Crocodile Softie Tutorial

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Today we have a free project from the new Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go by Laura Wilson. (Visit Laura’s blog, We Wilsons.)

From the publisher:

    Why make an ordinary stuffed toy when you can sew irresistibly playful creations that flip, zip, snap, stack, move and more! Stitch a caterpillar that changes into a butterfly, a vampire who becomes a bat, ordinary dolls that turn into superheroes, a car with spinning wheels, a pretty bird that perches on your shoulder and other fun things.


You can make this Smiling Crocodile with his playful, zippered mouth in this project excerpt below! You can also enter to win a copy of the book. Tell us about your favorite stuffed toy when you were a kid… Enjoy the project and add Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go to your holiday wish list!

Smiling Crocodile

Project excerpt from: Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go

Watch out for this toothy grin— he bites! Smiling Crocodiles make fun toys for little hands learning to zip and unzip. Enlarge the pattern and make a quirky throw pillow. Use a chunky brass zipper for gold teeth or a dainty pink zipper for a pleasant smile. Once you get the hang of this pattern, try drawing your own toothy animal: a shark, dinosaur or wolf!


Special Skills:
Adding Trims, Embroidery Details, Zippers, Optional: Buttons, Beads and Buttonholes

Tools + Materials:

  • Basic Sewing Tool Kit
  • Smiling Crocodile template
  • 14 x 12-inch (35.6 x 30.5 cm) piece of green fabric*
  • 10-inch (25.4 cm) length of medium rickrack*
  • Threads to match fabric
  • Scrap of fusible interfacing (optional)
  • 7-inch (17.8 cm) zipper*
  • Zipper foot
  • Stuffing
  • Embroidery floss for the eyes

* For larger crocodiles (25 inches [63.5 cm] long), you will use these instead:

  • 28 x 24-inch (71 x 60.1 cm) piece of green fabric
  • 20-inch (50.8 cm) length of jumbo rickrack
  • 10-inch (25.4 cm) zipper
  • 2 large buttons for the eyes (optional)

Note: A fabric with a little stretch, like fleece or flannel, will make sewing the zipper mouth easier, but you can use any medium-to heavyweight fabric.

Note: Your zipper should be a little bit longer than the sewn mouth area. If you have a zipper that is too long, you can easily shorten it to fit. With the zipper zipped, make a few whipstitches around the teeth of the zipper at the correct length. Then trim the zipper behind the stitches.

1. Copy the template and cut it out.

2. Cut out two Bodies, one in reverse.

3. Pin the bodies together with the rickrack sandwiched between, from the back of the head to the tip of the tail. Pin the centerline of the rickrack where the seam will be sewn, so that half of the rickrack is on the outside and half is unseen inside. (To make sure your rickrack doesn’t shift, you can sew it to one side before sewing all three layers together.) Sew the bodies together, leaving a 2-inch (5.1 cm) opening in the tail.

4. Clip slits in the seam allowance, especially in the corners and around curves. Be sure not to cut into the seam! Turn right side out to make sure everything is sewn neatly.

5. Turn wrong side out again and cut the mouth opening as indicated on the template, cutting a tiny Y on the end. If you are using a thin fabric or one that frays easily, you may want to stabilize the fabric around the mouth with fusible interfacing before cutting the mouth open.

6. To sew in the zipper, first unzip the zipper and lay it on top of the opening. Next, flip the teeth on the top half of the zipper toward the top of the crocodile and pin the zipper between the two layers of the mouth (see above). Then flip the teeth on the bottom half of the zipper toward the bottom of the crocodile and pin the bottom of the zipper in place. The zipper should be twisting outward in both directions (see second image above). Now, tuck the twisted end of the zipper inside the crocodile at the Y so that the fabric will lie flat.

7. Use a zipper foot to sew the zipper into the mouth on the top first, then the bottom. Sew all the way to the points of the Y, but do not sew around the end.

8. Turn the crocodile right side out, pulling gently on the zipper to push the nose out. Use a chopstick or other turning tool to help push out all the points. Tuck the end of the zipper inside the body— the corner of the mouth is still unfinished for now.

9. Stuff the crocodile. Use small bits to first stuff the mouth, pushing it all the way to the end with a chopstick or other tool. Be sure to put stuffing all around the end of the zipper so it isn’t pressed against either side. Stuff the body firmly and hand-sew the opening in the tail closed using a ladder stitch.

10. Now tuck in the point of the Y at the end of the mouth and sew that small opening closed. Use a ladder stitch to sew the opening closed on one side of the face. Then sew the other side, making your stitches line up with the stitches from the other side so that they don’t show (see above).

11. Embroider an eye on each side using a satin stitch. For larger crocodiles you may want to use button eyes.

Love that smile, Crocodile!

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234 Responses to Crocodile Softie Tutorial

  1. Gaylynne says:

    The crocodile looks real cute. My grandson would love one.

  2. Tracy says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a black cat that zipped up the back for pajama storage! I would love a copy of this book!

  3. Deanna b says:

    Pillow people! Mine had blonde hair…

  4. Sandi says:

    I would LOVE to have this book! I had a monkey with a rubbery plastic face, and he held a yellow rubbery banana
    in his hand.

  5. Dani M. says:

    I loved my “Kitty” – a big, floppy white cat with a kinda sad expression.

  6. Margaret Williams says:

    My favorite was a yellow bunny with floppy ears.
    BTW, I love this book! Thank you so much for the free pattern. I’ve been collecting zippers at garage sales and thrift stores. What a great use for them!

  7. Cherie says:

    Clever ideas!

  8. Nicole says:

    I had a Snoopy dog with all sorts of outfits to dress him up for all kinds of adventures!

  9. Debbie Howell says:

    I must be really stupid…but where is the MOUTH template located…I can’t seem to find it when I click on the template words. All I get is the crocodile. So cute I want to make for my grand children…but I think the mouth part is missing.

  10. Sheila Perl says:

    I had a stuffed bear, called “bear”!!! He was my best buddy and I used to sing to him and read him stories.

  11. Kam says:

    The book looks great and if I win I will use some of the ideas not only for my grands but to have police give to children who have nothing. Thanks, K

  12. Carol Barringer says:

    I loved my teddy bear! And I would LOVE to win a copy of this book!

  13. Fran in ID says:

    My most memorable stuffed animal was a white Scottie dog.
    I named him Poochie & he was covered with the softest curly
    white fur…..don’t remember what happened to him…but the
    thought of him makes me smile !

    Love this croc ! Thanks for the instructions as well as the giveaway !

  14. felicia says:

    I had a stuffed dachshund named Peanut Butter that I took every where with my. Now my 4 year old has a stuffed bear named Bacon that never leaves her side. We like food names for our stuffed friends I guess.

  15. Beth says:

    I don’t remember having a favorite stuffed toy. But my Tiny Tears doll was a favorite toy of mine. I would love to make some of these adorable toys. I’m a grandma wannabe so I am making a “hope chest” for my grandkids. For now I have to make things for my friends who are becoming grandmas. This book looks like a must have. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  16. Melissa says:

    My favourite toy was a bunny that my mom made. It had a pillowy floral fabric body, and furry hands feet head and tail. Her name was Mochalina ( after “Mocha” my live bunny that I loved that had died) and I slept with her every night. I still have her, worn and well loved, tucked safely in a box of precious keepsakes 🙂 My daughter is now almost 14 and she had a Stuffed Winnie the pooh when she was little that actually has large bald patches from her loving it so much, lol. She got it for Christmas when she was only 9 months old.

  17. Lori Smanski says:

    this is so adorable, thank you for the pattern and the give a way.
    didn’t have a stuffed toy as a kid but did have a Twiggie doll. She went everywhere I went.

  18. Cheryl L says:

    I had a stuffed Humpty Dumpty–basically a round pillow with little stuffed arms and legs. Don’t remember who made it for me, but I still have it, dry rot and all, stored in my memory trunk.

  19. Patti says:

    I had a Teddy Bear that belonged to my Father when he was a child. I still have it.

  20. lesley says:

    my favorite stuffed toy growing up was my raggedy ann!

  21. Heidi says:

    I had a puppet bunny that I took everywhere with me. Thanks for the pattern! I know a little one who might be getting this crocodile for Christmas.

  22. Leanne says:

    I had a furry brown bear with a red ribbon and bow around its neck. I would try to give it haircuts which always upset my mom.

  23. LMAStos says:

    my yellow german bear

  24. LMAStos says:

    My yellow german bear… lovely

  25. Dawn Hull says:

    Wish I had had a stuffed toy I loved; I had a half size pillow that I slept with 🙂

  26. Courtney says:

    I had a stuffed giraffe that went everywhere with me until it was destroyed in a house fire when I was a little girl – you can imagine how traumatic the whole experience was losing all my toys (no one was in the house, thankfully). For most of my pre-teen years I had a big stuffed teddy bear named hugger who actually is still with me at 40+ years and counting! His belly is flat from my using him as a pillow to cry on through high school and college, but I love him so much to this day. 🙂

  27. I got a stuffed animal each year in my Easter basket, but after the year that I got Bun, none of the newer animals mattered. Bun was the much-adored stuffed rabbit that went with me everywhere, until he was so well-loved that his features and appendages were unreadable as lapine. Thanks for letting me revive that memory!

  28. Audrey says:

    My favorite was Raggedy Ann. We were inseparable!

  29. Stephanie says:

    I had a regular bear that my mom sewed a heart on its bottom so it would be the Care Bear that we couldn’t afford. I don’t know for sure if I loved it then but I enjoy it now.

  30. Angie says:

    What a cute project!

  31. Nancy says:

    My older brother gave me a stuffed St Bernard. I kept it on my bed at home, then it lived with me through 4 years of college, (and never told my mom what he saw going on), and then he moved to Chicago with me after school. After I got married, he stayed at my parents house, and my kids played with him when they were little 🙂

  32. darlene macdonald says:

    One of my brothers broke his hip in school and after having surgery was given a bear doll (and a balloon shaped like an aspirin LOL) everyone loved that bear but I wanted him. He even had a removable green fur outfit! Loved it!!!!

  33. Vero Et says:

    My addy stuffed doll

  34. melle e says:

    When I was a kid, I had a monkey. I was 5… he came from Santa. I had horrible nightmares. My parents told me he was a Bad Dream Monkey and would protect me and keep the bad dreams away. For years, he slept at the head of my bed… and the nightmares stayed away…

    Then he slept on my kidlet’s bed.

    Now he sleeps in the attack… and one day, I’m sure, he’ll sleep on my grand kid’s beds…

  35. Katy says:

    I had a stuffed puppy named Spot…i loved him!

  36. Annette says:

    A big orange dog aptly named Big Orange. 🙂 He now sits on my daughters bed.

  37. Jenny E says:

    My favourite toy growing up wasn’t a softie, though I love the designs in this book… My favourite was a cardboard dolly that came with a book full of paper dresses to cut out and dress her in, hours of fun – correction YEARS of fun.

  38. Jessica says:

    As a little girl I carried along with me a rainbow bright doll. Looking back at my childhood pictures it seems like that doll was not to far away from me because it is in almost every picture of me from like 2 to 5 years old!
    Thanks for the chance, Jessica

  39. Stacia says:

    So adorable! I had an alligator toy as a child and it was my absolute favorite!!

  40. Lucie says:

    My favorite stuffed creature was my doll Marketa. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  41. Lucie says:

    As a kid a loved my stuffed doll Marketa. She went with me everywhere.

  42. Amanda says:

    I’ve been wanting to make this crocodile for a while now. I’m so excited!

  43. Tina C. says:

    I am totally making one of these!! My kid has been begging for a stuffed animal he saw on TV. He will love this one so much more.

    My favorite stuftie was a red dog that looked like Clifford and was made of soft corduroy.

  44. Kerrie says:

    my favourite was a donkey called eeyore who was velvet brown with a yellow ribbon round his neck. He is now bald with one ear, pancake flat as I used to sleep on him, but I can’t bear to throw him out.

  45. Jenny says:

    I had a dog whose nose had to be glued on every few months 🙂

  46. Rohaise says:

    My favourite was Pippa the rabbit. She was brown with pink velvet lined ears and she had a very serious expression. I still have her – she’s about 41 years old now.

  47. Tabitha Keener says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a old teddy bear. Great contest thanks for a chance!

  48. Prachi says:

    My favorite stuffed toy as kid was a seahorse. It was actually a purse too – I would carry some coins in it and go vegetable shopping with my mother :-). I still have it – even though it’s quite worn out now.

  49. Stephanie says:

    I had a white stuffed bunny made by my mom, as well as a pile of bears that would take up most of the foot of my bed.

  50. Kindra S. says:

    I had a bunny my uncle gave me. It was white with purple inside the ears. I named him “Bunny Foo Foo” like the song.

  51. usairdoll says:

    How cute! Love his mouth had a zipper! I had two favorites, a brown Teddy Bear and Eeyore.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.

  52. Gerianne says:

    I had a chimpanzee stuffed animal I named Gipper!

  53. Thunder Kaplan says:

    my favorite stuffed toy as a child was and still is a monkey by the name of Charlie !! ???

  54. T Bosch says:

    My favorite stuffy was a polar bear that a friend gave me. It was her favorite and she gave it to me when she moved.

  55. Tanis says:

    This book looks sooooo cool! Thanks for the tutorial!
    My favorite stuffies were probably my Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls – those are the ones that come to mind first.

  56. connie J in CO says:

    My favorite was a panda that I bought at a garage sale when I was 5. I gave him to my oldest daughter when she was 5. Poor thing is falling apart and rotting, but we still have him!

  57. Kathy says:

    I had a Gund bear that I named Grizzly; dark brown with a big white “smile” (as I called it) across his tummy. He had one leg that was full of fluff, the other full of the weighted sand material to help stuffed animals sit upright. I would rub his nose to mine in an Eskimo kiss and did it so often that I rubbed all of the fuzz off it till it revealed the white plastic form beneath. Grizz now sits lovingly on my youngest son’s bed, so I still get visitation and nose-rubbing rights.

  58. Leigh says:

    My favorote was a bear named Buster 🙂

  59. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    My favorite stuffed animal was a sock money my grandma made me. I still have it. She is a little hole

  60. Evelyn says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a teddy bear named Ted who still lives in my attic and is 60+ years old.

  61. Deb E says:

    Growing up I had all kinds of wonderful teddy bears as stuffed animals. Ashamed to say I kept them all until I was well over 30, then finally gave them to charity (they were in very nice condition). Now it’s more puppy dogs as stuffed animals, but a very few since I am an adult! Pinned your pattern and would love to win this lovely book.

  62. jeanine says:

    so cute!! love that zip mouth! my favourite childhood doll was a doll my mom made me. She had cross-stitched it’s face to have the same eye colour as me and the hair matched mine as well. gorgeous doll!

  63. Kam says:

    My favorite doll was a little Red Riding Hood with a skirt that when flipped up revealed the big bad wolf.

  64. Emily N says:

    My favorite stuffed animal is a dog that my Dad gave me on the day of my birth and I’ve treasured him ever since. He still sleeps with me each night (I’m 34) and sits on my bed during the day. My husband has had to make room for him and accept him as my lovey. I want to be buried with him when I die. 🙂

  65. Patricia says:

    I had Hansel and Gretel stuffed dolls that I loved!

  66. Heather says:

    I loved a black cat that I got for Christmas when I was 3. I wish I had it today. I will be making this croc for my grandson as he is just starting to learn zippers. Thanks for the pattern!

  67. Lori says:

    A red and white puppy that my dad won for me at the county fair.

  68. Leslie says:

    I still have my well-loved and worn Elephant name, appropriately “Ellie.” He appeared with me in many childhood pictures!

  69. BeckyThompson says:

    Favorite toy was a large sitting lion with huge cheeks that puffed out from each side. I could use them as pillows!

  70. Kokko says:

    How to choose a favourite toy? I had a few dog teddies that I made into a family, (baby, mum, dad and grandad) the dad was a saint Bernard shape and was named Benji after my nan’s (real) dog, I think he was my favourite. Ooo, childhood memories!

  71. Mhairi says:

    My favourite was Honee Bear. He was always with me and now he is cuddled every night by my three year old (who stole him off my bedside table two years ago!)
    He has been through a lot but he is still the best bear ever.

  72. Kusum Ramesh says:

    When I was child I liked doll so much….

  73. LynAnne Smucker says:

    My favorite stuffed toy isn’t from childhood, but from early on in my marriage. I was in graduate school and really stressed out. I started collecting Beanie Babies and my husband got me a large plush Fox (who I call Foxie) as a Christmas gift. I found it very comforting to hang onto when I was having trouble falling asleep (I would have stressed out mind racing lists of things to do for school) and concentrating on the softness of the stuffed fox helped me focus on relaxing myself. Plus he reminds me of how great my husband is.

  74. sandra says:

    Favorite toy was my basketball given to me from my godmother!

  75. Gab says:

    I did not remember if I had a plush toy when I was growing up. However I was given a very special one as a gift when I was 16 and remains my favorite. It was during Christmas that my family decided to do a gift exchange. My mom had picked my name from the raffle to select the recipient. She had no idea what to get me so she asked my brother for help. Not sure how he decided on it, but he chose a small polar bear. His name is Rudy and my child plays with it now. Funny thing at that time I was living in warm land; now closest to the North Pole I think some how my brother knew I was to reach northern lands one day.

  76. I had a stuffed giraffe that was the apple of my eye…..I really loved that thing!
    I still have it too- though it’s now an aged, shabbier version of my old giraffe.

    Thanks for the fun project and the giveaway!
    The book looks great!

  77. Cathy says:

    I didn’t have any favorites I was never into any stuffed toys but now I love them all I love making them.

  78. Kate Brown says:

    My favourite was a pink dog…imaginatively named Pinky.

  79. Jodie says:

    I love the zipper mouth! I’ve never been very good at favorites and always had a rotation. I do remember my sister’s favorites though. She had a lovely blue bear that was one of her early favorites.

  80. Lisamarie in CT says:

    Hooray for the croc pattern! My favorite stuffed critter was a stuffed tiger that my daughters now play with too.

  81. Kristin says:

    I’m a lifelong lover of stuffed animals. My first was an Australian Growling Bear named Teddy (I still have him–and that is the type of bear I told people he was when I was three) but the first one I sewed myself was a sock monkey named Smoluca while I was deployed with the Army.

  82. Cathy says:

    My favorite doll was little orphan Annie that my mom made for me.

  83. Lynne Tilley says:

    I had a little stuffed long-eared dog and the stuffing smelled “peppery” to me, and I named him Pepper. I don’t know why that has always stuck in my mind, but it always has. Loved that little guy!

  84. Jacqueline says:

    Favorite stuffed toy… it was a pony that my grandma made from panels from Sprouse Ritz. Loved that thing!

  85. Tamie says:

    I had a stuffed monkey and it wasn’t a cute monkey of today, it was a scary 60’s monkey.

  86. Carmen says:

    I had a stuffed dog that I’m not sure ever really had a name. He was pretty worn (like the Velveteen Rabbit) by the time I out grew him. My first dog took care of the insides … all over the living room.

  87. Whitney P says:

    My favorite stuffed toy as a child was my cabbage patch doll!

  88. T. McInerney says:

    Now these look like some FUN sewing! All of my grandkids love softies. As a kid, I played with plastic dolls, but I was told I had a stuffed cat when I was real little that was so loved (& often dirty) because it was the only toy I had for a few years. .

  89. Christine says:

    I had a small stuffed bear (*I think that’s what it was*) that I still have but does not look anything like a bear now. I wonder if it was a dog or ?? but it was yellowish and soft and curly fur. I’m sure I yanked his eyes out, cuz they’re gone.

    I bet this book is wonderful and fun! would love to win it

  90. Adrienne says:

    love the zipper mouth!!!
    my favorite stuffed toy was the Raggedy Ann my mom made 🙂 It’s still on my shelf!

  91. Sheila in WA says:

    Still have my blue lamb; oh the memories.

  92. Annie says:

    My favorite stuffed toy as a kid was a green bunny named Sweets.

    But we totally had a Little Red Riding Hood Grandma/Wolf flip doll! I would love this book to make something similar for my daughter!

  93. Diane in NM says:

    My stuffed cat!

  94. Ramona M. says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a handmade doll that was actually my brother’s but I played with it all the time.

  95. Deidre says:

    My favourite toy was (and is, as I still have them) minature felt mice (I had a mouse house, rather than a doll house!).

  96. Anne S says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was my Raggedy Ann doll.

  97. Lae Morae says:

    My favorite toy as a child was a big floppy stuffed dog named Flop Ears, he had oatmeal fur and as you guessed floppy ears. Loved him till he was thread bare. He is still around safely stored away some where. lol.

  98. Anne says:

    My favorite was my Raggedy Ann! Love to win the book to make toys for my grandchildren.

  99. Sharron says:

    I loved my teddy bear as a child and slept with it for many, many years.

  100. Margaret Schindler says:

    I had a raggady ann doll that my grandmother made me. I carried it around until it fell apart.

  101. Megan in GA says:

    I had a bear that I loved.

  102. Lawana says:

    I had a lizard named “Squash”

  103. Jansie says:

    What an awesome book! My favorite stuffed toy was a green frog with a long neck that my aunt sewed for me. I wore that guy out!

  104. Loretta in Oklahoma says:

    We had a flip doll in kindergarten. A red Riding Hood that flipped to the big bad wolf

  105. Peggy says:

    I had a small stuffed pink kitty named Pinkie (original, huh?). She survived my childhood somehow and now sleeps with my daughter!

  106. Jody says:

    One of my favorites was a Little Red Riding Hood doll that flipped over to be the wolf, and if you pulled the hat over his face, it was the grandma! A woman made it for a church bazaar, probably 35 years ago, and I still have it. A few years ago, my dad found a Clara/Nutcracker/Prince doll and bought it for my daughter. 🙂

  107. Mandi in CO says:

    Queen Elizabear was a panda I had. (Yes, I know – and I knew back then – that pandas are not closely related to bears.)

  108. Rebecca says:

    I love this pattern! So cute!

  109. Sherry says:

    I had a clown doll that was so well loved that it lost it’s clothes and my mom remade clothes from an old dress of mine. Still have it!.

  110. My favourite toy as a child was a stuffed bunny that lived at my grandmother’s house and now lives at my cousin’s house.

  111. Patti says:

    I had a huge stuffed monkey that was bigger than me! Wish I knew what happened to him…he was so cute! Maybe I need to make a new one!

  112. Doris says:

    I had a small porcupine, about the size of a beanie baby. I got it in the early 70’s, while I was visiting my uncle in Paris. It really was cute.

  113. Jayne says:

    My favorite stuffed animal was a HUGE blue donkey that I won at our local fair! I was 6-7 years old and the donkey was as big as I was!

  114. Sara says:

    Well, I had the best Teddy ever! He actually wore out.

  115. SALLIE says:

    At 8 years old got a stuffed “Morgan” hound dog w/ a squeaker in the tail! Loved him & took him to bed every night …even took him off to college and only relinquished him when I got married – and gave him to my nephew who literally loved him to death!

  116. Jezibels says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was my koala bear that played a beautiful lullabye after you wound her up.

  117. Charlotte says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was Harry the Hippo – a wonderful blue eyed hippo my Mother made me over 40 years ago.

  118. Ellen Barth says:

    A large stuffed tiger that my brother and I named Tony!

  119. Christina says:

    I had a long skinny ragdoll with long skinny arms and legs and long braids. Her name was Annabelle.

  120. Kathe says:

    My favorite is my teddy bear I received when I was 6 months old. The threads at his neck had pulled apart and my mother tried to sew it all back together. I pitched a fit as I didn’t want my ‘Teddy’ to undergo this operation. I still have him (he’s of retirement age now) and there is a handkerchief covering the opening in his neck. To this day he is still a comfort.

  121. Lauren says:

    My favorite toy as a child was a stuffed dog that I eventually handed down to my brother. It’s still in my parents house in the spare bedroom. 🙂

  122. Alice says:

    Would so love to win a copy of this book to create toys for 6 grandkids and others. My favorite stuffie as a kid was an once upon a time bright pink corduroy Elephant made “box style” by my grandmother. She had many many surgeries and her fabric was threadbare by the time she disappeared. I also loved my Teddy bear with the plastic nose that I “teethed” on, which I still have.

  123. I don’t remember any stuffed animals. I know I probably had a couple. I’ve made up for it as an adult. As a children’s librarian, I collected MANY, MANY “friends.” They lived in my office with me. My students were amazed when they came inside and saw my collection. Love the alligator@

  124. Shawn says:

    I ‘t really remember just one special toy but I know I always liked Barbie.

  125. Laurie says:

    The first one to come to mind was my Little Red Riding Hood/Grandma doll. It was a flip doll and I just loved it. The grandma reminded me of my own and she’s the one who gave it to me.
    This is a great alligator. I’m excited to give it a go!

  126. I had a blue bear that I loved, but that got pretty ragged.

  127. Toni Buzzeo says:

    My favorite toy was a stuffed cat with very soft, long fur. I loved him so long that in the end, he was bald.

  128. angelina says:

    so cute

  129. sarah olson says:

    My favourite stuffy was a doll with a lemons on her dress! My daughter plays with her now!! I would love to have this book!! My kids ADORE stuffs!! They would LOVE this!!

  130. Lisa Cox says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a Winnie The Pooh bear. I used to pretend that I was a veterinarian and do surgery on him. I sewed on his ears and used red nail polish to create an incision on his
    belly. I still have him put up in a box.

  131. Kristy says:

    Very fun!!!
    I had several favorites….still have them tucked away, but the one that was extra special was a brown panda. He was super fuzzy and snuggly. 🙂 Thanks!

  132. Bree says:

    My favourite toy as a child was a soft doll called flopsy. She was my grandmothers .

  133. Carol P. says:

    I didn’t like baby dolls as a girl but I loved my stuffed pig!

  134. Lora W. says:

    My Raggedy Ann doll was my absolute favorite. I used to hold her by her hand with her body hanging down. Anyway, this caused her arm to fall off twice. I was fasscinated that my babysitter reattached it by hand sewing it.

  135. Gayle says:

    I had two favorites. One was a stuffed potbelly bear and the other a small bear I bought with my own money. I still have them both and I am over 40.

  136. Maria says:

    that’s so cute! I’m happy, I found my this year christmas gift for our son right now!

    my favorite stuffed toy was a scratchy duck but I loved her. It was my first birthday gift! 🙂

  137. Torry Hemmert says:

    I had a doll, which was a 2-in-1. She was a Little Red Riding Hood on one end and a wolf on the other. You could tell the story and play the parts!

  138. Sandra says:

    One of my favourite toys when i was little was a dog called boo that i wore the fur out on, then my mother has to make it a tartan coat to cover the bare parts. I also had a pink rabbit that I called Duck as the Rabbit ears looked like a beak.

  139. Janet Daniel says:

    I had a stuffed monkey with wire in its tail so I could hook him from the bedpost or doorknobs. This looks like a fun project.

  140. Serena B says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a Laura Ingalls Wilder doll that my mom made for me for Christmas. She gave it to me with the boxed set of Little House on the Prairie books, which ended up being one of my favorite book series. It was a ragdoll, made to look similar to the doll Laura gets from her mother on Christmas morning in Little House in the Big Woods. It was a wonderful and very memorable gift and I will always treasure it.

  141. Shannon says:

    my best friends, not so creativly named, puppy and froggy. they still have a place in my home!

  142. Rachel says:

    My favorite toy was a stuffed bunny my Dad picked out for me all by himself (surprised my Mom even!). I dressed her in a homemade Cabbage Patch Kids dress with apron and she has worn them ever since. She’s still around and good for hugs!

  143. Jacinta says:

    My favorite stuffed toy as a child was an small Pooh Bear

  144. Emilee says:

    I had tons of stuffed animals, but one of my favorite stuffed toys was a doll that was my dads when he was a boy. An adorable handmade doll that I wasn’t allowed to drag everywhere, as it was already quite worn, but I thought it was so special to have something that was his!

  145. Delia from VA says:

    I had a favorite doll named Huggums. She went with me everywhere and even ended up in the woodpile where I left her one day!

  146. Heidi says:

    I had a flip doll that I loved so much. One side was the big bad wolf and the other was Red Riding Hoods grandma.

  147. Jessica E says:

    this is adorable!! I know a few little kids that will just love these. My favorite when I was a little girl was a teddy bear, I took it everywhere and it became quite grungy looking, but I loved it none the less 🙂

  148. Jennifer says:

    Lambie was my favorite as a kid… and of course I still have him!

  149. Yes! I love flip dolls! My favorite stuffed animal was a half red-riding hood/ half bad wolf. And my favorite take with me everywhere stuffed animal was a teddy bear.

  150. marthaeliza says:

    I forgot to add — I am going to make this croc for my cat, Pumpernickel, who loves zippers. I think they will be BFFs.

  151. marthaeliza says:

    My grandma made me a doll who had arms and legs made from fabric yo-yos strung on elastic. He had little red corduroy shoes and a pointed red corduroy hat. Since this was the ethnically-insensitive 1950s, he was named “Mr. Chinaman” and, confusingly, we had to give him imaginary coins when we lost at Solitaire. He still lives in my treasure box, though his elastic is stretched and brittle.

  152. Jenny L says:

    Cute! My favorite stuffed toy was a small Gund bear that I named Soft Bear. Still have him. Even asked my parents for a new Gund bear for my first daughter, so now she has her own Gund bear also.

  153. lielebeesje says:

    I still have it, a yellow teddy bear named Pickles.

  154. Alli says:

    I had a fat, squishy bunny named Charlie that I loved. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  155. mary says:

    Those zipper mouths are ridiculously genius!

    My favorite stuffie was a teddy bear that another kid at the sitter’s gave me for Christmas when I was four. That poor thing has been to the “bear hospital” more times than I can remember and will get many more trips now that my kids have decided that he’s their toy now.

    Thanks for the chance!

  156. Eleanor says:

    Great book! My favorite stuffed toy was a brightly colored (70’s style) giraffe that was as tall as I was, named Maxwell.

  157. Sarah says:

    My favorite was a stuffed white bear, but this reminds me of a sweet (homemade) momma duck I had whose underside unzipped to hold her 3 little babies.

  158. Ann Marie says:

    Another great project to line up in my Christmas queue! It helps that I have some little animal lovers on my list!

  159. Kate says:

    I had a turtle that traveled with me everywhere, including university!

  160. Hayley says:

    I had a Mr T doll as a kid, I loved him.

  161. Rachel T says:

    I had (still have in fact) a lobster that I called Crabby, because I was too young to know the difference!

  162. Connie says:

    Is there a lining for the mouth?

  163. Miet says:

    I had a cute fox from IKEA.

  164. oh my word, this crocodile is fantastic. thanks so much for the excerpt!
    I had a stuffed cocker spaniel named Muttsy that I loved… and a pink walrus named Mooky… and an ostrich named Blookie Beak… really, I had a lot of stuffed animals that I loved, and they all had different personalities and voices, courtesy of my mom!

  165. Tracey says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was my Carebear! My daughter now has her. My favorite homemade toy was these two crocheted turtles my grandmother made!

  166. Joanne says:

    I loved my Mrs Beasley doll and my Drowsy doll.

  167. Kay Eyles says:

    I had a large red teddy bear that my gran altered for me one day, she took out the stuffing from the middle, put a zip in the bach and made it into a nightdress case. I am still not sure why she did this!

  168. consuelo says:

    These are very creative. I love the ideas and the tutorial!

  169. christina says:

    I had a pillow shaped and printed like a kitty — it was a pinky red color (so un-cat-like!), but so soft, and I loved it.

  170. Megan says:

    I had a white bear named Molly that had all her fur “loved” off. My grandma made her a coat so she wouldn’t get cold. 🙂

  171. Sonja says:

    Love the crocodile! My favorite stuffed animal when I was little was a huge black and white bear with a strange plasticy snout. He was my playtime buddy and my nap time cuddler.

  172. deborah clark says:

    I had a stuffed animal that I couldn’t tell was either a chick or a duck so I called him “chuck.” I was two years old when I named him and, of course, my family thought I was so clever and cute. That and I won a very large stuffed jack-o-lantern with long legs and witch hat in a costume contest when I was 8 years old…it was not a very cute stuffy, actually a wee bit scary, but for some reason I loved it. I slept with it every night until I was “too old.” Lol.

  173. Linda Armenti says:

    My favorite was a stuffed Raggedy Annie.

  174. trashalou says:

    My longest and best loved was a small white flat(ish) bear name Snowy. My most fabulous was a proper/original Paddington Bear complete with proper wellington boots, duffle coat and hat. They are both in my son’s room now.

  175. Serena says:

    What a cute crocodile! My favorite stuffed toy was a bunny my mom made me that I named Beatrice, in honor of Beatrix Potter.

  176. Taryn in WI says:

    I loved my Dolly (yes, that’s what I named her).

  177. Larissa says:

    My favorite was a stuffed rabbit I named Fred. When my little sister was born, I was so happy to have a sibling that I gave Fred to her. I think she still has it – or at least my nephew does.

  178. Dawn says:

    So cool! This book is going on my wish list for sure!

  179. Jacklynn in WI says:

    My favorite stuffed animal was a small gray and white cat, I would brush it’s hair. Loved it! Wish I still had it.

  180. I had 2 yellow dragons when I was little. One of them would play “You are my sunshine” when you pushed the button on his foot so the other was named Sunshine and the one who “sang” was named the obvious name that would compliment that one: Moonshine. I still have Moonshine the dragon. He is special.

  181. Lindsay in Iowa says:

    My favorite stuffed animal is a white teddy bear I call “daddy bear” because my dad bought it when I was in a literal phase. It’s been dragged to three continents, puked on, taken outside, and snuggle more nights than I can count. Now my preschooler snuggles him!

  182. Paula says:

    Awesome pattern! My favorite was a monkey.

  183. Margo says:

    I had a stuffed beaver, which I still have! He’s been snuggled a lot. Thank you for this pattern! It is very cute.

  184. Emme in OR says:

    My fave stuffed toy was a baby gorilla named Minnie (I still have her!)

  185. camelama says:

    My favorite stuffed animal was a little lion tgat I named Rufos. I lost him on a Girl Scout camping trip and was devastated.

  186. JLVerde says:

    I had a plush Azrael (from the Smurfs). I loved him literally to death and he had to be replaced.

    This crocodile is super cute. I’d love to make it for my charity sewing.

  187. VickiT says:

    Is it bad to admit I honestly cannot remember having any favorite stuffed toy as a child? Is that my age showing? LOL I had a cat that was my best buddy and she followed me anywhere I went, including outside. My 22 month old granddaughter who is temporarily living here with her parents however, has a tiny blankie with a stuffed rabbit stitched to the top of it and she goes nowhere without that thing. She loves stuffed animals/toys so this book would be a great addition to my collection. I know my 2 yr old grandson also has a stuffed toy he carries everywhere, but his older sister never did get attached to any of hers very much.

    I LOVE this crocodile. He’s adorable. Thank you.

  188. Judi Duncan says:

    I had a long blue stuffed snake and his name was “Pretzel Snakey”…took him everywhere I went!

  189. Barbra says:

    I had a huge doll made out of silk. I took her everywhere! I loved the feel of her.

  190. Lisa McGriff says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a Mickey Mouse, I think I carried him around till his ears and tail fell off…

  191. sangeetha says:

    I am traditional – I love good old bears

  192. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    My favorite was a bear.

  193. Rebecca in VA says:

    These toys are so creative! I’d love to make a vampire that turns into a bat…

  194. Tersea says:

    I loved my pound puppies when I was a kid!

  195. Sara says:

    My favorite stuffed toy as a kid was a care bear. Unfortunately, it got lost in the laundry room at the hospital I was in for surgery in second grade. No replacement ever had the same stains/marks as my bear. I have always wondered what happened to it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  196. Deana says:

    I had a Raggedy Ann that I carried everywhere – including Disney World. I still have her, she is ,missing an eye and most of her hair is gone 🙂

  197. Laura says:

    I loved my giant stuffed bear named chocolate chip. He was my favorite.

  198. Lee says:

    I had a Raggedy Ann Doll!

  199. Jen Senor CA says:

    I love this tutorial!!! My favorite was a stuffed raccoon puppet. I loved making it come alive when I couldn’t sleep. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  200. Amber in UT says:

    This looks great for my nephews. I had a brown bear that played music til she took a bath with me. Still have her though. My little girl sleeps with her now.

  201. Cynthia I says:

    Oh, how fun! I had a collection of large animals. A lion, a yellow rabbit and a mickey mouse. I used to sleep surrounded by them every night!

  202. Melissa says:

    My favorite stuffed animal was a little dog I named Joey. He had a brown winter coat and hat that you could take off.

  203. Lynn says:

    This will be a great gift for my grandson! I’d love to win a copy of the book.

  204. Karen says:

    I had a stuffed rag person that my mom made me out of scraps!

  205. Samantha in VA says:

    This book is adorable. I checked it out at my local library, and I can’t wait to get a copy of my own. The projects are so much fun. There is something in here for every young child on your list. Can’t wait to make everything. My favorite stuffed toy as a child was my Fisher Price Lolly Doll.

  206. Gina says:

    My favorite was my stuffed bear named Beary. I absolutely could not could sleep without him! Still have him,but he’s too fragile to play with and now my son has his own favorite bear he sleeps with-Boo(he named him when he was one.)

  207. Cynthia I says:

    Oh, how fun. My kids will love these (just have to find sewing time!) My favorite animal was my giant stuffed Mickey Mouse.

  208. Molly in OR says:

    I had a pink lamb. Her arms snapped together and I wore her like a cape around my neck. She became completely threadbare and her eyes and nose fell off. I just loved her until she fell apart.

  209. Heidu says:

    Funshine Carebear, a soft fluffy puppy, and all of my beanie babies 🙂 I loved stuffed animals!

  210. L says:

    I had a rag doll named Mary that I found in our family attic–no one was sure where she had come from.

  211. Samina says:

    Mrs. Panda & her cub are at my parents’ house. Thanks for reminding me – I’ve got to get him for my son to love.

  212. Rose in the UK says:

    When I was young, I had a stuffed Pink Panther toy, that I loved! I was devastated to find he had disappeared one day 🙁

  213. Laurie says:

    I loved a pound puppy that I had.

  214. Sara in NY says:

    Awwww. So cute! My daughters & nephew would love this! My favorite was a little stuffed bunny that my youngest daughter plays with today. I’m amazed it lasted. 🙂

  215. kathyh in or says:

    I had a clown my grandmother made. I was sick at Christmas with a sore throat.
    I still have my clown – it sits by my bedside light.

  216. Gill says:

    I love the zippered crocodile!
    When I was young my favourite toy was a hand knitted mouse!

  217. Reina says:

    My fave was this little pink bunny 🙂

  218. Gina S. Ia says:

    I had a stuffed foxe that i loved

  219. Kate says:

    I had a teddy bear named Merryweather (after one of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty) with a little dress and pinafore.

  220. Nupur says:

    How perfectly sweet! I’ve never sewn a zipper but this might be something to try making.

  221. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh, that crocodile is adorable! I haven’t made a stuffie in years, but I may have to make one of them!

    My favorite stuffie as a kid was a raggedy ann doll…she’s 50 years old and still with me!

  222. Claire W-S says:

    I had a couple of favorites. I had a Teddy Bear that you could talk to and he would repeat it back to you in a cool voice! I also had a Snoopy and Woodstock toy that I have just handed down to my daughter.

  223. Claire says:

    I did not have just one favorite stuffed toy. I had a Teddy Bear that you talked to and he would repeat everything you said in a cool voice! I also had a Snoopy and Woodstock toy that I have just passed onto my 4 year daughter.

  224. Kristin H. says:

    I had a brown teddy bear, and my grandma made him some green overalls so he would look like Corduroy. =) He was purposefully missing one of his buttons, too. (She asked if I was sure I didn’t want her to sew another one on, but I insisted he only have one.)

  225. Deb H. in PA says:

    I don’t really remember stuffed animals so much. I was a doll girl. I had a favorite doll that looked like a grandmother. I loved her.

  226. Patricia in PA says:

    I asked for a Fozzy Bear puppet the Christmas I was 2. I loved him, slept with him every night, and my love for the muppets continues still…Jim Henson was magic.

  227. Courtney Elwell says:

    I had a stuffed monkey puppet with looong arms and legs that I loved! Thanks!

  228. amanda says:

    My pink bunny was both my and my baby brother’s favorite. She’s almost completely threadbare now, and certainly not pink, bears the scars of several emergency surgeries, and is missing one ear entirely. She’s beautiful!

  229. Susan Z. says:

    When I was younger I had a doll with a flip face, one happy and one sad.

  230. I had the squishiest white bear. My daughter sleeps with him now!

  231. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! The zippered crocodile will be great fun for my son. As a young girl my favourite softie was a rag doll, who I named Jemima after the doll on Play School!

  232. Charlotte L says:

    My favorite softie as a kid and adult is a humpty dumpty doll.

  233. Charlotte L says:

    This is Awesome! We have a lot of Florida Gator fans in my family. What a great gift it would be.

  234. Carolyn says:

    Favorite stuffed toy as a kid was a dog that I still have.

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