November 1 ~ Gifts for Tweens

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Welcome to our 7th Annual Handmade Holidays series! It’s our favorite time of the year! Every day in November we share tutorials, printables and recipes to inspire you to add handmade to your holidays. Each day has a different gift theme, and each day also includes lots of great giveaways. Visit and comment daily for a chance to win a new craft book, fabric, patterns, gift certificates and more. This year we’re keeping things fresh with the help of guest curators! We asked 30 talented individuals to search for the best features just for you, and we are so excited about their finds. Enjoy!

Today’s Guest Curator: Beth from plum and june

Beth blogs about quilting, sewing, crochet and a few other things at plum and june. She likes to write and share tutorials for quilt patterns and bags. Beth is currently in the third month of a new link up series called the Quilt Photography Workshop. The workshop is a monthly series open to all sewing bloggers, where you can share your tips and techniques for blog photography and learn from others at the same time. Beth writes, “I love making handmade gifts and as the mother of three girls, I have the opportunity to do so quite often! My older daughters are too quickly approaching the tween years so I thought gifts for tweens would be a great topic for my Handmade Holidays day here at Sew Mama Sew. I think my daughters and their friends would love to receive any of these handmade gifts. And if you are sewing for tween boys, no worries… I think several of these gifts would appeal equally to both boys and girls.”

Make It

Art Journal
This handy Kids’ Art Journal from Vanessa at LBG Studio is probably perfect for someone on your gift list. It would work great for kids or adults!

Quilted Floor Cushion
Make a cozy space for reading and hanging out with these Quilted Floor Cushions from Noe’s tutorial at Dobleufa.

Easy Messenger Style Book Bag
Beth has lots of fun tutorials at plum and june, including one for this sweet and easy Messenger Style Book Bag.

Fat Quarter Hexagon Clock
You might just want this Fat Quarter Hexagon Clock from Nancy at Owen’s Olivia for your very own. (We do!) Check out Nancy’s other version in the post too.

Butterfly Wall Art
Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House shows you how to make this easy Butterfly Wall Art here at Sew Mama Sew. It’s a cheery, fun addition to a room.

Traveling in Circles Tote
The Traveling in Circles Tote from Becca at Bryan House Quilts is perfect for sewing supplies, makeup and more.

Pen Organizer
Make a handy Pen Organizer with Svetlana’s help at s.o.t.a.k. handmade and support homework in style.

Scrappy Patchwork Shoelaces
Maureen shows you how easy it is to make these cute Scrappy Patchwork Shoelaces, via Maureen Cracknell Handmade.

Related tutorials you might enjoy: Gifts for Tweens + Teens

Mix It

Coconut-Almond Granola
Martha at Weekend Doings shares this Coconut-Almond Granola recipe, a thoughtful gift for the holidays and a fun extra for holiday mornings.

Ginger Snaps
If you try Susan’s Ginger Snaps and want more recipes, she has a tab on her Canadian Abroad site with additional delicious treats.

Print It

Christmas Gift Tags
Artist Kelli Murray shares these sweet Christmas Gift Tags for all of your gift giving needs.

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!
Tip: If you’re hoping to win a prize that notes “US Winners Only,” include your state in your name (i.e. Beth in WA) so we can confirm residence and avoid any disappointment on your end. Shipping range is determined by the generous companies and artisans that donate Handmade Holidays prizes.

Sewing School 2
(US Winners Only)

Authors: Amie Petronis Plumley, Andria Lisle
Publisher: Storey Publishing

For kids who have mastered hand sewing, machine sewing opens up exciting new possibilities! With Sewing School 2, children ages 7 and up can make 20 creative projects as they develop their machine sewing skills. With plenty of photos and step-by-step instructions written in kid-friendly language, young sewists can work independently and at their own pace. While creating projects that range from a secret message pillow and a water bottle holder to wall pockets, a zippy pouch, and even a fabric guitar and microphone, beginners will learn how to thread a sewing machine, how to use different fabrics and patterns, and why and when to use a particular stitch. “Make It Yours” suggestions offer ways for kids to personalize their projects, resulting in unique items that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

Win the “Hailey” Boutique Sewing Pattern for Modkid by Patty Young and the beautiful fabric you’ll need to sew the outfit, all from The Fabric Fairy! The Fabric Fairy is your primary source for boutique, trendy cotton knit fabric and so much more.

Quilting on the Go
(US Winners Only)

Author: Jessica Alexandrakis
Publisher: Potter Craft

Imagine being able to quilt on vacation, at the beach or virtually anywhere else you find yourself. The author shares everything she’s learned about this addictive, beginner-friendly technique including: sewing kit essentials that you can slip in your bag so you’ll always be ready to stitch; color theory and stash organization tips for dramatic effects or scrap-happy results; creative patterns to combine shapes; 10 step-by-step projects; and 10 customizable quilts patterns with 38 vibrant color palettes.

Happy Homemade: Sew Chic: 20 Simple Everyday Designs
(US + Canada Winners Only)

Author: Yoshiko Tsukiori
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Are you a do-it-yourselfer, with a passion for Japanese style? Look no further, Happy Homemade: Sew Chic is the book you’ve been waiting forβ€” all new simple and timeless creations of Yoshiko Tsukiori, popular Japanese fashion designer and author of The Stylish Dress Book, now available in English in the United States. Happy Homemade: Sew Chic features 20 easy-to-sew flexible patterns that boast authentic Japanese style created simply, by you. Sew-your-own pants, tops, dresses and skirts will add that sought-after Japanese flair to your wardrobe. Happy Homemade: Sew Chic is your ultimate guide in transforming fabric to fabulous.

Don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool, and check out our 2012 Handmade Holidays list for more fabulous ideas.

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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402 Responses to November 1 ~ Gifts for Tweens

  1. Evelyn in CA says:

    Oooh! I like the Easy Messenger Style Book Bag for sure! Need to make me one or two or three!

  2. Amanda says:

    Would love any of those prizes!

  3. ruby t--nm says:

    Circle tote…
    Floor cushions….super
    I seriously do not have enough time to do all of the great ideas in this series..
    Thank you so much for the suggestions

  4. Jill says:

    Girly is getting a sewing machine for Christmas (which actually means that Momma is getting a new machine and girly gets my old one…YES!) and I’ve been considering the Sewing School book for her. Great giveaway items…any of them!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Erika says:

    Great list! Thanks.

  6. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    Quilting on the Go is on my “to buy” book list. And I love the hexie clock!! Thanks for the give away!

  7. Eleanor in NC says:

    My tween would love these!

  8. Jaia in MA says:

    Those cushions are adorable! I’d love to make them for my son.

  9. Kristina says:

    Really liking the look of that butterfly wall art, and for myself not a tween! And oh yum ginger snaps are my favorite!

  10. Ashley in Canada says:

    Great ideas. Love some of these for myself πŸ™‚

  11. Silvia says:

    The butterfly wall art and the gift tags are adorable! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  12. Samantha says:

    YEAH!! A tween gift day! Love it.

  13. Martha says:

    The butterflies! Too cute.

  14. Lisa in CT says:

    I can definitely see some of those lovely floor cushions and a hexie clock or two in my crafting-gift-giving future!

  15. Janelle Thietje-Dunn says:

    I LOVE this series, every year! Yay for great ideas/tutorials and great prizes!

  16. Cathy Bremer says:

    Love all her patterns!

  17. Melissa B. says:

    I am in GA, USA.

  18. Melissa B. says:

    I look forward to this series of blog posts from Sew Mama Sew every year.

  19. modernmanson says:

    The cuteness factor is out of this world!

  20. Judi Duncan says:

    would love to have that sew chic book! (Judi from Cali

  21. Amy says:

    My favorite sewing tutorial series is back, once again!! Yay, and thanks!

  22. annette in Me says:

    The shoelaces are fabulous! Thanks for these ideas and books.

  23. Sherri in MA says:

    I’m totally making that floor pillow… Love it!!

  24. Abbi says:

    The traveling in circles totes are fun. Neat ideas!
    Abbi in MN

  25. Sara in NY says:

    All look so cute!!

  26. Mom C says:

    Some great ideas both for making and having the kids make. Thanks.

  27. Sarah in MA says:

    Floor cushions will be making an appearance in my house!

  28. Heidi WA State says:

    The messanger bag is fantastic! I love Handmade Holidays, it is always the kickoff to my holiday season!

  29. Jenn says:

    the shoelaces idea is genius!

  30. Hannah says:

    Love those floor cushions!!

  31. Sam says:

    I love the circle travel case. Can’t wait to make one.

  32. Julie in IN says:

    What fun!

  33. Hilary in mn says:

    I love the clock for myself. And may have try the butterfly art for a friends little girl

  34. Karrie Smith says:

    I really need to make the clock!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    -=karrie (MI)

  35. Melanie in FL says:

    I wanna win win win I need to win win win Im gonna win win win πŸ˜‰

  36. Jeannie D in TN says:

    That Butterfly Shadow Box is darling! Would love to make for a baby’s room

  37. Mama Lusco says:

    The Hex clock is really fun! Thanks for the ideas.

  38. Julie says:

    love the Japanese sewing book

  39. Amorette says:

    Love the butterfly wall art, I already have it down for must niece for her Christmas gift, and the coconut granola for my son.

  40. Mandi says:

    That hexagon clock is fabulous! I love it!

  41. Bruinbr says:

    Love the quilted floor cushion! Must make one soon!

  42. Patricia in PA says:

    So cute, floor cushions, patchy shoestrings…thanks for sharing.

  43. Crystal says:

    cute ideas!

  44. Michelle in B.C. Canada says:

    So happy to have Handmade Holidays back!!

  45. Haley says:

    Floor cushions are a fantastic idea!

  46. Elizabeth from AL says:

    Love that Circle Tote! I think I might have just found a gift for my teen cousin! Can’t wait for a full month of tutorials!

  47. Susan in MI says:

    What amazing gift ideas! I think my six year old would love the floor cushion, not just for tweens anymore πŸ™‚

  48. krystina says:

    Handmade holidays, I HAVE MISSED YOU!

  49. Sarah says:

    Sarah in colorado!
    What great ideas!

  50. Nicole says:

    What fun gift ideas!
    Nicole in Indiana

  51. erin m says:

    These are awesome! Got to get started on some projects for my little cousin who isn’t so little anymore. πŸ™‚

  52. Georgie says:

    Love the floor pillows — perfect for teens, anyone!

  53. I love the floor cushion something I would’ve wanted at that age and the art journal may make both for myself πŸ™‚

  54. terri says:


    I love the shoes with the scrappy shoelaces. what a fun cleaver idea even for those of us who are older

  55. Cayce in NC says:

    Ooh, that clock!

  56. Allison says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. I love the circle totes!

  57. Lydia in WA says:

    I know a sweet someone who would just love to get their hands on Sewing School 2. Sewing School 1 has been a complete hit.

  58. Mary Ann in SC says:

    This is a tough age group. Cute ideas

  59. Mandy in Alberta Canada says:

    Love the floor cushions, I think I’ll add those to my list.

  60. Teresa in NY says:

    Those laces would be perfect for my chucks!

  61. The hot pads are on my to do this week!
    Jenny in Illinois

  62. Jessica says:

    Great ideas!

  63. Love these ideas! I’ve emailed the hexagon clock idea to my daughter, and I’m going to try to make the floor cushions.

  64. Vero in FL says:

    Love the clock

  65. susan in va says:

    What a great kick-off to this series – so many great ideas already!

  66. Pam says:

    Great idea and so fun! My granddaughters cheer team is always looking for ways to show support to various causes by adding color ribbons and bows in their hair…I am thinking colored shoe laces would be awesome!! Thanks!

  67. Great ideas! I especiallt love the shoelaces.

  68. Whitney M says:

    Those floor cushions are great for any age!

  69. Kim McM says:

    Well, you outdid yourself with today’s post. I think all of the projects and all of the recipes are keepers! Great job!

  70. Mandi says:

    Great ideas… I have a 12-year-old nephew…

  71. kim t. says:

    love the floor cushions and gingersnaps!

  72. Dawn Frisch from AZ says:

    I don’t have any tweens at home but there are several things that I like for myself! LOL The Butterfly wall art plaque is so cute and I love that hexagon clock! Good luck everyone!

  73. Jenn J in OR says:

    I’m looking forward to all the great ideas this month.

  74. Tasha in MO says:

    I’m not a tween, but that clock is rad!

  75. Cathie D says:

    Great ideas for girls but I hope someone will come up with things for a teen boy as I have two of those to figure out a gift for.

  76. Rachel in CO says:

    Great ideas for the hardest to shop for age group!

  77. Shannon in WA says:

    many of these would be fun to make WITH tweens too!

  78. carrie says:

    I’ll be making the circles tote!

  79. Emily in IN says:

    I really like the floor cushion idea! Neat stuff

  80. upstatelisa says:

    always great to see new ideas! thanks!

  81. Jennifer Stone says:

    The art journal is going on my to do list! Perfect for my daughter!

  82. Mel in NC says:

    I want to make everything on this list!

  83. Amber says:

    The floor cushions are just want my daughter needs in her small room!!!

  84. J from IN says:

    Love the floor pillows!!!!

  85. Sheryl in AZ says:

    Those tricked-out Converse shoes with the awesome shoelaces would be perfect for a tween or a teen (or even this grandma!).

  86. KeriCan in CA says:

    Those floor cushions are great!

  87. Great ideas! I’ll be making one or two of these for the tweens in my life!

  88. Joelle in Nebraska says:

    ah, I “NEED” the hexi clock for my dining room! πŸ˜‰

  89. Kimberly in OR says:

    Love this list. Tweens can be a difficult age range for gifts!

  90. Kimberly says:

    Love this list. Tweens can be a difficult age range for gifts!

    -Kim in OR

  91. Chelsea in WA says:

    Quilting on the Go looks really fun!

  92. Emily H. says:

    Eeeeek, this is my favorite time of year, thanks for posting these!

  93. Miranda in California says:

    So many awesome giveaways! Hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  94. AnnaPK says:

    Love handmade holidays!!!

  95. Deidre says:

    Who wouldn’t love some of those shoelaces! Sew happy November is here!

  96. Emily in WI says:

    wow, just checking in for the first time… loving all the ideas!!

  97. Laura says:

    Trying that ginger snaps recipe!

  98. Jo in MA says:

    I don’t know any Tweens, but these ideas are absolutely universal…

  99. Patty says:

    Love the traveling circle tote!

  100. Beth says:

    Those shoelaces are brilliant!

  101. Gill says:

    Great ideas – I love the floor cushions!

  102. Lauri in OK says:

    Love the shoelaces! And definitely making some ginger snaps!

  103. Brie says:

    Quilting on the GO looks awesome!

  104. DebbieKL says:

    The Pen organizer may be perfect for my girls’ new art table! Thanks!

  105. Connie C. says:

    My tween would love any of these fab handmade goodies, especially the quilted floor cushions! Gorgeous!

  106. Bethany M says:

    I love this, tweens and teens are so hard to shop for! Thank you for sharing these great ideas.
    Bethany in WA

  107. Margaret in Calif says:

    My tween daughter would love all of these — especially the floor cushions and the messenger bag. Thanks for the ideas!

  108. monica in tx says:

    Love love love november for this series!

  109. Elizabeth says:

    I love the hexie clock!! I might have to make the floor pillows too.

  110. I love those shoe laces as a ‘tween gift! What a great idea! And that sewing book would be a *delightful* prize for my niece – I’m going to go look that up as a Christmas idea : )

    Sarah in ME

  111. kathyh in Oregon says:

    Excellent ideas.

  112. Lindsay in Iowa says:

    I bet my preschooler would love a floor cushion too! He’s always looking for fun places to sit πŸ™‚

  113. Jennifer says:

    Ahhh! The art journal is perfect!!!

  114. diane says:

    this is great!

  115. Leah says:

    Wow, those shoelaces are great! Maybe they would inspire my too-cool-for-school 12-year-old to keep her shoelaces tied!!

    Leah in ME

  116. Deanna says:

    Floor cushions? Genius. I am working on that one for sure!

  117. Lea R says:

    I have to check out the floor cushions! Lea in MA

  118. Nupur says:

    So many great ideas- the art journal is one I particularly love!

    -Nupur in GA

  119. Mhairi (Aust) says:

    I love all these projects but think that the shoelaces would make the perfect present for some of the tweens that I need to make presents for. Thanks so much!

  120. Jenny in NE says:

    I know an 11-year old that would love the floor cushions!

  121. Heather in Alaska says:

    Love the butterfly art and the shoe laces!

  122. Nrnoodle says:

    I love the circle tote.

  123. Darcie in CA says:

    My 10yo girl got her own room, and the floor cushions, hexie clock, and butterfly wall art are all things she’d love to have that would fit in with her room design. Great ideas!

  124. Sarah C. says:

    The art journal would be great to make for a few people on my gifting list!
    Sarah in CA

  125. This old lady is going to make a pair (or two or three) of the shoelaces for her own converse shoes. πŸ™‚

  126. Kim says:

    Gotta try those floor cushions

  127. Sarah says:

    The clock is so cute! I love the messenger bag too.

  128. consuelo says:

    Love the circle totes and floor cushions that are quilted so beautifully. Thanks. Cons. in SD.

  129. Carol P. says:

    Yum ginger snaps…

  130. Kayla says:

    These are fun ideas and I am loving the printables and baking suggestions too!

  131. Emily in NY says:

    Great ideas!

  132. Melanie says:

    I’d make those floor cushions for myself, never mind the tweens… πŸ˜‰ The printable gift tags are also really cute today, I think I’ll be using those!

  133. Kari in WI says:

    Love the floor cushions and the shoelaces~!

  134. Deb H. in PA says:

    I love the floor cushions and I may have to make the art journal for my granddaughter! I love this series!

  135. Oooo, I love that pen holder project!

  136. Kait says:

    I think that Messenger bag would be perfect for my youngest niece! Thanks so much for the tutorials!

  137. Angela says:

    So excited for this series! and it started off with a GREAT round-up. I will definitely be making several things from this list

  138. Julielorene from Ontario says:

    What wonderful ideas. Which to do first?

  139. Tina L. says:

    The art case is perfect for my granddaughter

  140. Barbara says:

    I love the traveling in circles tote.
    I look forward to “Handmade Holidays” every year. Thank you for all the great ideas!

  141. Jodie in OR says:

    One of my favorite blog series! Thank you so much for doing these.

  142. shabana says:

    amazing round up…great work as always

  143. Sandy says:

    More great ideas, I love Handmade Holidays!
    Sandy in Ohio

  144. Serena says:

    The Hexie clock. !!!!!! Scrap-heaven!

  145. Carmen in WI says:

    Teenagers are the hardest for me to try and find gifts for. Thanks for the ideas!

  146. Mary in MN says:

    The Traveling in Circles Tote is so cute!

  147. Odette says:

    I think those pieced shoelaces will be a big hit!

  148. The hexagon clock = <3 Thanks for the chance! I love Plum and June!

  149. Amanda says:

    I’m making those shoelaces today!! So cute!!

  150. Anya says:

    Wonderful gift ideas! Anya in PA

  151. I’m well beyond my tweenage years, but see things in this set I’d love for myself! The FQ hexie clock + quilted floor cushions would fit perfectly in my craft room!

  152. Beth B. says:

    I love that wall clock! I need one of those for my sewing room. Thanks for the great roundup. ~Beth in IN

  153. Heather in VA says:

    So excited for another year of handmade holidays! Thanks for making my November full of fun.

  154. Sarah says:

    I am looking forward to checking back everyday for fun gift ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. Sarah M in Vermont says:

    Great roundup, with a terrific range. Those shoelaces will be a super cute stocking stuffer. And the floor pillows are just what we need for that gang of 13 year olds in my living room having rainy Saturday television marathon!

  156. Stephanie S in WA says:

    Great kickoff! I love the messenger bag and quilted cushion.

  157. Colette says:

    I was thinking I needed to make gifts for a pre teen, and two teens what a super idea for the bag, and the shoelaces, those would be great stocking stuffers.

  158. Karen in Indiana says:

    Cute ideas to start off the month. I LOVE this month of ideas!

  159. Liz Taylor says:

    I know a tween who’s getting a round bag for Christmas! Thanks!

  160. Margaret says:

    I could do some serious work on my christmas list with these.

  161. Maddy says:

    Love that circular tote!

  162. Sara A. says:

    I would love these books! Especially Quilting on the Go, luckily, I live in Washington, DC so it can be mine.

  163. Anya says:

    Love the circle tote. Will need to make one for my niece!

  164. Jenni says:

    I love all the ideas! I don’t have tweens or teens but we have ton’s of “funky” 20 something in our family and friends. I know some of these will work for even more than that! Thanks for sharing such great ideas. My favorite I think is the floor cushions! Comfy! Even for my old bones!

  165. Kisha in KY says:

    These look like fun projects. Thanks for the post, and for the giveaways. πŸ™‚ I am teaching my daughter to sew so I know which one I am hoping to win! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  166. Marilyn Tucker in Montana says:

    Lots of good ideas posted. Thanks for sharing.

  167. Patty says:

    I love all the little pockets built into the circle tote! (NY)

  168. Becky in IN says:

    Love the shoelaces. Especially with fun chucks!

  169. Tez says:

    I need to make those shoe laces for myself! so cute. (Canada)

  170. Tamie says:

    Posts like these just add to my bucket list. Thank you.

  171. Nancy Lewis says:

    I would love to win the pattern and fabric or the quilting book. Thanks for a great giveaway. Nancy in MO

  172. Karen A in PA says:

    My girls are beyond the tween years, but I found things that would be great for gifts. I especially like the floor cushions.

  173. Janet in North Carolina says:

    What a wonderful set of prizes.

  174. Teje says:

    Hi! Great collection! All the ideas and inspiration is needed and these are all beautiful! Thank you for a fantastic series! x Teje

  175. missmoozie in calif says:

    I’m so inspired! Great gift ideas and just not for tweens, I’m going to rock those shoelaces myself! Thank you for great giveaway, books look wonderful!


  176. Judy in Oregon says:

    Great ideas! It is always so fun to see all the great gifts to be made.

  177. Danielle in MN says:

    Such a fun idea! Looking forward to following along all month for such great ideas!

  178. sorahart says:

    I’m inspired every November by this series. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  179. Genevieve says:

    Ok, I just pinned most of these! So cute!

  180. Julie says:

    As always, great, fresh ideas. I would love to win the kids sewing book. My 7 year old is chomping at the bit to sew and I need some ideas. Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  181. Rebecca says:

    I love the shoelaces. Would love to win the Japanese book too!

  182. Gillian in OR says:

    This is my favorite month for sewing because of Handmade Holidays!

  183. Amber in NY says:

    I love Handmade Holidays! Every morning November I look to checking to see the tutorials, recipies and ideas posted. Thanks Sew Mama Sew!

  184. Adrienne says:

    I love the quilted floor cushions!

  185. Jane S. says:

    Those are great ideas! I see a few things there I wouldn’t mind making for myself. πŸ™‚

  186. Jayne says:

    I see many of these projects in my future! I just love the ‘fun’ of this!

  187. Kirs in MI says:

    There are some great gift ideas here for several people on my list. Thanks!

  188. Lucy in TX says:

    Such great ideas! The butterfly wall art would be so cute for my daughter. Thanks for sharing this post!

  189. Amy says:

    Yeah! November is here. I look forward to seeing what you come up with each year. I would love to make the quilted seat cushions. So cool.

  190. Jill says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I always struggle with ” the perfect gift” syndrome

  191. KarenH in OK says:

    I think my 9yo needs a messenger book bag for her violin lessons. Those are all great tutorials to start the month!

  192. sarah in Maine says:

    perfect timing – was just thinking about messenger bags for the kids this year!

  193. LynnH says:

    Will be making those cute shoe strings with the girls next sewing day. Love all the fun ideas. Thanks!

  194. Jim in NC says:

    Wow, already see some great gift ideas here, and not just for tweens. My mom would love the hexie clock.

  195. Jennifer says:

    Oops! Forgot to put Jennifer in NY!

  196. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful projects!

  197. Charlotte says:

    Those shoes are awesome! I might have to make those… πŸ™‚

  198. Christina says:

    I love the shoe laces! Thanks for posting πŸ™‚

  199. Christina says:

    I can’t wait it make the shoe laces for my nieces! Thanks for posting πŸ™‚

  200. Wendy says:

    I can’t wait to try those floor cushions!

  201. Linda Fleming says:

    This the first Handmade Holiday I’ve seen. What wonderful projects for Tweens – I don’t know which one I’ll make first – I can just taste those Ginger Snap cookies!
    The giveaways are fantastic too!

  202. Mary H says:

    ooops! It’s Mary H in CO

  203. Yan in Texas says:

    Definitely any prize would be great.

  204. Mary H says:

    I DO want a hexi clock!

  205. From Ontario, Canada
    I’m infatuated with Japanese sewing patterns lately. This new Happy Homemade looks fun.

  206. Leslie says:

    I love the ideas. Thanks!

  207. Renee says:

    Great selection of gifts, and books.

  208. Kara says:

    Super cute clock.

  209. susie q says:

    Great ideas ! I want to quilt on the go !

  210. Ali M says:

    Wow that’s a great variety! I guess I better get sewing because it is that time of the year… I have a bad feeling you just made my to do list too long already on day one…

  211. Amber in CA says:

    I’m in a hotel for work, planning my holiday gifts. Thanks for the great start!

  212. Pat from NC says:

    Super cute hexie clock! Thanks!

  213. Jennifer W. says:

    My daughter just started using the sewing machine. We would love Sewing School 2 to help out! Thanks for the giveaway.

  214. Becky says:

    Not only Tweens … my very grown up son’s girlfriend is a color fanatic and a stickler for organization. She has so many fun pens and markers and colored pencils in her huge DIYed “desk” that the organizer for pens, etc, would be perfect for her. Pinning it NOW! And thanks. Love the Handmade Holidays and have been a fan for many years.

  215. Cari says:

    My kids would love the floor cushions!

  216. becky in MI says:

    love the art journal!

  217. Chenelle says:

    Such great ideas. My nephews will love shoe laces and what little girl doesn’t need/want another bag πŸ™‚ (canada)

  218. Chenelle says:

    What great ideas. My nephews will love those shoe laces! – Canada

  219. BarbaraP says:

    Thank you for doing this. The ideas definitely provide motivation!

  220. Nancy Matheson says:

    wow! thanks
    nancy in ga

  221. D says:

    Definitely will be making the shoelaces – not just for teens, plan on making some for myself too

  222. Jessie from NM says:

    Those quilted cushions would be absolutely perfect for my sister’s dream child care center. I should make some for her.

  223. Beth in MI says:

    Love those shoelaces! I would wear some myself. πŸ™‚

  224. Krista says:

    Is it time for Handmade Holidays already? My goodness, I obviously need to get cracking!

  225. Erika Knipe says:

    Those scrappy shoelaces are awfully darling!!

  226. SammieEB says:

    Thanks for all the awesome tween gift ideas-I was struggling to think of what to make for some of my friends’ kids-crisis averted!! πŸ˜€

  227. Stacy S. says:

    The quilted floor cushion has been added to the to-do list!

  228. Kelie in TN says:

    What a great roundup of tutorials! I’m looking forward to this month and all the fun inspiration for handmade gift giving!

  229. Julie says:

    I’m so excited! I look forward to your handmade holidays all year long!

  230. Melanie says:

    I love the Handmade Holidays posts every year – what a great source of inspiration! Need to think of something for my 11 year old son….-Melanie in AZ

  231. TamiF in MA says:

    Love the ideas! I’m going to make some of those “Traveling in Circles’ totes. They are adorable!

  232. Katiek says:

    Those books look fun! Love the clock. Truly rad.

  233. Audrey in IL says:

    I’ve used Beth’s messenger bag tutorial, and it rocks! I actually made it for my tween niece’s birthday. And those shoelaces are amazing. Pretty sure I’m making some for me! πŸ™‚

  234. Cary says:

    For several years now I have enjoyed your November gift sewing. I’m so excited for it once again! I love the look of those floor cushions! What a pretty addition to a room. These could be quite nice in my reading nook at school as well!

  235. Jennifer in MA says:

    So many great ideas! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  236. Nikki says:

    Love the giveaways. Great ideas for tweens. Nikki,ID

  237. kate in RI says:

    So glad it’s November! My most sewing-est time of the year! Ive go my sights on those shoelaces! Awesome stocking stuffers!!!!

  238. Theresa says:

    I love the traveling in circles tote.

  239. Louisa S. says:

    Great ideas, as always! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this, thanks so much!
    – Louisa in New York

  240. Natalie in TX says:

    I love the art journal!

  241. Wendy says:

    Great gifts!

  242. Kerry in WA says:

    This is one of my favorite series of the year! I love all of the ideas for crafty gift giving. Thank you for doing this again.

  243. Tweens are so fun to sew for! This is a great list.

  244. jenny in IN says:

    oh gosh, i want to put all these on my list!

  245. Theresa says:

    A great collection just in time for my Christmas list! Thank you!

  246. Raimonda says:

    That certainly got my creative juices flowing! I am determined to attempt a simpler, cosier, and more heartful Christmas this year. Just need to find nice jars for that homemade granola and receive my washi tape delivery for pen organizers. I don’t know if anyone of my circle would be brave enough to put those shoelaces in their shoes, but i might just appropriate that idea for myself.

  247. Kat in CA says:

    Hmm, hope this isn’t a duplicate comment, my original isn’t showing up, I think the posting timed out. Love the butterfly wall art, it will be the perfect gift for my girl to decorate her new

  248. Kat in CA says:

    I was looking for something to make for my daughter’s new room, and the butterfly wall art is a perfect little project. Thanks!

  249. Barb B says:

    Oh I have to make a few of those pairs of shoelaces – great gift idea!!!

  250. KellyS says:

    Love all the ideas! Thanks for doing this, as I am always wondering what I can make for the holidays! Kelly in MO

  251. Rachel says:

    in MN, the floor cushions and shoelaces look great! I would love to win the Modkid pattern or Happy Homemade πŸ™‚

  252. Kathleen in NV says:

    great picks for tweens! I see floor cushions in our future!

  253. Brenda de says:

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  254. Becca in IN says:

    So excited for all the great ideas in November! Those floor cushions are fun.

  255. Angela in WA says:

    Squeee! This is just what I needed to inspire me for the older kids in my life. I love the floor pillow, art journal, and shoelaces!

  256. The Quilting on the Go book looks amazing! I love love to learn those skills!

  257. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Happy Homemade book!

  258. Sandra in WA says:

    The Traveling in Circles Tote looks like just the thing for my young adult daughter’s collection of nail polishes. Can’t wait to see what projects are yet to come on Handmade Holidays!

  259. Amy in OH says:

    I love those quilted floor cushions! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  260. Jennifer N. says:

    Lots of lovely ideas. Never thought about doing shoelaces. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  261. Lee says:

    I am loving the circle tote and messenger bag! Love the quilting on the go and Sew Chic giveaway booksw! thanks!
    Lee from MI

  262. Alyssa S says:

    Thank you for the great ideas! Nieces are getting into that age range so I definitely need some ideas! (In MN)

  263. Samantha says:

    Such great ideas! Thanks for this!

  264. Bobby says:

    This is my favorite time of the year! I find all my gifts for Christmas and then some during this month on your blog. Love it! Making the cookies with my kids this weekend and will have to make that circle bag for my daughter for Christmas.

  265. Pam from CA says:

    I love the Messenger Book Bag and the Fat Quarter Hexagon clock! So many nice things to make!

  266. Allison in MA says:

    Will be looking up that floor pillow tutorial for sure!

  267. Jenn from South Dakota says:

    Excited about the Traveling in Circles tote! Want to make one for my sweet girl.
    Thank you for doing this series!! πŸ™‚

  268. Some great gift ideas for my nieces! Thanks!

  269. Peep in PA says:

    This is such a great post, it’s a shame there aren’t more comments. At any rate, I plan on making the art journal with my kids. I think they’ll like that one to start. I’ve made them messenger bags before but I like the one listed as it is smaller than the huge (slightly impractical) one that I made. We may make that our second project as well. Or, maybe they can make something for gifts for their aunts (teens). Thanks for the post!

  270. Cat G. says:

    Those shoelaces are too cool!

  271. Robbin-GA says:

    Love Handmade Holidays! Thanks for the inspiration.

  272. Jenny in DC says:

    I love the hexy clock! Could work for a super sophisticated teen (super hard to shop for) on my list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  273. Miet in Canada says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Handmade Holidays! So glad it’s finally here.
    Love the floor cushion and the circular tote. And granola is always a big hit here; might have to give that one a try.

  274. Jennifer says:

    I love handmade gifts, but with four young children, I’m the recipient more often than the giver.
    But this year, I’m going to help my kiddos make cards for our family

  275. Laura says:

    I love all of these! I have a little girl who would LOVE the art journal. Time to put some of my stash to use.

  276. kathy h says:

    It is so nice to see some ideas for the tweens. I have a hard time thinking of some ideas to make for them.

  277. Carolyn Howland says:

    I love the hexagon clock most of all, but all above are awesome. Carolyn in Kentucky

  278. Christina from Canada says:

    That clock looks like such a cool idea!

  279. Java Jane (NC) says:

    Huzzah! It is November and time for another Handmade Holidays! Love the printable tags today!

    Thank you, thank you.

  280. anna dorothy says:

    How fun!! I love the floor cushions!

  281. Steph says:

    Great ideas! I always have the hardest time finding great handmade gift ideas for tweens. Steph in Omaha, NE

  282. Paula in IA says:

    I don’t have any tweens to sew for this year, but I think the butterflies would be good decorations in my baby’s room.

  283. Beth says:

    Beth in Virginia hoping to vin! I love Handmade holidays!

  284. Anna says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. My oldest of quickly moving into the “tween” category, so these is some great ideas for gift giving at her age!

  285. Tammy in MI says:

    What a fun collection! I’m so looking forward to seeing the posts each day, since I’m making gifts this year for my extended family.

  286. Kaesey says:

    Great ideas! I have two teens and a tween to buy/make for and can use all the help I can get!

  287. Tabitha Klucking says:

    I so look forward to November and the Holiday Sewing Tutorials! Thank you!

  288. Sandra in WA says:

    The Travelin’ Tote would be great for my young adult daughter’s nail polish collection! I wish I could pin the granola recipe – it looks delicious.

  289. Karen says:

    Love the art journal!

  290. Karen says:

    I love the art journal!

  291. Crystal says:


    Great giveaways and love all the inspiration your blog provides!

  292. dangermom says:

    Since I have two girls 10 and 13, this is my new favorite list. So many fun things to make!

  293. Lianne in FL says:

    LOVE the circle tote! I’m making for 4 of my granddaughters. They will love this. ??

  294. Lesley says:

    Great give aways! I live in Oregon, Go Ducks!

  295. Fun! Fun! Now I am wanting to make some of my great aunt’s gingersnaps! I’m in Missouri. I’ve added your giveaway to the weekly link up on my blog, also.

  296. Cindi C says:

    As usual, you have done a fantastic job gathering all the wonderful tutorials for this year’s Handmade Holidays. It’s my favorite time of year! Can’t wait to see what else you have planned for us.

  297. cal says:

    I remember the shoe laces from maureen’s blog. I agree they are awesome, and should really make some for my daughter, who is not yet a tween, but who will love them.
    Celia, not in the USA or Canada.

  298. Grace says:

    I LOVE Handmade Holidays – so many great ideas already and it’s only day one!

  299. Sandy says:

    These are great ideas! I think my tween would love most of them. If only she were gone long enough for me to make them without her knowing.

  300. Patricia says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I look forward to the November posts and often find myself searching them when I need a gift idea!

  301. Amber in UT says:

    I am so excited to see the floor cushion tutorial in English. Thank you thank you Noe! Now I can make them for kids this year.

  302. Super! Love the ideas. A few of those art journals are on my to do list now! Thanks for the chance to win (I’m in Canada).

  303. Stacey C says:

    From Colorado. Patchwork shoelaces?!?! Brilliant!

  304. Andy from NH says:

    I am fascinated by Japanese craft. I would love to win Happy Homemade: Sew Chic

  305. diann mize says:

    Thank you … I was just wondering about the tweens on my list…and there are a ton of them! Really like the shoelaces…and SEWING SCHOOL 2…think I will include the two together for a grand-daughter πŸ™‚

  306. Margo says:

    That hexagon clock is super cute! Some great ideas! Margo in WA

  307. Stacy says:

    I love the Traveling in Circles Tote! Gonna make one for myself πŸ™‚

  308. Kristin S. says:

    I love November because of Handmade Holidays! Some many great things to make.

  309. Megan says:

    Such good ideas. I think the scrappy shoe laces will look pretty cool on some little and big shoes.

  310. Nicole says:

    This year i am hand making all of my gifts and i have been building up my book stashes so i will have lots of different possibilities

  311. Kim Leavens@WI says:

    The art journal,circular tote and quilted floor cushions are great ideas for my just turned teen daughter. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ The Sew Chic book looks wonderful, but all the prizes are great. Thank you for the chance to win.

  312. Sara in MA says:

    I have a tween and love these ideas. Thank you! The Sewing school 2 book is on my Christmas list to buy for above mentioned tween. We have the 1st book and LOVE it. Totally made sewing fun for us both to do and avoided the mother/daughter power struggle we often battle when learning something new. Thanks for the chance and really looking forward to this month at Sew Mama Sew!

  313. jessicac says:

    I have been eyeing that Sew Chic book! And I must find some stash to make the quilted floor cushions.

  314. Stephanie in NC says:

    I’ve been following Handmade Holidays since the first year and I always look forward to it. Thank you πŸ™‚

  315. Lisa McGriff says:

    Thank you so much for today’s post. I have a tween and these are some great ideas, especially the shoe strings. Going to try the Granola as well, sounds yummy.
    Lisa McGriff from “Sweet Home Alabama”

  316. Elsie in NJ says:

    I’d love to win one of these books!

  317. Lisa says:

    Floor cushions? Butterfly wall art? Mind blown… Love it!

  318. Tania in AZ says:

    Oh I would love to win any of those but especially the sewing school 2 or the Modkid package! Odd would love either of those since she is starting to sew on a machine now:) thanks for the encouragement on getting started in planning Christmas gifts!

  319. Emilyplays in WA says:

    Love the Handmade Holidays! I’m going to make the circles tote, very cute design! Thank you for putting another November of goodness together for us all to enjoy πŸ™‚

  320. Brandi in CO says:

    I’m so excited for this year’s handmade holidays! What a great collection of ideas and cool prizes!

  321. Heather says:

    What a great list! I really want to try some of them out!

  322. Mary in MI says:

    I love these ideas! Looking forward to the month full of inspiration. Thank you!

  323. Kristin H says:

    I’ve made simple floor pillows in the past, but those quilted cushions look like they’d be even better!

  324. Laurie says:

    I love the Butterfly Wall Art idea. So clever and not as icky as real bugs!

  325. Becky says:

    Great ideas! Perfect start to a perfectly crafty month!!

  326. Sonja says:

    What a great way to start the Handmade Holidays! Love the Art Journal, the Floor Cushions and the super sweet Butterfly Art!

  327. My girls would LOVE the art journal and circle tote!!

  328. Kathryn says:

    I’m going to have to check out that circles tote – I don’t have tweens yet, but my oldest would love carrying around items in it.

  329. Ramona M. from MI says:

    I don’t have any tweens on my list but think the floor pillows would be great for college age kids too! Perfect for dorm rooms.

  330. Mary says:

    Ahh. One of the many reasons I love this month! Thanks for continuing to find great sewing ideas!

    Mary in CA

  331. Molly in Wisconsin says:

    I look forward to your Handmade Holidays series every year. Halloween is always kind of a drag for me, but this series is like my prize for finishing the race….Love it!!!

  332. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited for this series! I’ve gotten great ideas here in the past! (Sarah in WA)

  333. Kari C says:

    Great gift ideas! And I love all of the giveaway items! – Kari C (WA)

  334. Jennifer in Missouri says:

    Love the shoelaces! Can’t wait to make them for my boys!

  335. A great roundup of projects–I have a tween to sew for, and as long as it’s pink, she’ll like it. πŸ™‚
    Lisa in Ontario, Canada

  336. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the great gift ideas. I have some great nieces & nephews that would love some of these. And thanks for the chance to win.

  337. amber says:

    I had no idea they’d come out with sewing school 2. I already gave my niece the first book. She’d love the sequel, especially since her mom can’t help her with her sewing machine. I actually have a sewing date with her this weekend, yea!

  338. Teresa says:

    I love Handmade Holidays!!! Thank you!!! : )

  339. Holly says:

    This series is what really got me back into sewing years ago! And I love this collection, since I have several tween girls on my gift list.

  340. Cricket says:

    I declare. Tweens are so difficult to make for, so I appreciate these suggestions. But I think my tween, my pre-tween, and my pre-tween niece will each be getting an art journal.

    And November is one of my favorite months, just because of your gift making guides. πŸ™‚

    Cricket in ME

  341. MJ in PA says:

    That art journal! It’s so perfect for my niece and to think I was this close to buying one for her. Your timing is excellent – thank you so much.

  342. I’m so grateful that you’re curating all these good ideas!

  343. Molly in OR says:

    Oh, starting off strong! I love these ideas especially as my children get older…… The Sewing School 2 book looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  344. Thanks for this timely article. Tweens can be hard to buy for.

  345. Abigail says:

    The β€œHailey” Boutique Sewing Pattern looks really fun!

  346. Lauren says:

    Great ideas thanks.

  347. Marge says:

    Happy Handmade Holidays!

  348. Gina S. Iowa says:

    Travel in Circles Tote is perfect. I was looking for something for my grand daughter to put her stuff in. Thanks!

  349. Katie in NE says:

    Awesome-so looking forward to EVERY DAy!

  350. Tanja H says:

    What a great gift guide! I have 2 nieces that are Tweens and it’s been a long time since my girls were Tweens that I forgot what they like. A floor pillow is right up my alley. Thanx.

    Tanja WI

  351. Cherri says:

    I love the shoe lace idea. I can’t wait to make some, my girls will love them!

  352. Karin in MN says:

    Loving the pen organizer! Organized, cute, and convenient.

  353. Brooke says:

    I love the hexagon clock idea! I may have to try that out for my husband!

  354. Brenda De says:

    Great ideas! We have a tween in our house… Going to work on some of these projects. Thanks

  355. British American in WI says:

    Lots of great ideas. I’m going to check some of them out for my 8 year old daughter. πŸ™‚

  356. Becca in PA says:

    So excited the handmade holidays series is starting again!

  357. Rachel in OH says:

    I am so excited to follow this series and see all the wonderful ideas for the holidays!!

  358. emina says:

    Tweens are the hardest age group to get the gifts for on my opinion. Thanks for all the ideas

  359. Cindy Belleque says:

    Awesome ideas! Looking forward to more!

  360. KristyMN says:

    Tweens are SO hard to craft for. I love the hexagon clock and the floor cushion especially. But the missing thing in this little round up is moustaches! Tweens are ga-ga for them!

  361. Marisa in MN says:

    Oooohhh, sewing school 2 looks like great fun for my tween! I might have to invest in that one (if I don’t win) πŸ˜‰

  362. Aprl-VT says:

    Love the floor cushion idea.

  363. Andrea says:

    That hexagon clock is so awesome – I may need to make one for myself!

  364. Sara says:

    What wonderful ideas for tween gifts. It is so difficult to find just the right gift that isn’t too kiddie or too adult. And these giveaways are pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  365. Claudia says:

    Lovely ideas and lovely prizes!

  366. Karen says:

    Love the butterfly wall art! Might have to make that for my sister.

  367. Love all these prizes, esp the last two since I’ve recently picked up english paper piecing! – Ohio!

  368. Love all these prizes, esp the last two since I’ve recently picked up english paper piecing!

  369. Martha says:

    Perfect collection – thank you!!!

  370. Darcy says:

    What fun gifts! I am not a tween and I want them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  371. christina in VT says:

    Oh, thanks for the great ideas. My daughter is only 7 but the ‘tween’ influence is already creeping in — she’d love some of these gifts for the holidays.

  372. Connie J says:

    The shoelaces are a perfect gift for all of my nieces!
    Thank you so much for running Handmade Holidays… I always get so many great ideas!
    Connie in CO

  373. SavvyGirlDeborah in NYC says:

    So excited for HH 2013!

  374. Kristen says:

    Kristen in GA

  375. Kristin says:

    Cute stuff! I can’t believe it’s that time of year already!
    Kristin in WA

  376. Laura says:

    The clock is great! I could see that in my sewing space.

  377. Sarah Milliken says:

    Hope I win! Sarah in maine

  378. Beth in Michigan says:

    So excited! Just love this series and you started off with a bang! wonderful πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!

  379. Jenn Rodriguez in GA says:

    I’ve been meaning to make some floor cushions! Good motivation. Thanks for the chance to win.

  380. Sarah says:

    Sarah in Maine!

  381. Catherine says:

    I’m excited to see Handmade Holidays back. I found so many great ideas last year (not just for gifts, but for me too!). I’ll definitely be trying out the granola.

  382. Miranda says:

    I don’t have any Tweens on my list this year, but some of these projects would be great for just about anyone. Home made granola? Yes, please!

  383. Christine in NY says:

    With 5 tweens to give gifts to, this list is just what I needed! Thanks!!

  384. Jeny says:

    Ah, there are some fantastic ideas here! Thank you so much for posting!

  385. Karen's Sew Hub - Georgia says:

    **singing** It’s the most wonderful time, of the year…..

    LOVE Handmade Holidays!!

  386. Kati in FL says:

    I love the shoelace idea!! What a fun way to dress up some bland shoes.

  387. Anita says:

    Excited for H-made for the H to start up again !

  388. Patti in FL says:

    Looking forward to some fresh ideas this month! Thanks!

  389. DeeAnn from Florida says:

    So many great ideas! I can’t wait to get home from work to check them all out. πŸ™‚

  390. Janis says:

    Great tween gift ideas! Can’t wait to get started on either the floor pillow or clock or maybe both!

  391. Charlotte in GA says:

    Im so excited that Handmade Holidays has started! I use this list all year long. Looks like we are off to a great start with some great tween ideas! Thanks

  392. JANET says:


  393. Elsa says:

    Today’s entry will be for the “Hailey”..the only prize I can participate for (I live in France!!!).

  394. Jesi says:

    Yay! I’m so excited Handmade Holidays is back! I look forward to it every year. Thanks for making it possible.

  395. Sona Jacob says:

    I would love to win.
    Sona from India!

  396. usairdoll says:

    Yeah! So looking forward to a month of great ideas, receipes and inspiration from so many talented and creative people. Really have enjoyed this from year’s past and what wonderful ideas for day one. Love the butterfly wall art and the Coconut-Almond Granola sounds yummy!

    Thank you and all the Sponsors for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  397. Kallie says:

    Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to make the hexagon clock and the scrappy shoelaces!! Fantastic round up πŸ™‚ I am in Canada so no US only for me but I love the look of the Japanese sewing book. Pretty please?! πŸ™‚

  398. Joan says:

    I will definitely be making a couple of the floor cushions and who could resist coconut almond granola!

  399. Laura in MD says:

    This is a great round-up for tweens! I feel like they are so hard to buy for, but I know a few who would love to get anything on this list!

  400. kaholly says:

    This is just delightful. I was quick to save it to my favorite places to make as soon as I finish my current project!! I have just the young lady in mind to gift it to!! Thanks so much.

  401. Kristonlion says:

    So fun! I especially love

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