We love Liberty Art Fabrics and we can’t get enough of the Liberty Lifestyle collection, a range of print fabrics for quilting and more. The newest, gorgeous Liberty Stile collection was inspired by Art Nouveau artists and features eight designs in four color palettes. We challenged eight members in our of our Contributor Community to show what they could do with Liberty Stile; they each made a pillow using at least four Liberty Stile prints. We’ll share their beautiful designs in the next few days!

You’ll love this week’s Liberty Pillows from Kara of me and elna, Amy from Amy Made That!, Rumi from 3patchcrafts, Hannah of Sew Adorable Fabrics, Deborah from Whipstitch, Kaye of Miss Print, Shanna from Fiber of All Sorts and Beki from artsy-craftsy babe.

After she got her Liberty Stile fabrics in the mail Hannah from Sew Adorable Fabrics decided to make a Dutch-inspired pillow. Check out those gorgeous blues! She writes, “The fabric took me on an imaginary walk through the Grachten (beautiful canals that lace the city of Amsterdam), looking through those huge windows. I imagined the pillow could sit on a window bench in Amsterdam…”

Hannah has links to the tutorials she used for the pillow and piping in her post, plus lots of tips at Sew Adorable Fabrics.

Deborah from Whipstitch (author of our current Be a Better Craft Teacher series) used a Bordered Star pattern from Six White Horses for the center of her Liberty Pillow.

Deborah writes, “The pillow as a whole turned out a lot more pastel and traditional than I think most of my sewing does–I hardly ever work in colors this pale, almost always choosing fabrics that are a lot more saturated. I love it, though, and it was really refreshing to see how light and soft and sweet it came out. It’s strange, though, isn’t it? To work outside your usual comfort zone and not be quite certain if what you’re making is ‘good’ or not, because it doesn’t look like all the other things you usually make? I think that’s what’s fun about a challenge like this: it forced me to abandon my original plan, work with what I had, and push through to the end even if where I was in the middle wasn’t super comfortable for me.”

Learn more about Deborah’s pillow at Whipstitch (including thoughts on that fun quilting!).

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