When the seasons start to change it’s time to start thinking about what to sew next! A week or so of sunny days in the 70’s (after a dreary stretch for months of highs in the low 50’s) means the stacks of fabric are out and plans are being made around here. New bandana shorts for my boy… Bloomers and pillowcase tops for my girl… It’s time for summer sewing plans! Here are some favorites from our contributors. What will you sew?!

Pretty + Full Skirt
Sydney Pinafore
Swing Shirt
Summer Top
Bandana Pants
Pretty Blouse
First Skirt
Leisurely Dress
Bubble Skirt
Super Simple Nightie Tutorial
Flutter Circle Skirt
Spring Ruffle Top

Plus some ideas for summer adventure:
Discoverer’s Utility Belt, Insulated Picnic Tote, Round Travel Bag, Classic Tote, Simple Ponytail Scarf, Happy Travels Wallet, Blanket Roll Up, Little Artist Backpack, “You Can Take It With You” Embroidery Project Bag