We’re happy to announce a new monthly series for 2013! Heather Bostic from {House} of A La Mode is joining us with a new pillow tutorial every month, starting with the pretty Vega Pillow. In addition to sharing sewing on her blog (new cross stitch patterns!), Heather and her friend Shelly are working to make {House} of A La Mode a fun collaborative space with lots of book reviews, giveaways and more.

In addition to blogging, Heather has rounded up 25 pillow patterns by her friends, who happen to be well-known, talented bloggers themselves. The compilation, Pillow Pop from Stash Books, will be released in just a few weeks! It’s a gorgeous and useful book we’re very excited to have on our shelves. Enjoy today’s pillow tutorial and look for another pretty design from Heather next month.

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The Vega Pillow is the perfect project for cool January nights curled up on the couch!

As you create this with hand and machine sewing I hope you find this pillow not only stunning, but relaxing too.


To begin this project you will need to baste your diamonds.

Your paper pieces package will have some basic instructions included. I will show you some visual examples of my process as well.

Place two of the center ring diamonds right sides together. Then using a ladder stitch (while backstitching at the beginning and ending of each side of the diamonds) hand sew the diamonds.

Continue hand sewing the center diamonds and then the outer layer. (Tip: Diamonds have sharp points. This allows small holes to appear where they join together if you don’t remember to match your points carefully.)

Once the diamonds have been sewn, press with a hot iron. Then carefully fold the diamond tips into the star and press again.

With a seam ripper remove the basting thread and paper pieces. Press again and then set aside. Ta da! The Vega Star is complete!

Next cut the ½ yard of Flax Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen into 18” x 18”. Sandwich the linen, batting and muslin together using spray adhesive or pins. (Tip: If I’m out of muslin I use ugly fabric that I have around my stash!)

Pin the Vega Star in place on the pillow top sandwich.

Using a zig zag stitch, sew the star onto the pillow top and set aside.

Baste the pillow top. (Tip: When adding embellishments or hand quilting, it’s always a good idea to baste the pillow top first to avoid fabric shifting.) Then sew the button to the center of the Vega Star. Do some hand quilting with embroidery floss for added design.

Now take the FQ of backing fabric and the remaining amount of the original ½ yd of Flax Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen to your pressing table to make the pillow’s envelope back.

(Tip: I use the selvedges to create my perfect pillow back envelopes.) Take the FQ and double-fold over the selvedge. Press. Topstitch the fold to close. Repeat this step with the uncut section of the Flax Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen.

Place the right sides of the two backing fabrics onto the pillow top’s right side. Pin in place. Sew ½” seam around the pinned pillow, back stitching at each corner to give it strength. (Tip: When sewing over the backing envelope opening seam, backstitch a few times to give the pillow extra strength.) Repeat and then snip corners. Turn your new pillow inside out to press and stuff!