Sarah Fielke, an Australian quilter and fabric designer, shared her love of sewing in a lot of ways in recent years. She teaches others how to sew and she also co-authored the popular Material Obsession books, Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots and Material Obsession 2: More Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots. We were on her Quilting from Little Things tour and today we’re happy to share that Sarah has a new book out, Hand Quilted With Love.

Hand Quilted With Love is not exclusively about hand quilting (needle, thread, hands!), but rather about creating handmade quilts. There are 16 new quilt patterns in the book, featuring strong color and designs that let you pull from your fabric stash to create happy, beautiful quilts. Step-by-step, clear instruction helps you work through beginner to more challenging patterns.

See more of Sarah’s quilts at, on her blog and in her recent book event at City Quilter in New York (the audio is tricky but the quilts are lovely!).

We’re at the end of Sarah’s blog tour for the book so there are lots of great posts out there where you can learn more (plus some open giveaways for the book). There are even some great quilts out there already, created from designs in the book:

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