Today’s Inspiring Quilter is Andrea of Quiltmanufaktur, a sewist based in Munich. Don’t you just love this series, curated by Debbie from A Quilter’s Table? Are you finding new quilts to inspire and new quilters to follow?!

Debbie writes, “Isn’t it a bonus for us that this online quilting community we’re a part of is worldwide? Personally I so enjoy that I have friends around the world that share my passion for quilting and that we all bring our own uniqueness to the table. The hand-quilting that Andrea of Quiltmanufaktur often adds to her quilts is a good reminder to me of whence I came, and a gentle nudge to try it again one of these days. And I am so intrigued by her use of neckties as fabric. It’s such fun to find those special little bits about each other, isn’t it? And sometimes a bit or two even finds its way into our own sewing, making a connection of sorts in the very best way.”

Did you know it’s super-easy to translate blogs in other languages with tools like Google Translate? Just copy and paste text, and you’re set. You can easily learn all about how Andrea created her latest quilt with Parson Gray fabrics for her friend Bernd (who just turned 60)! Do you love the hand stitching in the first photo? It looks a lot like the technique in our Big Stitch Quilting tutorial earlier this week. You can add a little inspiration from Andrea to your next project!

Every day this month Debbie from A Quilter’s Table joins us with an Inspiring Quilter! Learn more about Debbie in our first post of the series, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr.

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