Giveaway Day Reminders

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There are 515 giveaways this week! There will be 515 happy winners today! It’s been a lot of fun to visit new sites and find new blogs to love. Don’t forget to leave your giveaway open until today, May 10 at 5 p.m. PST. Update your post with the winner info, and email your winner by May 12. Ship your item by May 15.

We appreciate your feedback about how to make Giveaway Day even better in the future (our next Giveaway Day is in December). Share in the comments, and thank you for joining in the fun!

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23 Responses to Giveaway Day Reminders

  1. Hello, I am Sylvie from Montreal in Canada. My blog is about Asperger syndrome, not crafting, but as soon as I have 5 minutes for me, I sew, makes embroideries, knit. I am sorry to be too late for this giveaway day, and wish you all luck. Will try not to forget the next one. Thank you!

  2. Bethany says:

    I agree with the word thing. It is very difficult for me as well. The other thing that I would point out is that some blogs were on a number of different categories for the same blog post. If you are giving away two different things then they should be on two different posts, just a thought. It was frustrating to see the same post a number of times.

    It was a ton of fun, I am glad that I put my blog up there and that I won a couple of things!! I always love doing it…thanks for hosting this event!

  3. Sandra Timmons says:

    Thank you once again for a wonderful week of giveaway. There were lots to enter and each and every one of these quilters/ seamstresses made this possible. Job well done by all. Takes a lot of work and a lot of geneousity.

  4. Mike Pearson says:

    Thank you sew much for hosting the giveaways! Love it!

  5. JillB says:

    I had so much fun and the housework got so ignored this week!! I found several new sites I am now following. This must take a lot of work – thank you

  6. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Thanks for organizing this event, so far I won a prize of 2 books from A happy Stitch. I’m so excited, Thank you so much!

  7. Abby says:

    I love your giveaways. It a great day/week for our community. Perhaps suggesting to the bloggers that they include a collarge of their finishes or WIPs. It gives you a great idea about what they do and makes it easy to see if you might like to follow them or explore more.
    If I see something that I like I’m more likely to continue looking around.
    There were even some quilts I saw at the top of giveaways today that I bookmarked to make later.
    Thanks for your great organising.

  8. Connie Douty says:

    Giveaways encourage me for I buy all my fabric on line. The reason is I am a shut-in and online allows me to shop, shop, and shop and buy great fabric.

  9. Deb says:

    I know giveaway day used to be just one day…and then it expanded into one week. I don’t think I’ve ever finished entering all the giveaways…and feel like I’m missing out.

    My only suggestion would be to keep the giveaways open through the weekend…for example close comments on Sunday 5 pm instead of Friday 5 pm. and announce winners on Monday morning. i know that’s adding to the week, but it sure would help to have a free weekend to enter more giveaways if it’s hard to get to them week days! 🙂

  10. Michele T says:

    You have organized an amazing event once again!!! I love it this time to see all the links as small photos! Thanks also for having one spot to discover so many creative people and to start following their blogs for inspiration.

  11. Brianna B says:

    I participated in the Kids and Baby giveaway. My winner didn’t leave an email so I can’t contact them. What is the rule? I said to contact me within 2 days.

  12. kathyh says:

    I agree. Blogger allows you to have the word verification or not. As another option, it also allows you to approve each comment. This approval is so much easier than word verification. Word verification stops me from leaving comments.
    If you are worried about spammers, please turn on approval instead.

  13. barb price says:

    thank you for hosting the fantastic giveaways, the whole blog world is pretty amazing to me, i’m over 50 so it’s not as intuitive for me as it is with the younger, anyhow, i really got my feet wet, signed up for a bunch of blogs and had a great time looking at all the wonderful creations out there, can’t wait til the next one. thanks again,
    p.s. i did not get one bit of sewing done all week lol

  14. Carol says:

    I love and look forward to this giveaway! I just wish some of the generous givers could also tell time! A few tend to close the comments early 🙁

  15. Sue says:

    A great Giveaway Day(week)again! Such great prizes. The one problem I had(and have other Giveaway Days) are the people who list their blogs in more than one category for the same giveaway. After reading so many blogs, it is really hard to remember which ones I have posted in or not.

  16. Shannon says:

    I love giveaway weeks. They are so fun: I invariably find a new-to-me blog to fall in love with or a shop that has “just my style” items.

    However, I would encourage blog participants to disable or change the type of the human -verification tools for giveway week.

    The wavy-word entry task is nearly imposible for me. I try three or more times to get it right, end up frustrated and leave w/o entering the giveaway. I am much less inclined to return to these blogs later. I have 30 year old, non -corrected vision, and mild dyslexia. Heaven help the folk who have vision trouble or serious dyslexia!

    a “check the button” box is much easier. Bloggers who moderate go above and beyond!

    That critique said, thanks much to every one who makes these weeks a success. It is a highlight of my down time twice a year!

  17. Edna Stevens says:

    Love to sew. You many great ideas on your website. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  18. Irina says:

    Every time I’ve discovered new blogs, thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, so much fun!

  19. This has been really fun for me. I have never won anything in my life, and this has been a blast!! The more you comment the more you want to. It is hard to get anything else done. Thanks for the fun!!

  20. I think this was a fab idea! Very happy to contribute giveaways!

  21. LauraLynn says:

    Sewing is so much fun!! I love your site

  22. Thanks again for organizing this event; it is so much fun and a great way to find new blogs to read. 🙂

  23. Quiltnut says:

    It is always nice to have surprises…like to win a giveaway. I never win anything but it always fun to try. Can’t win if you don’t try. I love your blog!

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