Saturday was India’s Republic Day, and Shruti had a big weekend with a feature about her sewing in a national Sunday magazine in India. Shruti shares all of her quilting work at her 13 Woodhouse Road blog. You must check out her amazing PortraitQuilt (link below); you’ll be astonished that Shruti has only been quilting since 2010! Shruti is up next with a tutorial for her “Samosa Pouches.” You’ll love the easy, fun result.

Hi, I’m Shruti and I am a quilter from India. I started quilting in 2010 and I blog at 13 Woodhouse Road. It was difficult in the beginning, since quilting is not a popular hobby in India but gradually, with the friendship of some awesome people online, I became more and more confident. You can check out the “Quilts and More” section of my blog where you will find all my work chronologically arranged. I am also the founding president of the India Modern Quilt Guild.

The project that I am absolutely proud of is the PortraitQuilt that I made as a gift to my husband and his family to celebrate 100 years of the family business. It was an overwhelming project that gave me immense satisfaction once it was done!