Suz has a sweet dress pattern and tutorial for you, coming up next. She’s also busy finishing her first pattern for sale, “Debbie’s Birthday Dress” inspired by a favorite children’s book and illustrator. Here’s some more information and additional glimpses of the upcoming dress design on her sewpony blog. Suz has an international guest series starting on her blog in mid-July and she always has something new to show that she’s sewn for her three little girls. Visit sewpony for lots more from Suz!

Hi there, my name is Suz. I started sewpony about two years ago as a way to record and catalogue photographs of things that I make. Since then, I have found that it has exposed me to a whole new world of inspiration from other people who are as excited about sewing and making as I am. My husband Stefan came up with the name “sewpony” as a take on the term “show pony,” since I am essentially “showing off” the things that I sew.

My beautiful Mum taught be to sew when I was about twelve years old. Although, I didn’t get really enthusiastic about sewing until I was pregnant with my first daughter, Isabella. A quilt was started at only nine weeks into my pregnancy! I mostly love making clothes for my three girls but I also get excited about quilts and the occasional soft toy. I love seeing a dress, shirt or quilt and thinking, “I could make that!”

If I am ever in need of crafty inspiration, I flip open the laptop and scoot around blogs and Pinterest– there are so many creative people out there… I love it! My sister Jules and I also keep each other excited about making and creating by sharing our ideas and creations with each other.

I live Melbourne, Australia with my lovely husband and three beautiful daughters, Isabella (4 1/2), Juliette (3) and Emily (1). I am a qualified Occupational Therapist and Primary School Teacher but am currently at home full-time and am savouring the precious moments of my girls’ childhood.