Our judges are deliberating and we’re waiting on pins and needles! Who will win the Super Online Sewing Match? The final challenge Cambie dresses are beautiful; Charise, Melissa and Kelli have inspired us to sew with care, skill, passion and joy. Each round in the contest we asked our contestants a question, about their sewing spaces, how they learned to sew, about why they sew and the best thing they’ve ever sewn. Charise, Melissa and Kelli answer our final question here:

What have you learned about yourself or your sewing in the contest?

We’ll announce our Grand Prize Winner tomorrow!

Melissa from Scavenger Hunt

“I’ve learned so much from participating in this contest! The whole time I’ve been challenged to to do my very best work and come up with something that goes a little beyond the standard pattern while creating something that represents my personal aesthetic and style. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt stressed out at times from all of the pressure, but I think the whole experience has really helped me grow as a seamstress.

The knowledge that I was being judged on my sewing really made me take the time to do everything right and re-do anything that wasn’t good enough the first time around (I can’t count how many seams I ripped out!). This is something I’m often too lazy to do under normal circumstances but which I’m realizing I should start doing consistently. It really does make a difference! Oh, and the Negroni shirt taught me that while I can sew for 9 hours straight, I probably shouldn’t!

Planning each project has also been challenging in a good way; each time I’ve tried to change up the pattern a little and add details that make it my own, and that has motivated me to try some new techniques and to push the limits of my abilities. I’ve learned how to draft a skirt from scratch, to create my own custom-shaped pockets, to make a sturdy handbag, to match plaids and to sew flat-felled seams!

I have to say that this contest has been not only a great learning experience but something that I can really be proud of. I’ve been so amazed by the talent of all of the other contestants and how each round everyone would come up with something totally gorgeous and uniquely theirs. I’m really proud that I was chosen to compete with sewists of this caliber and that I actually made it to the final round (even though each time I was convinced I was getting eliminated)! Thanks so much for the opportunity Sew Mama Sew!”


Kelli from True Bias

“This really has been a growing experience for me as a sewist. I can usually whip up a new item in a few days, but in this competition I have been forced to slow down and take my time. I usually don’t care if the inside of my garments are perfect as long as it looks nice on the outside. In some ways that is just my personality and I will probably always be a little that way, but I think I have also pleasantly surprised myself over the last couple of months with how much satisfaction it gives me to have a perfectly sewn garment on the inside and outside. Every item that I have made during this competition is one that I will cherish and keep for a long time because of all of the care and effort that I put into the details that maybe no one else will ever notice, but are extra special to me as a result. I feel committed to being more aware of this in my future sewing projects.”


Charise from Charise Creates

“This challenge has been a very positive experience for me in many ways.

I went to apparel design school 20 years ago where I honed my sewing and pattern making skills. Since then I have worked as a designer, where the skills are important to know but not used on a daily basis. It has been so gratifying to remember how to make a tailored sleeve placket, a tailor’s tack or face a hem! The knowledge was there but hidden away! Though it is lots of work, I have enjoyed making custom fitted garments for myself and look forward to sewing more for myself and my family.

This challenge has been a wonderful experience and I am so thankful to Sew Mama Sew for hosting!”