Rachel from LuSa Organics worked with her kids to create projects inspired by FunStitch Studio Summer Camp. We love her Ten Tips to Help Your Kids (and You!) Start Sewing and we’re sure you will too.

Rachel, Lupine and Sage all worked together to create bags for Sage’s birthday, inspired by the drawstring bags in the FunStich Studio title Fabric Paper Thread: 26 Projects to Stitch with Friends by Kristen Sutcliffe.

Number eight on Rachel’s Ten Tips list is to “Allow Your Kids to Create:”

    “Let your kids to dream, plan, and create. Let them cut and sew and make 100 little pouches out of your fabric scraps or tiny pillows for their dolls.

    If I may be so bold: get out of their way.

    Breathe through the urge to do for them, to suggest a matching thread, to improve or otherwise usurp their process. Just let their creativity run wild and their confidence and skill blossoms.

    By all means be there to guide and assist them, but know when to guide and when to step away.”

See what Lupine and Sage created at Clean. and don’t miss the rest of Rachel’s excellent tips.