Melissa from a happy stitch met our GeoCentric Bag Challenge with a reversible hobo bag.

Melissa writes,

    “I love what the people at Cloud9 are doing… Making affordable organic fabrics in delicious and beautiful prints while supporting great artists. it’s all around amazing! Plus, they are right here in New Jersey!… In order to make the bag reversible and keep small box corners to keep the bag roomy, I had to sew both bottom seams with most of the bag inside out, leave a small opening and then slip stitch just a bit of the seam after turning it right-side out. I should really make it into a pattern because it was quite satisfying and the bag is great for throwing in just enough stuff in the carefree way you do in summer.”

See more photos of the bag at a happy stitch!


Don’t you love the bags in our GeoCentric II Challenge?! Each bag was made with GeoCentric II Canvas fabrics, a continuation of the popular GeoCentric range and a second run of the canvas collection.

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