sosm_bannerWe ask our contestants a question in each round of the Super Online Sewing Match. We’ve had lots of fun getting to know our contestants a bit better, from how they learned to sew to why they choose to sew. Today we asked them to tell us about their sewing space!

Are you participating in the Community Match? You have until September 10th to sew an A-line skirt, a Roller Skate dress or a tote bag. Join the fun, and tell us about your sewing space in the comments below!

Tell us about your sewing space…

Nicole from Nicole at Home

My sewing space is one of the three bedrooms in our house. We have a bed in there for when we have guests of course, but most of the time I keep my cutting mat on it. Not the best surface for cutting out patterns, but it works well enough! The rest of the small room is taken up by a long L-shaped work surface, which is big enough that I can keep my three sewing machines set up all the time. It’s a huge luxury, I know! Half of the closet holds storage racks with sewing supplies and books (not just sewing-related, but also biology textbooks for my day job). The room is a beautiful shade of blue (thanks to the previous owner) and gets an incredible amount of light all day long. It’s a calming, beautiful workspace and I love spending time in it, whether I’m sewing or not.

The other day, my older son realized that one of the reasons I wanted two boys was so that they could share and I could have a dedicated sewing room. I can’t say he’s wrong!


Charise from Charise Creates

My husband and I live with our two boys in a cute 1908 bungalow in Seattle. It is just 950 sq. ft. and has two bedrooms. I don’t have a dedicated room for sewing but I have carved out a portion of our living/dining room to sew. My sewing table is a vintage oak trestle table and is big enough for my machine, notions and a small pressing area. Since the space is in our living area, I have found ways to compartmentalize my projects and fabrics. Plastic bins are the key! I keep my fabric and projects in them and they can be easily stored away when we have company! It would be nice to have a dedicated room– hopefully some day soon– but it is also nice to be able to be working in the same space as my kids! One thing I’ve learned from having to work in a small space; the amount of space you have doesn’t matter, it is your dedication and passion for your craft that does. If you have a passion for your craft you will find space and time for it!


Sue from A Colourful Canvas

My dining room does triple duty. Not only is it our only dining space, it also serves as my sewing room and my painting space. I have been sewing and otherwise creating in the dining room for many years. Up until very recently, I was bringing all of my creative tools out onto the table for a project, and then putting them all away in bins when the project was complete. In late March, I wrote a blog post about my dissatisfaction about the whole arrangement. The many positive comments gave me an Ah Ha moment, and I decided to carve out a sewing/art niche at one end of the room. What you see today is my creative space about half way to completion. I purchased an Ikea table top and a set of drawers and a cupboard. My sewing and beading supplies are in the drawers, and my art supplies are in the cupboard. There’s also room in the cupboard for my serger. As I unpacked my bins, I realized that I have never had a designated sewing space until now. It is so fantastic to have my things all organized in the drawers! I still lay out my fabric and draft patterns on the dining room table, but the majority of action happens at my new work station.

I plan to put one or two shelves on the wall, and hang the cork boards (which I have not yet had a chance to unwrap) as soon as I have time. I plan to put books and baskets on the shelves… Patterns, trims and other bits can go in the baskets. I also will put a task lighting strip along the bottom of the shelf. It’s fine sewing into the evening now that it’s summer, but come fall I will need some better lighting. I am going to make new slipcovers for the chairs in a cheery print… I really love slipcovers and these, as well as the one in last week’s photo, are sewn by me. My orchid gave me a beautiful show of colour, and hopefully it will bloom again. I just bought the Uniquely You dress form off Craigslist a month or so ago. I’ve never had one before, and am really excited to utilize her soon! I call her Madeleine. Oh, and the reason my space is so tidy? I had a chance to snap the photos quickly between projects.


Lori from Girls in the Garden

My sewing room is a corner in the unfinished side of the basement. I do have to share this space with the furnace and plumbing. I am just thankful for a place to be creative and a place I can leave my machines out. Quite a few years ago, we put in some base kitchen cabinets (desk height) and one upper cabinet. This gives me some much needed storage and a place for my sewing machine, serger and my coverstitch machine. The coverstitch machine sits on an old desk and the drawers are the perfect size for patterns. I have a cutting table from Joann’s and it sits next to the furnace. The wall paint is a gallon of mis-tinted paint from Lowe’s; I think it was $5 and was a color that would work with the blue counter tops (not sure now why I picked that color all those years ago). Across from my machines is a built-in cabinet and I store my magazines and fabric in these. I do dream about a fancy sewing space but for now this is a perfect spot.


Melissa from Scavenger Hunt

The house we’re currently living in has a spare room, so I’m lucky enough to have my own sewing space (though I share the room with my boyfriend’s eBay stuff). I’ve decorated it with a vintage scarf, some posters and a shelf of cute old sewing notions to make it a nice little ‘happy place’ for me to get away and sew. I’m a teensy bit of a hoarder when it comes to fabric and sewing supplies (and especially vintage patterns), so as you can see I have the place packed to the gills!

The furniture is a mix of thrifted, inherited, and new pieces. My mom was nice enough to buy me a new 36 inch high work table for my last birthday, which is perfect for cutting out patterns and a real back-saver. I have most of my fabric stored underneath it in thrifted vintage suitcases. The pink desk is something I’ve had since I was younger, and it holds my sewing machine (a Brother) and my serger, along with most of my sewing patterns and craft books. I have my thread in racks on the wall and I keep a lot of buttons and other supplies in clear plastic jars so they’re easy for me to see. The white dresser is full of fabric, and on top I store the vintage patterns to sell in my Etsy shop.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my sewing space!


Kelli from True Bias

We live in a one bedroom apartment with two kids, so naturally a sewing room is off the table. I do, however, have a pretty decent sewing space considering the circumstances. We have a very large dining room table that doesn’t fit our space so we pushed it against one wall in the bedroom and it has become my sewing area. I love that there is a large area to cut and assemble what I am working on. It’s usually pretty messy (as shown!) and always has a few half-finished projects on it. We also use the underside of the table for storage so I hung a piece of white fabric under the table to hide some of the chaos. The only problem is that because my daughter sleeps in the room it’s hard to sew at night. I have found that once she is really asleep I can assemble things on the ironing table in the living room and then sew seams in the bedroom with just the light of the machine on. I have been doing that a lot during this competition!