November 29 ~ Wrap it Up

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Wrap your handmade holidays gifts in style with today’s Wrap it Up ideas! Don’t miss our previous Handmade Holidays round-ups featuring gift wrap tutorials: Write It + Wrap It and Wrapping It Up

Today’s Guest Curator: Carolina from Always Expect Moore + 30 Minute Crafts

Carolina Moore is a chocolate lover, messy crafter and sometimes quilt-finisher. She has been crafting longer than she can remember, and sewing nearly as long. You’ll find Carolina and her fabric stash in Las Vegas with her margarita-making husband and two train-loving young boys.

Take a look at all of Carolina’s project tutorials on her sites Always Expect Moore and 30 Minute Crafts. She has a couple of her own Wrap it Up tutorials on her sites so check out the Fast and Easy Wine Bag and Leftover Quilt Square Bags.

Make It

Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag
Amy at Positively Splendid likes to make “the presentation of the gift as special as the contents inside” with these Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag.

Painted Fabric Gift Bags
Make pretty Painted Fabric Gift Bags like these from Charlotte at Lotts and Lots.

Fabric Gift Bag
This Fabric Gift Bag from Sarah at Bluprint Textiles has the familiar handles of popular paper gift bags.

Ruffle Fabric Gift Bag
Love ruffles? Make and give a Ruffle Fabric Gift Bag from See Kate Sew!

Burlap Bags
Debbie Crouse designed these Burlap Bags to “hold and dispense jute, twine, ribbon or string” at One Lucky Day.

Tie-Front Gift Bag
Ruby’s Tie-Front Gift Bags at Zaaberry could be reused as lunch sacks!

Elastic-Top Gift Bag
Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts and Always Expect Moore designed this easy Elastic-Top Gift Bag for The Sewing Loft.

Mix It

Double Chocolate Cookies
These Double Chocolate Cookies from Rhonda at Mrs. Greene have both cocoa and chocolate chips in the recipe.

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Toffee Brittle
Vivienne’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Toffee Brittle at The V Spot looks like a great gift for teachers or the neighbors!

Print It

Chalkboard Christmas Tree
This Chalkboard Christmas Tree from Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road is part of her holiday series of free printables.

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!
Tip: If you’re hoping to win a prize that notes “US Winners Only,” include your state in your name (i.e. Beth in WA) so we can confirm residence and avoid any disappointment on your end. Shipping range is determined by the generous companies and artisans that donate Handmade Holidays prizes.

Mollie Makes Feathered Friends: Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Felting, Papercraft and More
(US Winners Only)

Publisher: Interweave

This gorgeous new book from the team at Mollie Makes brings together ten designers and makers. Taking their inspiration from the natural world, they have come up with over twenty exclusive projects just for you, based around the ever-popular theme of birds. With ideas for handmade accessories, cards and gifts, this book is perfect for nature-lovers. It is full to bursting of ideas for using cute designs and pretty motifs in your craft projects. Includes a variety of crafts, with full instructions for knitting, crochet, sewing and papercraft projects, as well as ideas on how to turn your junk-shop finds into works of crafty art. Each project is accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, with hints and tips on personalising your makes, ensuring that everything you create is unique, just like you.

Woolbuddies: 20 Irresistibly Simple Needle Felting Projects
(US Winners Only)

Author: Jackie Huang
Publisher: Chronicle Books

You can see how cute these woolbuddies are. You’re not going to believe how easy it is to make them! Tired of searching for special toys that weren’t mass-produced, former Lucasfilm animator Jackie Huang created the beloved Woolbuddy, a collection of all-natural stuffed animals that reflect his unique imaginative vision. He went on to capture fans at craft fairs, Comic-Con and specialty boutiques. Here Huang teaches readers, using just some wool and a needle, how to needle felt a wide-eyed owl, a toothy shark, a fuzzy sheep, a towering giraffe and more. With step-by-step instructions and helpful how-to photographs, crafters can create clutchable keepsakes to be instantly enjoyed and forever cherished.

Yellow Owl’s Little Prints: Stamp, Stencil, and Print Projects to Make for Kids
(US Winners Only)

Author: Christine Schmidt
Publisher: Potter Craft

Celebrated indie artist Christine Schmidt offers 25 hip and imaginative decorations, toys, puzzles and keepsakes for children using simple hand-printing techniques. Personalized, handmade items are a meaningful way to show your love for a baby or child. Christine Schmidt, author of the bestselling Print Workshop and the creative force behind the acclaimed Yellow Owl Workshop line of artisan stationery and home accessories, shares her inspired ideas for making easy, yet entirely unique items for children from newborns to school-aged. Using stamps, stenciling, and other hand-printing techniques, design-savvy parents will be able to make quick kid-friendly projects that will be cherished for years to come.

Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners
(US Winners Only)

Author: Katie Lewis
Publisher: Cedar Fort

Unleash your creativity and become the successful do-it-yourself sewer you’ve always wanted to be! Using the tips, techniques, and 30 assorted sewing projects in this guide, you’ll be able to create custom household items and gifts in no time. From baby bibs and tote bags to Christmas decorations and children’s toys, every project in this book will build your sewing skills while adding a tasteful handmade touch to your home.

Erin’s Big Book of Pop Out Boxes: 30 Boxes to Pop & Fold, Collect or Give
(US Winners Only)

Author: Erin McMorris
Publisher: C&T Publishing / FunStitch Studio

These collections of pop out boxes from three well-known fabric designers will have kids designing their very own boxes in no time. The boxes feature fun, current designs and are easy to assemble, providing hours of fun for kids and their friends. As educational as they are entertaining, each collection comes with instructions that walk kids through the pros’ design processes, then prompt them to design their own patterns on the boxes featuring blank sides.

Don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool, and check out our 2012 Handmade Holidays list for more fabulous ideas. Here are our 2013 themes:

November 28: Last-Minute Gift Ideas
November 27: Gifts Kids Can Make
November 26: One Gift for All
November 25: Fast Christmas Decorations
November 24: Toys for Kids
November 23: Ornaments
November 22: Deck the Halls
November 21: Stockings + Tree Skirts
November 20: Gifts for College Kids
November 19: Gifts for Men
November 18: Gifts for People Who Sew
November 17: Accessories
November 16: Gifts for Grandparents
November 15: Holiday Fun
November 14: Repurposed/Upcycled Gifts
November 13: Gifts for Book Lovers
November 12: Gifts for Girlfriends
November 11: Gifts for Boys
November 10: Eco-Friendly Gifts
November 9: Advent Calendars
November 8: Gifts for Make-Believe
November 7: Gifts for Travelers
November 6: Gifts for Geeks
November 5: Gifts for Babies + Toddlers
November 4: Holiday Party Clothes + Accessories
November 3: Gifts for Cooks
November 2: Gifts for Gadget Lovers
November 1: Gifts for Tweens

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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176 Responses to November 29 ~ Wrap it Up

  1. Sara in MA says:

    Love all the ideas! And the printable tree, so cute!

  2. Cinnamon in OR says:

    p.s. I’m in OR

  3. Cinnamon says:

    Love all these different bag and wrapping options. Great list.

  4. Susie in WI says:

    Awesome last day to “wrap it up”!! Loving the elastic top bag!

  5. Amy in IL says:

    Wonderful ideas. Thanks!

  6. Emme in OR says:

    Fabric as gift wrap = great stash buster!

  7. Janice in IL says:

    Another great selection of Handmade Holidays! Thanks.

  8. Sarah in OH says:

    Thanks again for all the great ideas!

  9. Whitner in SC says:

    I love these, and I love thinking about what my tree would look like with all these under it!

  10. erica in oregon says:

    I wish these continued all year. Loved the ideas, the links to other brilliant blogs, the vendors.

  11. Carmen says:

    I love all these bag ideas!

  12. Betsy says:

    The toffee looks amazing.

  13. I really like the fabric gift bag!

  14. What a great month! Nice wrap-up.

  15. Mandi in CO says:

    how great!

  16. Jenny L in MD says:

    Those cookies sound delicious!

  17. Joelle in Nebraska says:

    double chocolate cookies? yummo!!

  18. Emilou in Oregon says:

    Oh, I love all bags and I think I am an original bag lady!!!! Thanks for sharing Blessings and smiles, Emilou in Oregon 🙂

  19. Brooke in SC says:

    I have always wanted to make fabric gift bags!

  20. Jennifer in MA says:

    This is a great idea. Especially since i always have so many scraps of great fabric lying around!

  21. Karen's Sew Hub - Georgia says:

    Love the bags!

  22. Miranda in California says:

    Such cute gift wrap ideas!!

  23. Lydia in WA says:

    Have really enjoyed the daily intro to crafters and artisans, their projects and tutorials, and yes, the yummy recipes. These gift bags are really nice and would be wonderful to include with gifts! Like an extra present with many uses. Thank you, thank you for November Handmade Holidays. Loved it.

  24. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. vero et in FL says:

    so nice

  26. Jess says:

    So cute! Thanks for a great list!

  27. Heather in VA says:

    Giving something in a giftbag is like giving two gifts in one! Can’t wait to make the chocolate hazelnut butter toffee brittle!

  28. Jayne - Tennessee says:

    So many great ideas!

  29. SS in NH says:

    I love using fabric gift wrap!

  30. Chris says:

    Great ideas for all year really. Thanks.

  31. Liz K in OR says:

    We are always looking for durable, reusable wrapping ideas. These are so sweet!

  32. Abbi says:

    I like the cloth bags for wrapping presents. So very useful, practical and stylish!
    Abbi in MN

  33. Amy in IL says:

    I love all these bag ideas. Hmm which one to try first.

  34. Alida in VA says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Amber in NY says:

    I am so sad another handmade holidays is coming to a close. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  36. Cindi in GA says:

    Great ideas! Love the burlap!

  37. Kim McM in PA says:

    The chalkboard Christmas tree is cute and looks like something I could accomplish. Your recipes look delicious, too.

  38. Audrey in PA says:

    Love wrapping in fabric! Great bags!

  39. Deb H. in PA says:

    What an awesome variety of gift bags!

  40. Gina S. Ia says:

    Great way to use up odds and ends fabric year around.

  41. Mary in MN says:

    Hazelnut brittle – yum!

  42. Amy in FL says:

    Some great bag ideas and a few new ideas on how to use these great bags.

  43. Kirsten in CO says:

    Thanks for the free printables Kristin! Such a cute tree.

  44. Joanna NY says:

    Fabulous ideas! Love them all. And that Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Toffee Brittle looks good!

  45. Anya says:

    Double chocolate cookies….yum!

  46. I love the idea of reusable gift wrap. I get simply sad to see the pile of paper at the end of gift opening. These make it all feel more special. I am very into the hand printed bags as well as the elastic top. I think I will make some of both this year.

  47. Allison in WA says:

    So many great reusable gift bags to try

  48. Patricia in PA says:

    Love using fabrics as wrap, now have lots of great ideas for using it in many different ways. Thanks again!

  49. pam cole says:

    thank you for hosting all this goodness xo

  50. pam cole says:

    thank you for hosting all this wonderful goodness xo

  51. Gill says:

    Some great ideas – thanks!

  52. Emilyplays in WA says:

    Reusable gifts bags are so nice. I often just use a tea towel though 🙂

  53. Kati in FL says:

    That cookie recipe looks yummy!

  54. Alicia in az says:

    Thanks for the ideas to elevate my gifts – the cloth bags take even basic items and really make them nice gifts 🙂

  55. Rebecca says:

    great wrapping ideas.

  56. SamanthaRI says:

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  57. Shawn in MI says:

    Great bags, thanks for the chance.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  58. Judy in OR says:

    I love the ideas for fabric gift bags.

  59. Thank you for these lovely gift wrapping ideas to be used year-round. And thank you for the lovely series!

  60. Andy in NH says:

    I am whipping up some burlap gift bags this year.

  61. Jamie in MN says:

    Such cute ideas.

  62. amber says:

    Mmmm!!!! Double chocolate…I wouldn’t mind receiving those in one of the nice cloth gift bags. 🙂

  63. Allison in MA says:

    Yummmm toffee!

  64. Mosaic Magpie says:

    Oh a gift bag filled with “Double Chocolate” Cookies!!!!

  65. Carrie P. says:

    all those gift bags are so great. I have made some before and they are a great way to wrap up a gift. thanks.

  66. Loree in ME says:

    Great gift bags! Bags that will be used for years to come.

  67. Julia in NJ says:

    Love it! A great way to stay green and still get a little handmade to those poeple you just have to buy a book for 😉

  68. Terry in IL says:

    How much better it would be to have beautiful bags to keep instead of beautiful wrapping paper in the trash. 🙂

  69. Sue F says:

    I love the gift bags

  70. Cricket says:

    I love the idea of stamping cloth gift bags. We add a few more to our collection each year. It would be fun to let the kids decorate one each year to see how their style changes over the years.

    Cricket in ME

  71. Lee in MI says:

    I love the drawstring bags and the chalkboard Christmas tree is fabulous! thanks!

  72. Nancy in GA says:


  73. What a great idea! I’m going to check out those fabric painted gift bags!

  74. Stacia in TN says:

    The painted fabric gift bags are so cute!

  75. terri says:


  76. Connie J in CO says:

    So many great gift bags… but the Burlap is my favorite!

  77. The burlap bags are awesome!

  78. Shannon (in MD) says:

    I love all the bags. Too cute!

  79. Cute ideas!

  80. Julie in IN says:

    Fabulous ideas!

  81. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  82. Sheila in WA says:

    Great scrap busters & a way to recycle the bags for another gift.

  83. Kari in WA says:

    Cute ideas! I’m addicted to burlap, so the burlap bags are my favorite!

  84. Margo in WA says:

    I love fabric gift bags! Nice to keep within the family too so they can be reused. 🙂 Those cookies look delicious!

  85. Mary Ellen in ND says:

    Awesome links! Thanks!

  86. Martha in LA says:

    I love fabric gift bags! I try to make a couple each year to add to my collection so I have just the right size for whatever gift.

  87. kathyh in OR says:

    wow. SewMamaSew rocks.

  88. julie from FL says:

    Such cute bags. Great ideas.

  89. Amber in ny says:

    Ah! How is it already last-minute gift time? Thanks for all these suggestions! Every year I think I’m getting started early on my gift-making and next thing I know, I’m out of time and frantic for last-minute ideas because I’m nowhere near done.

  90. Emilee in GA says:

    Love the great gift bags and adorable tree printable! All the prizes are fantastic!

  91. Lisamarie in CT says:

    The burlap bags are great! I must also try the toffee recipe. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

  92. Anita in NE says:

    Great gift wrap ideas.

  93. Bethany in WA says:

    Great bags for little gifts!

  94. Sonja says:

    Yum! Toffee Brittle! I can not wait to try that recipe!!! – Sonja in AL

  95. liz taylor says:

    Sweet little elastic bags. Thanks!

  96. Diane in NM says:

    Yet another day of great ideas. Love the fabric gift bags. Thank you!

  97. Sam E-B says:

    The chocolate hazelnut butter toffee brittle sounds amazing!

  98. Wendy in OH says:

    I love all the bag ideas for wrapping instead of paper.

  99. Judi in VA says:

    I love all of the different reusable gift wrap ideas!!!

  100. jb in IN says:

    More great ideas, thanks!!!

  101. usairdoll in ca says:

    Beautiful gift bags, all different and all so lovely! The Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Toffee Brittle looks amazing! The Simple Sewing giveaway prize book is on my wishlist, fingers crossed, hehe.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.

  102. I would love to win some of the goodies mentioned in your blog!

  103. Claire in CA says:

    Oh the chocolate cookies look so tasty! I’ll have to try! Thanks for sharing!

  104. Delia from VA says:

    I NEED to make that toffee! Yum!

  105. Laurie in MA says:

    mmm…. yummy treats!!!!

  106. Amber in CA says:

    mmm, that toffee looks so good. Its a good thing I’m in a hotel room right now otherwise I’d be making that.

  107. Cindy in ND says:

    Loving these gift wrapping ideas, and the goodies look wonderful!

  108. D says:

    these will make handmade gifts even more special! thank you!!

  109. jessicac says:

    Love the painted fabric, and the burlap bags. And the chalkboard tree is fantastic!

  110. Sarah in WA says:

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  111. Jim in NC says:

    These are some great gift bag ideas!

  112. Rachel B says:

    The little drawstring ones are very cute.

  113. Linda Armenti says:

    Looking forward to learning how to do the elastic bag.

  114. Christina in vt says:

    Chalk without the mess — printables — a great idea…

  115. Karen in IN says:

    That toffee looks fabulous!

  116. Lauren in mi says:

    Great ideas

  117. Tabitha Klucking in WA says:

    I love the idea of reusable gift wrap!

  118. Eleanor in NC says:

    The toffee brittle looks wonderful!

  119. Lynne Tilley says:

    What a great group of little gift wrappers you’ve assembled. Thanks.

  120. Linda in ON says:

    That Chalkboard Christmas Tree is amazing!

  121. Lindsay in Iowa says:

    Ooh I love the ruffle!

  122. Jennifer in CO says:

    I have leftover fabric after making Christmas stockings…making little gift bags will be a great way for me to use it up!

  123. Mary H in CO says:

    I love reusable gift bags!

  124. Great ideas. I love the little painted bags.

  125. Heather says:

    We love wrapping with fabric! Thanks for the awesome ideas.

  126. Cherri in WI says:

    Cute gift bags

  127. Olga says:


  128. Catherine in MI says:

    Wow, these are pretty!

  129. Patty says:

    Love the fabric bags!

  130. Becky in FL says:

    I have not used paper for gifts in about 10 years so this is a familiar idea to me. However, yours are so cute that I am convinced it is time to make some new ones and bring life to those we have used over and over and over again.

  131. Diana says:

    Those chocolate cookies look delicious, and I like the silpats or paper they are placed on. From Oregon.

  132. Sue from Minnesota says:

    Such a great idea to make gift bags- a two in one present!

  133. Cynthia T. Indiana says:

    I love the cute ways to wrap gifts.

  134. Meg in OR says:

    Great ideas!

  135. Jamie B in N.H. says:

    Fabric gift bags are a great idea!

  136. Heidi in WA says:

    I am so excited about this post! I have quite a few holiday fabrics sitting in my stash begging to be used. These are the perfect solution! Thanks!

  137. Stacy in WI says:

    The gift bags are all cute!

  138. Sara in NY says:

    That toffee looks divine!

  139. I love all of those gift bag ideas!

  140. Rachel says:

    Fantastic assortment of little bags!

  141. Theresa says:

    cute ideas

  142. Ellen from OH says:

    I keep seeing great printed burlap fabric – now I know what I can do with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  143. Sandy in Ohio says:

    I’m loving all these great gift bags!

  144. Tammy in MI says:

    Fun ideas!

  145. Kara in OR says:

    Butter toffee brittle for all wins.

  146. Amanda in MD says:

    I love that elastic topped bag!

  147. jennifer in NC says:

    I love the elastic top gift bag… looks just about right for a lot of things!

  148. Heidi says:

    Love that painted fabric idea!

  149. Julie in VA says:

    The burlap bags are rustically cute!

  150. Nupur in GA says:

    So many cute reusable gift bags!!

  151. It’s been fun to see all the creative ideas. Thanks!

  152. A good reminder to wrap responsibly!

  153. Julie in VA says:

    Love the burlap bag idea!

  154. Robynn in CA says:

    Great tutorials

  155. Amy says:

    Great links today! Thanks!

  156. jenny in IN says:

    great stuff

  157. Julia in WA says:

    Love the elastic-top gift bag! what a cute idea.

  158. Charlotte in GA says:

    I love reusable gift bags. Glad to find some new ideas here today! Thanks

  159. Kristin H says:

    I really like the fabric gift bag with the rope handles. So cute and so reusable!

  160. Tasha in MO says:

    love the painted bags

  161. Carol P. says:

    Yum, toffee brittle!

  162. Kristin says:

    gift bags are always needed!

  163. Barb B in BC says:

    Thanks for all the ideas for wrapping that does not make garbage – all re-usedable cloth bags. Perfect.

  164. Ann says:

    Keep meaning to find the time to sew up some gift bags….

  165. Kristie says:

    I love reusable gift wrap. I haven’t purchased wrapping paper in years. We reuse and make our gift bags. It’s so much better. Thanks! Kristie in WA.

  166. Melanie in AZ says:

    I love the idea of fabric gift tags – I never would have thought of that!

  167. Erika (CA) says:

    Great ideas (again)

  168. Robin E. in AZ says:

    You know, I think I would really like to use more reusable gift bags. Not only for Christmas, but birthday bags too. Thanks for all the tutorials.

  169. VickiT in IL says:

    Those are all awesome. It’s great to see so many different options for making a gift bag so giving gifts don’t all look the same. Love these ideas. Thank you.

  170. Great wrapping ideas.

  171. Beth in Michigan says:

    These are great wrapping ideas – so environmentally friendly! Hope to sew some up some day…

  172. GreeblygreeblyinWAstate says:

    It is always amusing to me how much people love getting things in a fabric gift bag. Especially when they are so quick to make!

  173. Lynn H in MO says:

    Clever idea for the dispenser bag. Added to the list of must sews. Thanks again for this fun even, sad its almost over.

  174. Jenn in GA says:

    Love all the bags! And that brittle….mmmm.

  175. Anna Dorothy in AZ says:

    Thanks for the ideas! What a neat bag — the one that you can pull string from.

  176. Trina in MA says:

    How nice.

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