Quilting with Different Fabrics

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We’re going on almost a decade of appreciation for Erin Burke Harris’ quilting and sewing! Erin shares her work at House on Hill Road and has a new book out published by Stash Books, QuiltEssential: A Visual Directory of Contemporary Patterns, Fabrics, and Colors.

QuiltEssential is a reference for planning and designing the quilts of your dreams! It’s not a pattern book but rather focuses on the process of quilting, from selecting your fabrics and getting the most out of that fabric to quilting techniques and more.

From the publisher:

    Got a question about quilting? Whether you want to know how to choose colors for your quilt, how many squares or triangles you can cut from the fabric you have, how to mix and match quilt blocks, or the difference between French quilting and sashiko— you’ll find the answers in Erin Burke Harris’ quick-reference directory of contemporary fabrics, colors, designs, and quilting techniques. Includes helpful photos, charts, and tables help you make your own design choices; guides to quilt settings, piecing styles, color combinations, and fabrics; and bonus profiles of popular contemporary quilters and their quilting journeys.

Erin joins us today with some great tips for moving beyond quilting cotton to incorporate different fabrics in your quilting. Step outside the box with linen, velveteen, denim and more! We also have a QuiltEssential giveaway! (North America addresses only this time, please.) Just fill us in on your quilting plans in the comments below for your chance to win. What’s your next quilting endeavor? Do you have a specific block you’re mulling over, or a new pattern to try? Do you have a work in progress or are you thinking of starting your very first quilt?

Quilting with Different Fabrics

Most of us quilters gravitate towards one type of fabric: quilting cotton. And, really, why wouldn’t we? It’s readily available in small shops and bigger stores, it comes in thousands of prints and colors and is a very durable, practical choice. It has a crisp hand that presses nicely and is very easy to sew by machine and by hand. No wonder we all love and stash it!

Sometimes it’s fun to think outside the box or off a different bolt, in this case. I’m talking about quilting with fabrics other than quilting cotton. Many other cotton substrates and even fibers other than cotton will work well in quilts. All you need is a little knowledge about various fabrics and how to handle them before you start cutting and sewing. Combining different fabrics and fibers in one quilt will give it amazing texture and depth. Just keep in mind that mixing different fabrics of similar weights will give you the best results. If you choose to use different weight fabrics, testing them together is a good idea. This will give you the opportunity to increase your seam allowance or stabilize the fabric before you even begin. Likewise, when combining different fibers in one quilt, it is advisable to pre-wash everything first. This will take care of shrinkage and help reduce dye bleeding.

Here’s a rundown of some good candidates for quilt fabrics and some little sewing and care tips to ensure you get great results.

1. Voile + Cotton Lawn
Do you love Liberty of London prints and silky voiles? Both of these fibers work well in quilts. The soft hand and beautiful drape of voiles and lawns makes very lightweight and cozy quilts. They fabrics are often wider (54” to 60”) than standard quilting cotton and come in a variety of solid colors and prints. When quilting with these cotton fabrics, use sharp, thin pins and a microtex needle to produce the smallest holes possible and to avoid slipping.

2. Corduroy
Corduroy’s inherent ridges and nap make it a great choice if you want to add subtle texture to a quilt. Small wale corduroy works best, as larger ridges produce bulkier seams. Made of cotton, corduroy is soft to the touch and comes in all kinds of colors. It can creep when you sew it, so make certain to use pins and possibly a walking foot when piecing corduroy.

3. Denim
This workhorse cotton fabric is extremely durable and will hold up to heavy use. You can buy it straight off the bolt or repurpose used denim jeans and clothing for use in quilts. And these days, you can find it all kinds of colors, not just blue! When sewing quilts with denim, it’s a good idea to use a denim needle in your machine and a larger (1/2”) seam allowance to help with raveling. Also, pressing seams open will reduce their bulk.

4. Linen
Many modern quilters use linen in their quilts with great success. This woven fabric has a more pronounced texture than quilting cotton, but feels good to the touch and softens with use and washing. It’s wonderful for patchwork piecing, but can stretch and ravel more than quilting cotton. Cutting linen with the grain and using spray starch as a stabilizer will help make it easier to handle. Loosely woven linens aren’t ideal for quilts, but can be used successfully with a larger (1/2”) seam allowance and pre-laundering for shrinkage.

5. Silk
The subtle sheen and soft hand of silk gives it a luxurious feel. It is also a very durable and warm fabric that makes it a wonderful choice when quilting. Silk’s bright colors and beautiful prints will add visual and textural interest to your quilts. Woven silks such as dupioni silk, Habotai (China) silk and raw silk (silk noil) can all be used in patchwork most successfully. Like voiles and lawns, you will need to use a new, sharp microtex needle and fine, sharp pins to avoid large holes in the fabric. You can also choose to stabilize the fabric with a lightweight interfacing if necessary. Or use silk for string quilts and other piecing methods that use a muslin foundation. Prewash silk in the manner in which you will launder the quilt in the future. As most silk is dyed, it is important to test for color fastness.

6. Velveteen
This napped, cotton fabric is silky and soft to the touch. Made from cotton, it is machine washable, making it a great choice for quilts. It will shrink so pre-washing is advised. To avoid ruining the nap, place a terry cloth towel on your ironing board and place the velveteen face down and press from the wrong side. When sewing, you may want to lessen the pressure on your presser foot or use a walking foot to prevent the nap from being smashed.

7. Wool
Naturally breathable and a good insulator, wool is a great choice for durable and warm quilts. It’s readily available in a wide variety of rich colors and patterns, as well as various weights. The biggest downfall to quilting with wool is that it will shrink and felt when subjected to steam and hot water. The best way to deal with this is to wash the quilt in cold water and hang to dry. You will also need to use a pressing cloth and low heat when pressing wool or you may want to try a seam roller instead.

Learn more from Erin in QuiltEssential: A Visual Directory of Contemporary Patterns, Fabrics, and Colors!

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190 Responses to Quilting with Different Fabrics

  1. Nancy L says:

    I hope to complete a quilt for my daughter I started 2 yrs ago…

  2. Lizette says:

    Need all the help I can get when it comes to quilts. Erin’s book will surely come in handy. I love quilts and venture into dreaming about designing my second one. I started a denim (jeans and clothes) collection for this purpose. Still working on the design.

  3. Lizeet says:

    Need all the help I can get when it comes to quilts. Erin books will surely come in handy. I love quilts and venture into dreaming about designing my second one. I started a denim (jeans and clothes) collection for this purpose. Still working on the design.

  4. CathieJ says:

    I am about to finish cutting and then sew up a bargello table runner.

  5. Chris says:

    I am going to put a bunch of alphabet applique blocks together in a baby quilt for a dear friend.

  6. Dana says:

    I have been gathering fabric with polka dots. I plan to make a quilt for my sister from them.

  7. Kelly says:

    I am going to learn how to make a quilt. I’ve been wanting to forever now!! 🙂

  8. Kelly says:

    I have only been sewing for one year. I have yet to make a quilt because I don’t know how but I am ready to learn!! I’m just going to watch YouTube videos to learn. I’m very excited for this next endeavor!! Thank you for this contest! 🙂

  9. sarahkeith says:

    I haven’t sewn a single stitch since my daughter was born 17 months ago! I am eager to get started on a quilt for her big-girl bed and am still looking for the *right* pattern!

  10. Francine says:

    I’m working on a postage stamp quilt for me and gathering fabric to make a quilt for my nephew.

  11. Caroline says:

    I’ve been thinking about making some quilts for my dolls!

  12. Kelly Williams says:

    I have just finished piecing my first quilt. I am practicing quilting on some smaller items before I tackle the quilt. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Jacklynn in WI says:

    I am working on a Valentine’s Day throw and a Noodlehead Super Tote bag right now – then I have a table runner to finish. Thanks for the awesome give away!

  14. Rachel McC says:

    2 quilts in mind– a christmas one & a baby blanket scrap quilt

  15. Jane Adolf says:

    Quilting a valentines lap quilt!

  16. Rebecca T says:

    Am binding a baby quilt now. Working on a BOM quilt, have to sew together the squares for my daughter’s quilt… And I have to start the quilt for my brother’s birthday in march! Phew!

  17. Lyndalee says:

    I love to quilt. I esp. love to play with fabric. I recently joined the Bat Area Modern Guild. It’s so exciting to design with all the new fabrics.

  18. beth lehman says:

    i’ve got some improv on my mind at the moment…!! i love putting together pieces as i go, paying attention to how things change over time.

  19. Sara says:

    Starting my second quilt – a queen sized one but now I’m feeling a little daunted. First one was a table topper using charm squares. It’s been going slow but have been doing quickie projects in between to keep me going.

  20. Jayne says:

    I’m knee deep in projects currently! I certainly don’t mind one little bit! Great book. Looks like it could be so very useful to me!

  21. Annette Z says:

    I’m making a king size pinwheel paradise quilt – 668 hst’s – for my 56 year old sister who will be getting married for the first time in April. Wish me luck!

  22. Karen says:

    Hi. I will be starting two twin quilts for my 9 year old and 3 year old granddaughters who share a bedroom…so, a cool and a cute mix. I have the fabric for the cute quilt, Now to work on my cool..

  23. Suzanne says:

    My quilting goal is to address the WIPs I have on hand that have been languishing. First up is the Valentine quilt that has been on hold for two years. The time is now!

  24. Cheryl says:

    I have lots to do! Sugar block club, feathers QAL, Stash bee block, Pat Sloans BOM, Quiet Play’s Sew Kitschy, on top of 2 baby quilts before the summer! Phew!

  25. jocie says:

    I am going to paper piece a bunch of new star blocks!

  26. Susan in OK says:

    I’m hoping to make a Lucy Boston quilt. I’m currently working on a hand pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. What a great resource!

  27. Judy says:

    I have two WIP’s that I need to finish then I have three quilts that I bought fabric for last year that I want to start on. I have a quilt pattern I cut from a magazine years ago that is made from satin and velveteen that I have always wanted to make so I may just add that to my list for this year.

  28. I am back at quilting this year. Starting with a basic and will challenge myself after this!

  29. QuiltinGram says:

    I have some silk in my stash which I would like to make into a wallhanging this year. This book sounds fascinating. Thx for a chance to win!

  30. Lynne Tilley says:

    I am currently working on a simple Moda charm pack quilt, but my plan is to make a quilt of different blocks. I have a little calendar I bought at a book store and each of the 365 days has a new block to try. I was thinking of using Kona solids on each one in different shades and then making a big quilt from all of them. NOT 365 of them, but enough to make a quilt. Will stretch my quilting skills.

  31. Becca Stevenson says:

    I am currently finishing a throw size quilt with fabric from a jelly roll that was a gift from a fellow quilter. Next is a baby quilt using a technique I learned from a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! Can’t wait!!

  32. Kirsten says:

    Quilting for me, right now, is sorting my fabrics and organizing my sewing room. Then I’ll tackle an actual project.

  33. Linda Pawlak says:

    Right now I am working on a quilt for my guest room and will be starting a gift quilt for my aunt shortly! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Nicole Sender says:

    I’m planning a baby quilt and a quilt for my grandson.

  35. Sarah Duehr says:

    I’m planning some summery place mats in sand and water colors. I bit early I know, but at least I know they’ll get done before June.

  36. Betsy says:

    I’m working on 3 baby quilts right now! Too many new one coming this spring for me to keep up with! Also have my Tula Pink City Sampler Blocks in the works.

  37. Wendi Lauren Dickherber says:

    I am making each of my kiddo’s a quilt this year

  38. Cindy Pilkington says:

    I’m a beginner quilter and about to start an appliqued wall hanging from squares collected during a shop hop! So excited to try something new.

  39. Janice says:

    I have 3 baby quilts I want to make, but my daughter has been asking for a little quilt for her doll, so I think I have to get to that first.

  40. Wendy says:

    I would like to make a quilt with different fabrics, maybe some velvet or linen and cotton.

  41. beth says:

    I have quite a few quilt tops ready. Starting a knit club @ school this week.

  42. My stepdaughter wants a quilt with cotton and denim in it. this would help me a lot. thanks for the chance

  43. Cheri Costa says:

    I’m trying to learn to quilt. I’ve made several squares in the last couple of weeks and I love it. I have 50 yrs. of scraps to go thru. I’ve been house bound from a stem cell transplant so I have the time and its making me use my brain which is good (chemo brain).

  44. Jessica W says:

    I would love to try a hexagon quilt next

  45. Liz says:

    I’m tackling the Drunkards Path block – curved seams are not my friend, but I’m up for the challenge! The book looks amazing, thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Sandra says:

    1 top almost ready, one being quilted and 3 that need quilting!

  47. Dawn H says:

    This blog post reminded me that I really want to start a crazy quilt. I have been collecting many unique fabrics to do just that but now, I just need to get started. Thanks for the helpful hints and for the giveaway.

  48. Leslie says:

    I am going to go back again to the whole cloth quilt I have been working on forever! Only seem to work on it sporadically. Want to get it done this time!

  49. Emily C says:

    I am currently working on quilting 3 quilts. One is a scenic applique, one is a pieced bed size quilt and the last is a smallish(doll size) quilt for a relative.

  50. Lynne P says:

    I just finished my first quilt, and am addicted! My 4-year grand niece loves the twin size “Happy Quilt” with its cotton patchwork top, bamboo batting, flannel back, stitch in the ditch quilting, and satin ruffle binding, all in pink. This year I’m making for her 5-year old brother a quilt of denim, corduroy, and flannel. While researching how to quilt with corduroy, I came across your giveaway–this book would be totally perfect for me!

  51. Barbara :D says:

    Have just started my second project (ever) – a coin quilt. Hopefully it won’t remain a WIP forever!

  52. Bethanie says:

    I just started making a quilt for my baby brother’s birthday. Teenage boys are so picky, but I hope he likes it!!!

  53. Joining in my first bee this week and planning my 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge idea!

  54. Linda says:

    I have too many WIPs to mention, but my top priority is finishing a quilt for my son’s new big-boy bed. the main fabrics are a Nancy Wolff for Kokka circus print and Kona Ash.

  55. Kat says:

    I just finished a baby quilt using minkee for the first time and now to a panel quilt ,sure would love to win you book to keep up my learning of the quilting world.

  56. Jill says:

    This is great advice for someone like me contemplating a first quilt! I have tons of knit fabric I’d love to use, is it possible to use that? If it’s interfaced? Thank you!!

  57. Melissa S. says:

    Finally ready to start my first quilt! Thanks for the info.

  58. Tina L. says:

    I want to make a quilt with the leftovers from the special dresses I made for my daughters.

  59. Alexis says:

    Im quilting my first quilt and busily planning number two.

  60. Jessica says:

    This post is wonderful and oh so helpful! Thank you so much for the chance at your giveaway!!
    Xo, Jessica

  61. Angela says:

    I’m actually a quilting beginner.. I’ve been sewing for years but am brand new to the wonderful world of quilting. I love this blog post.. it’s very informative and will definitively be useful. Thanks for a great blog! I learn so much.

  62. jenny says:

    my next quilt will be to donate to quilts for kids. I think I am going to do a pink quilt with hearts.

  63. Alexis says:

    Im quilting my very first quilt and already planning number two.

  64. Jo says:

    Hopefully this will be the year of finishing all WIPS and the start of a Cathedral Window quilt

  65. Cindy says:

    I’m making a quilt for my supervisor’s wife–she’s having a baby!

  66. melissa says:

    I have four quilts planned for 2014. I’m always up for a new resource for inspiration!

  67. L says:

    I’m trying to finish up several items which have been WIPs for far too long!

  68. Melissa H says:

    I am going to try and finish the top of a super mario quilt for my husband and if i’m really lucky…. get it all quilted and bound!

  69. JoyceB says:

    The first quilt I ever made was with apparel and lightweight home dec fabrics. It was a challenge and should not have been my first quilting effort! Since then I have made a corduroy nine patch quilt and several quilts with cotton fabrics. My quilting plan for 2014 includes a baseball-themed quilt for my grandson and to finish two other works in progress from last year! Thanks for a chance to win.

  70. Lauren says:

    I just finished collecting all the velveteen fabric needed for my next quilt. Your tips should help a lot! Thanks for the giveaway, the book looks great, can’t wait to read it!!!

  71. usairdoll says:

    What a wonderful post, awesome information! One day I’d love to make a crazy quilt using all kinds of fabrics. One of the new quilts I’m starting this year is the Dear Jane quilt. I’m super excited and I’m doing it all by hand as well.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.

  72. Susan says:

    I’m planning on making a quilt for my daughter to take to college in the fall.

  73. Laura P says:

    I’m in the middle of designing and sewing a sample king size quilt for our bedroom. I’ve finished 8 applique blocks and now I’m working on eight 12″ blocks. It takes a lot of blocks to make a king size!

  74. Laura P says:

    Hi Karen: I had to reread the post again to find how: “Just fill us in on your quilting plans in the comments below for your chance to win. What’s your next quilting endeavor? Do you have a specific block you’re mulling over, or a new pattern to try? Do you have a work in progress or are you thinking of starting your very first quilt?”

  75. Jansie says:

    My quilting plan is to finish the three quilt tops I already have. Like, really, really finish them! They will be my very first. 🙂

  76. Mary says:

    I am planning my first quilt ever, and I’m so grateful for this post! I would love to incorporate corduroy, linen, and velvet for different textures. I don’t know much about quilting (yet!), but I am so excited to jump in!

  77. Heidi says:

    I have a layer cake that I am trying to decide what pattern to use it for..

  78. carol says:

    Hoping to start quilts for my Grandaughers twins. Have the fabric, just need to get going!

  79. Shelly says:

    I’m going to use 2014 to expand my quilting repertoire – thus far I’ve stayed with more traditional quilting techniques, but I’m hooing to try out some more modern piecing skills. I’m really looking forward to the new learning opportunity!

  80. Krista says:

    I’m doing a lot of writing at the moment but all I can think about are the projects I want to sew this year! The spool quilt from Liberty Love tops the list as I’ve had all the liberty charms cut since last September!

  81. sherri says:

    I’d like to make my very first quilt, for my daughter before she goes away to college in a year and a half.

  82. Margie says:

    I currently working on a Swoon quilt for my mom.
    This book looks really interesting. I always use quilting cottons. I think it would be interesting to start experimenting with other fabrics.

  83. SuzieF says:

    I am working on my 2nd t-shirt quilt! Oh, the things I learn with each one…but I love it. And I hope the recipient will be thrilled!

  84. Elaine says:

    I need to finish a strip quilt for my college daughter. The strip blocks are ALMOST done, then it will be easy piecing.

  85. HeatherK says:

    I’m trying to get up the guts to actually quilt the memory quilt I made for my daughter. I moved it from my someday pile to my desk. Now I just need to find that magic point where time and motivation meet 🙂

  86. Buffy says:

    This is the year that I am making a quilt for me!

  87. Karen A says:

    I have 2 baby quilts to make this month for new babies coming into our family.

  88. karen vasquez says:

    How do I enter the give-away?

  89. Trina says:

    Right now I’m just finishing off a mini quilt. My next project will be a larger quilt… I’m thinking economy block maybe? Or something paper pieced. I have several projects swirling around in my head at any given time… to hard to choose what to start!


  90. M1chele says:

    I have already pinned this and saved to a file. This is great information! My next quilt is a flannel quilt from our old, well-worn clothes. The fabric is not tightly woven so I think I will approach it like the linen suggested in the post. I will probably sew with 1/2″ seam allowance. I have just started collecting Liberty of London since I love the prints, but I was concerned about its weight for a quilt. When I start this quilt I will again follow the your suggestions. Your advice is much appreciated from a newer quilter!!! These “little” tips go a long ways. Thanks 🙂

  91. jeny says:

    I got a new yoga mat and I want to make a quilted carrier for it. This will probably be a whole cloth quilt. Then again, my husband, who does woodworking, proposed that I make table runners and napkins, and he will make wooden napkin rings, a set for each of the kids. We have ten kids, so that project will take us a long way…

  92. Nancy says:

    I am working on finishing quilts for a new grandchild. My son and his wife are not finding out the gender of the baby, so this quilting grandma has to be prepared either way. I also have so many ideas bookmarked on my iPad I don’t think I will live long enough to mark them all.

  93. MelodyJ says:

    I want to get started. I’ll stat with a simple patchwork quilt.

  94. Emilou says:

    I (embarrassing to have to admit) have a lot of wips. And in our little quilt club we are making and donating 50 quilts this year so I have lots to do. I am currently working with a fabric that I believe is possibly a rayon blend which is quite difficult to keep in shape. Hopefully it will turn out good and I personally love to mix various fabrics. Thanks for all you share here. Blessings and smiles from Oregon, Emilou 🙂

  95. Maria B says:

    I want to make some modern pattern quilts for my girls!

  96. Linda L. says:

    My next project will be in flannel – I’m debating between a lap quilt and going a little larger. I think it will be perfect for cuddling up on a cold winter night.

  97. barbara says:

    Making all my married grandchildren a quilt

  98. Judi B in VA says:

    This was a very informative article. It has me quite interested in the book of course. I am new to quilting and broke all kinds of rules with my first and only quilte to date. I do have a nice stack of cotton selected for a new quilt, but haven’t started it yet. Reading this article made me think of some wool and corduroy pairings possibly from my recycle fabric pile. Thanks for the tips!

  99. Allison C says:

    I have a gazillion quilt projects right now…I can’t seem to focus on one before I get distracted. I do plan on making a single girl quilt for a friend.

  100. Misty R. says:

    I would love to learn how to quilt so I can make quilts for my children. I’m hoping to gain some inspiration from your blog to help get me started!

  101. Cyndy says:

    My plan is to make the pillow top featured on Little Miss Shabby and incorporate hand quilting, which I have never done…yet.

  102. Cathy says:

    I’m ready to start my “2nd ever” quilt, for a new baby and I’m planning on a random wonky star. Thanks for the chance!

  103. Sharon says:

    The book sounds wonderful and full of great inspiration…would love to win it. I am really trying to focus on a quilt that has colors that just WOW me…..I have been a planner and love certain colors like Tuscany, which are my favorites but I am not Wowed and really want to focus on getting that wow color factor this year. Happy New Year.

  104. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    My goal for this year is to finish up a quilt I have been working on since 2005. It is in the final stages of hand quilting. Once it is done, I am going to get my WIPs in line and start knocking them off one by one!

  105. Beverly says:

    I am starting my second quilt and trying the econo blocks with a fussy cut in the center. Thanks for this chance to win.

  106. Fran Wiest says:

    I have a long to do list this year, but so far I have started a quilt project that isn’t even on the list! I also plan to do some machine embroidery projects and some bags, so I will be busy!

  107. heather says:

    I’m working on a churn dash quilt

  108. Jennifer says:

    I am currently working on the Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. This book looks amazing, thanks for the chance.

  109. Genevieve says:

    I’ve got two quilts in the works right now both using repurposed materials. One will be whole cloth from an old duvet cover and the other it patchwork using reinforced jersey knit. Both will be completely hand stitched. I’m very new to quilting and I am in love.

  110. Cathy E says:

    This is great information! I have always quilted with cottons and want to branch out. I’m trying to get back into sewing quilts and have a mini-charm pack ready to make into a baby quilt.

  111. Kim McM says:

    I haven’t done any quilting for quite a while- too busy with work and family, but I am getting the itch to stitch again. something easy, graphic and modern this time around.

  112. I’ve got lots of projects in progress right now, but that didn’t stop me from taking on Pile O Fabrics Skill Builder BOM 2014. It’s got appliqué, which I consider to be my quilt-y nemesis!

  113. Lucy in TX says:

    I am new to quilting and plan to start off with a basic block shape, but I am really drawn to more modern patterns and the unexpected effects of varying fabrics in projects.

  114. Michele Timms says:

    I have two quilts planned for the spring celebrations: one is for my niece who is graduating from Nursing and the second is for my neighbour who is turning 80!! The quilt for my niece will be a new challenge because I want to make diamonds (cross your fingers!!).

  115. Martha says:

    Being newly retired my goals this year are to finish the many quilt tops I have already completed, using a lot of my stash to make organizing bins and scrap quilts and learning how to machine quilt on my sewing machine. My word for the year is “finish!”

  116. Kelly B says:

    I just started my very first quilt and am so excited! This book looks like a fabulous reference!

  117. Hannah says:

    I am starting my first patchwork quilt, made from old wool sweaters. It is challenging, as they vary quite a bit in texture/thickness. I’d love to win this book!

  118. Ellen M. says:

    I’m a fairly new quilter and already have 2 unfinished quilts. My goal is to get to work on those before starting anything new. We’ll see!! Thanks for sharing this lovely resource with us!

  119. I’m starting to gather my friends together to sew. Some have never, ever sewn, so it’s like learning a new language for them. This book looks to be an excellent resource for them to learn about fabric and the process of quilting. I will have to add it to my library!

  120. carolee c. says:

    I just want to try anything quilting related this year!

  121. Laurie says:

    I am going to the longarm studio in 2 days to finish up a queen sized New Wave quilt.

  122. becky jeffers says:

    need to practice free motion quilting and finish all the tops I have pieced.

  123. Leah Corbin says:

    I have I many projects on my to do list and my machine just went in for repair today. 🙁 Next on my list is a quilt using some tula pink nightshade fromy stash. I’m going to a retreat next month and I’m going to make some modern quilts.

  124. Greeblygreebly says:

    I am working on a hex quilt that is taking up most of my sewing time but I have an Irish chain about a quarter of the way done and just made a bunch of four patch blocks for a third quilt.

  125. Laura B in NJ says:

    i’m making a baby quilt

  126. Joyce Mitchell says:

    I’m planning to learn machine quilting this year. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  127. Angelic says:

    I really enjoyed this article. Especially enjoyed the hints and suggestions on using different fabrics together. When I was a small child, my Grandmother taught me how to hand sew quilts. (she also used a variety of fabric feels) I loved spending that one on one quality time with her. Every time I see a quilt, it reminds me of her. One thing that I remember most is that it took foreverrrr to make a quilt but they were so beautiful and there was so much love and pride put into each one. 30 some years later, I have decided to reach back into my roots and start a “quilting time” with my kids. But I’m going to use a machine lol First quilt will be with my 14 year old son. He loves to sew and even though he’s a boy… he’s got some skills! 😉 He almost out does me! lol I am so excited to get started!

  128. Great information about all the different fabrics. The heading for this article says Quilt essential giveaway, but there is nothing in the article about a giveaway.

  129. michelle says:

    I am going to make a quilt for my granddaughter to use when she comes to my house. I made one for her house already. I’m excited to look at designs for this one as I’ll get to look at it when she isn’t here and it will remind me of her!

    Thank you for the chance to win.


  130. Bethany M says:

    I am starting to work on a Swoon quilt! I love the pattern.

  131. Carmen says:

    I want to make my very first quilt this year. I’m starting off by participating in a log cabin block sew-along. I’ll probably just make coasters and not a full blanket, but it will be good practice.

  132. Sheryl says:

    My next quilt will be an improv quilt using only solids.

  133. Mary Mac says:

    Working on an a baby quilt for my second grand child, it’s a cute farm animal print.

  134. Dita says:

    I’m actually planning on doing my very first quilt! I really like the supersize Castle block so maybe I will do that! I’m not sure yet on what I need though! I need to read more quilting blogs or borrow a quilting book from the library

  135. Heather M says:

    This looks like a great book, I’d love to start designing my own quilts more. This is the year of finishing, then on to using up stash.

  136. Christine K. says:

    I’ve never worked on a quilt before and I’m just starting to gather and look at ideas. I’m not sure where I’m starting at!!!!

  137. marthaeliza says:

    Quilty plans — made a pieced, quilted fabric to use to sew a cover for my travelling spinning wheel. Because quilting and spinning aren’t eccentric enough on their own, why not combine the two?

    3 quilt tops to finish, 4 quilts to machine quilt, plus one slot for impulsive piecing/quilting. That’s it for 2014 (umm, so far)..

  138. Heidi in SD says:

    I’m busy with lots and lots of baby quilts!!

  139. AmberCA says:

    I just finished up a scrappy Valentine quilt and now I am cutting out some baby quilts and a Christmas lap quilt.

  140. Margo says:

    I’m trying to stay focused on finishing up projects I’ve already started. My next big quilting focus will be to finish up the Craftsy BOM for 2013. I love the fabrics I picked, so I just need to keep going! And then maybe after that I’ll do the modern BOM posted on Sew Mama Sew a couple of years ago. Thanks for the tips!

  141. lattegirl40 says:

    my quilting goal this yr is to complete the tops from all the qals I joined last year (7)!! Get more confident at quilting, learn how to use eq7, and attempt to design a quilt of my own!! What do you think, lofty? lol!! So much sewing fun!!

  142. Cathy says:

    I am working on a couple of glow in the dark quilts for my grandson and great niece – have a few glowing fabrics and some glow thread – already made two
    Pillowcases with some sparkle fabric added for fun – Clarabel doesn’t like to cover up and I am hoping this will make it more fun

  143. mjb says:

    I should probably finish my scrappy trip along, but I’m ready to start something new!

  144. Laura R says:

    I’m still finishing up a Christmas present quilt for my mother-in-law – oops! After that, my new year quilting plans include hand-sewn hexagons because I finally have enough scraps built up!

  145. Two things I’d like to quilt –
    The Value Added Quilt from http://badskirt.blogspot.com/2012/10/value-added-bargain-basement-part-1.html
    and the Rainbow Stash Buster Quilt by Megan Jimenez which is basically a ton of half square triangles, beautifully arranged.

  146. Lindsay says:

    I have to bind the quilt I made for my daughter recently. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I ran out of time. I’m hoping to be done this week!

  147. Becky Moyer says:

    This book sounds like a great reference to have on hand! My next quilt in progress is a queen size for my mother. The pattern is written only for throw size so I’m a little nervous about the upsizing process. Math is not my strong suit!

  148. Judi Duncan says:

    Plans for an applique flower garden quilt in the works…got my materials list ready and have several fabrics picked out of my stash for it! Can wait to start 🙂

  149. Vicki H says:

    I would like to try sewing with linen. I see it used in bags and pouches.

  150. Deana says:

    I am making twin-sized quilts for my daughters’ beds this year. Still picking fabric 🙂

  151. Ann says:

    I am finishing up a couple quilts for my kids and need to start one that “features green and has an “S” in the pattern” – on orders from my son.

  152. Wendy says:

    Oh, I would love to win this book. One of my goals in 2014 is to use more variety of fabric in quilting and it is a little scary to step outside my box! I’ve been collecting voiles an have decided this is the year to make a voile quilt – my needles have been bought, I have my spray starch, now I just need to get up my courage and cut into these beautiful fabrics. Thanks for a chance to win this book!

  153. jonquil says:

    My quilting plans include 4 lap sized quilts in a 9 patch pattern of some sort. Have the fabrics picked & prepped, just to decide if the pieces should be the same pattern, or different….

  154. Kate says:

    I finishing up a I Spy quilt for a toddler, but I’m already looking forward to my next project. I think I’m going to use the economy block to make a quilt of all the Alexander Henry hunky pin-up fabrics I’ve been collecting.

  155. Sarah in AZ says:

    I have a WIP broken dishes quilt to finish up. Then another 50 or so WIPs to get to. And probably a dozen new projects along the way. There’s always something to do!

  156. I am thinking of starting my first quilt actually! Normally I sew garments, but with so many alterations going on lately (thanks a lot holidays!), I would love to sew something that doesn’t require fitting to the body. Fingers crossed!

  157. Beth says:

    I am trying so hard to finish up some WIPs – but new ideas keep jumping in my head!

  158. A doll quilt, of course!

  159. jodi says:

    I want to learn Y seams and curved piecing! Thanks for the awesome chance!

  160. Jeannie Garcia says:

    I want to make a denim quilt from old jeans and a t-shirt quilt for my sister-in-law. I’ve never made either and any tips, tricks, look-outs, etc. would be a big help.

  161. Anna K. says:

    I’m working on a triangle quilt right now. Also planning to do Vice Versa Block of the Month Club through the year!

  162. robin says:

    Right now I’m working on a vintage sheet chevron quilt. I need to sandwich and FMQ a different finished quilt top, then on to another. 🙂

  163. Peggy says:

    I am planning and collecting for a wearable quilted project, a spring/fall coat.

  164. Flicsha says:

    Every Jan. I do some old projects. In with the new year finish the old . This Jan . I have finished 3 quilt tops from 10 to 20 years old. I have totally finished one quilt and some small projects. Pillow cases for Cook children’s Hospital in Dallas, TX. it was a six year old project. It got put away when I had to go to Florida to care for a Aunt and Uncle.
    It’s nice to start the New Year by finishing some of the old.
    I hope to start some new thing in Feb.

  165. beth says:

    I’m working on a pieced arc double wedding ring quilt, so that’s my first quilting goal for the year. To finish it and start on another wedding gift quilt with a solstice star pattern. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  166. Samina says:

    I’m working on a quilt kit that a non-quilting friend bought & figured that she’d have me make up for her! Good thing she’s a good friend!

  167. lindsay j says:

    I’m working on perfecting my machine quilting ability. Slowly but surely.

  168. Barb says:

    Wow, great info. I recently made a quilt with wool – scraps from kilts – and it turned out beautiful. But I could have used this info before hand!

  169. Marie Kissinger says:

    I have several projects I am finishing-a baby blanket for my cousin’s granddaughter; several “special” pillowcases; a banner for my niece who is moving into her new home and a birthday present for my sister.

  170. marilyn says:

    As a fledgling sewer I have dreams of someday making at least one quilt. I have three kiddos and hope to make each one a quilt before they leave home. I will definitely take a class to learn as self teaching might be a bit troublesome.

  171. Catherine in MI says:

    I am very much a new quilter & never considered using anything other than quilter cottons. I really appreciate this overview and am intrigued by some of the other options.

    Right now, I’m considering joining a quilt along – – just need to decide if I have the free time!

  172. angie says:

    I am a new to sewing, so I will start with a small quilting project, but I dream of eventually large and colorful quilts.

  173. lesley says:

    i am new to sewing/quilting and am currently trying to teach myself as well as crochet and tunisian crochet. my two big goals this year are to make my first quilt and my first afghan.

  174. Linda W says:

    My next project will be to design and make a baby quilt for my new grandson due in March. My daughter-in-law wants a hot air balloon theme for the nursery. I have not found a cute pattern so I will try to design my own. She wants it done in primary colors so this will mean a trip to the quilt shop for me!

  175. Carole M says:

    Well I’m actually just trying my hand and hand quilting. I have a lot to learn, but it works on this quilt. I have a bunch of UFOs to do, but I want to really improve my applique.

  176. Lara says:

    I’ve got a denim and flannel quilt coming up next. Should be cozy!

  177. Melissa says:

    I am new to your site 🙂 I would like to put together my first quilt this year. I’m hoping to welcome a baby into our family at some point soon and I would like to make one for him or her.

  178. Robin says:

    What a useful book!

  179. Kristen says:

    I’ve been saving voile and wool to make quilts with and would love to see what the book recommends for each 🙂

  180. Stephanie says:

    I am actually starting a new quilt that is a couple of large panels. I haven’t done one like this before, and kinda feel like I am not doing something right. I am also going to skip the batting and use fleese on the backing. So totally different for me, so we will see how this turns out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. Southern Gal says:

    I would love this book! I have to finish binding a quilted table runner I began last year. It was my first endeavor and quite an eye opener for me. I’m taking a quilting class through Craftsy and hope to make a quilt from Camille Roskelley’s patterns for my first official quilt. Hope is the keyword there. 😉

  182. fenna says:

    I bought a bundle of Rock and Romance finally—and am planning on making my first official quilt. (I have made some tiny little doll quilts, some panel quilts but never a decent-sized pieced quilt!) I just actually did FMQ for the first time!

  183. Kelly Villanti says:

    I’m working on a rag quilt for my daughters bed right now. I thought it would be a fast, easy project, until I realized that I have to make a bunch of small cuts in every single exposed seam. She better love it!

  184. Rina says:

    I have a t-shirt quilt waiting to be finished and a Country Charmer quilt that I just started cutting out.

  185. Donna says:

    I have several quilts in process. Although I have never mixed these fabrics in quilting I have in everyday sewing. I am not sure why I have never tried it. It has always been a goal of mine to make a red/white quilt. I have been collecting fabrics for a while. I may need to wait on that and try a scrap quilt using different fabrics/textures. Thanks for the inspiration.

  186. Mary Ann says:

    I am pattern testing a paper pieced pattern for Kristi from Quiet Play. After that I have a WIP to finally quilt.

  187. Hudi says:

    I just got my sewing machine as my 30th birthday present (albeit two years late) because I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew and even more so quilt, for the longest time!!! I actually just picked up some essential sewing notions today! I can’t wait to get started!!!!

  188. Chris says:

    I am about to start two modern baby quilts for some very special little ones.

  189. anie says:

    I have lots of quilting projects to finish : flying geese, large star, a couple different HST, whole cloth quilt.

  190. Lonormi Manuel says:

    One being quilted, 2 tops waiting their turn and 4 on the design board!

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