Fat Quarter Idol : Fresh ~ Vote for your favorites!

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Thanks for playing Fat Quarter Idol! It was wonderful to review your Fresh, Spring-inspired entries and incredibly hard to narrow them down. We finally managed to cut the entries down to 12.

In the poll below, please vote for your THREE favorites. (Click the image to view the pack in Pinterest with more detail.) We’ll list the winner’s pack for sale in the shop and send her one for free!

1. Bethany Schultz
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

2. Ara Jane Olufs0n
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

3. Karen Noble-Newman
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

4. Kelly Evans
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

5. Aletta D
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

6. Fawn Bohlken
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

7. Wendy Meyen
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

8. Lindsay Conner
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

9. Heather Braun
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

10. Jamie Ruminski
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

11. Kelley Gilbert
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

12. Madeline Grace
Fat Quarter Idol: Fresh

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21 Responses to Fat Quarter Idol : Fresh ~ Vote for your favorites!

  1. Bess Bauer says:

    2, 5 and 10. The zebra print in the Ara Jane Olufs0n line is just so cool.

  2. Lori Morton says:

    Hard choices….loved more than the 3 I voted on!! 🙂

  3. Nancy Cegalis says:

    that was a fun job.

  4. Melissa says:

    1,2,12 are my favorites!!!

  5. Dittany says:

    I would go for 6, 8 and 10

  6. Raych says:

    Oh that is a hard choice! I can’t imagine having to whittle them down to just 12. they all are So beautiful

  7. Joanna in NY says:

    All are beautiful! Not an easy choice but here are my picks…9,4,and 1.

  8. They all look fantastic.

  9. Judie Harron says:

    These three choices spoke to me the most! Good luck to the winner! judie

  10. claire says:

    I want them all! Too hard to choose only three.

  11. Anne says:

    great selection!

  12. Sheila says:

    Number nine is by far my favorite bundle!!

  13. Rise says:

    there are some beautiful collections here but in the end only 1 spoke to me as having all the elements that said “spring is here”.

  14. Kim says:

    Hard to choose-

  15. db says:

    so many pretty ones to pick.

  16. Angie Lindley says:

    Such pretty spring fabrics — it was hard to choose!

  17. Becky T says:

    12 is my favorite! Love the chevrons! Good luck to all!

  18. Dianne says:

    They all look nice!

  19. Angela Wicentowich says:

    Well done! Good luck to you all.

  20. Anna says:

    Not easy to choose! Love 3, 5 and 8!!

  21. Adele Murray says:

    So hard to choose. I would gladly buy every single one if my bank balance would allow!

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