take a look at Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids for more projects, great for crafting fun all year round!