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Mastered is a new online fashion and jewellery learning platform, with a range of classes taught by experts in their fields. Mastered classes include lifetime access to the class, plus a personal career coach and personalized feedback from industry experts. Courses focus on “designer-makers” who want to turn their creative pursuits into successful business opportunities.

    From Mastered: Too many people still spend their days typing rather than sketching, slumped in meetings rather than expressing themselves with their hands. We hear the same old line: you can’t make a living from creativity. We want to change that, so have re-imagined creative education that works for designer-makers: it’s more affordable, more convenient and more valuable. Every course comes with an industry opportunity for the most talented students– being mentored, being featured in magazines, meeting stockists, etc.– and every student gets personalized feedback and advice, and their own career coach.”

Mastered is offering a giveaway today of their Creative Embroidery course with Diana Springall. Diana Springall is a leading British textile artist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and former chairman of both The Embroiderers’ Guild and The Society of Designer Craftsmen. She is the author of five embroidery books and is an experienced, detailed and successful instructor.

To enter to win, let us know what you think about Mastered in the comments. Which course would you be most excited about? Why would Diana’s embroidery course be important for your designer-maker dreams? What do you think about a more “higher eduction”-focused approach to online, creative courses? Any feedback enters you to win! If you want to get a better feel for Mastered you can sign up for a free trial for any of the Mastered courses or check out photos from their shoots.

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79 Responses to Mastered ~ Class Giveaway

  1. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I would love to do Metal Clay Jewelery!!!

  2. Gweneth Branch-Rice says:

    I watched the trial of this course and she is an amazing teacher!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Love the jeans that you just made on your blog, Rebecca!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Tambour beading is fantastic Sarah. I’ve started noticing it more and more now – particularly on a lot of the designs in London Fashion Week. It’s amazing the results that are produced.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Do look into taking the next steps with a business, Wendy and if you need any advice, just let us know.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Do have a look at the free trials MJB and you can start exploring whether jewellery making is for you!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Diana is such an inspiration, Brenda. She’s so talented and so charming.Just the kind of person you want to spend a whole day with!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Follow your dreams, Manette! The course is now live so do check out the free trial to inspire you to take the next steps.

  9. Cheryl says:

    We’re so happy to hear that Kristin. Diana’s course is fantastic. She’s such a wonderful teacher and, as our crew will agree to, she makes brilliant lemon pancakes too!

  10. Cheryl says:

    This is great feedback, thanks Sara. We’re starting to add more business courses into the mix as it’s really important for us to support people make a real income too. Do keep checking in and if you have any specific business questions, I’m the coach on the course so I’m happy to help (

  11. Cheryl says:

    Diana’s vintage Bernina is amazing! We were all in awe of it on shoot day!

  12. Cheryl says:

    We’re so happy to read this comment, Lucinda. It’s exactly the reason why we started Mastered. And, yes, the fashion illustration course is a beautiful one!

  13. Cheryl says:

    Glad you like them Kitty! The fashion illustration course is one of my favourites; the pictures are so glamorous. It just went live today so do take a free trial to pick up some tips.

  14. Cheryl says:

    It’s such a pleasure to read all of these lovely comments. Thank you! Thanks also for visiting the site. We look forward to seeing you on the courses. Sew Mama Sew will also be sharing a special offer for the people who didn’t win the prize, so please do look out for that too.

  15. Nicola says:

    I would love to take part in this embroidery course! I did a degree in Fashion but embroidery was something that was pretty much left out and so I’m completely self taught in that area, would love to broaden my skills!

  16. kelli says:

    Wow! The embroidery class looks amazing!

  17. Kelsey says:

    The classes look very interesting. I’ve always loved embroidery but have never seemed to have a knack for doing it.

  18. Abby J. says:

    That tamboured beading class looks amazing! I’d also love to take some tailoring classes to learn more couture sewing techniques.

  19. Karen N. says:

    The embroidery looks fabulous. The demo video was so inspiring, I have never seen anything like it before.

  20. Rachael says:

    I think the Mastered classes are a great idea. I have just recently begun to get their emails. What a great concept, to put top artisans who still want to share and create with people who want to learn their skills. I only know some basic embroidery now, but would love to take it to the next level!

  21. Andrea says:

    This is AWESOME! I have often lamented that it isn’t possible to take professional design courses online, and now you can! I love the idea of higher education courses online because I live in the middle of nowhere and have no access to anything remotely like that otherwise. I have really been wanting to stretch my skills and move into new areas of sewing and design and these courses would be the first step there! 🙂 As for which I most want to take, it would have to be either the embroidery class or the tailoring for vintage finds.

  22. Textile jewellery looks interesting!

  23. Tabitha K. says:

    I love this giveaway! I definitely want to take the embroidery course. I’ve been wanting to learn to go with quilting, pillows, bags, clothing, etc. I think it’s great that there will be a creative formal learning school. If this was around when some of us were younger, we might’ve worked in fields we loved instead of dreading. Awesome! Thanks for a chance.

  24. Stephanie says:

    I’d take Creative Embroidery. It sounds great.

  25. Amy says:

    The embroidery class looks awesome, but so do some of the jewelry making ones!

  26. Rebecca says:

    Looks incredible, to learn from such an amazing woman.
    I love the look of the creative embroidery class.

  27. Margaret Gibb says:

    So cool! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Sandy says:

    I’m interested in fashion oriented classes, and embroidery offers a unique embellishment

  29. Jessica w says:

    this is awesome! I would love to try the Tailoring for vintage finds class!

  30. Judy says:

    It would be the Emroidery class for me. It looks amazing and I would love to add to what I already know about embroidery.

  31. cindy peterson says:

    This is a great step to ensure the best of the best techniques , hard learned knowledge is passed down generations. Embroidery is about beauty and can add so much to clothes design,quilting ,decor designs, life “hacks” as well as use in marketing, film production of period pieces etc that it should part of an artist, designer skills. With, an ordinary design could be made extraordinary. What an opportunity.

  32. Megan says:

    I’d be interested in the metal clay jewelry or tambour beading class

  33. Angela says:

    This looks great! I love the “higher ed” approach with career counseling. There are so many wonderful resources for learning basic skills, but sometimes you need a little extra direction if you’re looking for a way to use your creative skills as a career.

    I’m most excited about the Creative Embroidery class. I really like embroidery, and I’ve wanted to design fabric for a long time. Tips on creating original designs would be so helpful.

  34. Eva says:

    I lime how Mastered looks ande what it offers, specially the embroidery and tambour beading classes.

  35. Candy Long says:

    Given the opportunity, I would love to take part in the embroidery courses offered by Mastered. As a child, I learned the basic stitches of embroidery and over the years have done very simple designs with satin stitch, back-stitch, stem stitch, and cross stitch, but that was the extent of my skills. School, marriage, kids, and work took priority in my life and there was just never time for stitching. Now that I am a stay at home wife, I have time to stitch. But when I try to find groups or guilds in the area, they have all been stitching for years and have no interest in “teaching”…they’ve “been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.” There is so much more to embroidery and I would really like the opportunity to learn from Diane Springall.

  36. kristin says:

    Love this idea! I do the cubicle thing right now and would love to start a side business where I can use my creative skills. Something that could eventually be my full-time job!

  37. I think that our current generation of makers, crafters, artisans, DIYers… we would like to be apprenticed somewhere. The problem is, that as the crafts have gradually been replaced with automation over the years, there are fewer human specialists to go to for tutelage. Unless you live in a big city where those jobs still exist, however, it’s hard to be able to find someone with the experience and mastery to be able to teach you, and while we can recreate the wheel on our own, it takes time, trial and error. I love that online learning is beginning to step in to preserve these techniques and teach them to those who wish to incorporate this in their work and their lives. I’m hoping that this trend continues, both as a historian and as a maker.

  38. Casey says:

    I have always tinkered with sewing and entertained the idea of exploring my creativity within the sewing arena. I’d love to take the plunge, extend myself and make beautiful pieces expressed through the creative ideas churning away in my head. Mastered sounds like a great way to do that!

  39. Mary says:

    Oh wow, how timely! I’ve just gotten back into doing embroidery. I’m curious to see what courses are added to this site- it seems like a good option for those of us who don’t have the opportunity to go to design school.

  40. Melissa Vink says:

    Oh my gosh I would love to take this class! I love learning and mastering techniques! I love the higher education set up for handcrafting. Thank you so much for the chance!!

  41. Mandi says:

    Wow – these classes look great. When I’m finished with grad school, I’ll sign up for a tailoring course. I love buying second-hand clothes, and try my best at altering some of them (with very mixed results). Thanks for telling us about Mastered!

  42. Evelyn says:

    I am always taking classes as their is so many new techniques and technology I have yet to master. I want to be more creative and open my mind to working outside the box so to speak so any opportunity for good classes is a plus.

  43. Lawana says:

    This sounds wonderful. Usually I hate video tutorials because they go too slow

  44. Karen A says:

    I had not previously heard of the Mastered Classes. They sound great. I do a lot of garment sewing, so I think the class on vintage tailoring would be right up my alley.

  45. Marsha says:

    This is the first time I have heard about Mastered. I love their policy of a free trial first before you commit. The embroidery, the textile jewelry, the beading…all would be great

  46. Jennifer says:

    This is so cool. Tailoring for Viintage Finds sounds really useful.

  47. Kaesey says:

    This is a very interesting concept. As someone who is trying to move out of the corporate world for the creative, hands-on one, I really like the idea of a master class with built-in career mentoring. I think the design concepts in the embroidery class would translate well to other fabric arts, too.

  48. Veronica says:

    I actually have been looking for a embroidery class in my neighborhood and I can’t seem to find any. This would be great!

  49. Christy H says:

    I would love to take the class on working with metal clay!

  50. Marie says:

    It would be a privilege to take a class. This is an amazing concept. Nice work!

  51. Rebecca says:

    Wow! These classes look a amazing! I’d love to take the fashion illustration course and Diana’s embroidery class sounds right up my alley. I really want to improve my embroidery skills. I love adding embellishments to my handmade clothing and the fashion illustration course would be great for my blog!

  52. Kim says:

    Looks very interesting! Thank you for the opportunity!

  53. Bergere says:

    I love machine stitching embellishments that I see on finer RTW garments. Since I make a lot of jackets for myself, this would be a fabulous class for me…A super bonus is that a real, experienced, vetted, honored, knowledgeable old school standards kind of teacher will be teaching. So excited to hear her words of wisdom and experience and to watch her work. Watch a priviledge that would be.

  54. Cindy Pilkington says:

    I’ve done basic machine embroidery for a few years and would love to achieve a higher level of creativity with it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. MindyZW says:

    My mother was a fiber artist late in life. A very creative soul. After looking at the photos, I realize that after working hard for 33 years, I would love to develop the creative person I know is in me. I think the mastered concept is right on. And interaction is so important to development.

  56. i really want to learn how to do that, thanks for the chance

  57. Bekk says:

    Mastered has been on my radar for a while. Their courses look excellent. I haven’t taken the plunge into signing up for one yet but I should. I need something to get the creative juices flowing, I feel like I’m moving really slowly with my business.

  58. Magda says:

    “Tailoring for vintage finds” sounds perfect for me. That is exactly what I need!

  59. Mary says:

    These look amazing. I love the embroidery classes and the tailoring one would come in handy so much! Thanks for the chance!

  60. KatieW says:

    The Textile Jewellery class with Helen Neale looks amazing. I spin my own yarn, but I never thought about making jewelry with it.

  61. 1kadybug says:

    Higher education sounds fabulous. I have done a few online courses and really enjoyed the leisurely time I had to go through the courses. I also enjoy the amount of detail that goes into each course. I like the idea that these particular courses offer professional development. I am not overly confident but have all these ideas floating around. It would be nice to be guided into finding my voice and learning to create patterns for others.

  62. Sarah says:

    I’m very excited about mastered and the class on tambour beading. I’ve always wanted to learn that!

  63. Aelith says:

    I’m intrigued by the metal clay class–it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never actually get around to doing. Also, the creative embroidery is something I would love having a bit of training in–I think it’s underutilized as a technique and has so many possibilities for making really interesting stuff.

  64. Angie H. says:

    I think alot of us have been sewing for many years. It’s great for the beginner sewers to have all the platforms that are out there to help them begin to sew. I would like more specialized classes that can help me with advanced techniques and applications as well. To be able to pick and choose is so important to me. These classes will give me that opprotunity. The opportunity to grow at my own pace. Thank you so much!

  65. wendy says:

    oh yes this is exciting! I’d love to take any of the embroidery or jewellery courses. I’d like nothing better than to set up my own business and I can’t help thinking that a designer is more likely to make enough money to support themselves so this class would be invaluable.

  66. mjb says:

    I’m intrigued by the jewelry design classes. Somehow that’s always felt like a mystery to me.

  67. I love the idea of a “higher education” approach because that way I can feel like I am learning good basic skills and then I can work my way up from the fundamentals properly!

  68. Brenda Melahn says:

    Oh My … completely wow’ed by this course on Creative Embroidery. Totally enamoured with Diana Springall. I feel all of these courses are over my head, but would love the opportunity to watch this woman in action – even if it is online.

  69. So glad to see more sites like this coming up. I love online classes since I work full time and don’t have time to travel for classes.

  70. Manette Gutterman says:

    I would LOVE to win the course on fashion Illustration! It would help give me confidence to become the fashion designer I’ve always dreamt of being!

  71. Kristin S. says:

    Wow! Diana Springall’s class looks amazing and applicable to all sorts of creative arts; it would be my first choice of all the classes. After watching the intro video at the Mastered website, I’m really excited to see more.

  72. I’ve always wanted to start an etsy store for couture doll clothes that would be marketed to doll collectors more than children. I would love to take the Couture Embellishments class.

  73. Sara says:

    Both the tailoring of vintage finds and the embroidery class look wonderful. I love the approach Mastered seems to be taking; accessible but professional, something beyond a tutorial. I would love to see more courses on the business side of the industry – that is the area I know I need the most insight in! Thank you for the introduction to this innovative company and for the chance to win!

  74. Lucy says:

    I LOVE the fact that she has a vintage Bernina!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see what classes they are offering and would love to take any of the classes xxxx

  75. Gretchen jaspering says:

    I’m returning to sewing after a hiatus of 20+ years and could not be more excited to get involved again. I’m sure a lot has changed!

  76. Lucinda says:

    Thank you so much for featuring Mastered on the blog today – it’s exciting that courses like this are beginning to exist online for those of us who want this kind of education but don’t live near the fashion meccas of NYC and LA. The fashion illustration class looks amazing!!

  77. This sounds like a wonderful class! I love the interactive element!

  78. KItty! says:

    I think the Fashion Illustration class sounds fascinating as does the Textile Jewelry class! Amazing courses overall.


  79. Lara says:

    Mastered sounds very exciting!! I’d love to take some tailor classes as I’ve recently lost a lot of weight but I want to keep some favorite clothes.

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