Kelli joined us years ago with beautiful fabric flowers, perfect for boutonnieres and more. Now she’s living in New York City, perusing the garment district and creating wonderful items for herself and her children. Kelli also started a new blog last year; visit True Bias for lots more!

Hello readers. My name is Kelli and I have a blog called True Bias. I started my blog just over a year ago as a way to connect with other people like me and share the things that I make. Most of what I sew is clothing for myself. I love to create things and often find myself dreaming about the next project I am going to make as I fall asleep at night. I also sew for my children sometimes and love to make them things that are modern, simple, and not too cutesy.

My small family recently moved to New York City and I have loved exploring the garment district and buying unique fabric. I also love seeing the amazing things that people in NYC wear on a daily basis. I am very inspired by the fashion forward women that I encounter and so I turn to sewing to as a way to dress myself on trend, and on a budget.

I hope you will pop on over an visit me on my blog and take a look at the things that I create. I would love to hear from you.