Ashley from AshleyNEF has a quick and easy ruffle skirt tutorial for you today. The skirt can be made in any size, from women to kids; you could even make a girl skirt and a doll skirt to match! (Ashley gives you measurements for an 18-inch doll skirt below.) Ashley sells the ruffle fabric featured in this tutorial in her shop, in addition to selling completed skirts and dresses made from the fabric. She also designs and sews full wedding looks and more. Check out the AshleyNEF ruffle fabric for a quick and easy new skirt with today’s tutorial.
This is a SUPER EASY skirt that can easily be adjusted to fit any size– adult or child. You can even use the exact same directions for making a matching a skirt for your dolls! What I love about working with this fabric is that it DOESN’T FRAY, so there is no need to finish the edges or even hem the skirt; you still end up with a quality, great looking product at the end! The ruffle fabric is super stretchy and the ruffles can get in the way, but as long as you work on a flat surface, take the few extra seconds to lay the fabric flat and do a little extra pinning, this is a skirt that even the most novice sewer can make.


  • Stretch knit ruffle fabric, like the fabric in the AshleyNEF shop
  • Coordinating thread
  • Knit elastic- ¾” wide for dolls, 1 ½” wide for children or 2” wide for adults

1. Measure waist and desired length. For this tutorial I will be using the following measurements for a standard size 4 toddler skirt that will fall at the knee:
– Waist: 21 in.
– Length: 12.5 in.

* Note: If you would like to make a standard size skirt The Children’s Place has an awesome size chart for girls. It includes waist sizes as well as various skirt lengths.

2. Multiply your waist by 1.5. This will be the width of your fabric. In our size 4 example: 21 in. X 1.5 = 31.5 in.

3. Cut a rectangle out of the fabric using your new waist measurement and length. Be sure to leave room at the top of the fabric without a ruffle. This will give you room to sew on the elastic.

4. Cut the elastic to the exact waist measurement.

5. Divide the top of the skirt into eight even sections and mark with pins.

6. Divide the elastic into eight even sections and mark with pins. This picture only shows four sections but you will want eight.

7. Match up the sections and pin them together.

8. Using a zig zag stitch on a sewing machine, stretch the elastic until the fabric lays flat and sew it to the fabric. Backstitch on each end.

9. Matching the right sides of the fabric together, pin down the length of the skirt.

If you are concerned about matching up the ruffles, hang the skirt up or pin it to a bulletin board. Then use a pin at the bottom of each ruffle to keep everything in place.

10. Starting at the elastic, sew down the entire length of the skirt using a straight or zig zag stitch. Backstitch at each end.

11. Turn right side out and enjoy!

Ready to make a matching skirt for your doll? Just get out the measuring tape and you know what to do from there! Or use the following measurements for an American Girl-sized (18″) doll, for a knee length doll skirt:
– Waist: 10 in.
– Length: 6 in.

Find the ruffle fabric featured in this tutorial in the AshleyNEF shop!