Diya from The Hobby Harbor joins us with a spring top tutorial. We think this Flutter Sleeve Top would be great as a dress too, with some added yardage and a little experimentation. You can also easily adapt the design for more or less “flutter” in the sleeves. Learn more about Diya in her introduction and let us know if you sew up a new shirt or dress for spring!

Hello all! I am very excited to share a tutorial today here. A top with flutter sleeves this spring sounds like a lovely idea! This tutorial will guide you in making one. I hope you will like it and that you enjoy making one. Happy sewing!


  • 2mt of 44 inch wide fashion fabric (Lightweight fabrics, fabrics with good drape)
  • Shears, sewing machine, threads
  • Elastic thread
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Pins
  • Drafting instructions

Drafting the pattern:
Download the drafting instructions here. Follow the steps and draft the pattern pieces.

Cut out the pattern pieces from the fashion fabric with grain line and other details as indicated in the instructions.

Sewing the Sleeves:
Place the center front bodice on the back bodice piece RST (right sides together). Sew along the shoulder seams.

Finish the outer edge of the sleeves. I finished it with a rolled hem.

Sew the two sleeve pieces RST along the shoulder seam.

Place the sleeve along the side of the center front bodice RST.

Pin the side panel to the right side of the side. The panel will be facing the wrong side of the sleeve.

Sew along the pinned path to attach the sleeve to the bodice and the side panel. Do this only for one side.

Sewing the Waist Band:
Fold the waist band along the fold line. Mark lines on the waist band spaced 1 inch apart.

Pin the unfolded side to the hemline of the bodice and sew.

Wind the elastic thread to the bobbin by hand. Add bobbin to the sewing machine.

Sew in straight lines along the marked lines. As you sew the band is shirred. I used a normal tension and stitch length. I shirred only the front part of the waist band.

Attach the sleeves as indicated in the previous section for the other side (Sewing the Sleeves).

Sew the shorter edges of the waist band RST to complete the waistband.

Finishing the Neckline:
Interface the neck bands. Place the front neck band pieces RST and sew along the top neckline. Repeat for the back neck bands.

Snip along the curved edge within the seam allowance. Turn right sides out and press. Repeat for the back neck bands.

Sew both neck bands along the shoulder seams.

Baste the neckband to the neckline of the bodice. The extra fabric should be gathered at the center line. Sew along basting stitches.

Finished neckline should look like this. For the front bodice I pleated instead of gathering. You can choose what you like.

Finishing + Embellishment:
Finish all the raw edges using a serger or any other method you prefer. The armhole can be finished off using bias binding.

Embellish the neckband. I sewed some rings to make my black top colourful!

Yippee! The top is done. Pose, click pictures and share with friends. You can drop me an email as well; I would love to see the finished top. For more pictures on the top visit my blog here.