Handmade Holiday Prize Winner Update

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Hi, Prize Winners–

If you won a prize in our Handmade Holiday series it’s coming!… If you won a book publishers are shipping directly to you this week or next. If you won fabric, patterns, gift certificates, etc. you should be contacted about how to claim your prize by the end of this week.


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2 Responses to Handmade Holiday Prize Winner Update

  1. kate says:

    Would we be contacted via email, if we’d won any of these, or have to check that long list that had the names at the ends of the sentences? I keep getting the same updates in my “Bloglovin” updates (not a fan of this, too confusing). I thought this whole contest was VERY confusing. Half of the updates to me were for bloggers with an item to put IN the contest, and very little was explained to us who were trying to enter to win. Is it just me? I have no idea if I won anything or not, since I am not sure I’d be emailed if I had. Love learning about the new, to me, blogs, t hough. Fantastic crafty people!!!!!
    Kate L. in MA

    • Kristin says:


      If you won a GIVEAWAY DAY prize, you should be contacted by the blogger hosting the giveaway. If you won a Handmade Holidays prize (the list here), we will email you. I’m not sure what was happening with Bloglovin’ It sounds like you need to change your settings so you don’t receive notifications when someone comments on a post you’ve commented on. Sorry for the confusion.


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