sosm_banner Our four remaining contestants in the Super Online Sewing Match are busy finishing up their Round Four Negronis. We’ll share their finished shirts on Monday, and our final challenge will be announced on August 21. Don’t forget to join the Community Match and play along!

Each round of the contest we ask our contestants a sewing-related question. Today our sewists share the best thing they’ve ever sewn. What’s the best thing you’ve sewn? Tell us in the comments below…


Kelli from True Bias

“The most significant thing that I have ever sewn has to be my wedding dress. My husband and I didn’t have a lot of money when we got married. As a result we had a casual wedding in Alabama with a small reception in my backyard so I knew that I wanted something sweet, but not too fancy for my dress. In the end I went with Vogue 2903. I loved that it was a little bit retro, but I still felt modern and fun in my tea length choice. I made it up in a simple cream shantung silk and tied my waist in an emerald green silk bow. It had boning in the lining and a full petticoat made up of layers and layers of tulle. It’s almost been seven years and I still love my simple wedding dress.”

Charise from Charise Creates

“Wow, I’ll have to say that is a tough question! I’ve been sewing since I was six so that is over 40 years of projects to choose from! Most items I’ve sewn have been for myself but the ones that have given me the most satisfaction and pure joy are ones I’ve made for others.

My best sewing memory is at Christmas when I was 12 years old. My uncle had given me my first electric sewing machine for Christmas– a simple singer– the year before. I decided to make a tailored shirt for my grandfather, very similar to the Colette Negroni shirt, complete with a collar with stand and tailored sleeve plackets! On Christmas Day my grandfather opened his present from me, said “Thank you, Charise,” and set it down. My mother proceeded to explain I had made it for him! He wore it for years until it was so threadbare it could no longer be mended!

Since I do not have a pic of the shirt I made for my dear grandfather Fred, I will share a pic of a shirt I made for my son four years ago. He tried to wear it last year but it was just too small. There is such joy in seeing someone you love so much cherish an item you’ve made for them!”

Sue from A Colourful Canvas

“The best thing I’ve ever sewn? A tough question for me. My sewing projects are linked emotionally to life experiences, so it’s impossible to choose just one best thing I’ve ever sewn. The best thing I ever sewed in high school was my graduation outfit, and surprisingly, was not a dress at all. I designed and stitched a peach and lace jumpsuit with a matching bolero jacket. Very wide-legged and feminine, it looked like a dress when I stood still. (Forgive me, but it was the seventies.) I made my own wedding dress; it had a simple silhouette, silk and it was crazy slippery to sew. I took a tailoring class in the late eighties and came away with a beautiful cream coloured wool blazer. It may have been a best thing I’ve ever sewn, technically, and I’d still be wearing it if I was still that size. I made my niece’s wedding dress which was definitely a best for me. She had a photograph of a beautiful dress with a scalloped neckline, sleeves and hemline and I managed to transform hundreds (okay tens) of yards of satin into the dress of her dreams. Fully lined and finished with french seams, it was a labour of love.

After sewing both her wedding dress and her flower girl’s dress, I eased into a garment sewing hiatus… At least that what my photo album indicates. I was still madly sewing for the home, but clothing?– Not so much. Fast forward fifteen years and I have dipped back into the waters. And, it’s great! I am now in less of a rush to complete a project, and enjoy tweaking patterns to better reflect my personality. My blue gingham dress is a new favourite, and may qualify for a best thing I ever sewed. Made with fabric purchased from a thrift store, I altered the neckline to a slightly more vintage design line, and added piping details and a full lining. The only thing I would do differently? Insert an invisible zipper. Since I learned the technique in our Round One challenge, I really regret not putting one in this dress. In more ways than one, it’s a good thing when I can’t see my backside.”

Melissa from Scavenger Hunt

“It was hard for me to choose what I consider the best thing I’ve ever sewn. I think that within each of the things I’ve sewn there are parts I’m really happy with and also things I think I could have done better.

Anyway, the project I decided on is this dress, which I modeled after a one I saw on a 1950’s paperback book. I fell completely in love with the dress in the picture and decided to try to make my own real-life version. It took a lot of work to figure out, but think I was pretty successful at duplicating the original. I used pieces from a couple of different patterns and which I fit together and modified to get the look I wanted. I’m really happy with the result and I get compliments whenever I wear it!”