Becky from Patchwork Posse and the Patchwork Posse shop designed this cute tent block as a fun way to feature small prints. The blocks are a perfect “I Spy” game in the making, or you can turn them into a quiet book for very young children with Becky’s tutorial on her blog. Learn more about Becky in her introduction and have fun with the block!

Hi, everyone! I’m Becky and I will be showing you how to sew yourself a teepee I-spy quilt block. At first I had named it the tent quilt block, but after a few discussions about the name and what it really looked like, “teepee” was a better fit.

I designed this block with the thought of showcasing some fantastic fabric and patterns for an I-Spy sort of block– What’s hiding behind the flap? I know that you have a small collection of cute prints that have no fit anywhere. The meowing cats, circus circus prints, flying fairies, fire, buttons?!… Yeah, those kind of prints. {I have a whole drawer dedicated to them!} They will fit here perfectly. Little hands and searching eyes will love them.

Using this pattern, with a few slight variations, you can even make an I-Spy Quiet Book!

These instructions will make two quilt blocks, finished size: 10 1/2″ X 12 1/2″.

Cutting Instructions:

-2 – 10” X 6”
-2 – 2 1/2” X 10 1/2”

-2 – 10” X 6” outside
-2 – 10” X 6” inside

Under flap:
-2 – 10” X 6”

-2 – 2” X 10 1/2”

1. Place right sides together– two background rectangles.
2. Cut from corner to corner.

3. Repeat with under flap fabric.
4. Repeat with flap outside and inside fabric.

1. Pin right sides together on the outside and inside flap fabric.
2. Sew on two sides of the flap. Snip corner.

3. Turn right sides out and iron.
4. Trim to 9 1/2” X 5 1/2”.
5. Pin in between the under tent and background triangles (right sides facing).
6. Sew long diagonal seam.

7. Iron background back.
8. Repeat with opposite side.
9. Sew the two sides of the tent together; make sure you don’t catch the flap in the seam!

10. Sew background strip to the top of the block.
11. Sew the grass strip to the bottom of the block.